BMX Cologne 2017 – Flatland Pro Final Highlights

BMX Cologne 2017 – Flatland Pro Final Highlights from Global Flat on Vimeo.

Missed this great highlights edit by Martin over at Global Flat from the recent BMX Cologne contest. So much good riding in this one from the likes of Matthias Dandois, Alex Jumelin, Jean William Prevost, Thomas Noyer, Dominik Nekolny, Kevin Nikulski, Dustyn Alt and more.

Throwback Thursdays with Albert Retey

Albert Retey’s run from the Worlds in Limoges, France 1993 still gives the same feeling in 2017 as it did back then. This will forever in my mind be one of the best runs of all time, if you were and you soaked in the atmosphere, the music and the way this run built up you will know exactly what I am talking about!

Sietse Van Berkel – 7th Place BMX Cologne 2017

One of my own personal highlights from the 2017 BMX Cologne was getting to see Sietse Van Berkel ride again. Qualified in 4th, ended up in 7th place in a stacked pro final is no joke at all! One of the freshest styles in the game right now, don;t sleep on this one and watch out for an amazing save towards the end of his run that had us all stoked and screaming!

Video credit: Matti Hemmings .

Jean William Prevost – 5th Place BMX Cologne

It was tense going down to the last rider to ride at BMX Cologne. I’ve had a bunch of copyright issues with the contest runs this time round, thankfully Kevin & Els was also on hand to document what went down. After one of the best qualification runs in recent memory it didn’t quite happen for Dub in the finals, 5th place and 2nd place in the 2017 World Circuit.

Jean-William Prevost – 1st Place Qualification Run

Snipes bmx cgn 2017 / Jean-William Prevost / qualification run from og pictures on Vimeo.

When the mysterious natures of flatland align and you are blessed with a moment. Cologne has been that place over the years where the magic happens, and Jean William Prevost’s qualification run is one of those moments that shall stay with me forever. Stop reading my description and watch this already, thank you to Marton Szilaygi for documenting this!