Brian Gavagan – BMX Street/Flat/Park

Brian just got back Toronto and sent in this edit and details of this edit he shot with Dylan Pfohl a few years ago, in which he does one of the fastest hang nothings down 20th street off i-25 in Denver, Colorado.
Nathaniel Rateliff wrote and sang the song, “Lamb on the Stone” which is on the album Memory of Loss and is on i-tunes right now. Nathaniel works out of Denver and also belongs in the band, Born in the Flood.
The footage is from the streets of Capital Hill, Cherry Creek and the rail is behind the Natural History Museum of Denver. The indoor park footage is of a park that is now out of business. Check this one out, good vibes from Denver!

6 thoughts on “Brian Gavagan – BMX Street/Flat/Park

  1. Yea Yellow ! wonder what that hang nothing woulda clocked in at MPH ?! sick ! one of the raddest dudes and really motivating to session with ! props !

  2. Yo Shaun! Good to ride in Toronto! I wonder how many mph that hang nothing was, would be cool to clock one! haha I knew I better have a helmet on in case I went OTB!
    Thanks guys

  3. Wow, this edit was incredible!!! Every moment was a joy to watch because of the awesome editing, great riding and super excellent music!!! Really really stoked to hear your part of this band, the music was *perfect*

    I hope to see more edit’s like this, really pumped on it!!

    And yea, that hang nothing must have been a heart attack and a half. Especially running that red light at the end. Good god!

  4. So awesome! Amazing to see someone excel at every type of riding and still have a love for all types of riding after all these years. Sick edit!

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