Viki Gomez – TED Talk / Freestyle your life

Many of you will recall the Rodney Mullen TED talk I posted on the site a few years back, it is rare to hear Flatlanders talk about what they do on this platform. Viki Gomez was given that opportunity, and gives a great talk about what he does and his philosophy in riding and the experiences he has had, really enjoyed this.

Alexis Desolneux – Coalesce


I often have wondered what would happen in the modern day if a technical flatlander brought hard flatland tricks and their creative mind to riding street, and Alexis Desolneux gives a taste of what is possible. Opposite backwards facing whiplashes anyone, lucky-e grind to x-x-ft whiplash out, I really enjoyed this one. Sit down with a cuppa and an open mind and enjoy this one, then go ride and do what you like.

Josh Briars – D/W/M/Y

For me personally I am always stoked to release videos on the site from riders here in the UK, and this new edit from Josh Briars out of Bristol does not disappoint and is definitely worth your time watching. Especially liked the front scuff and back side squeak line at 00:56, plus the x-ft pedal 5 line with the boomerang back wheel off floor step over hang 5 at 1:36! Millenium Square represent!

Alberto Moya – In Crescendo

Alberto Moya – In Crescendo from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

In Crescendo is a self filmed/edited by Alberto Moya. It was filmed in different spots around Japan: Nagoya, Noda, Kawasaki and Matsudo. Really enjoyed the concept of this production and how the edit builds, great work Moya!

“In this video I try to play with the tempo of the riding and the tempo of the classic musical piece by Edvard Grieg In The Hall of the Mountaing King. My goal is to make it visible that BMX Flatland is about the Rythm and Tempo”

MUSIC : The Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg.