Brandon Woldridge – Flops, Fits and Frustration – 2013

Flops, Fits and Frustration – 2013 from brandon woldridge on Vimeo.

Heres the word from Brandon: “I hesitated to send this in…already had my feel-good edit for 2013 sent in, but I really enjoyed gathering footage this year for this edit. It’s an idea I wanted to capture for a long time…because riding flatland is a love/hate affair for me. I’m obsessed with learning new things and dialing in old things, so I get frustrated constantly, even to the point of realizing that I was angry for most of the session…but on the way home, while angry, I’m already thinking about how much I can’t wait to come back to my spot tomorrow and try harder the next day. I hope other people laugh at this as much as I did. Failure is part of success.”

2 thoughts on “Brandon Woldridge – Flops, Fits and Frustration – 2013

  1. I kept waiting for the bike to be thrown and then it happened…lol. The speed in which you ride into the tricks, presumably, leads to the hard falls. Ride on brother.

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