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Extreme Barcelona – Freegun

Check out the official Freegun edit from the Extreme Barcelona contest right here!

Flatchê 2014 – Uncut contest footage

Great full coverage of all the runs uncut from the Flatchê 2014 contest in Brazil, over an hour and 10 mins of contest footage right here! Thanks M.U.F. media for this one!

Loja Estylo de Rua William do Prado “Búiu” Flatchê 2014

Loja Estylo de Rua William do Prado “Búiu” Flatchê 2014 from Gilberto Rocha on Vimeo.

“Búiu” is a new name to me out of the amazing Brazilian flatland scene, skills front and back, especially liked the opening front wheel line around the 00:48 mark, hit play and enjoy this one!

Real City Spin – Dub TV Interview

Dub just featured on Canadian Tv to promote this weekend’s Real City Spin event in Montreal, this is dope!

Flatland Session Vol. 3

Yesterday we posted the results from Flatland Session vol. 3, already there is a nice edit from the contest! Thanks to Tomáš Vejmola for sending this in, plus results!

1. Dominik Nekolný
2. Martin Drazil
3. Alex Hruby
4. Michal Kupec
5. Petr Hofman
6. Patrik Raš
7. Tomas Vejmola
8 Adam Pekar

1. Vašek Albrecht
2. Honza Stavárek
3. Jan Malant

Szabó Dávid – Holiday Flatland Cup 2014 Round 2

Check out Szabó Dávid’s third place run from Holiday Flatland Cup contest in Hungary this past weekend! Congratulations on the third place David!

Old School Sundays with Derek Schott

This weeks OSS goes to inventor of the Rolaid, Derek Schott! Check out this great run from the Dothan NBL contest in 1987. Look out for the rolaid at 2:22!

Flatchê Jam Overground 2014 – Canoas RS Brasil

Bit of a unintentional Brazilian theme today on FM! Check out this dope Flatchê Jam from Canoas RS Brazil. Plenty of awesome riding from the likes of Balu, Mateus Beckmann and more. Enjoy!

Tokai Twelve

I posted a short edit from the Tokai twelve contest a few days ago, check out this extensive coverage from the event! Good times!

Mateus Beckmann – 2nd place / Flatchê 2014

Mateus Beckman took second place at the Flatchê contest in Brazil, check out his amazing runs right here!