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Voodoo Jam 2014 / G-Shock Highlights

Great highlights edit from the 2014 Voodoo jam by the G Shock crew, hit play!

Chanpuru Game 2014

Tsutomu Kitayama took the win at the Chanpuru Game contest in Okinawa this past weekend, check out this 430 edit from the event featuring Tsutomu, Hiroya Morizaki, Hisato Yamashiro and many more!

Old School Sundays with Larry Bull

For the weeks OSS we go back to Holeshot 1987, and the amazing riding of Larry Bull.

Chris Vasileiou – Flat Challenge


This is the first entry I have seen to a Greek flatland challenge online contest, hit play for a long front wheel combo that begins at 1:25!

Moto Sasaki 2014 – The story of the broken seatpost

Moto Sasaki, broke his seatpost during the bonus round at the BMX Cologne contest. This edit takes us back to that moment, and a whole bunch of flatlanders helped Moto get back out there. Dope!

Old School Sundays with Krys Dauchy

For this weeks OSS we go back to 1988, and Krys Dauchy’s run from the AFA Austin Texas contest, enjoy!

Karnival Orang Muda YSB Kedah BMX Competition 2014

Great upload from the YSB contest by Aidwin Aidan Wing, check out some great riding from the likes of Shintaro Misawa, Toon, Taslem Raziff, Worawee Srivichai, and many more! Enjoy!

100PSI Flatland Contest 2014

EasyGraphy just dropped this tight edit from the 100PSI contest in Dresden, Germany. Check it out!

Backyard Video Compilation 1993

Nice fan Backyard compilation from 1993 featuring amazing riding from the likes of Dylan Worsley (check his section from Angus at 1:02), Chase Gouin, Day Smith, Steve Roy, Alexis Desolneux, Edgar Plascenia, Chad Degroot, and many more!

BMX Worlds Braun 2004 Uncut Part 1 + 2

Great uncut contest footage uploaded by Claybom from the Braun BMX Worlds 2004, when you have three hours to kill. Give this one a watch!