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Moto Sasaki 2014 – The story of the broken seatpost

Moto Sasaki, broke his seatpost during the bonus round at the BMX Cologne contest. This edit takes us back to that moment, and a whole bunch of flatlanders helped Moto get back out there. Dope!

York Jam 2014

Bo yana just dropped the first edit from the 2014 York jam, soak up the York vibes with DJ Mark Eaton providing the soundtrack. Good times!

Art Thomason 3

Art Thomason3 from Andrew Guerrero on Vimeo.

Andrew Guerrero teamed up with Art Thomason to have his first go at filming flatland, check out the result right here.

Minato Sato 8 years Old – Double Decade!

What were you doing when you were 8 years old? There is a serious amount of amazing talent coming out of Japan, this double decade by 8 years old Minato Sato is so awesome!

Gunter Mats – Scope #1

SCOPE #1 from Günter MaTs on Vimeo.

Gunter Mats out of Kyoto, Japan starts a new video series “Scope” – where he attempts to do tricks he hasn’t seen before. Check out this awesome xft crackpacker step to xft half packer! Keep on shredding Gunter, this is great!

Jorge Salas – summer edit 2014

The flatland scene in Spain is growing from strength to strength, check out this edit from Jorge Salas, filmed in Madrid. Look forward to seeing much more from the Spanish scene.

Rodney Williams – Short Back Wheel Combo

By Rodney William’s this is a short back wheel combo, keep on documenting Rodney!

Kris Gautier – Today’s game 2

Smooth nose manual steez by Kris Gautier, hit play for this quick clip.

Chris Böhm & Dominik Nekolny – Training day for BMX Show

G-SHOCK / Chris Böhm & Dominik Nekolny Trainingsday for BMX Show. from Chris Böhm on Vimeo.

Chris and Dom have a private riding session at Chris’ apartment getting ready for shows in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Hit play!

York Uno – D.I.Y EDIT #8

Check out some action from the Kozo BMX Show in York Uno’s D.I.Y EDIT #8! Enjoy!