Bringing a personal touch to flatmatters-new video from me

Filmed this combo on my iphone first try during todays morning session,next time will have to film landscape, thought I would add a personal touch to the flatmatters blog,more of these iphone videos to follow, enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Bringing a personal touch to flatmatters-new video from me

  1. Nice clip! Really like the halfpack to tea kettle to halfhiker, as well as the multible turbines in the wheelchair.

    Looking forward to more clips in the future.


  2. Thanks for the comments guys! As I said im using this iphone project to push my riding, so you may see this again with different switches, as well as other combos.

  3. wooow nice man, clean combo!! it also helps to see how good the surface is, would love to to have a session at southsea one day!!!

    keep it up !!!

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