Carhartt flatland roadtrip 2009

James Smith kindly sent this edit in, the Carhartt europe team consisting of Frank Lukas, Alexis Desolneaux, James Smith, Sebastian Grubinger and Michael Sommer on a roadtrip from koblenz germany to the fieldcontrol contest in Portimao Portugal. 7 days, lots of miles, Alexis’ backwards no handed messiah!!!!!!!! enjoy!!!

3 thoughts on “Carhartt flatland roadtrip 2009

  1. Alexis flatout kills it!!!! the backwards no handed messiah ( I guess thats what you would call it) like wow!!! Who else but Alexis???

  2. Wish this Edit was lil longer
    E, I was thinking this too!
    AD is the real deal.
    For him to be doing this ULTRA HARD stuff after that knarl incident too, speaks for self.
    Say no more, much respect to Alexis.

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