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Takahiro Ikeda – BFWC & Overground + Bikecheck

Lisia is killing it with daily edits from the BFWC & Overground contest in Brazil, today it is the turn of Takahiro Ikeda, with a quick look his ride also, enjoy!

Chad Johnston S&M Intrikat Bikecheck

Head over to the S&M website for a dope bike check with Chad Johnston plus some rad riding photographs, pegless undertaker anyone? A trick Chad calls the Cherry taker. In related news, a S&M DVD in the works, full parts from all the team….

Pete Brandt – We Bicycles Bikecheck

Intro: Effraim.

If you were paying attention to the site last sunday, you will have noticed the Old School Sundays special with Nor Cal flatland legend, Pete Brandt! Back in that 89/90 O-zone period, Pete had one of the most interesting bike set ups with personal modifications. Fast forward to 2014 and Pete just had a well deserved signature frame with WE Bicycles, why not catch up with the man himself and see what he is rolling with!

Frame: WE Bicycles Equation 18.7TT

Fork: KGB Space fork 2 modified

Handlebars: Fenix 4 piece

Barends: Ares Stainless steel coin set

Stem: S & M Redneck FLT Stem

Aheadset: FSA Impact with Quamen cap

Grips: O rings with Gamma tennis racket tape

Griplocks: none

Brakes: KGB SPACE fork 2 W/ Dia Tech pads

Tyres: Ares A Class 175 hard compound

Tubes: Schwalbe metal shradder

Pegs: DOM Pegs

Seatpost: Thompson Elite

Seatclamp: integrated WE Bicycles

Seat: KHE Wantabe

Chain adjustor: Integrated WE bicycles

Chain: odyssey blue bird chain

Cranks: Quamen 150mm

Chainring: Quamen 16 t

Pedals: Moto Bicycles W/ wooden outer

Rims: Odyssey Aerospace 36

Front hub: Profile Elite

Freecoaster: Infinity 14mm

Spokes: DT swiss

Any modifications on your ride Pete?
Yes, O ring in bottom bracket, cut down drop outs on forks, moded out brake set up to keep it low profile, grinded the edge of the pegs to make them round, silicon in the bars to prevent rust and reduces cracks on the inside of the bars.

Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride:
Tennis racket tape, 16t sprocket, Ares tires, and everything else!! haha

WE Bicycles,Moto Bicycles, S&M, Fenix, Quamen, Profile, Odyssey, Sequence, Thompson, and SF Art Apparel.

Advice for beginners with their set ups?
My advice is to get a basic set up and find out what direction you want to go. You don’t want to go out and buy and expensive bike right off because there are a lot of options for different kinds of styles.

Dominik Nekolny – Autum Bikes Bikecheck!

Dom has a fresh bikecheck over on the Autum website, hit the link for all the details on his 2014 ride!

Thomas Noyer Deco Succubus Lite Bikecheck

Probably the best dialled bike check I have had sent back yet, this layout with photo and short question/answer takes care of it all! Check out Thomas Noyer’s fresh 19TT Deco Succubus Lite right here!

Terry Adams – Deco TA Bike Check

Terry’s bike is a little different from when we originally filmed this last year, but he’s still running his signature Deco frame and most of the same parts, and there’s still some solid riding clips in here… Better late than never!

(Filmed on May 29, 2013.)

This video is part of my “Better Late Than Never” series… A handful of videos I produced for Alli Sports in 2013 never went online after Alli changed the direction of their YouTube channel, so I did some quick re-edits so the videos could finally get out there.

Lísias Tabarelli – Inside Out Garage Bikecheck

Brazil is experiencing super hot tempertures right now, Lisias shows his set up at a scenic river location! Even with English subtitles, enjoy!

Dustyn Alt – Wethepeople Bikecheck

Some good news sent in by Dustyn Alt! He just got a hook up with Wethepeople, who have just launched a “Utopia” flatland line. Great to see WTP back in the flatland game, and great to see them supoorting an up and coming pro rider! Check out Dustyn’s fresh new ride.

Frame: Wethepeople Utopia 19.5
Fork: Wethepeople Utopia
Front Wheel: Stolen Revolver
Rear Wheel: KHE BIG O
Tires: KHE MAC 1
Pegs: D.O.M. Pegs
Seat: Stolen F Boss
Freecoaster: KHE Astern Street
Bar: Wethepeople Switch/Utopia
Barends: Wethepeople
Stem: Eclat Boxer
Crank: Flatware Twombolt
Pedals: Moto Bicycles

Jeremy Brosset Bike Check 2014

Jeremy drops you a few lines on board his new KHE Shola ST 20.6 Bike, looking dialled!

Ferrari BMX Bike Check – With F/N/R Hub 2014 Bizhouse

Shawn White takes you through his latest ride full of his own products from Bizhouse including a modified 2014 version of the F/N/R Hub, hit play!