One thought on “Camilo Gutierrez in Shanghai China

  1. Ive always loved Camilos way of doing switches / bar flips !! His spinning / backwards switch hand steam to HOP ,bar flip /turbine ,to switch foot steam @ 1.04 MINUTES is SO rad ! His style on BOTH wheels is FURIOUS , with LOTS of fast transitions , turbines and HIGH ENERGY flowing, during every link . I recently saw a new edit of his online , it ruled , of course ! Id really like to see even MORE of this guys riding , SUCH a ripper……….also loving how he Dave dustered to a switch foot rocket , front TO back , from that steam ,@ 1.11 MINUTES . His inside junk yard , pumping roll, to BIKE SWITCH , to cross , pumping inside rocket , @ 2.57 MINUTES , was a nice twist ,also………..DOPE style , Camilo !

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