Brooklyn Flatland Contest FT Ross Smith – Summer 1988

Brooklyn Flatland Contest – Summer 1988 from Henry Wagner on Vimeo.

Before we get into the awards later on today, let’s go back! Check this Old school flatland contest on the streets of Brooklyn. From the Summer of 1988. The highlight is a great run by Ross Smith at the 10:35 mark, and all plenty more Ross footage in the post contest riding from the 16:10 mark. Other riders: Rich Vasquez, Chris Wilkes, and more.

6 thoughts on “Brooklyn Flatland Contest FT Ross Smith – Summer 1988

  1. Ross Smith is one of 10 best flatlanders in The World..I still cant forget those 8 cross footed hitchhiker jugglers in Connect…

      • Ross was so good. Smooth Flow and then throwing in surprises.

        Who was the young kid at the beginning? Ross had the backwards decades on lock so it wasn’t surprising to see him do it but that kid threw one down! I think I counted 4 people that did or attempted a backwards decade in the video!

  2. I like various riders,probably haven’t seen a lot of backwards decades. Maybe in Japan or other countries people are doing them. I’ve always thought it’s a trick that never was done a lot. I intend to to try & pull 1 again and experiment with them, because it’s a great trick.And we know that it could open up more possibilities.

  3. It’s funny but, as someone who lives and rides in brooklyn, it hard to believe there were ever this many people riding flat in the boro’s existence, let alone at 1 event!

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