Level Vibes 2015!

Yinka Thomas just came through with the first edit from Level Vibes, and it’s a banger! Plenty of amazing riding from the likes of MK, Michelle Maiolini, Jason Forde, Matti Hemmings, Steve Green, Keelan Phillips, Alex Jumelin, Jussi Laukkanen, and many more! Below I’ve highlighted some of my favourite lines from the edit! Big up Yinka for this treat!


Martti Kuoppa: 6 stem lashes at 2:49 + fakie stem rebate to double opposite stem lash at 6:25!

Michelle Maiolini: pedal one handed 5 grabbing the cross bar to one handed cross bar whiplash out at 5:42.

Keelan Philips: 1080 nose manual at 3:36.

Matti Hemmings: No hand no foot dork wheelie at 4:30.

Com’in Lyon 2015

Com'in Lyon 2015 from BMX-FORCE on Vimeo.

Check this edit from the Com’in Lyon contest last weekend with a good mix of footage from the contest area and the jam the day after. Featuring the likes of Matthias Dandois, Thomas Noyer, Alberto Moya, Mates Tucek, Jean Bulhon and many more!

The return of Level Vibes tomorrow!

Level Vibes 3 from brian on Vimeo.

With the return of Level Vibes tomorrow, let’s go back to November 2000. LV jam style, featuring James White, Phil Dolan, Viki Gomez, Martti Kuoppa, Jimmy Petitet and Alex Jumelin. Enjoy this video from the old UKflat website!

King of M2 Chile 2015

king of m2 2015_vimeo from Leonardo saldano aravena on Vimeo.

Benjamin Hudson took the win at the King of M2 contest that went down in Chile during the same weekend as BITR. Leo Saldaño put together the first edit featuring the likes of Benjamin Hudson, Owen Bohn, Takuji Kasahara and many more. A small glimpse into the flatland scene in Chile. 

Com’in Lyon 2015 Pro Highlights

SeongHoon Lie just dropped this Com’in Lyon highlights edit featuring great riding from the likes of Matthias Dandois, Mates Tucek, Alberto Moya, Yannick Chauvel, Thomas Deschenaux, Thomas Noyer, Josh Briars, Didier Genet, Fabien Stephan, Manu Massabova, Kevin Jacob, Alex Jumelin, Jeremy Brosset, Joris Bretagnolles, Alexis Desolneux, Charles Paty, Quentin pelorson and many more. Respect to everyone who pushed through on a very difficult weekend for everyone in France!