Calvin Tan Documentary

Calvin Tan mini documentary from Jeremy v Bedijk Sports Marketing on Vimeo.

Great documentary with the stylish Calvin Tan, Jeremy van Bedijk did an amazing job with this documentary, read below for the scoop.

“What happens when a flatland rider stops for 8 years and focuses on his career outside of BMX? One thing’s for sure, he never forgets what being a rider is all about.

Jeremy van Bedijk is a Sports Marketing professional from the Netherlands.
He still has his JPS the 5th frame, with Odyssey black widow crank, Inertia fork and KGB handlebars, but it’s been catching dust for some time.
In his effort to promote artistic and inspiring sports among the people of the world he recently started travelling and documenting local athletes.
Last january he visited Singapore, home of Ares Bykes rider Calvin Tan.
During his stay they met and together created this short documentary / video portrait of Calvin, an inspiring, talented rider who doubles as a tattoo artist.

Free up 2,5 minutes of your time, sit back, and enjoy the art of flatland bmx.”

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