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Ivan Makushev – trip Izhevsk city 2014

Is this the first flatlander to do a flair? It looks like Ivan Makushev can do it all, this is a fun watch!

DeepBMX Flatland Show at the Roskilde Festival

Dominik Nekolny, Camilo Gutierrez and Thomas Hirsh of deepBMX Team from berlin, perform at last edition of Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Enjoy this one!

“Push It To 11: the Bits of Baco” Trailer

“Push It To 11: the Bits of Baco” is a new 80 minute documentary movie about the history of the BacoVision video series and its wild group of BMX founders from Wisconsin. I’m lucky enough to see the movie, this essential viewing on the history of BMX and flatland!

Pre-order the new Baco box set now! Shipping Aug 5th!

Terry Adams – TigerBalm Promo / Extended Cut

Terry and Mickey Gaidos just dropped this tight extended cut of his TigerBalm promo, check it out!

Af The Naysayer – Sunday (Official Video)

You may recall the name, Af The Naysayer? He has done countless tracks for flatland edits and dvds. Great to see here he hooked up with the Austin locals to shoot his latest music video. Hit play!

Alex Hruby – BMX Cologne Hype!

All eyes are on the BMX Cologne event this weekend, Alex Hruby dropped this short hype combo captured at last weekends Over 8 bar contest in Hungary! Hit play!

Varo Hernandez – July Clips

Young buck, Varo Hernandez made a great impression at the Barcelona Extreme event a few weeks ago. Check out his latest edit, really cool to see a young rider bringing some originality to the game!

Mikolaj Penar – June Edit

Mikolaj threw this edit together, highlighting my progression since he got back into Flatland a year and 3 months ago. Welcome back Mikolaj! Keep on documenting!

Martti Kuoppa – Raw Clips 1998

You may or not remember this raw footage edit from 1998. Martti Kuoppa riding drunk, and killing it! Whilst we obviously don’t encourage riding drunk, this footage is too awesome not to post up! And actually it is a change to watch raw footage rather than a clean cut edit! Make sure you watch this one!

Shinichiro Hara – direct backface rolypoly

Check out this sweet clip of style cat Shinichiro Hara riding direct into a backwards smith decade!