Outrider Toulouse BMX Flatland Jam: Coast Cycles

Outrider Toulouse BMX Flatland Jam – Coast Cycles from Maxime Cassagne on Vimeo.

It’s good day for content today, the Toulouse jam went down two weeks ago. This edit is slammed with great riding and styles and laid-back jam vibes (Good job Max Cassagne!), featuring Alexandre Jumelin, Rodolphe Clavelier, Matthieu Bonnecuelle, Joris Bretagnolles, Alberto Moya, Inigo Arroyo, Thomas Noyer, Louise Seigneur, St├ęphane Suini, Monkiki, Maximilian, Benedict and many more.

Must Watch: Varo Hernandez / Spanish Flatland Talent

I said it before when Varo Hernandez dropped his Flatmattersonline exclusive, Varo is a rider on the rise.
Varo’s riding continues to go up many levels, so smooth and precise. The whole edit is so well constructed, the Corona Virus graphic mid edit is an awesome touch.
Must Watch edits are of course about the riding for the most part, and some of the highlights are:

00:38: Hang 10 pivot/bodyvarial to x-foot crackpacker flip out without laying the bike down!

1:24: Opposite inside switch-b to updside down mega spin line.

2:27: Hang 5 steam to opposite carved half hiker body varial to xft halfpacker line.

This edit is all about the whole package, props to Varo for the riding and Rafael Blvck for the filming and editing. Hit play on this one right now….

Mickey Gaidos: Summer 2020

Mickey G – Summer 2020 Flatland BMX from Mickey Gaidos on Vimeo.

Mickey Gaidos is a year back riding as of 16th July, after pretty much a 7 year hiatus, Terry Adams was a big part in getting Mickey back on board. Mickey wanted to document his riding progression during this time, with MG’s filming and editing skills this edit is really easy on the eye. Not to mention, Mickey’s riding. Good to see MG back in the groove!

Matthias Dandois: Welcome to the Swatch Team

Despite the pandemic, Matthias Dandois has managed to stay busy and active for his sponsors (even gaining new ones). Fresh back from a Haro trip in Arizona. Matthias just dropped this nice Welcome to Swatch edit full of flat/street clips, the standout move is definitely the wild new back wheel move he debuted on instagram about a week ago, you can see it here at the 00:12 mark. Incredible! Congratulations to Matthias on the new hook up!

Nick Watts: 1991

Kicking off our Wednesday posts, Part 3 of Nick Watts back in 1991!
Look out for the opposite hang 5 step over to right side halfpacker around the 1:08 mark, and the x-foot on the cross bar one handed hang 5 at 2:24! Well worth giving this a watch, and get inspired for your session.

Episode 32: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Paul Chamberlain


Welcome back to Flatmattersonline exclusive clips, today we feature British ex pat, Paul Chamberlain. Paul made the move down under, as he was reaching pro level here in the UK. When Paul left, due to our small scene, you really noticed Paul’s absence from the UK scene. Not only with his riding, but his enthusiasm, and general charisma.
I’m only always stoked when Paul comments on the site, and puts in his two cents, it was likewise great when he contacted me with a clip which he commented he learnt during the pandemic.

Paul comes through with a nice switch foot backwards ice cream pivot to two footed dump truck for the 32nd episode, thank you Paul for contributing.

Who’s got episode 33, dropping Wednesday. 5pm GMT.