Bryan Huffman on Reklamation Bikes!

TM Jake Umberger hit me up with some more news from the Reklamation Bikes crew..

And the hits just keep on coming! Reklamation Bikes is stoked to announce that we have signed up “Mr. Purple” himself, Mr. Bryan Huffman to the Reklamation Bikes Team! Bryan is a literal legend in the sport and after nine knee surgeries is still kickin’ ass. The thought never even crossed our minds that when we made a purple frame that we would be welcoming such a great rider to the team. We couldn’t be happier to say welcome to the team, Bryan!

5 thoughts on “Bryan Huffman on Reklamation Bikes!

  1. Congrats Huffman you deserve it! It’s about time somebody started hooking this guy up! Wonder which color frame he’s going with…

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