Aaron Frost – Landscapes 3 Teaser

Aaron Frost – Landscapes 3 teaser from JMK Pictures on Vimeo.

Landscapes 3 is coming soon. Stewart Munro got in contact with this fresh teaser featuring Aaron Frost filmed by Jim McKay for the up and coming video release and to let the world of flatland know there is still an opportunity to feature in the “mix” section.

Here’s what you have to do:

1. The clips must be 1920 by 1080 or 4K HD 30P to 60P NTSC format.
2. Send the clips via a file hosting such as Dropbox or WeTransfer
3. Send the link to hendrabmx@hotmail.com
4. If the clip is not the right format it will not be used!
5. Expert to Pro level of riding please.

Toon Pakphum – Shadow Practice 4

Can anyone keep up with Toon Pakphum in 2019? Wow, this guy is making a big statement and his riding intent for this year. Under the tuition of the boss, Martti Kuoppa this year marks three years of work with MK for Toon, and the man continues to get better and better. Love the structured headings after each line in this one, hit play and admire the work that goes into this level of riding.

Joel Schallhorn – Experimental Sessions / Pedal Steam Variants

Joel Schallhorn recently hit me up with some questions about who’s done what in regard of pedal steam variations. Joel is now living in Osaka, Japan and put together this awesome experimental sessions edit in one session with last variation being brand new that day. Give this one a watch, refreshing as always!

David Nagy – Fourpegsbmx

Today is a good day, fresh David Nagy is always a treat! We share a lot a lot of similar ideas and this edit got me stoked with David’s numerous variations around the left side halfpacker dropped into one foot cliff, technical as you like and made to look easy. David is one of the most underrated riders on flatland in my opinion, don’t sleep on this!

Minato Sato – Ares Bikes Promo

Short, and snappy Ares Bikes promo with the talented Minato Sato to get back in the swings of things after pretty much a week off of updating the site. You’ll see what I was up to next week on the site, back to this edit! The peg wheelie bike flip to pedal g-roll at the 00:39 mark is amazing. Great to see Ares supporting the next generation!

Kevin Meyer – Where can you find Flatland Content? (Youtubers, Websites..)

Kevin Meyer out of France was kind enough to drop me a message with a heads up on a new video he just dropped on his channel asking “Where can you find Flatland Content?”. Always interesting content on Kevin’s channel, hit play and subscribe to the man.