George Manos: Serprise


Heresy’s very own, George Manos continues to shine on his own creative path. Creative Pegless flatland at it’s best, it’s pretty dark footage as would expect from Mr Manos. But it’s also kind of fun trying to watch what the hell he is doing, little bit of mystery dare I say it. Thank you George for sharing!

Rodney Williams drops a Two Hour Combo!

If you thought Rodney Williams dropping a ten minute combo was a big deal, think again! After a year of trying, Rodney just threw down what is arguably the longest combo ever done that I am aware of in the history of BMX flatland. This close tow hours long, holy shit!! Amazing stamina, concentration and mindset to get this done. More power to Rodney Williams!!

Paved Paradise: Backlash BMX

Snakebite BMX have been upping their game lately, and this week dropped this great “Paved Paradise” video from the archives. Featuring sections from Cory Stratychuck, Simon O’Brien, Jeff Desroche, Steve Fong, & Travis Collier. Definitely Wirth a watch if you missed this first time round.