5 thoughts on “Bruno Zebu & Ederson Ferreira – Front / Back Wheel Vol 2

  1. DAMN THS IS GOOD ! Watched a lil bit last night , and right now………..ALOT to take in , full stop / hammer links edited back to back . Each one gets better and more complex ! Loving that . So far…. Im really digging Brunos switch hand steam , jump over , turbine , to spinning kickless wheelchair @ 1.56 minutes and Edersons seat stance / one handed spin , drop down to kickless rocket @ 5.27 minutes ! These guys are shredding HARD . Gonna have to watch this a couple times , haha. Not to mention they both have such aggressive riding styles that went perfect with the song they chose .

  2. Wow!! You guys rock!
    So many hard combos and style in this edit…
    Can’t stop watching Bruno’s crazy footworks at 2:25!
    You both killed it, congrats guys, thanx for this edit!
    Also makes me think to the old good Adam & Matthias videos…

  3. Wow, this is great! The music, the mood, it makes me wanna ride 🙂
    Bruno is one of the riders I love every trick of. He does not do a single link that I do not consider purely beautiful and would like to be capable of doing.
    I am in love with your riding Bruno!

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