Old School Sundays 1990 Freestyle Worlds Kenn / Trier

Stoked to come across this upload from the archives today featuring the likes of Mark Atkins, Lee Clark, Mark Teo, Jim Dellavalle, Jay Jones, Scott Santamaria, Craig Lepage and many more! What a trip down memory lane!

Top 3: Expert Class AFA Dream Run 2021

There are some bright future talents emerging from the expert class, don’t sleep on these entries. Congratulations to Dwyne Lopena, Iyan Sopian and Diodes Tan your top 3 podium in the expert class. Great job everyone who competed, you can watch all the entries on the AFA YT channel!

Mysterious Flatland Contest 1995

Snakebite BMX just uploaded some amazing footage form the archives, this one brought back memories! The Mysterious flatland contest in 1995, FT Dave Nourie, Takisa Yomita, Dave Hanson, Hedge Katerson, Nikola Olic, Jesse Puente, Gabe Weed, Sean McKinney, Nate Hanson, Day Smith, and many more. This section was captured from 20 Inch video magazine #6.