4 thoughts on “Brandon Fenton Land Escape B + HTCS

  1. Yes no doubt! That jump from backwards switch hand steam through frame to halfpacker must be so hard brakeless!

  2. STILL watching these sections ……..in 2019 , theyre BOTH ……TOO slllllaaaaaaammmmmed with some tech flavored flow , to em ! @ 2.17 MINUTES , in Brandons Intrikat section …..backwards steam , butter slip to half packer , STILL rolling backwards ….to a switch ,ya don’t see coming ,outta a quick elephant glide , more like an elephant glide / QUICK foot jam ….to body varial , turning around clock wise , as the frame whips around , landing in a quick side squeak / Karl , single kick , dropping down on that same right foot , to the peg , other foot following , to a steam , to switch hand steam , to flap-jack , frame whipping around to bar small side squeak , stepping over to squeaker -bar flip , using the left pedal , exiting !! DOPE , indeed . Fentons early brakeless work is STILL so rad to watch today . Dude REALLY got technical with his transitions within his links ! Add his backwards rolling cracker packers , NO handed , even…… AND backwards back packers , MID-LINE , his FRAME stand steam , hop overs , landing to crack packers , his switch hand steams , rolling backwards , bar flipping , landing ZERO scuff , BOTH feet to pegs , landing to forward crack packers , just ALL his stuff, really ……and you’ve got one of the FIRST earlier ,brakeless gurus , killin da game , since WAAAAAAAAAAAAY back !

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