9 thoughts on “Brandon Woldridge – 48

  1. Thanks for the kind words, gents. Gonna get some good riding time in over this holiday weekend, hope you all do the same. 🙂

  2. ANOTHER cat who slays @ ROLLING lines ! Whats going or ……should I say …whats ROLLING on , Brandon ?! These PEDAL fives of yours , all carved , controlled , and SUPER dialed ….I could watch these , your SLLLLLAAAAAMMMED switch hand steams , turbined , spun so well …..and those MINT cliffhanger turbines , turbined PROPER like , standing tall , done effortlessly ! I still remember your prelim run from the A.F.A. Round 3 contest , on Beechnut street , in Houston T.X. , July 2016 ! Seconds before your run ……ya told me…….man, Im not a contest rider ! THEN went out on the floor and THREW DOWN one of the most difficult , no b.s. runs of the DAY ! ROLLING skills to pay da billz , bruva ! I just turned 46 myself , campeon , and WISH I had your ROLLING skills and moves . Damn , ya just straight up own PEDAL fives ,like theyre easy or something , RESPECT to all lines ROLLING , Brandon . Youre one of the cats @ the forefront of what I like to call the # ROLLgang , haha……basically all riders who just rip all rolling combos , ZERO scuffing ! I ll be in touch also for the 411 on some super rad bands , cause I KNOW you have ALL the good stuff ! Im running behind trying to catch / keep up with bands , theres TONS of em dropping albums , like EVERY day , haha. Last time I checked ……Wormed , Zao , Obscura , those were some really great new albums ,and also Bliss Signal and Imperium Dekadenz , to name a few ……….and for a lil something different the albums by Lady Antebellum and the rapper , Future , haha……I listen to EVERYTHING these days , campeon ! KEEP shredding your riding styles , Brandon…….and please……..drop some MORE riding edits of yours…..SOON !!!!

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