Owen Bohn wins Campeonato Ovalo Flat Contest / Final Battle footage + Results

Marcelo Gonzalez who organises the South American Championship “Ovalo Flat Contest”, got in contact with me to showcase his event to the world wide flatland community.

“On January 13, the fifth edition of the championship was held in Curicó-Chile. Competitors from all over South America, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Chile competed. It was a success, more than 30 competitors showed all their skills.”

Watch the final battle between Owen Bohn and Benjamin Hudson below!


Manuel Rodriguez- Chile (Paine)
Agustin Malnero -Uruguay (Montevideo)
Luis Ruiz- Chile (Paine)
Lity Bressia- Argentina (Mendoza)

Camilo Milo -Brasil (Sao Paulo)
Brayan Mileno -Venezuela
Agustin Fernandez -Argentina (Cordoba)

Raul Figueroa Chile
Jaime Nuñez-Chile (Santiago)
Mauro Aponte- Paraguay (Luque)

Owen Bohn- Argentina (Mendoza)
Benjamin Hudson- Chile (Santiago)
William Perez- Perú (Lima)

Old School Sundays – 1987 AFA Masters Finals: Socco Freestyle Championship

In my younger years, I must have watched this AFA Masters Finals: Socco Freestyle Championship contest on VHS thousands of times. Interviews with RL Osborn, Martin Aparijo and Dennis McCoy going into the finals for the year end, who won this one? If your into the old school, you’ll love this one! At 49:59 long, save this one for a quiet day.

World Circuit BMX Cologne Compilation 2017

Kevin & Els just dropped this nice compilation from the BMX Cologne contest this year featuring great riding from the likes of Dominik Nekolny, Jean William Prevost, Dez Maarsen, Masato Ito, Alex Jumelin, Kevin Nikulski, Thomas Noyer, and more…

Old School Sundays with Gerry Smith, Joe Gruttola, Krys Dauchy, Jeff Cotter & Steve Mulder

Great footage from the AFA archives for this weeks OSS, we go back to 1988 and the Ohio AFA Masters featuring Gerry Smith, Joe Gruttola, Krys Dauchy, Jeff Cotter & Steve Mulder. Lookout for Joe Gruttola’s infamous double decade at the 3:47 mark.

Battle in the Rockies Part A & B

Mates Tuček documented almost the entire trip of his first time out to the US for the 2017 Battle in the Rockies, check out these Part A and B which document the journey, riding and lifestyle we were living for the week in Colorado. Good vibes!