Old School Sundays with Ross Smith

Last weeks OSS got you all talking and that’s not a bad thing. This week Danny Sirkin got in contact with a rad archive of footage. And the first footage I came across was Ross Smith’s run from the 1989 War of Stars contest in Rochester. Timeless style, and that spinning steam at the end I believe he called it a blender back then! Go watch this, old school or mid, who cares it’s so rad!

Old School Sundays with Chris Day

It feels like a while since I have done a Old School Sundays. Just a couple of days ago, Martti Kuoppa posted a rad clip from 101 Trix Part 2 on the MOC instagram page. Check out Chris Day’s run from the AFA Master Round 5 1987 at the William Patterson College in Wayne, NJ. Chris’ riding was inspirational during the late 80’s, respect!

Fise Jeddah 2018 – Flatland Final Highlights

Springtime is finally here, let’s start off a big week on FM with this Fise Highlights edit that Ride BMX put together from the flatland finals at the weekend at Fise Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Hit play and check this one out!

Matthias Dandois wins FiseWorld Saudi Arabia!

Congratulations to Matthias Dandois who today won the launch event for FiseWorld in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia followed on the podium by Alex Jumelin and Jean William Prevost! If you missed the finals like me, I have the full runs below to check out! The first stop of the FiseWorld series is taking place in two weeks time in Hiroshima, Japan.

Matthias Dandois
Alex Jumelin
Jean William Prevost
Benjamin Hudson
Toon Pakphum
Jorge Gomez
Joris Bretagnolles
Dustyn Alt

Repo: Sport Zone 1st Anniversary

Text/Video: Rob Alton.

Grassroots events are so important to the development of flatland, Ron Alton is doing great things in Hungary with his Sport Zone project. Check out his quick repo and videos. Good work Rob!

On March the 11th 2018 we celebrated one year since we opened Sport Zone with a BMX Jam for the kids, Master and Pro riders. The kid’s event went down in the morning with separated categories, 16″ and 20″. They had different challenges to help them learn confidence and consistency, fast track, Pit Stop, 180 and 360 bar spins, Boomerang and Best Trick Contest. Main highlights were first the 14 kids that took part followed by Dudás Misi pulling his first Peg Boomerang in front of the crowd to make it even better (unfortunately just out of camera shot) and Filip Marcell did a triple bar spin standing on the pedals for the first time too. The kids and parents had a great day and it seems BMX Flatland has a great future, in our town at least! One of the kids, Lázár just 7 years old totally motivated from Sunday, went home, practiced and on Wednesday night pulled a FULL boomerang, so inspiring!

The afternoon was the Master and Pro riders with, Bunny Hop, Pinky Squeaks, Whiplash, Mega Spin Battle and Front Wheel-Back wheel contests. We saw some great riding from the regular Hungarian riders plus Leon Vignjević and Frane Granic from Croatia. The video shows just a few of the highlights from the riders and a feeling of how the day went. The riders got great trophies thanks to Kreativ-fa-ajándék, great Pizza from La Pizza Nostra and to top if of birthday cake from the Gombai Cukrászda all three of our local sponsors. Thanks also to Elite BMX Shop, Colony BMX, Four Pegs, Márton Szilágyi and Monster Energy. All of these people helped make it a great event!

Our next event will be later this year with a normal contest format. I will do my best to get some prize money and make it bigger and better. I think we are going in good direction and we just need the support of more international riders and sponsors. So come on guys come to Sport Zone!

Old School Sundays with Carly Garcia

This week we go back to 1988, and this flawless run from one of my favourite riders growing up. Carly Garcia, doing it for O-zone out of Nor Cal. What an amazing run for the time, nowadays Carly is producing fine art paintings in the Bay area. This is well worth a watch, if you missed it the last time I posted it.

2018 CFO Flatland Unlimited Contest / Pro Highlights

CFO Flatland's Unlimited Contest – 2018 from JKyllo on Vimeo.

Joseph Kyllo just sent in the first coverage I have seen from the annual Toronto contest, featuring Robert Reilly, Jason Plourde, Rob Shaw, Bo Wade, Cory Fester, JF Boulianne, and Dominik Nekolny. Anyone have run footage get in contact….