Catching Up with Bill Nitschke

Each one of these Catching Up interviews i’m enjoying more and more. Next up was the turn of the man who invented the Whopper, and the man who has more energy than anyone I have ever met, ladies and gentlemen here is the Bill Nitschke Interview!

1:36: Introduction

2:13: Growing up riding in the AFA contests.

4:33: Meeting up with Todd Carter in the Ohio scene.

5:16: How did Bill get into flatland?

7:20: What shaped Bill’s riding, his presence on the contest floor is unreal to watch live!

10:43: Inventing the whopper, and tells the story and what went down?

15:58: Spike Jonze shooting the whopper.

16:34: Favourite memories from competing?

17:37: Being the first person to do a tail whip over a set of doubles on dirt.

21:54: Getting involved in Standrad Bykes.

24:29: Leaving Standard Bykes and getting picked up by Homeless and starting Indy Industries.

27:26: Always keeping riding despite being burnt on contests.

28:07 Contests taking a back seat and becoming more show riding oriented.

29:36: The return of the AFA contests bringing Bill back to the contest scene.

32:34: Hitting the biggest Whopper I’ve ever seen at Battle in Rockies 2017 and the aura he sets when he rides in a contest.

35:50: How does competing in Battle format contests go for Bill Nitschke, all that stop start style?

39:45: Plans for 2018.

42:22: Final thanks.

14 thoughts on “Catching Up with Bill Nitschke

  1. Great interview.I like how Bill describe the details from old times till now because it’s very educational for older riders to take an idea. Thank you for the whopper trick also .JAAAAA

  2. Thanks for the comment Sakis. Was great to do this catch up interview as well as the others. I love what Bill had to say about the aura when when he rides, pretty awesome what he brings to the table.

  3. F-KN RAD , FIRST video I see today !!! AWESOME job on THIS / ALL the other interviews BIG -E !!!! The questions about inventing of the WHOPPER , him riding for STANDARD , the WAY he approaches his RUNS in comps , his AGE , etc , etc ……….THESE are topics I myself have WONDERED about !!! THANKS AGAIN for these questions , you have AGAIN read my mind BIG -E !! Damn , I LOVE these interviews / catch ups !!! I STILL ride black INDY INDUSTRY pegs TODAY !!!! Bill is one of my bmx IDOLS since 1989 !!! I SWEAR though , if / when I meet YOU , BIG E , in PERSON …………………………………..WAIT till my INTERVIEW of YOU that I ALREADY have the QUESTIONS for , gonna be a GREAT interview mate !!!!

  4. Each of these interviews exposes a bit of what make each rider so idiosyncratic! In this case, I was fascinated to find Nitschke motivated by a bit of anger and rage, when he was younger. I think more of the audience then most would expect can relate to that. Flatland doesn’t always get associated with aggression, and I think that is a mistake. Its there, just manifests itself in different and more methodical ways! Again, Effraim, awesome job!

    • Glad you enjoyed E-ron and took something out of this interview, each one is educational in its own right. Everyone is different and thats one of the many things that makes flatland so special.

  5. Kudos to Bill for still being around & into ti after all these years. Flatland is a world that I rarely peek into these days, but seeing this made me smile and remember some good times.

    All the best, guys

    • Josh, you should make your way up to Toronto for the contest this year! Or just come up in the summer to session with the crew–there are a handful of us older guys that ride pretty regularly still up here ( and a handful of younger guys too). Last year Bill Neuman made it to the contest. Good times!

  6. Youre VERY welcome BIG E !!! EAAAAAAAAAAAASSSYYY to give POSITIVE energy with YOU …………GIVING BACK so MUCH to bmx FLATLAND on a HOURLY basis mate !!! NEXT year mi hermano , I’m DEF planning on it !! Are you going to Voodoo Jam also BIG E ??!!!

    • Thank you as always Rodney. I was invited this year to Voodoo but was already booked for the UK Champs so didnt want to let Matti down, is Voodoo on next year Rodney?

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