Bryan Huffman – Purple Winter II

From the look of this edit and the previous, Bryan Huffman has been putting in work for the fast approaching contest season. As always with someone who’s been in the game a long time that shows in his skill set, great riding front and back wheel, the opposite inside BB/frame circle k cowboy pedal ride out at 1:43, and the gliding/pumping junkyard variations at 1:19, 2:30, and the last line that includes no handed xft gliding backyard to gliding junkyard! Skills!

6 thoughts on “Bryan Huffman – Purple Winter II

  1. Thanks guys, the knee is never going to be better I just have to deal with it best I can. I can still do a lot but it holds me back. If you watch me ride I never put my foot on the pedal cause it won’t bend

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