Classic Mondays: Madd Matt 1995

Classic Monday’s, it’s been a while! And we return with a certified classic, Madd Matt produced by Mark Eaton back in 1995. Great sections from Day Smith with an amazing soundtrack (7:23) and James White in York, PA (21:03) and plenty more with little flatland clips thrown in here and there.

Classic Mondays: Mike S Props Groundwork Part

It’s been a few months since I posted a “Classic Monday’s”, and when I think back to 2000. Mike S was a rider of top of his game both in the contest scene and video parts. His Props Groundworks part really helped inspire a whole generation of brakeless flatland in Europe, I feel years on Michael was pretty underrated, despite his numerous medals at the X Games. This part is still awesome twenty years on!

Classic Mondays – Jesse Puente & Edgar Plascencia / Wheelies Part

When I started Classic Mondays, this part was one of the top of my list to feature. 1994 was a good year for flatland, Mark Eaton’s Wheelies video still hits hard to this day. And you put Jesse Puente & Edgar Plascencia together at that period of time and you have pure gold, everything about this part is banging. This part always makes me want to go and ride, and that’s ultimately what it is all about.

Classic Mondays – Pete Brandt & Eric Emerson Reality TV Part 1

Summer season is finally done at Southsea Skatepark, and now a little bit more time to work on updating the website. Back to reality, with this inspirational section that really inspired me and many others. Pete Brandt and Eric Emerson, from Pete’s shove-it creativity, to Eric’s no footed straddle-roni on the streets of San Francisco. This section still gets me hyped.

If you missed my interview with Pete where we discuss this part and much more, grab a cuppa:

Classic Mondays – Kevin Jones Dorkin’ 4 Part

Arguably one of the most important video parts of all time in my opinion, Kevin Jones and his Dorkin’ 4 part inspired so many of us and really pushed his amazing Dorkin’ 3 part up a notch and then some. In this Dorkin’ part, Kevin linked together multiple tricks he invented, dropped the time machine for the first time, and linked together the much copied hitchhiker, into a backpacker via another trick he invented, the John Donut. And the pin ball wizard soundtrack, absolute classic!

Classic Monday’s – Paul Osicka Standard Country Part

Who remembers when this part dropped in 2000 from the Standard Bikes Country video produced by Glenn Milligan? Everything hits hard in this, from the EPMD track, the opening blindfold scene, and the riding that was way ahead of the time when this dropped and still hits hard to this day, not to mention the style Paul possesses. This part never gets old, what’s your favourite clip in this one? Lot of quality in this one, that’s a hard one to call.

Classic Monday’s – Day Smith Mad Matt

Last week I started a new section on the site, classic Monday’s influenced by my podcast chat with Dusty Tweedhope from the Flatland Immersion Podcast. I wanted to show a little more love to the riders that have helped shape our sport, so my second choice for a classic video is Day Smith’s part from the 1995 Mad Matt video. Everything about this part hits the spot, Day’s powerful riding style mostly shot in Lakewood, California combined with Mark Eaton’s editing and audio mix skills (the Bee Gees mix fits Day’s riding so well). Sit back grab a cuppa and get motivated for your session today, this rules!

Classic Monday’s – Chase Gouin and his section from Dorkin’ 10!

After my podcast with Dusty over at Flatland Immersion, I talked about “respecting the architects” of our sport and culture and although I kind of already do that with daily posts and Throwback Thursdays and Old School Sundays I wanted something a little more specific. Every Monday a classic section that has helped shape our sport and culture, let’s kick this off with Chase Gouin’s section from Dorkin’ 10.