Burning Bike Festival Part 2 + Terry Adams @ BBF

Thanks to Shayne for the upload. Dope riding from Desroche, Neston, Ross Smith, York Uno, Paul Palmer, and Matt Wilhelm. Plus Terry Adams killing it as an expert rider!

5 thoughts on “Burning Bike Festival Part 2 + Terry Adams @ BBF

  1. Loving Ross Smith’s line, so good! And great to see Terry as an expert rider, you can see his style coming through there, always good to see where riders come from…

  2. Josh King RIP.

    That was a great contest. It was the second time terry ever flew in a plane I believe. To think where he is now. First time he flew was 99 BS Louisville contest were I met Effraim for the first time eating a subway!!! Wanka!!!!

    • Thats crazy Scott you wanker :), and I can’t believe you remember what i was eating, that is crazy to think Terrys on a plane at least once o twice a week nowadays, this contest looked so awesome! Did you compete in this contest Scott?

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