The Stéphane Suini Flatmattersonline Interview


Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Max Cassagne.

A few months ago as I started to think about 12 years of Flatmattersonline, and what I could do to celebrate, I began to think about why I do this, and get to the core of what my motivations are and actually what I enjoy doing with the site. The main thing I go back to time and time again are the interviews, I enjoy picking riders brains and I think they are educational for you at home too.

A big part of FM is like I said on the FLAT ONLY COGcast, is trying to help riders that I feel deserve some shine. As I started to reflect on the 12 years, scrolling through the sidebar on the right side of the website I started to watch Pokemon’s videos, real name Stéphane Suini! (you can watch his Pokemon 3.0/3.5 Mixtape below!)
It hit me like a flash, I need to interview this guy, lets get into it! Welcome to the The Stéphane Suini Flatmattersonline Interview!!!

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Chris Vasileiou & George Manos: C-REVENGE-G

C-REVENGE-G from George Manos on Vimeo.

What a good day for edits! Heavy dual edit right here from two lifelong friends, Chris Vasileiou & George Manos… Love the mix in styles right here, from Chris’ long flowing front wheel lines, to George’s original short lines. It looks like these guys are riding in their houses!!! Hit play, get stoked for your session today….

Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #111

I’ve said before and no doubt will say it again, Giannis Caternellis has one of the biggest trick bags in the game! From the opening one footed hitch (look at the control) ending that line in one footed backpacker no less, this edit is about three edits in one! There’s a lot to digest, this got me thinking as watched this? So I;’ll throw it out there, what’s the perfect duration for an edit? Big respect to flatland lifer Giannis continually throwing down and documenting and sharing, this video marks Giannis 6th anniversary of the Freestyler series, living the FM motto literally!

Must Watch: Peter Olsen / Ritual B Sides


I don’t know about you, but my brain is exploding right now with all the crazy Must watch edits dropping back to back. In under a week Peter Olsen has dropped two of the best edits of the year, this B Sides edit is not to be missed. Another man’s throwaway is another riders treasure. Mind blown.

Throwback Thursdays: Akihiko Takahashi / Sam Foakes / Effraim Catlow

Japan flatland session 2008 from Zion Bike Co. on Vimeo.

Tomorrow I celebrate 12 years of running Flatmattersonline, during this time of being not only furloughed from work and being injured. It has been a good time to reflect on those 12 years, my trip to Japan in 2008 with Sam Foakes really kickstarted FM. So this weeks TBT is dedicated to that tie and the unreal sessions with Sam, Akihiko Takahashi and all the Yokohama locals. Big thanks to Mislav from Zion Bikes for filming this. Memories!!!

Must Watch: Akihiko Takahashi / 20th Reverse / ReBirth

As we near ever closer to our 12th anniversary, let’s get back to regular updates after the amazing Pete Olsen edit for Heresy shook us all last Friday! And today, equally on measure is this amazing 20 years of reverse riding edit by the incredibly underrated Akihiko Takahashi! Mix in untouchable backwards riding style with a classic soundtrack that was used on Mike S’ Props Groundwork part, and you have a Must Watch edit. Much like Peter’s part there is so much to take in at just over 11 minutes, I’ll leave the description as this and let you make your own mind up. I’ll be grabbing other cuppa in a moment and taking this one in again on the big screen.
Much respect to Akihiko!!

Must Watch: Peter Olsen / Ritual


As I took my first viewing of Peter Olsen’s new “Ritual” edit, my mind was completely blown. How do I write about this I pondered to myself… It speaks volumes of how good this edit is, that it took me 3-4 views to truly digest what he was doing.
“Ritual” fuses together everything I love about flatland, the solitude feeling of the way in the way was filmed.
The insane riding level of untouched lines with years of depth going into each line with a liquid like effortless flow, the vibe of the edit that matches the Heresy brand direction, this edit screams “this is flatland at it’s very finest!”.
I would normally do a detailed description on this edit, but let’s change things up and discuss this one in depth in the comments section. Peter Olsen, Heresy BMX, filmers, Sevisual take a long bow, this is as good as it gets!!