Must Watch – Matthieu Bonnecuelle / Grow


Starting a big week on Flatmattersonline with a Must Watch edit that really did bring a smile to my face. I feel like Heresy rider, Matthieu Bonnecuelle has a mystic to his riding that always draws me into watching his riding and that feeling of curiosity as to what he is doing.

When you combine Matthieu’s unique riding style and Tom Sevisual on editing duties, the golden formula is there. Why change it? Heresy continually get this on point.

Let’s discuss this edit:

At the 00:18 mark, Double turbine whiplash with a cheeky hang ten pause and downside whip jump to pedals thrown in to make you hit the rewind button a few times to understand it.

After several watches of this edit, I think the line at 00:30 is my favourite. Matthieu puts a nice detail on a regular trick, turbine steam where he changes his stance foot to the opposite side and hand, then throws an stalled track stand still stood in steam position then with a quick scuff steam throws a bar scoot round the bars into backwards facing whiplash!

The line at 00:52 is a difficult one to describe as I am not sure what you call the name, Matthieu begins on the left side of bike in a cross foot one footed circular spin then switches to x-ft inside steam without holding bars then with a quick fake whiplash motion jumps through the bike round to steam and spins a right side track stand out.

At 2:36, pumping backwards circular spin kick pedal to manual cross over to no handed x-ft pumping peg manual, as with all the tricks in this edit. It is really refreshing to see a rider dare to be different, and express himself and all with a really graceful style to boot.

What a motivating edit to start the week…..

Terry Adams & Aaron Ross in BMX Time Machine

It’s been a minute since the first Terry Adams and Aaron Ross collab video, and the latest “Time Machine” edit doesn’t disappoint. Particularly the ender at the 5:46 mark is pretty nuts with Terry jumping from crackpacker “switching to Aaron bike” to opposite feeble on a ledge 180 out. Go watch this one right now!

James McGraw – 49 Birthday edit

49 Birthday edit from James McGraw on Vimeo.

The screamer himself, James McGraw celebrates his 49th birthday today and shows no signs of slowing down his riding progression, or his screaming for that matter. Flatland keeps us young, long may it continue. I know James has been chasing the ender pedal pivot for a while, and nails it smooth as. Hit play and enjoy this one everyone!

Finding: Wizard Publications by Brian Tunney

If you were riding in the 80’s and 90’s, there is a massive chance you were highly influenced by the Wizard Publications crew and what they put out in print. Whether that be in Freestylin’, BMX Action or Homeboy magazine, Brian Tunney just celebrated his 45th birthday, and made the three and half mile trip to where Wizard used to be based out of, and takes us all on a trip down memory lane. Thanks for doing this Brian!

Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #102

Giannis Caternellis is not one to shy away from going against the grain, I don’t recall the l recent edit I saw with a rider rocking a dual front brake set up. And Giannis wastes no time at all progressing, from Circle K kick flips, crackpacker body varial switches to halfpacker, there’s a lot to take in here. Keep on keeping on Giannis. Thanks for sharing!

Matthieu Bonnecuelle – MB Autumn Winter 2019 2020

Matthieu Bonnecuelle has been one of the most famous underground BMX-Flatland rider in the past years but now, luckily for all of us, he is coming to the surface. Matthieu visited Madrid and cruised around filming his creative moves telling us which will be the upcoming trend for 2019/2020. Thanks to Alberto Moya for capturing this one in his own creative style.

Throwback Thursdays with Martti Kuoppa

Looking back to 2011, and amazing time period for me personally riding wise sharing progression videos with Martti Kuoppa and you the flatland community at home. I just watching this “Nora Cup Loser” edit that still eight years on is a banger. Everything hits hard in this one, go watch this again and get hyped for todays session.

DownUnderGround Australian bmx flatland championships 2010

Yes you read right, 2010! So this footage from the Down UnderGround Australian bmx flatland championships is nine years old. Simon O’Brien took the win at an amazing looking plaza riding spot, you can watch the highlights of his run around the 9:30 mark plus riding also from Shane Badman, Paul Chamberlain and many others. Good vibes from down under and quite a fitting post today!