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George Manos: Novum Organum

Intro: Effraim.

Sometimes flatland can become one big blur, not many individuals stand out. But when they do, it brings a smile to my face like nothing else I have experienced in my life and a sense that all is alive and well. George Manos is a man with a vision, and is not afraid to stand out and paint a different picture. This is when flatland truly comes into its own in my opinion. Carving your direction can be a lonely process, here we caught up George and photographer, Sotiris Gkonis for some background and some amazing photographs which capture Georges dark personality. Two perspectives: Novum Organum.

Text: George Manos.

Living in the city of Ioannina for almost ten years now. A historic city with legends from the old times and a lake 2.000.000 years old, some say, surrounded by mountains, grimy sometimes and dark, yet beautiful and nostalgic when the sun comes up. For the most part its dark and rainy, the heavy atmosphere is easily built and it was not long until it rubbed off on me. Being sick of waiting for the sun in order to ride I did what a desperate man would do I got out of my comfort and started exploring the darkness trying to find a haven to ride, the best places I found were mostly like dungeons. In the heart of the city, yet still remote and thus perfect for my mystic experiments. Images and tricks, motions, came naturally after I let myself drawn in the surroundings, embracing despair I was rewarded with treasures that I could carry into the light, yet they shine better in the darkness in my opinion, that’s why I choose mostly to present my ideas in the place of their development. With the help of Sotiris I managed to capture the process of it. I wanted to do this for a long time, welcome to my world.

Text: Sotiris Gkonis.

George reminds me of these artists, such as Lukas Samaras (greek as well) , who try to create their own path no matter what, in an environment that guides them to do the exact opposite. He is one of a kind at what he does and how he approaches it. I know him for three or four years now and the progression of his riding and way of setting up the whole thing is ridiculous. But the recognition of this approach remains unfortunately in the same level. Even in ‘’progressive’’ sports, such as bmx, unique styles are still a taboo. I believe that this is the fate of every human that is trying to bring something different to the surface of our society and doing it silently. George is one of them, silent as when you see him ride, silent and never disappointed because he is doing it for himself in a city far away from the industry.

Remember this?

Mateus Beckmann – The Flatmatters Online 2013 Awards Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim
Photos: Mateus Beckmann.

Last year there was something wonderfully pure about Mateus Beckmann sharing his progression with the flatland world. It turns out his amazing progression led to 34 videos. Mateus deservedly grabbed the Editorials Choice for Rider of the Year and Most Progressive Rider of the Year by a landslide! Mateus stepped up once again to bring us a new “Must Watch” video with his new tricks to go with this interview! Enjoy!

Firstly, congratulations Mateus you got my vote for Rider of the Year as well as readers vote the progressive rider of the year! From my perspective, producing 34 progressive videos throughout the year, with contributions every month made you the clear winner, you are motivating riders worldwide consistently all year! What an amazing year for you, how do you feel firstly about winning the awards?
Thanks Effraim. Win the award-winning ‘Rider of the Year’ and ‘progressive rider of the year’ is truly incredible. I am very, very happy for that. At first I really did not expect something like that, when I saw my name next to the names of my idols in Flatland I really was very happy. Is strange win of riders that you get inspired… Thanks Effraim and all!

34 videos in one year is incredible, such amazing progression last year, do you film every time you ride?
I had no idea I had made 34 videos in 1 year!
No, I only filming when i have a lot of new tricks, or sometimes when I’m very close to hitting a difficult trick.

I saw your flawless run during the Overground series last year, and I see the World Circuit will come to Brazil this year, will you be competing in this contest and other contests this year? What is your mindset towards contest riding?
Yes, I made a good run in Overground Series of simplest tricks.
Yes, I’ll try to go in all competitions in Brazil this year.
My mindset for the next riding contests is to make original tricks, some of my tricks( variations whips and decades) and some long combos too, I know I can actually do good tricks in competitions.

You have been doing a lot of decade/whopper variations recently, what I call one hit tricks, super hard! How do you see your riding progressing, are you just out there learning whatever comes along?
Decades / Whoppers variations are really my favorite tricks, are tricks that have not yet been very explored, there are still many variations of whoppers to create.
I like a trick, so I try to do this trick, maybe so my progress. ALWAYS TRY TO LEARN THE TRICKS THAT YOU LIKE :)

What are your plans for 2014?
Participate in all competitions in Brazil, participate in contests outside Brazil if I get sponsors.. Keep riding and progressing.

Your videos have inspired every flatlander at some point last year. I see that you ride at a skatepark, are you inspired by other types of BMX and other sports, such as skateboarding and so on?
What really inspires me is just in BMX Flatland and BMX Street. I like riding BMX Street with my friends, it’s great fun.

More recently your edits (i.e 2014), I noticed you are riding without a chain, why is that?
Yes, problems with my Freecoaster.
For the Master Bikes have only frames (SAMPA), forks, and bars. Freecoasters are too fragile to tricks jumps/whoppers.

Any final thanks/shoutouts Mateus?
Effraim Thanks for the interview.
Thank you Family & Friends.
Thanks Master Bikes,SAMPA BMX, Marcos Paulo de Jesus (Pig), Ederson Ferreira, Casa dos consertos.

Keep Riding!

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Top 5′s with James McGraw!

We are back with the Top 5′s feature, intended to be a light hearted read in contrast to the more serious interviews on the site! And James McGraw doesn’t disappoint, always down for a bit of fun and banter! Read on!

Tricks to do daily:
Gliding stick bitch or junk yards, what ever you wish to call them to switch pivots.
Stubble ducks
Nose wheelies
Back packer combos
I always have a new idea I try everyday some good some seriously suck.

Places to ride:
I almost always ride in my tint shop’s Garage. Its a controlled environment I have kids so when I get to ride I want to make the most of it with no distractions thats why I almost always stay indoors.
I have a great outdoor spot and my basement as well.

People to ride with:
No one likes me cause I snake too much :-) lol.
I usually ride alone but Brian Gavigan AKA yellow comes down to ride with me when he can, as well as the Colorado flatjams crew.

Websites to check:
Everyday I go to Flatmattersonline and Global-flat to see whats up.

Snaking techniques:
Look for British guys that wear gloves and be sure to get in their way, also watch for someone to get ready go and make sure to cut them off while always looking forward. (editors note: Don’t I just know it hahaha -ref- Guru jam Practise)

This year AM Flat Circuit, Trans Jam, Bike days in Switzerland, Fise in France,
The Worlds, and some of flatland world circuit.
Also if there was a good contest in England, I would maybe go to that as well LOL :-)

London Bikes, Profile, Odyssey, and Ares tires

Gone in sixty seconds, Hangover movies, Iron man movies.
Most movies that are based on true story’s I always find entertaining.

Video parts to watch:
I have a few videos out there on vimeo my “year in the life” has alot of good stuff as for everyone else.
I don’t have a collection I watch whats posted daily, but I have been known to watch Uchie, Hiro, J Dub and Jason Ploudre’s video more than once.

Favourite riders:
Uchie, Vicki, Hiro, J Dub, Jason P, Kevin Nikulski, Thomas Noyer and I seriously like to watch Matuis B

Bike companies:
London Bikes has been really good to me I have to thank them.

Swear words you use when you ride:
Seriously what the Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you Fucking Kiding me!!!!!!!!!!
Dang Nabit!!!!!!!

London Bikes
Yellow designs

Non Bike Brands:

Whiskey (only the best)

Well I’m not a vegan or a health freak so
Korean food
Lots of Red Meat
Golden berries

Things your hating on:
I hate the wind I would rather ride in the rain and I am way to old to ride in the cold.
People who talk shit Its flatland we all have something to offer and we all put alot of work in to it.
Ride because you love it and It will take you much farther!!!!

Things to do besides riding:
My wife
Hang out with my kids
Build my classic cars
ride my motorcycle
Run my window tint business
Do man shit like weld shit for no reason at all :-)

Not so much I never really sit down.

What ever is in the seat pocket of the air plane I’m on
Better house keeping
Better homes and gardens
Playboy and Hustler, but only for the articles

Tricks you wish you could do:
More turbines with pumping
anything that I find to be a challenge yet is still fun!!

Holiday destinations:
Disney world
I have always wanted to go to the pyramids.

Who’s next?

Alexis Desolneux & Sebastian Grubinger / Heresy – Readers Choice Edit of the Year!

Intro/Interview: Effraim
Photos: Provided by Alexis Desolneux.

Firstly, congratulations guys for the Readers Choice Edit of the Year! Nominated in both reader and editorial choice edit of the year, plus second place in brand of the year. Tell us about some back ground information on the Fifth of September edit, did it turn out how you wanted it?
Thanks E! I was really surprised when I saw the nomination. I didn’t expect anything like this. So cool! I couldn’t believe winning the Readers Choice Award in the end. It was mind blowing to get this news before the year changed. Thanks everybody for that!

Well, the Fifth of September…
All started that Alexis always wanted to film with Tom (Sevisual). As Tom lives in Hungary and Alexis in France, they didn’t get the chance too often yet.
Alexis was going to visit me in Vienna just before the OSG in Budapest, so we came up with the idea to get Tom here as well and get some links on tape. We had two days before heading to Budapest, so we thought it could be good to film some riding and do kind of a relaxed « a day in Vienna » edit. I didn’t ride much the weeks before because I had lots of work at my job and Alexis had a bad crash just a few days before his arrival, where he cracked some ribs, so we decided to take it easy — just capturing the good vibes and chilled atmosphere.

When we arrived at the spot we got pretty motivated and I had tricks in mind I really wanted to pull for this edit. It turned into a mission and at some point all of us (including Tom) were working pretty hard to get everything done in time, haha. Finally we finished the riding clips in one day.

Honestly I didn’t think much about how the video could look like, I was just happy to pull my stuff. In the end I was really stoked how it turned out! We both got cool clips, Tom’s filming and editing was perfect as always and Michi made the best track for it. It was a fun project with friends with an awesome outcome.

Thanks Effraim. Yes, a big surprise for us to even be nominated considering the number of good videos coming out each year and featured on FM. I had no expectations after that, I had a lot to care about before the end of the year, time passed and we ended up winning the award, that was crazy especially after getting the video of the month on FlatwebTV…Thanks everyone !
The video almost didn’t happen. I injured my ribs 5 days before my flight and was unable to ride. Tom was already there and we had planned this for a couple months. Somehow, with a large chest bandage and painkillers I could ride an hour the day before departure so I decided to leave anyway hoping an extra day off spent travelling would do me good…I figured I’d film little things and mostly let Sebastian shred. We had only one day to film some riding so I wanted to capture that special viennese atmosphere, make it a « more than riding » thing. On the morning of the 5th of sept., although the ribs hurt all night I was motivated to spend the day outside, the weather was perfect. The bandage held my ribs in place and with painkillers again plus some warm up, I worked my way up to some riding but only in line. Anything turbined or twisting my upper body was not possible, the last link was actually a bad idea… Like Sebastian said it was a mission but just being with friends at the Heldenplatz made for a great day. Tom and Michael (Sommer) did an amazing job working together and I always like to talk about music with Michael, he’s open on all styles and we could just create our own soundtrack. Michael came in the morning to the spot and we defined the musical elements that would build up a tension mixed with a positive vibe, Heresy meeting the city of Vienna in summer…Michael nailed it first try afterwards.
I shouldn’t even have ridden my bike that day so at dusk I was stoked and the title of the video came naturally as a special day for us to remember. Thanks to Tom and Michael’s input, the video turned out better than I imagined.

Did you guys hit all the tricks you wanted? Do you prepare for edits with a plan of what you want to get done?
Yes, I think about tricks before I start working on an edit. I even write them down somewhere. This list can change in the process of filming. Some tricks will go, some new will come to the list. Writing it down helps me not to think about it too much and to be able to fully concentrate on the riding. I usually start filming with the „easiest“ trick. It gives me confidence for more difficult tricks to already have something on tape. For some reason I didn’t do that for the „5th of September“ edit. Maybe that’s why I started to struggle, haha.

I really wanted to pull the links that are in the edit. I didn’t pull two of them before, but I felt close the days before. Riding and filming with Alexis and Tom gave me great motivation to go for them that day and finally pull them. As I already mentioned, it was quite a mission and there was a point when I thought about giving up one link. Alexis and Tom were super motivating and finally I landed it.
The next day my body was sore but I felt great!

I did get what I wanted and although being injured sucked, it probably made me appreciate it more. I focused on just 3 moves that could work despite my injury, and that I never had the chance to film properly before. We didn’t take the first pulled clips as I tried to reach that certain peak of flow/amplitude you don’t want to miss to get the right clip. It worked on the fakie Xwhips and the antechrist/backwhips line but on that last octopus line, I was in pain on each try and just wanted to pull it and put my chest to rest. I wasn’t sure about it but when I watched it I was happy with it so sometimes the only time you pull it in the session can do the job.
As far as planning goes, when we jump at the chance to film a video like this one or « Heresy in Strasbourg », there’s a bit of that to get everyone in the same place. Vienna was easy to plan but with Strasbourg in the middle of winter we had to think of spots a bit more…with Heresy in general I would say the hardest aspect is to find a way to meet up despite our different schedules and places of residence but when that happens we just try to make the best with what we get. It’s good to have a general idea of the video beforehand but feeling our environment and enjoying what we do is essential in the end to produce a document that isn’t devoid of human feelings. That said, with the limited time we had, luck was with us to get some good riding for these videos. Next to that we have our solo projects going on and it’s a different process then…

Heresy has a very particular style, which is hugely respected throughout flatland. What are the core philosophies of the brand?
Honestly I don’t think much about a philosophy of Heresy or BMX in general. It’s more that I just follow the path I feel and try to do the things I want to, the things that are fun and feel good to me – on my bike and in life beside BMX.
Maybe that’s one thing that makes Heresy what it is: a few guys going their way since years, do what they love.
It’s amazing that people like and respect what we do, I’m stoked about that and want to thank everybody for their support.

Well, I can only say that Heresy is way more than just a brand for me, it’s everything I’ve always wanted to do…with riding, friends, music and other sources of inspiration for which we can only be grateful for all the energy it gives us and in return to share it through this project…which is like a medium where we channel our ideas and actions, make the products we need (and naturally that others might need) and present the whole thing how we like it. We put a lot of effort into our riding, following our own directions and loving it, and our local spots are where things mostly happen for us. I want to hope that it tells enough about what Heresy stands for in this world. It’s important for me to leave things to interpretation. I prefer people to feel what we do and think for themselves. Some will relate, some won’t but that’s ok because we’re not trying to appeal to everyone. Heresy came like a new trick idea that had to come out how it came out. After riding for different bike companies in the past with their own agenda, this wasn’t really a choice as at my age I was going to do it exactly that way, uniting with friends who share a vision or not do anything of that kind anymore. I quickly went for the first option ; ) Naturally it’s much harder to start an independent company but every step means something to us and for the little we did so far, it’s been by far the most fulfilling project I’ve ever been involved. Heresy is just another way among all possible ways to experience BMX and give a representation of BMX. It’s truly amazing for us if what we do speaks to people out there and we are very grateful for all the good feedback !

If anyone wants to get ahold of Heresy product, where can they get it from? in France and Europe, 430 / in Japan.
We’re amidst transition as we had to part ways last month with our original distributor/producer Distance Cycles, but we’re reorganizing things at the moment to get back on tracks and have things in production as soon as possible.

What are your plans with Heresy for 2014?
Well, we have a lot of work this year to improve distribution of our products and we have some new stuff in the works too. I’ll also keep on printing DIY clothing so expect some limited series as usual, keep an eye on
On the riding side I just put out a full part which took a lot from me…but I’m enjoying riding and back at filming to complete another kind of project later on. I’m sure we’ll have some videos coming later but we don’t plan too much ahead. I know some opportunities to meet up and film will arise as we’ll all want to travel a bit and have a good time…So see you at the spot!

The only thing planned is a trip with my girl to Sydney and New Caledonia to visit Michael Husser. We start 20th of February and be around for about 4 weeks. Can’t wait for it! Probably we’ll film a bit, if we have time beside chilling on the beach:-)
Nothing else planned yet… having fun, learning new tricks, filming for samethingdaily3 which should come out end of summer. Probably I’ll film an other Heresy edit with Tom anytime this year, if he wants to and if I have new tricks. Some trips to contests will happen as well. Let’s see what else 2014 brings…

Any final thank you’s guys?
Thanks Effraim and flatmatters for making this award and this interview possible!
Thanks to Tom for being so patient, always having fun and motivating me! I know that it sometimes takes a while, haha!
Thanks Michi S. for the great soundtrack and Michael H. for the graphics.
Alexis, it’s always a pleasure to ride and hang out together my friend!
Thanks Matt @profileracing, Lisa @puma, Jakub and Pauli @paar-laden, Preddy @Personal-Rec.
Thanks to my family and my girl, Simone, for taking care of me since years and supporting me!

Thanks E + all the readers, Tom and Michi, Michaël Husser, Giorgos Manos, Matt/Profile, my friends @Savate skate socks, Alex V/Vans France, family and friends!

Thank you guys, it was a real pleasure catching up! All the best for 2014!

Watch the edit again!


Top 5′s with Mates Tucek!

Gliding Junkyard looking over Prague.

Mid bar flip steam.

Exclusive content is definitely the way to go! I am pleased to reach our 5th exclusive of the week! Today it is the turn of up and coming pro, Mates Tucek! Mates is one of the new generation that rides well on both wheels, look out for him!

Tricks to do daily:
Rolling walkaround
steam roller

Places to ride:
UFFO spot in my hometown
New Stage in Prague

People to ride with:
Martin Dražil
Michal Dufek
Pavel Dort.

Websites to check:

BMX Worlds
Ninja Spin

Cranks, grips, handlebar, frame, pegs :D

The StarWars
Home alone
Kick the shit – wild style
Ready to destroy

Tea Kettle jump at Prague Train Station.

Video parts to watch:
Flat TV
Simons Dejavu
Khe Flatland DVD
Trick star

Favourite riders:
Keisuke Matsumuto,

Bike companies:
Jungle Rider
KHE bikes
Deep BMX

Swear words you use when you ride:
What a good whore
Shit ! policemen are coming
Fuckin pensioners + pedestrians, pigeons, alcoholics, drugs takers, shards, cold, rain, fog, dogs, dark,…

Wheel BMX, Spam BMX, Extrifit, Odyssey, WESC, Molotow, Haribo, Nutella

Aloe Vera,
protein drinks

Working on back wheel skills, two footed dump truck.

Kolner Kebabs,
tuna fish

Things you hate:
When i get stucked in the traffic jams,
long travelling,
wet spot,
broken parts on the bike,
homeless in the trams.

Things to do besides riding:
Body workout,
working, drawing,

Jan Neruda – Malostranske povídky

Fisherman magazine,
Respekt magazine,

Tricks you wish you could do:
Inside pedal nosemanual to crackpacker,
2 walkarounds on the back in a row,
h5 kickflip to halfpacker,
crossfooted hitchhiker pivot to bw backpacker,
halfhiker 360 kickflip to halfpacker.

Holiday destinations:

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Top 5′s with Dustyn Alt

With Dustyn’s recent hook up from Wethepeople riding their Utopia line, it seemed like a good time to catch up with the man for a Top 5′s. In total contrast to Tyler Gilliard’s detailed top 5′s, Dustyn is straight to the point. Enjoy!

Tricks to do daily:
Steamroller ahaha

Places to ride:
Mainstation Chemnitz, Gym

People to ride with:
Not really, sometimes with Daniel Leichsenring or Maik Speer.

Websites to check:,

100 PSI,
BMX Worlds,
Fight the Winter,
Bike Days,
and Bikehallcontest.

Wethepeople and Motobicycles.

Run 430,
Karate Tiger 3

Video parts to watch:
Dustyn Alt BMX Flatland 2013 Video Portrait

Favourite riders:
to many…

Bike companies:

Swear words you use when you ride:
What the hell,
Fuck off,
Fick dich, kotzt mich an

Rockstar Energy,

Non Bike Brands:
Nike, G-Shock, Vans, Almond.

Rockstar Energy Drink,
Bacardi Razz

Fast Food,

Things your hating on:
Definitely Snow, Rain and Wind.

Things to do besides riding:
Work(Coachbuilder), Gym, Chill.


Rider Magazine,
Art Magazine

Tricks you wish you could do:
360 tailwhip,
360 Monsterwhip,
1080 to timemachine

Holiday destinations:

Check out Dustyn’s last video, First Try!

Autum Bicycles – 2013 Brand of the Year / The Flatmatters Online Awards Interview

Interview: Effraim
Photos: Autum Bicycles.

Matti Röse The LASH AUTUMBIKES from Waldemar Fatkin on Vimeo.

Yesterday we dropped the first of our award interviews with Thomas Noyer who won the editorial vote edit of the year and breakthrough rider of the year! Today is the turn of Brand of the Year, which you the readers voted for Autum Bicycles. I caught up with Matti Rose to talk about the background of the brand, winning the award, organising the flatland contest at the worlds, and generally giving a lot back to flatland. Read on!

Lets begin, Autum voted Brand of the year! Congratulations guys, for the record who is running things at Autum? How many people do you have working for you?
First of all thanks a lot for voting us brand of the year – thats a good feedback for all the hard work we put into it! AUTUM is based in Berlin and Thomas Hirsch and me are running things mostly on our own. We are both involved around 20 years in BMX and especially Flatland. Besides that we got some help of a few freelancers who now and then help us with graphic stuff, filming, fotos, website shizzle and of course taxesss…

Of all the brands out there in flatland, you tie everything together really well with website branding, style, quality edits, and so on. What were your personal highlights in 2013?
Thanks for the props Effraim – keeping everything smooth & connected is one of our main goals for the brand. There are a few personal highlights, but one highlight was and is the development of the brand in general with a dope product portfolio, nice edits, new riders and good feedback from the scene for our last years work (which means also getting the Flatmatters brand of the year award was a highlight)! We are trying to push BMX with the help of a good team and try to realize products which fit the standards of modern BMX Flatland & Street riding and it looks like the riders like it! Besides that another highlight to me was seeing our FLAT/STREET products copied by Wethepeople – no hard feelings Harry ; )

And above all that you stepped up and took charge of the flatland organisation of the Worlds Championships in Koln, Germany. Is there any news on the Worlds this year?
Yes, with deepBMX we are trying to push BMX Flatland in general with doing shows, workshops and also contest organizations like we use to do at the Worlds. Until now we have no news. But next week we will have a meeting in Cologne with the main organizer and I guess after that we will have some news concerning the worlds/masters. I hope we get to continue the good work with establishing Flatland on the contest…

I know you can’t give to much away, but will there be new Autum products in 2014?
Yes, there will be new AUTUM products in 2014 ; )

Thomas Hirsch – BMX – Bohlenplatz – Eisbär from deepAutum on Vimeo.

If riders want to get hold of Autum product where can they get your product from?
In general you can find your nearest dealer through our dealers list on our website:

Any final thank yous?
First of all a BIG thank you to our customers,dealers and distributors who believe in our good products!
Thanks to the whole team – you guys rule!
Hope to roll,spin and switch with you guys more this year…
Jäzzo for top notch consulting and EVERYTHING.
All the helping hands who push our brand and Club Mate for keeping me awake!

Thanks for your time Matti! Congratulations once again!

Thomas Noyer – The Flatmatters Online Awards Winner Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Maxime Cassagne.

Thomas Noyer kicks off our Flatmatters Online Awards Winner Interviews series, it is fair to say that Thomas had an amazing 2013! His progression was rewarded with the Editorial vote for “Edit of the Year”, and you the reader of Flatmatters voted Thomas for “Breakthrough Rider of the Year”. I caught up with Thomas to discuss his year, his thought process going into the Frontyard work edit and his recent Deco hook up. Read on!

What was your thought process going into Frontyard work edit?
Coming back to King of Concrete at the end of August, I worked hard and daily on turbine frontyard whiplash (sensation, grip, speed..). With practice, I found lil’ variations with turbine frontyard whiplash as starting trick: to spinning backward crackpacker, to no hand crackpacker..(cf instagram clips) until I pull for my first time a double turbine frontyard whiplash. It was the beginning of my process… I wanted to film all the last lil variations a learnt with this starting trick: turbine frontyard whiplash.
But practice frontyard during hours and hours and watching Peter Olsen’s videos (who worked on straight pivot from backward frontyard to cross foot whiplash on both foot in his “the last ten” edit for example) gave me the idea to include turbine and these pivots in my frontyard moves. From there, all the combos I thought for an hypothetic edit had for common to start from frontyard position or to have frontyard trick in the combo…
Only problem was the edit was just a project, so I had now to pull all the tricks and all the combos I dreamed of… As I didn’t pull yet any tricks or combo of this future edit (except a lil’ variation in the first combo ), I practiced a lot, to pull this tricks ideas and try to combine them into combos… From here, my motivation was to show in each combo a lil something new or unseen so far:
-Turbine frontyard whiplash to backaward spinning crackpacker in the first one
-Turbine frontyard whiplash to turbine rolling and pivoting frontyard rideout in second one
-Turbine rolling and pivoting frontyard to cross foot pedal rideout in the third one
-Turbine rolling and pivoting frontyard on the other foot to cross foot steam roller without catch the seat and rideout in the fourth one
-Double turbine frontyard whiplash in the fifth one
- Same move as the third link but at the middle of the combo in the sixth one
-Crackpacker BB rolling in the seventh one
-Half turbine frontyard whiplash to crackpacker BB in the last one

How long did you spend filming the edit?
From the first day I started to film to the last one, it spend one month. During this month I rode almost everyday but I filmed only 10 days approximatively (time to learn tricks or pull combos I decided between each clip I kept for the edit). I remember the great conditions at this moment to ride every day and I rode two times a day and sometimes before to go to work…. From this ideas, the edit project involved I had to pull this tricks for my first time.
Furthermore, edit project encourages me to push my progression and tricks I just learnt. For example I began to learn turbine rolling and pivoting frontyard crossfoot rideout. The first ones were tight and sketchy… So I tried to pull it more easily. The next day, to go further in the same trick, I tried it but with a cross foot pedal ride out. Then the same move, but at the middle of a combo and so on… Sessions I pulled trick for the first time (that was crazy!) I just filmed it to see how it was in video… I didn’t keep any clip with a first time pulled trick/combo. After having watched each one, I removed it in order to pull it more properly or with more speed for the definitive edit… There was sessions I pulled trick that i missed several times, but back wheel hit the ground or the rideout was speedless… So I began again until I am satisfied with the result…

It seemed in 2013 your riding style and flow became more aggressive and stylish than ever. Would it be accurate to say you are refining what you are doing, and in turn new ideas are coming from this concept?
About style, I don’t know… I always paid more attention to the tricks than to the style (even if that count in the global appreciation…). I’m more sensitive to what was done rather than how it’s done… Most of time, it’s people watching the rider who give him a label “smooth”, “style”, “brutal”, “energic”. I mean, I do nothing for it during my daily practice and I’m very happy and grateful when people or rider tell me my riding is stylish and that encourages me to pull my tricks and combos as properly as I can.
I think riding for an edit-work push to clean combos. I think also, practice one trick during hours and hours make it more easy to do, with more speed, more angle, more commitment and finally with more facility and lightness which contributes a lot, in my opinion, to give style to the riding. About new ideas from this concept, I think any progress can open doors on other tricks, other move. It was my process: learning a move for a trick which open the way to an other move and so on…

Tell me about the BB crackpacker, it’s rare to see a variation nowadays that hasn’t been done. Long process learning it?
Crackpacker BB was the cherry on the cake for the edit. I always dreamed to find a kind of new rolling position. Rolling position in particular because this family of tricks is, for me, the foundation of balance, of flatland… First we try to find a position on the bike then we try to ride with or to combine it but base is the position. Thinking of a new rolling position, I dreamed to find a way to learn crackpacker both foot on pedals. (I already told you this in a top’s 5 interview. The question was which trick do you would like to pull…). But so hard starting from crackpacker on the pegs (pedals are so far away to put feets on them from crackpacker!).
So, I tried to find a other way… Right foot on BB was the good one. I began learning to hold the position. During hours and hours, I took crackpacker position, both foot on the floor. I pushed the ground to come into crackpacker on pegs and I tried to switch to crackpacker BB position and to hold it. At the beginning I didn’t think it was possible… So I tried changing my gravity center, more pushing on the right leg, trying other hands positon on the bar and, gradually, I kept the crack BB position increasingly long. I just had to find a way to come into basic crackpacker with enough speed and a way to rideout.
Then, to link this new trick with the concept of the edit to work with frontyard as starting trick, I had to practice to combine a frontyard to the crack BB. I had the basic of turbine frontyard whiplash, so I tried the half turbine frontyard whiplash serving me of crackpacker transition speed to switch to the crack BB position and that worked!

The readers of flatmatters voted you the breakthrough rider of the year, tell me about your 2013? Ups and downs of course like everyone?
Firstly I would like to thank all the readers, riders, followers who check flatmatters daily and voted for me for this awards. I was very stoked and grateful at the same time! 2013 starts well with my entry in the ABT team, practicing for the very nice Alençon contest (A.B.C of flatland this year 15/16feb) in France with a nice organisation and a lot of great riders! Then, Astrolabe Contest was a nice trip and contest with amazing vibes and runs from each riders. FISE was FISE. Battle with Alex during first round of finals was a great experience but, even if he rode well with his technical switches, he didn’t have enough concurrence cause my really shitty runs. During July, at City voice contest in Grenoble (France) I failed and I injured my right wrist: 6 weeks without riding and I already have checked my flight to KOC… Time to practice a lil before going to UK and it was KOC, one of the best moment of my rider’s life. Everything was great: trip, welcome, meetings, riders, contest, vibes, chilling time…To win KOC had a big part of my motivation before investing me in the edit project… Two month later, I won the VU (Pessac, France) and one more time it was a great feeling… Then I started seriously to film for the edit.

That’s a great journey Thomas! You of course just got deservedly hooked up by Deco BMX, what set up will you be riding? Oh and welcome to the team haha!
At the end of December, Thierry, the TM and boss of Espritbmx online shop/team (which have the biggest stock of flatland parts in France) told me he was speaking to Chad Degroot to distribute Deco in France. He asked me if I was interested to ride on a Deco frame. How not to accept? The end of January, I learnt Chad was ok… I was so happy! I’m really proud to ride for this brand with riders as Chad, Terry, Tsutomu, you Effraim, Mat Olson… and come into the French espritbmx team (with Fabien Stephan). Amazed even today! So I choose the Succubus Lite frame 19,5″TT. Can’t wait to ride him!

That’s dope! If you had to pick one, what was the highlight of 2013 for you?
Definitely, my highlight of 2013 was to win KOC in Southsea. Discovered a nice city with great vibes, met really kind people, had very good time on the bike and outside there… A great feeling wich was different, but as intense as one of to pull for the first time a real crack BB rolling!

What are your plans for 2014?
Firstly I can’t wait my deco frame came in. Time to assemble it and test it…. Then, I hope spend as good time on the bike and with my friends as the past year (jam, events, shows). About events, there will be A.B.C flatland contest, then Astrolabe contest in Normandie cause they are both great events for the riders and public. I’ll also try to make more trip this year. I would like to ride in the two european steps of world circuit (FISE and Barcelona) but especially continue to progress and learn other tricks and moves.

Any final shoutouts Thomas?
First shoutouts to you Effraim for giving me the opportunity to explain my process dropping my frontyard work edit and all the readers of Flatmatters for the votes.. I would like to thank my girlfriend and my crew for supporting me, Maxime Cassagne for shooting photos with me, Jean Bulhon who thought of me for ABT team: it was short, but intense! I think to all the people and riders I met this year during the differents events I rode… I would like to thank for the support: Xplicit energy drink, Snatch underwear, Lockwood skateshop and more recently Thierry (Esprit Bmx) and Chad Degroot (Decobmx) for hooking me up in their team!! Ride on!

Thanks for your time Thomas, that was fun catching up!

The Must Watch edits of January!

What an amazing start to the year! There are plenty of amazing diverse flatland edits being dropped weekly, after going through a years worth of posts multiple times for the Flatmatters Online 2013 Awards it made sense to do some kind of review at the end of the month this year. The Must Watch category has become a big feature of Flatmatters so it made sense to showcase the Must Watch edits of each month. So let’s begin with January!

It was fitting that the first Must watch edit of the year went to Flatmatters editorial vote for Rider of the Year 2013! Mateus Beckmann continues where he left off, plenty of new whopper/decade variations – check 1:59 Rollback candybar stem decade anyone? Enjoy this incredible talent do his thing! Flatland is all the better for it!

If that wasn’t enough, Shintaro Misawa added another Must Watch edit! I could watch Shintaro ride all day, smooth as glass liquid flatland right here!

MATSUDO YEAR END JAM 2013 !! from JIMALOG1985 on Vimeo.

When this edit came through, I just knew it would be amazing! Everything about this Matsudo year end jam edit screams fresh, fresh, fresh!!!! From youngsters, Yu dropping a mega spin to perverted, Kato’s stalled xft g-roll flip to pedal caboose, Akira Okamura’s nose wheelie bar out, and Hotoke’s last combo at 11:19!!! There is so much to enjoy and motivate you right here, give this one a rematch. Don’t you wish you had a scene like that!

When Matthias sent me an advance preview of the new edit I felt blessed. MD definitely sent out a message with this Welcome to La Creamerie edit! High energy, and incredible riding that had us all pumped for days! Have you watched it again? The spinning no handed halfpacker whip to halfpacker is jaw droppingly good! I hope to see much more of this style from Matthias in 2014.

On January 19th, Shintaro dropped his second incredible edit of the month! This was and is a masterclass in flatland control, that I have to admit I’ve watched more than any other video up until the Alexis edit dropped. The man can do what he likes on that bike, the right hand halfpacker to opposite hang five spinning circle k out had me screaming at the screen, perfect! Total masterclass in bike control, and certainly the most slept on edit of the month!

Matthias not only delivered a massive edit to start the year, he also put together this quality Winter edit for his good friend Alex Jumelin. Alex treated us all to a few surprises, especially the back wheel line at 3:50! It will be interesting to see where Alex goes with this kind of back wheel foot jam concept in 2014.

Stephan Kornely BMX Sport Import 2014 Edit from Waldemar Fatkin on Vimeo.

This made a rainy day in Southsea all the better! Much like Matthias, Waldemar Fatkin is not only an amazing rider, but also can deliver on the editing front as well. There aren’t too many people that can say they can do a hang ten kickflip to halfpacker a’la the Boss, Martti Kuoppa. Stephan Kornely is one of those guys, this guy goes under the radar a fair bit. Amazing rider, give this one another watch!

2013 was a great year for Heresy! And 2014 has started with an absolute banger to start the year, the accolades will keep coming for Alexis I am sure. When the edit dropped, I made the comment “Every so often an edit comes along that defines what we do! This is flatland!”.

Do I really have to tell you to watch this again?

The end of the month started as it begun, another incredible edit from the Brazilian phenomenum that is Mateus Beckmann. The decade variation at 5:33 has got us all talking, Mateus puts a body twist on the decade variation landing backwards. Go watch it again, I am sure we will be talking about this for years to come. It is a groundbreaking piece of originality from one of the sports most talented riders.

What does February have in store, stay tuned!

Repo: One Love Jam

Text: Pat Fisher
Photos: Alex Capecelatro
Video: Todd Carter

Fifteen over the limit, sailing though the Mojave. Last time I crossed this desert, I had a blowout and ended up having to drive over five hundred miles on an emergency donut. But this time my buddy James is driving, and we’re blasting our way to the water on the other side. We’re on our way to our first One Love Jam.

My buddies and I awoke the next morning in Newport Beach, CA, to find a ride spot better than anything our land-locked minds could have dreamed of. Walking onto the unbroken blacktop an hour before the jam officially started (you could say we were eager), we were greeted by the pristine liquid backdrop to our upcoming day. Separated from the Pacific Ocean by only a few dozen yards of sandy beach, the massive jam area spread itself out in a smooth and consistent canvas of unbroken blacktop. (“This spot is as close as you can get to the beach without getting your bike wet.”) Unbroken and uninterrupted, its surface pushed away from the ocean for a hundred and fifty feet. Its length extended parallel to the beach for another three hundred and fifty feet. The January sun started to warm our faces, and we quickly realized that long pants were an unnecessary mistake. And yet, away from the desert and soothed by an ocean breeze, it’s heat would never become oppressive. Was this for real?

Pete Brandt throws down a blender as Adam Kun looks on..

Over the next couple of hours, the fourth incarnation of the One Love Jam grew quickly from a small handful of early-birds into a massive swirling energy of stoked riders sharing one blacktop for the meet-up of the year. Riders flocked in from all over the States. Several made the trip from Canada, Finland and Hungary. When Darin Wright called out for group picture time, about 70 riders struck a pose, making this year’s attendance the largest of any One Love Jam to date!

Groupshot yo!

Taking breaks between warming up and stretching, I started to remember just how uncertain I can get around other flatlanders as their numbers began to grow. Gawking pedestrians never make me self-conscious – they don’t have a clue what they’re looking at. But other riders know what’s going on, they know what to expect, and they know how to judge what they see. I’ve only been to one other jam outside of Arizona, which brought together about a dozen riders from the Midwest. Despite their unbroken support and kindness, I had been too nervous to try much of anything that was unorthodox or experimental. Suddenly my mind rocketed back to Newport, and I looked up to realize that flatlanders were showing up faster than introductions could be made. How would my riding be received?

West Coast OG, Jesse Puente!

I soon realized, however, that the numbers were far outweighed by the personalities. As attendance climbed into the triple digits, the jam continued – if not accentuated – the welcoming vibe it began with. The benefits of its non-competitive format were quickly demonstrated by the diversity of skill levels, styles and backgrounds that it supported. Strolling through the crowd, I saw newbies on pieced-together spares learning the basics, next to retirees trying to remember those tricks they used to do “back in the day”, next to sponsored stars throwing down fresh links, next to legends of the oldschool reminding us where our roots lay. The openness of the One Love Jam supported the active presence of this diversity, and each new person helped to make this event what it was: absolutely fantastic.

Terry and Scott O’Brien made the trip out from New Orleans. Here Terry mid 3 flip to halfpacker!

For most event reports, I think it would be appropriate to highlight some of the more remarkable moves thrown down. For this jam, however, I will break that convention. I have three reasons for doing so: First, so many amazing moves and links were attempted throughout the One Love Jam, and so many of them were executed with flawless style. Suffice to say, the level of riding was so insane I wouldn’t even know where to start. Secondly, I’m not even going to pretend like I know what all those moves’ names are. Finally (and by far most importantly) I think that reciting a credit roll would miss the point of what made the One Love Jam an incredible event: The valuable thing about the One Love Jam was that there were a bunch of different riders having fun, doing their thing, all on one spot, together. People were having their minds blown – be it because they pulled a semi-decent rocket manual or because they saw someone link a cross-footed wobble-duck into a boneless handscuff (or, you know, whatever). Cultivating and sharing this state of being stoked – for me the highest ideal of what being a rider should always be – was what the One Love Jam so remarkably accomplished.

Being this is Dylan Worsley, I am going to guess this xft halfpacker is backwards! Timeless style from one of the best flatlanders of all time!

With this in mind, I would like to give some highlights from the event, in no particular order. For starters, we have Gabriel T., who traveled alone from Florida. He came to the jam without knowing a single flatlander there (nor in his hometown of Miami, for that matter). His kindness shone through in both his smile and his smooth, self-taught riding style. Another highlight was meeting Lalo Jimenez, who took the time to make introductions for those who were so recently strangers to even himself. Off to the side of a thriving jam circle, he shared some original concepts he’s been feeling out lately which could potentially shift the paradigm of riding style. His curiosity and willingness to share his imagination is infectious. Yet another highlight was seeing Sean Fontenot’s burning commitment and his willingness to make mistakes along the way. I think I saw him crash more than everyone else combined at the jam – and I mean that as the highest compliment of his dedication and confidence at trying something he knows he may not pull, not even the twentieth time. I think it is also an amazing gift that he was giving to the rest of the riders, to show them that even the most skillful of riders have to learn the hard way and that we don’t always have to show off our dialed tricks every time. I can personally attest that it was this willingness to show the flaws that encouraged me to try the moves I’m currently loving to learn. More than any single trick or link, it was these attitudes – not exclusive to, but for me epitomized by Gabriel, Lalo and Sean – which were the highlights of the weekend and helped to make this year’s One Love Jam truly exceptional.

No winter this year for Adam Kun, two foot pedal backyard in Cali sunshine!

I now look back at this past weekend and wonder how everything could have ever gone so well. In the course of twenty-four hours, I met more flatlanders than I cumulatively know from the rest of my life. I met even another rider from Arizona, who had been completely disconnected from our state’s budding flatland jam scene. No longer. I am looking forward to more One Love Jams, and am freshly motivated to help build the flat scene here in my home state as well. Many thanks to everyone who made this event possible: the fellow riders, the tag-along friends, and most especially the incredible organizers who hatched One Love from their imaginations.