Bolton Get Active Day

Text by Sam Foakes.

As part of the Bolton Get Active Day, Chris Massey organised a Flatland/Trials demo and a Flatland competition for riders from the local Flatland Youth Clubs (of which there are now two!). Ashley Adams was in attendance on a borrowed bike and is showing great progress every time I see him. Today he did not compete, instead he spent the day coaching and mentoring the younger riders.

The contest took place in the pouring rain, with all riders needing their rims dried before putting down a run. It didn’t hold anyone back as everyone went for their best stuff.
Conner is a rider I have not seen before, and has a lot of energy for flatland. He learnt cross footed endo’s for the first time today and then pulled it first trick in the comp. 3rd place in comp and winner of the best new comer award.
Ashley pulled a two footed hopping mc circle and a nice run for second, and has only been riding for a short time. Good to see.
The winner of the contest was George, who showed good flow and consistent tricks. He showed definite potential for the future.

The riding during the competition was grass roots flatland, with the focus being completely on new riders. All riders got prizes, big cheers and a great experience of Flatland competition.

Big thanks to Chris and Warren for a great day.


Runners up:

Best Newcomer:

2 thoughts on “Bolton Get Active Day

  1. Great work and much respect goes out to Chris Massey! Good to see someone encouraging younger kids into flatland!

  2. Big props and respect to Chris for his work in promoting flatland and great to see the younger generation having fun and enjoying themselves ,this is what makes flatland for me seeing the younger guys getting into it and having a go , very encouraging well done guys.

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