Flat Games 2017 in Chiba, Japan

Great footage from the recent Flat Games contest in Chiba, Japan featuring so much awesome riding in order from: Ryo Katagiri, Ryosuke Takagi, Nao Yoshida, Yorimitsu Miyata 00:48!!, Naoto Tamaru, Shinichiro Hara, Yasuhiro Uehara, Kazuma Nakajima, look out for the young ripper Takumi Isogai at around the 1:52 and the no handed spinning halfpacker whip halfpacker line at such a young age at 2:17, unreal! Masashi Itani, Keisuke Tanigawa, Naoki Watanabe, and Fumiya Kanna, great edit by Yasushi Kajiwala! Don’t sleep on this, underground japan at its finest, I believe Moto Sasaki organised this event. Thanks to Lee Musselwhite for the heads up on this one!

Old School Sundays – 1989 PA AFA: 4H-Club Somerset County NJ.

At over two and half hours long I realise this isn’t for everyone, but for all you old school heads out there that I ask me if I have any fresh unseen AFA footage.I have never seen this one before, so this for you! The 1989 PA AFA regional contest at 4H-Club Somerset County in New Jersey. Featuring the Alder brothers, Craig Lepage and many more.

Akira Okamura wins 35 UP Flatland Jam

Congratulations to Akira Okamura who won the 35 UP Flatland Jam at Trinity Skatepark, peep the nice edit below showing footage from the Open and Novice Class. Thanks to Valance Drakes sending this one in!

Open Class:
1st:Akira Okamura
2nd:Shinichiro Hara
3rd:Yoshihiro Shinde

Novice Class:
1st:Nobuaki Komoto
2nd:Tomoyasu Nozaki
3rd:Masataka Nakadai

Antwerp City Drops 2017 Final Battle

Final Battle footage today from the Antwerp City Drops contest over in Belgium this past weekend featuring the final four riders, David Hoffmann, Gino Stuart, Dez Maarsen and Martin Drazil go head to head, nice riding and big crowd today. Tune in and check this one out!