Catching up with Dustyn Alt at Bike Days 2017

Trying something new for Flatmattersonline, I am out here in Solothurn, Switzerland at the Bike Days contest. Round 1 of the 2017 World Circuit, and it seems as good a time as any to catch up with some riders to talk about the weekend, the contest lifestyle, practise regimes, and so on. My first interviewee is We the People rider, Dustyn Alt. In my opinion, Dustyn is underrated in the contest scene, but more importantly than that. A great human, so much fun to hang out with every time I see him at contests. Hope you enjoy the first short interview.

18 thoughts on “Catching up with Dustyn Alt at Bike Days 2017

    • Thank you valance, and thanks for the motivation to help me get this off the ground. I had a lot of fun catching up Dustyn, I have more for tomorrow so stay tuned.

    • I second Valance’s post. Nice to listen to something unscripted. Definitely more of this from riders who aren’t the “super stars”. Maybe even some from the expert class?

      • Thank you Scott, I did totally make this up as I went along. I have three more done today, really enjoying asking the riders some different questions than normal and their feedback. Appreciate the comment Scott!

    • Thank you jay, glad you enjoyed it! You guys can all thanks Valance, who talked me into this. I was doubting I could do this, really enjoyed today!

  1. Dustin is a certified badass with some of the best style in flat today and he’s also one of the nicest guys as well.

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