C3 Jam Komatsu Photogallery by Marcio Massayuki Abe

Akira Okamura on his way to first place in the open class final.

Marcio Massayuki Abe hit me up with this nice photo gallery to share for all the flatland world to see, congratulations to Akira Okamura taking the overall win in the C3 jam series!

C3 JAM Open Class Final Results
1. Akira Okamura
2. York Uno
3. Takahiro Ito
C3 JAM KOMATSU Round – Open Class Results
1. Takuya Higa
2. Uchino Yoshiki
3. Takahiro Ito

Tomoaki Yoshimura

Check out Marcio’s amazing photogallery over on his Facebook page:


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