James McGraw: Better with Age

James McGraw from James McGraw on Vimeo.

I am so late to the party posting this one, I can almost hear the gnashing of James’ teeth for Colorado. The title “Better with Age” is a bold one, but I have to agree Mr McGraw shows no sign of slowing down. Worth highlighting a few things that I was stoked on!

-The no handed switch b jump to junkyard at 00:46!
-Ice Cream pivot switch b rideout with no scuff at 1:34!
-Pedal Time pedal pivot to junkyard line at 2:54, all in a FM tee no less….
– And my favourite, the banger at 3:13!

Enough of my descriptions, go watch this one if you haven’t already, Sorry this took so long to get online James!

Yuo Hayakawa: Welcome to IGI

Yuo Hayakawa is a young shredder from Nagaoka Niigata, Japan. You may be familiar with his older brother Kio, who has made his mark on the World scene from the confines of his indoor spot, well his younger brother, youngest of three brothers/riders is following in the footsteps of his two older brothers and really showing us the depth of his bag of tricks in this Welcome to IGI Edit!

Welcome to the Next generation!!!


The first Must Watch edit of 2022, and it’s no surprise it comes from Jimalog’s latest!
What it must be like to be blessed with what certainly looks like one of the best flatland scenes in the world, great riding spot, variety of tricks on show, riders supporting each other, the list goes on. Whatever you like, it’s here!

Great riding from Akihiko Takahashi, Masashi Itani, Yu Shoji (don’t miss his clips!),
Takahiro Ikeda, Shuichi Osada, Kazuma Nakajima, Takuji Kasahara, Nariaki Kudo,
Hidenori Ishizaki, Takahiro Enoki, Shinichiro Hara and Hiroya Matsumoto.

Yu Shoji’s clips stand out in this one, not to mention it is so good to see some fresh Shuichi Osada footage!

My day is made!

Must Watch: Viki Gomez / Rise 3

Viki Gomez / RISE 3 from Viki Gomez on Vimeo.

It’s been a quiet few weeks as we get into the festive season. Viki Gomez changed all that with this amazing new “Rise 3” put together by Sevisual. Viki showcases arguably the biggest tricktionary in the game, everything Viki does is amazing, but the standouts for me in this one:

2:56: Bike flip line that just develops as the line goes on, more and more tech, that x-ft ice cream body varial takes the cake for me, beautiful!

4:43: Steam Kickflip to halfpacker which is a Viki staple move, watch the new ride out!

Don’t sleep on this one…..

Norwich Flatland Jam

A throw-away comment on facebook was the catalyst for the first ever flatland jam in Norwich, Norfolk. Organised by Adam Stembrowicz and Paul Senter, less than a week later saw an impressive eleven riders assemble. New friendships were formed and old friendships rekindled, whilst some dope riding went down.
Thanks to Yinka Thomas and Miguel Pargas for their capturing the event and big props to Yinka for the amazing edit.

The UK needs more jams.

Adam Stembrowicz

Must Watch: James White / Systems Overload

I wasn’t joking a few moments ago on Peter Olsen’s Must Watch trick that it’s a good day for edits here on Flatmattersonline! James White once again comes up with a solid part, that explores a lot of really intricate two wheel on floor boomerang type moves, his amazing stalled switch-b (no -handed no less!), and a whole lot more.
The editing, tune, and the genius of Whiteski once again deserves that Must Watch tag. The MW firewall is breached today.
It’s time to go riding….