2 thoughts on “Brandon Gale – Mammal Sauce Helps Progression

  1. Hellz gea mammal!!!! Sick Brandon, steady progression!! Keep killing it bro each edit your getting better and better! Tellin you nacka its that mammal!!!!!

  2. Really miss sessions with THIS guy , when he would come to San Antonio to ride bikes , I always dug his smooth rolling links / style ! Don’t know if many are aware , but …….like Amos Burke , Brandon is also a PRO level park / street rider ! He HASNT even been in the flatland game for a super long time , at all . I think 7 years ?! To me that aint that long , haha. He learned / progressed super fast . His hiker to opposite juggler to hang five @ 2 .14 minutes in this edit ,is rad as . Hope he starts uploading some more weekly progression edits , soon ……..I KNOW youre out there riding your bike hard , Brandon !!

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