Hidenori Ishizaki 2016

Upon hearing the tragic news of BMX icon, Dave Mirra passing away it was hard enough to post the news on the site. Let alone anything else, it felt the right thing to do to give the community time to reflect on such an amazing man and character.

I still pretty numb about the news, Hidenori Ishizaki sent in this awesome new “2016” edit that cheered me up some and perhaps will do the same to you! Hidenori kills the forwards two footed back yard game, definitely give this one a watch when you feel like it!

Athens/Atlanta Scene Report – Flatland Manifesto, 2002

Athens/Atlanta Scene Report – Flatland Manifesto, 2002 from Darren Hough on Vimeo.

Jffe just sent in an awesome Athens/Atlanta Scene Report throwback edit that I couldn’t wait till Thursday on, that featured on Flatland Manifesto Video Magazine in 2002. Great riding from the likes of Jody Temple, Jon Dowker, Jeff Foster, Matt Hulgan, Mitch Hall, Shayne Khajehnoori, Jeff Foster, Kent Pearson, good scene vibes in this throwback.