One thought on “Bruno Zebu – 2nd Place OctoBiker Fest

  1. Damn , Im stoked to see Zebus crazy difficult , flowing , technical combos during a contest run ! All of the x-leg transitions that he throws in the mix of his lines are SLLLAAAAMMM DOZERED ! So much respect to him, going for only hard stuff . That one x-leg transition ended up in a pumping back packer……..he coulda just exited out early .Instead he fully went in for even MORE hard stuff ! Ive been a huge fan , like you Effraim….. since 2013 . Like Big- E always states……..STYLE is making HARD tricks / variations …..look EASY . Bruno defines this perfectly…….This comp run of his motivated and reset my demeanor for my own whack riding today……Ive been chasing doing an hour long link for a couple weeks now….its nothing new , relevant , just something Ive done ,and like to do from time to time . Not a big deal for me. After watching Bruno CRAZY difficult links in this video , him doing them in a CONTEST , me realizing that EVERY line he does in this run is 700 times more difficult than ANY trick , variation , or link that Ive EVER done or do to this day………THAT really helped , put things in a real perspective for me………I did the hour combo , DIDNT pull it ..haha , but did it , messed up a wheelchair to crack packer at the end , right as I got the hour , hahaha. Don’t know about anyone else but riders like Bruno , Giannis , Viki , Percy , Effraim , Junpei , Gunter , etc , etc …….I love watching riders like this that are WAAAAAAAY more skilled on a bike than me……it really helps , motivates , and again puts my own whack ass 1996 style riding in a real , reality check kinda perspective , hahaha. Watching , getting hyped on riders BETTER than yourself is a very healthy thing to do , in my opinion………it betters your own bike riding , gives you a lil bit more drive ! Thanks Bruno and Effraim !

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