Sietse van Berkel – No Holds Barred

No Holds Barred – Sietse van Berkel from Halux Visions on Vimeo.

What a weekend with the release of Dub’s new banger edit, and we start a new week with some heat from one of Dutch’s finest! Sietse Van Berkel, unique style for miles and the spinning pedal packer line at 1:38. The whole edit was filmed in a couple of hours in Utrecht, Holland. Well worth a watch!

Must Watch! Jean William Prevost / Puro Flat #1: Winter


PURO FLAT #1 : WINTER from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

When Jean William Prevost titles a video “Puro Flat”, I am already intrigued as I hit the play button. The title implied to me that this would feature lines that Dub does not do in contests, would it live up to the hype that I have just built up in my head from the title?

“The PURO FLAT 2018 Series is my intention to stay true to the artform that comes through Flatland before simplification for competitions and all other forms of it may it be shows or whichever…this is just me and the camera for the sake of the artform!!!”

My immediate thought without even reading Dub’s description wasn’t far enough, and of course you have seen the Must Watch title so you already know this is a belter!
When a rider such as Jean William Prevost is at the top of his game its a beautiful thing for him to share with us all what he is capable of away from the contest light.

And boy does he deliver, I am on my third watch already before I start highlighting what I love about this edit.

1:06: I am hitting the rewind on this one, short and so hard and never been done! flip to gliding gerator or lard yard whatever you care to call it two footed rolling undertaker out. The execution!!!

1:12: The development of the spinning inside switch undertaker now into a line is just ridiculous. Wait for the ride out, total bike mastery. This might be a contender for line of the year already??

3:11: Multiple antrider turbines direct to the spinning switch b spinning undertaker to backwards wheelie, and the part i loved the most. Showing the realness, just kicks off the wall. So raw and uncut, personally loved that he chose to show that.

3:22: The last two rodeo lines are just absolutely out of this world, ok this might be the line of the year also. What the hell!

Like I already said it’s an amazing thing to see riders at the top of their game share the behind the scenes stuff they are working on. Everyone needs to watch this! Top marks, and another contender for edit of the year and it’s only April! Let’s talk about this one in the comments section….

Joel Schallhorn – Hypnotic

Back to it after a couple of days off, let’s get Sunday’s posts started with this rad edit from the underrated Joel Schallhorn! Here’s what Joel had to say about this “Hypnotic” edit:

“While I was home in Colorado I felt like I was lazy as a rider, rarely rode and filmed, but I focused on progressing myself in other ways which can be seen here. I felt lazy but when I was reviewing the footage I collected from January to March of 2018 I guess I did more than I thought and I’m happy with the result!”

Amos Burke – Ride Everything

60 Second #RideEverything Phone edit with Amos Burke from emer bmx on Vimeo.

Johann Chan made the trip down to Hastings recently to grab a session with Amos Burke. Here’s what Johann had to say about this edit:

“Amos Burke manages to shred a mix of Flat, bowls, ledges and rails all on one bike.
A couple of weeks ago, we drove down to Hastings, with the plan of riding flat & the Source park.
After a quick ground session, we headed down to the Source. By the time we reached the sea front, I felt like I’d teleported straight into an old Backyard video.
The inner BMX nerd got the better of me, and before you know it, the phone was out, and a clip for Instagram ended up being two…”

Forget What you Heard is available to watch and download!

Forget What You Heard from Diversion TV on Vimeo.

We live in an era where social media makes seeing daily BMX videos easy. So we set out to do something that wasn’t just a flash in the pan Instagram clip or quick YouTube video. Something that all the riders really took their time to film.

The goal was to present something that had a wide variety of styles and personalities from riders who don’t normally release full parts often, if at all. We attempted to create a certain vibe from start to finish. Something different than what you are used to seeing.

Forget what you heard…

A film by Steven Lapsley. Featuring full sections by Ahmed Johnson, Gurvan Le Bloc’h, Hirokazu Miura, Jérémy Brosset, Joris Bretagnolles, Mateus Beckmann, Naoto Tamaru, Rodolphe Clavelier and Yorihisa Shiota.


Download it: