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Throwback Thursdays – Level Vibes 2009

For this weeks Throwback we go back to 2009 and the Level Vibes hosted by James White! Featuring great riding from Mr White himself, Jason Forde, Phil Dolan, Viki Gomez, Sam Foakes, Giannis Caternellis, Gabor Szmetanko, and yours truly, thanks Robert Voller for the trip down memory lane with this one!

Davis Dudelis vs Dustyn Alt / Wolfgang Sauter vs Kevin Nikulski – Fight the Winter

Great battle footage from the final stages of the Fight the Winter contest in Gottingen, Germany. Best combo for the final rounds, with everyone throwing flawless combos, well worth a watch!

CFO Flatland Unlimited 5 – Pro

CFO Flatland Unlimited 5 – Pro from Steven Lapsley on Vimeo.

The annual Toronto contest is just 2 weeks away, this competition always sets the tone for the year! With the level of riding, its hard to believe this edit is almost 6 years old! Featuring Matthias Dandois, Dominik Nekolny, Shintaro Misawa, Dane Beardsley, Justin Miller, Jeff DesRoche, Cory Fester, Lachlan Cameron, John “Duke” Dowker just to name a few! This year, the Toronto contest is Round 1 of the AM Flat Circuit, stay tuned for more throwback updates leading up to the event!

Caen BMX Indoor Contest

2015 Caen BMX indoor Contest : Flatland from LIE SeongHoon on Vimeo.

Lie SeongHoon sent in this nice edit from this weekends Caen BMX Indoor Contest, featuring Joris Bretagnolles, Kevin Meyer, Romain Georges and many more, hit play!

Old School Sundays with Gary Pollak

Gary Pollak, the inventor of the Pinky Squeak rocks the crowd at the 1987 AFA Masters in Wayne, New Jersey. How many of you watching this today were at that event and are out there still riding today?

Wolfgang Sauter vs Kevin Nikulski – “Battle for the first place” Fight the Winter 2015

Great coverage already from the Fight the Winter contest yesterday, Wolfgang Sauter and Kevin Nikulski went head to head in the final battle and both threw down no touch combos, don’t miss this one!

Fight the Winter 2015

Great edit already from yesterdays Fight the Winter contest in Gottingen, Germany! Great riding from the likes of Waldemar Fatkin, Dustyn Alt, Gergely Szajer, Kevin Nikulski, Martin Drazil, Dan Hennig and look out for that last combo from the winner, Wolfgang Sauter! Good vibes in the new shopping centre location!! Props to Manuel Bernardo getting the edit so quickly!

Throwback Thursdays with Paul Osicka

For this weeks Throwback we go back to 1996, and the World Championships that took place at the Jugendpark in Koln, Germany. The location where the park/bowl/spine contest is now held, made for some of the best contests ever! Check out Paul Osicka’s run where he ended up in 4th place in a stacked pro class!

Fabian Stephan – ABC of Flatland Final Run

Fabian Stephan placed fifth in the Pro Class at the ABC of Flatland contest this past past weekend. Hit play to check out his run!

Thomas Noyer – ABC of Flatland Final Run

It’s a good night for contest footage! Next up is the turn of Thomas Noyer who placed fourth, look out for the backwards spinning half packer line at 1:24 and the last combo is sick! Erik is not sure if he has Joris’ run, anyone?