Breaking news: Martti Kuoppa disqualified from the World Classic

This just in, and its a biggie!!!!!

Martti Kuoppa has been disqualified from the World Classic because he didn’t take it seriously enough, let it be known at this point that Martti starts new chapter in his life on January 15th, and this would the last public appearance in quite sometime.
This begs a few questions, my minds all over the place with this one, first thing, is this freestyle anymore?
Must we train like robots to be accepted? Is this flatland why flat is small? 

Heres what Martti’s facebook status had to say…
“First time in my life I got disqualified from a competition!!! That is what happens when I don’t ride with “winning attitude” anymore! Sponsors/contest promoters don’t like that. And yeah, I’ve been to a holiday and didn’t ride for few weeks but I can still bust out. HAH. Well, I do it at Ground Tactics instead.”

Look for article on this blog real soon from Martti…

15 thoughts on “Breaking news: Martti Kuoppa disqualified from the World Classic

  1. Marttis a free spirit he could turn up there with no practise and win, this is a sad state of affairs.
    I guess this will ask a lot of questions of whos running show over there, corporate sponsors, or what? who knows, i do know this is terrible!!!

  2. Whole thing sounds as if someone has personal qualms they need to deal with. Whole thing sounds like the high and mightys need to re think what it is there looking for/trying to promote.
    While maybe it was..Or wasnt a great idea for Mr.Kuoppa to take time off the bike right before his last big comp, in which they were paying his way…It still does not make any bit of "pulling the plug" on the whole ordeal right. The man went on vacation for cryin out loud..Probably much needed so. The man was admirable enough for you *World classic* to WANT him there so bad to pay for him to be there..But yet because after you said so and you realise the man is not sponsored..and is going to do as he very well pleases..That, that is NOT what your promoting/looking for? Thats NOT what a core flatland rider does? Wow..Has the Japanese flatland scene turned its head away from hardcore competitions and riding..To be silly showman who look as if they long to be in the circus? Favor-tism's and company bullying IS NOT..What flatland is all about…I think everyone involved really should sit back..and rethink all of the irrational decisions theyve *more then likely* been making from the past year on…

  3. Ironic that he was going to be PROMOTING creative flatland, and his new jungle rider frame, this whole drama doesnt make me stoked on flatland at all.

  4. I forgot to add, that its interesting hotoke and whole st martin team are not riding in this contest…. Something "not good" going on over there in japan.

  5. Things like this often turn out as serendipitous.

    As for the riders who are still competing, if they had any integrity, then they would do the right thing for the greater cause which is what Marti Kuoppa stands for!! then together make a stand for the greater good.

  6. Corporate sponsors ruin everthing , it's the riders who make them money i agree the riders should make a stand against this decision we are providing entertainment for others to cash in on , maybe the way forward is underground low key events run by bike companies in effect on a smaller scale but still the riders needs should come first not to be disqualified thats just ridiculous.

  7. Jeez… so lame, me personally if I could do it over I would have never entered a comp, there are many positives about comps for some no doubt, but for riders whose main focus is originality and degree of difficulty it slows progression and contributes to style/trick cloning, Fuck em' Martti, keep rocking ground tactics.

  8. 'world craaaapppic' irony being martti is classic! the best rider by far today having more depth and variety than all of us other pros.i used to ride with him as a freind and as a competitor and he was always super focused.World crappics loss phil dolan

  9. This piece of news is baffling. Martti has been the best flatlander in the world for the last decade, and in my opinion is the greatest of all time. His achievements justify his place in the event, whether he has been riding or not.

    Only recently, he has been schooling all of us in progression, originality and pushing the sport – nearly 10 years after his first X games medal. If I were organising the world classic, I would beg him to be there.

    It seems that this event is forgetting something; a respect for flatland. If there was a respect for pushing our sport, Martti would be there. Instead, this much needed major event has lost a lot of credibility.

    Sam Foakes

  10. i've been bummed all day about this, there's nothing good about it, nothing at all! The sport is at an all time low, as Sam said argueably the best rider of the last decade is disqualified from the world classic, cancelling his flight and hotel!
    What hasn't yet been said, remember flatground 06, when Martti smacked everyone hard…., well he didn't ride for almost two months before, and barely rode practise either.
    The man is for me and many of my generation a creative genius, even if he isn't into contests anymore, he still has the ability to smack everyone, (i.e, latest groundtactics edits are proof enough), these are sad dark times…
    You can have rules and structure, but running a dictatorship is not good for the future of our sport.

  11. Word from the main man (off facebook).

    Martti Kuoppa: No worries guys. I stay true to my belifs.
    This is what happened>

    2 months ago I got an offer from my main sponsor for 2010 which I had to say no because I could never live off from this amount + it would reguire me to pay my tickets to comps and place well. So at the end, I would not have money to pay my bills or eat not even if I won all the comps.

    I started searching for a job. A lot of stress came to me because I was searching for a job full time, I couldn't focus into riding at that period.
    Same time I already had a plane ticket bought already to Singapore where I wanted to go on a holiday with my girlfriend since she supporter me a lot during the hard times.

    We left to a holiday and I figured that at that point I don't have any money left to buy the ticket to Japan so I won't go.
    I tested my bike, I went to my riding spot, I pulled all my contest stuff without warm up first try. No problem.

    I took my bike with me to holiday but I chose to enjoy the holiday with her instead of riding, I really turned into a holiday mode.
    Then all of the sudden I get wildcard spot and a plane ticket to a competition which I thought I won't ride anyway.
    I told the organizer that I am on a holiday shape and didn't really ride for sometime. (I tried my bike in Singapore for 20 minutes and felt okay)

    And then I get an e mail that my ticket is canceled since I am not dedicated to this comp.

    Yes, that is true, there is not a competition in this world that I will dedicate any single day of my life anymore. I can compete, but I go there and just throw down the tricks from my hat, whatever comes to my mind, I came really sick in my life when I was dedicating my days for getting consistent.

    But that is not enough and it would be risky for the publicity of the competition.
    I am more than cool with this.

    I refuse to go to the mold of being "a yes man". That is why I got troubles from my ex sponsors and in situations like this.

    And funniest thing is that people who makes these decisions are sending me e mails and questioning my love for flatland.
    Just makes me more motivated to step onto my next level of progression once I go back home.

    Rebel forever!!! That's me.

    By the way, I will be working for Monster Energy drinks as I return back home 🙂
    I wasn't that stupid afterall…..:)

  12. Wow… LAME.
    Is flatland really getting to this?
    Hang in there Martti, you will find motivation from ways you never thought possible going the NON-CONTEST route….

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