• Michael Steingraeber – BMX Freestyle Worlds, Kenn, 1990

    BMX Freestyle Worlds, Kenn, 1990 from Michael Steingraeber on Vimeo.

    Mike S explains this one:

    “I recently stumbled across this video of the end of my world champion run at the 1990 Kenn BMX Freestyle Worlds. That’s 25 years ago this august: a quarter of a century! I remembered it as a flawless run. I guess I was wrong. Too much raditude after managing the hard part of the death truck to dump truck! I was especially excited to be able to watch my first original link: A chick whip to x-footed locomotive. I had been practicing this a lot, tried it a lot during warm up before the finals and actually did it in my run. I was so happy that day!”

    Here is the video I took this footage from:

    Throwback Thursdays – Yoshiki Uchino vs Yohei Uchino / KOG Battle Asakusa

    This morning I had a bit of KIng of GRound throwback kind of morning, checking old videos from this legendary event and came across this battle.
    Hotoke vs Ucchie head to head battle from the KOG contest in Asakusa, Japan. One of the best contest floors I ever rode, look out for the last combo from Hotoke at 4:32. Definitely worth a watch!

    Alex Jumelin wins Fise 2015!


    Congratulations to Alex Jumelin taking the win today at Fise in Montpelier, France, winning the final battle with good friend, Matthias Dandois, closely followed by Alberto Moya in third place! Check out the videos from the top three right here!

    1.JUMELIN Alexandre

    2.DANDOIS Matthias

    3.MOYA Alberto

    4.NOYER Thomas

    5.JACOB Kevin

    6.NIKULSKI Kevin

    7. BROSSET JéRéMy

    8. Jean Bulhon

    9.HENNIG Dan : 50 pts

    10.Dustyn Alt

    11.Varo Hernandez

    12.WADE Bo