7 thoughts on “Brandon Woldridge – 47

  1. This was great–amazed by your progression and bike control looks so smooth. Was good seeing the effortless cross hand steam turbines, rolling pedal hang 5 and that you learned messiahs. Nice!!!

  2. Brandon, miss carving up the lots with you. Your style has progressed – love it man! Messiah into pedal 5 was great. Your jugglers look dialed – Respect bro!

  3. Campeon of the PEDAL five …HAPPY BIRTHDAY , Patron ! Loving this new edit of your , BANGING new combos . Please RE-UP your Face book account , Brandon , miss ya bruva . I have LOADS of music , bmx videos to share with you . I still remember how you said you were not a contest rider ……..right BEFORE your run in Houston at the A.F.A. Round 3 event , back in July of 2016………THEN you went and ripped your comp run to pieces with Ease , hahahaha. You rode SO good that day in the contest ! Such a humble , rad rider you are , homie ! Hope to run into you online , in person at a bmx jam , contest , etc ! AGAIN , loving this new edit of yours , Jefe Woldridge !

  4. Thank you for the kind words, guys. Means a lot.

    I turned 47 in February, so the edit is late. Still working some stuff I had hoped to get in this video, but I’m just happy to be riding and still learning new things.

    Riding years span 1984-late 1988, 2000-mid 2003, and October of 2010 to present.

    Rodney! I’m on Instagram, dude – not coming back to Facebook, sorry. I don’t wanna post my phone or email on here, but you can ask Effraim for my email (Dax has my phone #). I have so much killer death metal for you, man. \m/

  5. STOKED on THAT Brandon =OWNER of the PEDAL five !!! Ive been wanting / needing to hear some of the death metal bands that YOU know of / listen to , cause f-k, bruva …….Youre like a deat metal ALMANAC of the past ,present AND future !!! I ll definitely be in touch , campeon !! AGAIN , loving this NEW edit !!

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