Catching Up with Todd Carter

I’m really enjoying doing these “Catching Up” interviews and today I interview Todd Carter, one of the smoothest riders in the flatland game and a man that doesn’t get enough credit in the flatland scene. Lot of history with Todd’s longevity in the sport. It was great to interview Todd and hear his story, grab a cuppa and enjoy this episode:

00:56: How long has Todd been riding for, and how did he get into flatland?

3:13: What was Todd’s first flatland competition?

4:38: I never knew that myself and Todd both rode for Hutch, and the Ohio scene shaping Todd’s riding.

8:00: What are some of Todd’s favourite memories from the AFA Masters?

10:29: How flatland is good for physical and emotional health, and forget about life issues?

11:54: What can modern day flatland learn from era such as the AFA masters where there 130 people in Todd’s class?

14:20: Moving from Ohio to Los Angeles and living the Californian dream.

17:45: Moving back to Ohio and building a flatland spot.

21:40: Coming from that era where what music you rode to was a big deal. What music is Todd into?

23:42: Bringing the American Flatland Association back.

26:00: Having two kids that both ride flatland.

29:36: The transition from expert rider to professional.

32:35: Plans for 2018?

33:21: Being a good rolemodel for the flatland scene, and what device would he give to the future generations?

35:47: Any final thanks?

12 thoughts on “Catching Up with Todd Carter

  1. Love these interviews!!!!!! Such an eclectic crew in flatland, and so much emphasis on the experience and all of the personal accomplishments involved in progressing.

  2. So glad you did this interview E! It’s good to get a window on people who aren’t constantly in the limelight. This is what helps to grow a sense of community and let’s us know about each other and support one another’s projects. I hope you keep up with these interviews with people who have been involved in helping to grow flatland and give back and have just been involved with flatland for a long-time.

    • Thank you Brandon, and thats exactly why I do these. Todd deserves a bit of love back for all he done for the sport plus years in the game. I have two interviews coming up with Bill Nitschke and Robert Castillo, so stay tuned for those as well.

      • Sick! I was so stoked when Bill burst back onto the scene! His energy is so contagious. I hope to session with him some day. Bill, if you read this you should come to Maple Vibes this year.

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