Voodoo Classic by Dub

Voodoo Classic from IGI BMX / FAREAST / DUB on Vimeo

Dub come in hot with this sick Vodooo jam edit, that also doubles up as a Real City Spin hype edit. Here’s what the man himself had to say:

“Combined with the strength of some of the best riders in the World and some superkids from Japan, here is my little Voodoo Jam recap edit! Including full runs from Dez Maarsen, Matthias Dandois, Takahiro Ikeda, Jason Plourde,Viki Gomez, Yu Shoji, Kira Komagata and Toon Pakphum. Please share with your friends who think Flatland is dead and show our heart is pumping strong. Shout out to Scott Brien and Terry Adams for another even sicker edition of Voodoo Jam. Next Stop on the World Circuit is RealCitySpin in Montreal, Canada, August 29-30. Check it ou on IG @realcityspin or facebook/realcityspin


Voodoo Super Kids/ Terry Adams Bike Giveaway + Voodoo Repo!

Voodoo Jam 2015 was all about these amazing kids from japan aged 11 and 13, they rocked the house right before finals! Not only that, one of the moments of the weekend was when Terry Adams gave away his bike in an emotional speech, watch the video you can see what it meant to Connor you had no idea this was going to go down! Hector Garcia just dropped an article about this giveaway, hit the link below:


Voodoo Pre Jam 2014

Voodoo Pre Jam 2014 by f504460311

In time for the 2015 Voodoo Pre jam going down today, Erik Otto just dropped last years pre jam edit featuring a whole host of amazing riding from the likes of Yohei Uchino (xft ice cream full body varial gliding junkyard around 12:52 is amazing), John Yull, Jason Plourde, Alex Jumelin, Takahiro Ikeda, Nauto Tamaru, Viki Gomez, Tsutomu Kitayama (his signature spin at 9:56 to crackpacker mid line is so good!), plus so much more! Soak up the Voodoo vibes, as always Erik kills it with the edit!

Holiday Cup Vol.6 2015

The annual Holiday Cup contest went down last weekend in Kecskemét, Hungary. Organized by Ifj. Lajos Sinkó (congrats to Lajos whose wife just had their 4th baby boy the same day!), Pal Varga, Gabor Szitas and many more, props to everyone involved in keeping the Hunagrian scene alive and kicking, and Sevisual for the edit!

Saga No Run Contest 2015

One rider, one combo at a time at this Saga No run Contest in Japan! I love these core japanese events, unedited you can feel the energy build, so much good riding from everybody. The combo Keisuke Tanigawa drops at 12:19 in the first video stood out to me, hanging on, you think he’s off and he keeps going, skills!

MEZZEE Alternate Mixtape

I loved the first Mezzee mix tape a few weeks back, and with so much footage Dwix just made this nice “alternate” mix tape edit full of summer vibes from the Royan contest, Paris, and Barcelona! Sweet riding from Quentin Pelorson, Jeremy Brosset, Shinichi Kiba, Didier Genet, Alberto Moya, Thomas Noyer, Manu Massabova, Gilles Van De Sompel, Joris Bretagnolles, and many more!

Throwback Thursdays – Voodoo Jam 2006

The Voodoo jam, round 3 of the 2015 World Circuit is just a few weeks ago. For this weeks throwback we go back to 2006 and this nice edit from Mickey Gaidos! Justin Miller killed the spot this year, take a trip down memory lane and check this one out!

If you missed our interview with Scott O’Brien, hit the link below: