Terry Adams vs Varo Hernandez: Never Off The Battle 3rd Place

Both Terry Adams vs Varo Hernandez are both coached by the boss, Martti Kuoppa. And go head to head right here for the third place spot, I think thats proof enough that coaching is worthwhile, and does belong in flatland. Look at Varo alone, he’s different rider now, not to mention TA!

Ultimate Flatland League Round 3: MK Format Final Zoom battle PRO

Last week I had the pleasure to judge the final round of the Ultimate Flatland League live on Zoom. What a contest it was, the feeling was like regular contest just from the comfort of my own home. Congratulations to Kio Hayakawa, Alex Jumelin, Matthias Dandois, Toon, Terry Adams, and Sietse van Birkel for taking flatland up a notch. Loved this, go watch this now!

ROUND 3 – MK Format Zoom battle:
1st: Kio Hayakawa
2nd (tie): Alex Jumelin
2nd (tie): Matthias Dandois
3rd: Pakphum “Toon” Poosa-Art
4th: Terry Adams
5th: Sietse Van Berkel

Ultimate Flatland League final ranking positions after all 3 rounds:
1st: Kio Hayakawa 27000 points
2nd: Alex Jumelin 23580 points
3rd: Matthias Dandois 22860 points
4th: Pakphum “Toon” Poosa-Art 20790 points
5th: Terry Adams 19890 points
6th: Sietse Van Berkel 19440 points

Many thanks for all competitiors, judges, sponsors and spectators!

York Uno
Effraim Catlow
Sebastian Grubinger