Cory Fester – Garage Sessions

garage sessions from cory fester on Vimeo.

When I posted the Cory Fester 16 days throwback a couple of weeks ago, I was not expecting to see a visual response but it looks like it’s kick started something within Cory. It is not often I say this anymore, Cory is like one of those ultimate video riders dudes, and like the 16 Days edit he used this “garage sessions” edit to get himself back up to speed. The rumour mill has been going for the past few weeks about Cory sitting on footage for 8 years, I can’t even imagine what he is sitting on, but what almost stokes me out the most is he has a riding spot for the winter. Like a fine wine Cory, take your time buddy and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for this solo video part. This edit builds and builds as you see his skills improving with each clip, I love the last line a remix of Michael Sommer’s infamous back peg varial to half hiker, Cory puts his own flavour on it. Cory stole the internet today, respect!

The LAND Game : BMX FLATLAND MATCH OFF at the Vancouver JAM 2018

LAND Game from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

Ever played a game of BIKE and struggled to get the game truly flowing, because every rider does different tricks. This might well be the answer, I watched this one the whole way through and really enjoyed this. Dub explains this one, get your buddies together and have some fun!

“Basically tired of the BIKE game and went looking for a solution for something better adapted to the multitudes of styles involved in BMX Flatland. The name is “The LANDing GAME”
1 – We each take turns doing tricks
2 – The goal is to LAND a trick, if you don’t land you get a letter.
3 – You get only one try to land and 2 tries on your last letter.
4 – You can’t repeat or do one trick the same way if it’s already been done for the duration of the game.
5 – Though you can do more whiplashes or whips than have been done previously in the game.
6 – Any trick is accepted no matter the level of cheesiness or how easy it is.
7 – When the number of letters agreed upon at the beginning of the game you are OUT!
8 – Use LAND if you are many and LANDING if only a few riders.
9 – Last man standing wins!

I might have forgotten a rule or two, just agree with your buddies as to how to run your game based on these guidelines! ENJOY!!!!”

Filmed by Jospeph Marshall
Edited by JW
Riders in order of appearance : Cory Fester, Jean William Prevost, Hidenori Ishizaki, Billy Gordon, Damien, Percy Marshall, Troy
Location : Vancouver Jam 2018


I am still catching up on videos and news after the UK Flatland Championships weekend, today I have one video for you that deserves your attention. Sunny Singh aka hate5six makes a welcome return to the video editing game with this really nice edit documenting the riding of Masashi Itani out in Hawaii. Look out for the last bike flip at 3:22! Here’s what Sunny had to say:

“In February, I traveled to Hawaii to ride with and film Masashi Itani, one of the top professional flatland riders in the world, and also hang out with @Bobby Carter, whose Diversion BMX video series were highly influential to me growing up. I finally got around to cutting this edit together for Masi which contains the first and only known recording of him pulling a 180 bike flip. I focused on incorporating various elements that I loved from BMX videos in the 90s-00s. In Bobby’s words, “I haven’t been stoked on an edit like this in a long time.”

Julien Baran – Welcome to Les Trois Roux

At 12 years years old, Julien Baran is already making his mark on the flatland world by winning the AM class at BMX Cologne, followed by this sweet Welcome to Les Trois Roux edit, a local bike shop over in Caen, France just across the water from FM HQ ironically. This kid has the skills and you should pay attention to this one. Great stuff Julien!

James McGraw – Opposites

OPPOSITES from James McGraw on Vimeo.

Three good edits today to get your teeth into, and this new one from the man behind bringing the AFA back deserves your attention. In the words of the man himself, “This video is a personal challenge to do the same trick on both side of bike in the same combo.” Look out for the last line in particular, can James take this level from his backyard riding spot to the AFA in California we shall see….