Jeep Real Games Final


It’s a good start to 2022! The Jeep Real Games final show just dropped a few days ago, with Yohei Uchino once again at the helm. Congratulations to Hiroya Morizaki taking the win for the second year in a row followed by Viki Gomez, and Naoto Tamaru.
The flatland segment starts at 33:30, don’t miss this!!!

2021 DownUnderGround – Australian BMX flatland championships

Looking forward to grabbing a cuppa and watching this one, always entertaining to watch and listen to the guys discuss the riding.

“2021 DownUnderGround, the Australian BMX flatland championships number 13 was a video only contest due to travel restriction within Australia. This made organizing a national contest problematic. For whatever reason the number of riders who entered was smaller than past years even though the concept was changed this year so riders could submit multiple clips in their video up to 2 ½ minutes. We did get two new riders entered into the beginner class that we have not seen in an Australian flatland competition, this was super rad. As we did for last year we invited the judges, Paul Chamberlain and Joe Cicman and James McGraw, to offer commentary, competition run reviews and general banter on the final video.”

Moto Sasaki wins Japanese Flatland Championship!

Congratulations to Moto Sasaki taking the win at the Japanese Flatland Championships for the third time in a row, followed by Kio Hayakawa and Hiroya Morizaki. Hiroshi over at 430 came through with a video already for you all to watch! Pro Class starts at 4:55:34…

Terry Adams vs Varo Hernandez: Never Off The Battle 3rd Place

Both Terry Adams vs Varo Hernandez are both coached by the boss, Martti Kuoppa. And go head to head right here for the third place spot, I think thats proof enough that coaching is worthwhile, and does belong in flatland. Look at Varo alone, he’s different rider now, not to mention TA!