3 thoughts on “Brian Tunney – 43 BMX Tricks for My 43rd BDay

  1. Brian Tunney is also one of the top 43 riders to come out of New Jersey! Right in there around Steve Rulli and that kid down the block from me who could do killer table tops.

  2. Brian Tunney is a bad mofo,and I really dig his down to earth attitude.His part in Props Groundwork is bonkers.I think he would be a superb interview.Can’t imagine all the stuff he’s seen and done.One of my favorite riders,so hopefully you can do an interview when it may be possible.I don’t think we get enough insight about flatland riders,so when I see and read an interview,I get just as if not more inspired than from a really good video.Flatmatters is the greatest and I always visit WAY more than FB or any other social media or web sites.God bless Effraim for doing the work.Can’t speak for other riders but I would be completely lost without FM.High Fives to ya!!

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