Real City Spin – Montreal BMX World Circuit Competition promo


Montreal BMX World Circuit Competition : Real City Spin from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

“Uniting the scene to share the moment and celebrate our love for BMX: That’s what RealCitySPin is all about.
Montreal is the literal manifestation of an international community excelling at thriving and working together hand in hand with people from all around the globe. It is on this note that we warm fully welcome the riders from 18 countries coming to participate in any and every activity that we have planned throughout the upcoming RealCitySpin weekend.

RealCitySpin is taking place August 27-28 at le TAZ Skatepark at 8931 Papineau Boul. in Montreal, Expect PRO FINALS from 3PM on Sunday the 28th to be the moment you wouldn’t want to miss.
Entrance is 15$ a day or for the weekend and 12 years old or younger is 5$ and under 5 is free!
Visit our website and give ouir FB page a like and our Instagram a follow @realcityspin, for more information on the event and how to take part in it!”

Alex Jumelin wins 100 PSI Contest + Highlights

Still catching up on contest news and edits across the globe after a busy weekend organising the annual King of Southsea contest. Congratulations to Alex Jumelin who took the win, followed by Dominik Nekolny and Kevin Nikulski. Check out this rad highlights edit Martin over at Global flat put together.

1st Alex Jumelin
2nd Dominik Nekolny
3rd Kevin Nikulski
4th Martin Drazil
5th Markus Schwital
6th Markus Reich
7th Dustyn Alt
8th Dan Hennig
9th Sebastian Grubinger
10th John Krämer
11th Oliver Kallai
12th Michal Kupec

Over 8 Bar Flatland Camp & Contest 2016

Congratulations to Mates Tucek who took the win at the annual Over 8 Bar Flatland Contest in Hungary, Adam Gelencser put together this nice edit from the contest and camp.

1st Mates Tucek
2nd Oliver Kallai
3rd Andras Domany

1st Tamás Varga
2nd Attila Bordács
3rd Csaba Orosz

Best Trick: Mates Tucek
Rider of the day award: Oliver Kallai

World Circuit Round 3 – Rio 2106

Plenty of footage coming through from Round 3 of the World Circuit, beach vibes from Rio and great riding from the likes of Williams Perez, Arthur Garay, Benjamin Hudson, Bruno Zebu, Gilberto Rocha, Jorge Gallardo, Leo Claro, Luis dos Santos, Marcio Soares, Mateus Beckmann, Moto Sasaki, Owen Bohn, Romulo Guerra, Sergio “Balu”, Viki Gomez, William Brado, Yohei Uchino and many more!

You can check the full results below:

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