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Clancy James – Progression Clip

gonnaVoMMit from Clancy Burke on Vimeo.

Dope short clip sent in by Jffe, Clancy James drops a nice turbine foot on bar cliff! If you know Clancy or you are Clancy, get in touch and let us know where you from….

Matti Hemmings – Session At The Bottle Yard Studios

Matti Hemmings – Session At The Bottle Yard Studios from Josh Partridge on Vimeo.

Nice feel to this new edit out of Matti Hemmings, sessioning inside the Bottle Yard Studios!

Markus Schwital – BMX progession 21.04.14

Markus is getting ready for the Astrolabe contest this coming weekend in France, check out his latest progression edit right here!

Diego Gimenez – This is BP

Owen Bohn put together this nice edit of Diego Gimenez out of Argentina, slick style! Check this one out!

Alvaro Fernández – Madrid Sessions

Bit late posting this dope edit from Alvaro Fernández killing it in Madrid, Spain. Lot of progression from Alvaro, the xft inside steam double whip to halfpacker especially stands out around the 4:05 mark. Hit play!

BMX Street x Flat in Cologne FT Mike Steingraeber!

Michael Steingraeber & Niklas Beyer teamed up with Woozy BMX on the streets of Cologne for this fun BMX Street x Flat Collab edit. Powered by Rollei and shot 100% on S-30. Equipment: Rollei Minicrane M1, Rollei Shark Slider S1, Rollei Wild Cat Stabilizer.

Jason Plourde – Basic Training

Jason Plourde: Basic Training from Reklamation Bikes on Vimeo.

Jason is getting ready for the Trinidad contest this weekend, hit play for this dope “basic training” edit!

Round 1 – Overground Flatland Series 2014

I posted Mateus Beckmann’s second place runs a few days ago, and we were all wondering about who won, here is extensive footage from Round 1 of the Overground series in Brazil. Results below, enjoy the footage when you have a spare 48 minutes.


1-Romulo Guerra.
2-Mateus Beckmann
3-Sergio “Balu”
4-Gilberto Rocha
5-Bruno “Zebu”

TJ Perry – Tricktricktrick

Hell yes, really nice new steam body varial to two footed front yard switch around the 00:08 in this short clip from TJ Perry, hit play for the good stuff!

Bryan Huffman – Huffgate 6

Hit play for a sweet half lash to rollback rolaid in Bryan Huffman’s latest progression video!