9 thoughts on “Brian Rybak 39th Birthday edit

  1. Commented on this edit on twitter, but it’s too good not to spout off on it again. Great riding from a great rider. Everything about this edit is awesome. Good job, buddy.

  2. Thanks guys!

    Iee, its a custom frame from a local builder but looks like an Intrikat or an old Standard Tao or Suelo Simple. But different geo. Low bb, mellow seat angle and 19 3/8″ tt. More room in the cockpit without crazy long wheelbase. Perfect for me, I’m 6’3″.
    Lachlan, some guys from London Ont. came in the shop the other day. They were riding at Rays MTB park in Cleveland and needed a part.
    Josh, thanks for the props! Means more than you can imagine.


  3. Turning 40 in a few months, if the Lord permits, so it’s always great seeing guys my age riding. Great riding that’s very motivational.

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