Fülöp Vidákovich – Budapest Beat

There is an exciting new talented flatlander emerging from the Hungarian flatland scene by the name of Fülöp Vidákovich. If you are paying attention, you will know the name from the fact he qualified first in the AM class at BMX Cologne. Hit play and enjoy this brand new edit filmed by Olivér Kállai, stacked with variety and high degree of difficulty! Fülöp has a big future, I hope he sticks with it!

Martin Drazil wins Dalmatian Warriors 2016

Leon Vignjević sent in a nice update from the Dalmatian Warriors contest in Baška Voda, Croatia. Congratulations to Martin Drazil winning the Pro Class, and Adam Pekar taking the win in Master class!

Here’s what Leon had to say:

“We had Master and Pro class, 2 days of battles… all the riders enjoyed summer and nature in Baška Voda, they got free rooms and free food plus prize money in both class. Both days we had afterparties and concert, 2 DJs who played music all day. It was soo good even all riders tell that this was best contest in their life 🙂

If you missed it, be sure you come next year when we plan even bigger contest.”

MASTER class
1. Adam Pekar (czs)
2. Leon Vignjević
3. Frane Granić

PRO class
1.Martin Dražil
2. Camilo Gutierrez
3. Chris Böhm

Alex Jumelin – St Martin Paris Metro Line Promo

St Martin Paris Metro line from ART BMX MAGAZINE on Vimeo.

Peep this rad promo for the St Martin Metro Line with Alex Jumelin, filmed and edited by Matthias Dandois on the sunny streets of Paris. The entire line will be available this summer, check the website (link below) and keep an eye out at Flatland Fuel.


Must Watch! Viki Gomez / Viva C.O.R.E

VIVA C.O.R.E from Viki Gomez on Vimeo.

“Every year I work hard for an edit. This year I wanted to do something different! Hardcore tricks but filmed by someone rather than a tripod. And making an edit inspired in the Flatland style that always has inspired me! Bringing back the core aspects of core riding! There will be 3 episodes instead of a long edit!”

It speaks volumes of Viki’s work ethic that right in the middle of contest season he is able to publish a banger part, and not only that we have two more in the series to look forward to by the end of the year!

From the opening backwards hitch pivot opposite side xft halfpacker pivot hitch/halfhiker pivot xft karl stubble duck out I got a good feeling about this edit. I personally loved the rawness, and a return to the C.O.R.E as Viki stated.

It continues with his amazing multiple varial line that still no matter how many times I see it leaves counting, how many varials was that without touching the tyre? It’s 720 of course, the possibilities from this seem endless!

Possibly my favourite line of this edit at 00:37, the two footed xft ride on the left side in to backwards backyard pivot to two xfted peg wheelie right side pivot to macaroni degroot undertaker out, this is beautiful in execution. I am sat here recovering from an injury, and I can tell you the urge to ride is so great right now!

I could go on and on, and every line hits hard. But the last line!!! The bar flip steam to xft pedal steam grabbing peg back to steam fire turbine (hits camera) half hiker pivot opposite xft half hiker body varial to backwards hitch, craziness!

Thank you Viki for returning to the core and documenting, loved the rawness of the filming (by his wife Alexa no less). This is cutting edge flatland at its best, there’s a whole bunch of NBD’s to get you inspired, now go ride your bikes I wish I could!