Must Watch: Matthias Dandois / Off The Grid


I am so late to the party on this one, the title is somewhat ironic to me although I realise it’s a reference to Vans. Matthias Dandois is in the public eye every day, social media posts, public appearances, travelling, the list goes on and on. I often say to Matthias, I have no idea how you cope with all the demands on your life and stay at the top.
This edit is absolutely beautiful, filming, editing, tune, and the multiple backwards spinning steam line at 2:58 is amazing. Give this edit some attention today, and you’ll be stoked for your session.

Few better sights in flatland than MD doing his thing, and representing our culture so well!

Must Watch: Viki Gomez / Rise 2

RISE 2 from Viki Gomez on Vimeo.

It is the season for Must Watch edits, and Viki Gomez comes through with a banger right here. Viki has been at the top of his game for over 20 years now, that in itself is insane to think about!
Rise 2 doesn’t disappoint, we are looking at arguably the most skilled rider that uses front and back wheel, and pushes both wheels to the fullest.
The last line at 6:12 is flat out ridiculous, and there’s so much more. I will be going back over this one, again and again.

Take a bow Viki, level up!!

Must Watch: Sean Fontenot / Escapes

I am catching up on edits after a busy summer season at my work, and boy do we get a treat here. Two years in the making, battling countless ACL injuries (reference the 2 ACL supports!) and Sean Fontenot comes through with a beautiful edit with a whole bunch of NBD’s. Sean is one of the most vocal guys in our scene, but he can back it up with incredible bike skills and creativity. Let’s discuss this one in the comments!

Ultimate Flatland League Round 3: MK Format Final Zoom battle PRO

Last week I had the pleasure to judge the final round of the Ultimate Flatland League live on Zoom. What a contest it was, the feeling was like regular contest just from the comfort of my own home. Congratulations to Kio Hayakawa, Alex Jumelin, Matthias Dandois, Toon, Terry Adams, and Sietse van Birkel for taking flatland up a notch. Loved this, go watch this now!

ROUND 3 – MK Format Zoom battle:
1st: Kio Hayakawa
2nd (tie): Alex Jumelin
2nd (tie): Matthias Dandois
3rd: Pakphum “Toon” Poosa-Art
4th: Terry Adams
5th: Sietse Van Berkel

Ultimate Flatland League final ranking positions after all 3 rounds:
1st: Kio Hayakawa 27000 points
2nd: Alex Jumelin 23580 points
3rd: Matthias Dandois 22860 points
4th: Pakphum “Toon” Poosa-Art 20790 points
5th: Terry Adams 19890 points
6th: Sietse Van Berkel 19440 points

Many thanks for all competitiors, judges, sponsors and spectators!

York Uno
Effraim Catlow
Sebastian Grubinger


Johann Chan: 60 Second #RideEverything edit 2021

Our art director Johann Chan, got down to business for the Ride On BMX annual comp. The man can do it all, whether it’s front wheel, back wheel flatland, messiahs on park/street, trails, skateparks, even more impressive that he threw all this down in a one minute edit. Nice track to boot, great way to start the day!!

Cory Fester: Create Don’t Imitate / Episode 3 Grizzly Jam

Joey Kyllo is doing great things over in Vancouver, Canada. And today I am really stoked to post this edit with Cory dropping some knowledge, over to Joey!

“For this episode we met up with Cory Fester in Edmonton, Alberta. Cory has been underground for a while now but is still riding and progressing. We talked with him about his creative process and the video part he has been filming for the last TEN years. There will be a follow up on the Hang 5 podcast to get into more detail, so check that out as well when it comes out.
I hope you enjoy this episode. One more planned that should be pretty awesome…”