Snipes Battle Square Final Highlights

Woozy BMX came through with a sweet highlights edit from the weekends Snipes Battle Square contest in Rotterdam, Holland. Amazing riding from the likes of Alex Jumelin, Jean William Prevost, Dominik Nekolny, and Benjamin Hudson. If all goes according to plan, the Snipes Battle Square contest will be a six round series next year, stay tuned for the news on that one!

AFA Round 3 PRO Runs Unedited – Huntington Beach, CA 2018

Shawn White of Bizhouse fame came through with the full runs from the AFA Round 3 in Huntington Beach, California! Just over two hours of unedited contest footage, you can watch the top three runs listed below with the timings:

Jean William Prevost: 157:45.
Matthias Dandois:139:15
Pete Brandt: 127:46

Saga No Run 2018

We are in the height of summer contest season, it’s always a good day when I come across fresh Saga No run contest footage. Fumiya Kanna, Yoshihiro Taka Nishikawa and two others I can’t identify go back and forth in a no run format battle, at 16 mins long grab a cuppa, this is a good one from the Japanese underground!

Alex Jumelin – 1st Fise Edmonton Semi Final

Alex Jumelin had a one touch run to take the top spot going into todays final at Fise Edmonton, hit play to check this one out if you missed the full broadcast we already posted.

1. Alex Jumelin
2. Matthias Dandois
3. Jean William Prevost
4. Viki Gomez
5. Benjamin Hudson
6. Kevin Nikulski
7. Hidenori Ishizaki
8. Moto Sasaki

Matthias Dandois qualifies 1st at Fise Edmonton + Watch Fise Semi Final today!

Matthias Dandois continued his domination of the Fise World series yesterday, taking the first place spot in the first qualification round in Edmonton, Canada. Matthias was followed by Jean William Prevost and Benjamin Hudson in podium spots, top 16 through to the semi final round that will go down today.

Watch Semi final round today: (hit play and check the countdown + schedule below so you don’t miss it!)

19:35 Utc-6 / 03:35 Utc+2 (15th July) / 09:35 Utc+8​​ (15th July)​ Semi Final

18:30 UtcC-6 / 02:30 Utc+2 (16th July)​ / 08:30 Utc+8​​ (16th July)​​ Final