Burning Bike Festival 1999

What a treat, stoked to come across this edit online last night. I remember this featured in US Ride, great riding from the 2 hip Burning Bike contest at Chenga featuring Akira Okamura, Armin Batoumeni, Jeff Desroche, Brandon Fenton, York Uno, Matt Wilhelm, Brian Rybak, and the legendary Ross Smith.

11 thoughts on “Burning Bike Festival 1999

  1. That was the best contest I attended in the 90’s! I can’t believe it was 12 years ago!

    I remember meeting Jeff Desroche and Mike McPhaden and being amazed that they’d only been riding 2 years at the time.

    Terry Adams and Gabe Kadmiri were there too. I think Scott O’Brian and Pat Schoolen also made it but I didn’t know them at the time so I’m not positive.

  2. I was there for sure and it was a great time. That was the first time I met York and Akira. That single contest pushed me so hard to rider and progress. It amazing what a contest can do by pushing riders for months afterwards.

    Paul Palmer is in that video also.

  3. Nice find Effraim! Is Part 2 available online too? It was a 2 part edit from bmxtrix… there was also a Terry Adams only video released at the same time from that contest by Bmxtrix… I watched those 3 videos about 50x a day everyday for at least a year when I started riding. I wish there were still events on that level today…and Wilhelm in camo? nice.

  4. I was there too. First big contest. I didn’t know all those big name riders were there at that time. Wow, that was a blast from the past. Dope. RIP chenga!!!

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