Brian Chapman – Diversion Tv Retrospective

This weeks Diversion Tv Retrospective features Brian Chapman. Bobby broke this one down for ya “Shot in 2003, this was an era when many riders came to Los Angeles to escape the harsh winters of the east coast. Brian discusses east coast flatland life as well as his flatland photography. Don’t miss this episode.”

3 thoughts on “Brian Chapman – Diversion Tv Retrospective

  1. Brian really is the epitome of RAD. He lives RAD, rides RAD, and seriously his face should be in the dictionary under RAD.

    He has a perfect meter for radness in regards to music, movies, anything. If he approves, that’s because it’s RAD.

    He made a card for my wedding with paper he made himself….

    He creates bikes that people around the globe drool over…

    He is a smart bastard too!!!

    I love you B.

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