Bo Wade discusses Flatland judging with ESPN

Photo by Jarod Anklam.

Tunney seems hot on this topic, here is yet another article about the judging drama with Bo Wade and the AM Flat circuit, this part in particular interested me:

“In the Pro class you should have to complete your trick combos to score high just like a BMX dirt jumper would have to complete his line of jumps to score even decent and the difficulty, style, and originality dictate the score. Originality is another item that umbrellas many different meanings. Original way to combo the tricks, the difficulty of the actual combination and order of tricks, and how many people are doing (or are capable of doing) the hard tricks. Lastly variety is a problem concept in Pro Flat that few seem to understand. Variety should have less to do with back and front wheel and more to do with how many different tricks you can fit into your timed run.”

Well worth a read! Hit the link:

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