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Chris Böhm & Dominik Nekolny – Showtime “PART TWO.”

Chris Böhm & Dominik Nekolny perform a killer show in Switzerland, well worth a watch!

Scott Powell – January 2014

january 2014 from scott powell on Vimeo.

Scott just dropped this amazing edit he has been sitting on since January, heres the word from the man himself:

“Back in early January this year, a young Brazilian rider named Mateus Beckmann did a trick in an edit that made me really stoked. I wondered how difficult it would be to do, so I began a quest to learn it. Along the way I picked up several variations of the trick and came up with some of my own–here are just a few of the results…. Enjoy”

Thomas Hirsch – One Combo

One combo – Neue Nationalgalerie from Thomas Hirsch on Vimeo.

Autum’s Thomas Hirsch throws down a front wheel combo at the National Gallery in Berlin, hit play!

Jason Forde – Back 2 Progress

Jay has been busy for the last couple of months doing shows, workshops, and pushing the 1WM name out there, now it’s time for him to get back down the mile and progressing again. Look out at 1:43 in this raw clip edit for Jay’s second ever pulled blender out to pedals! Keep on pushing Jay!

Joe Cicman & Aaron Frost – OG Sessions

Joe is in Austin for a week before he heads to the Voodoo jam this weekend, Joe teamed with Aaron Frost and Jim McKay for some fun times.

Chris Böhm & Dominik Nekolny – Part 1

PART I – BMX Rider Chris Böhm & Dominik Nekolny (World Champion) BMX Flatland from Chris Böhm on Vimeo.

Chris and Dom have been doing shows together this weekend, check out this Part 1 edit shot in Chris’ apartment as they warm up for the shows.

Konstantin Chernov 2014

Konstantin Chernov 2014 from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

Check out this great edit from Konstantin Chernov for Profile Racing. Shot in some amazing locations around Moscow, really enjoyed this one!

Julius Salo – Too Small Bikes 2014 Interview

Intro/Interview: Sietse van Berkel/Navid Saleki.

Some of you have been waiting for TSB14 for some time, but do you know who´s the brain behind it? We (Sietse and Navid) stayed in Helsinki for the video premiere of TSB14 and for the legendary Flatstyles jam the day after. Julius, the maker of the TSB series, was our host for these days. During our stay, before the premiere, he was VERY busy with the last things for TSB14. Who is this guy who makes one of the best web videos for years? A small interview with Julius Salo, creator of the TSB series:

Tell us about yourself please? Who are you, what do you do?
J: I’ m Julius, I’m living in flatland capital of Finland: Helsinki.
25 years old, started get into BMX around 2003. I work at a local bike shop and I’m doing some video projects besides that.

Can you tell us about the video projects you did? Where did you get the inspiration from to make TSB14?
J: My first flatland video was about showing the scene we having fun, nothing serious. I did a couple of movies like ’SCuFF THaT SHiT’ and ’I Don’t Quite Get It’. I see many small clips like progression clips on the internet. I didn’t want to get my videos got lost on the internet. That’s why I choose to make bigger edits.

Too Small Bikes (FULL MOVIE) from Julius on Vimeo.


When i made some courses in film school i got more inspiration from Finnish cool looking snowboard videos like ’Elekrep’ . I wanted to try something with the same kind of style, then I started ’ Too Small Bikes’ around 2010. It was a success among the riders, and I developed an addiction for making more videos. After the second and third one, which are kind of mixtape with different riders and styles i wanted to make something new.

TSB14 is a little bit different compared to previous TSB videos. Riders have their own part. I tried to make each part look like the rider by the music and way of editing & color grading. For TSB14 I had the help of the sound designer Tomi Hyyppä. He did an amazing job with the sounds!

TOO SMALL BIKES 2 (FULL MOVIE) from Julius on Vimeo.


Talking about web video’s, what’s your favorite video on the web?
J: Church of Pedro Melo.

You put a lot of work in TSB14. How much exactly?
J: First clips were filmed in 2012 and last 2014.
But how much time i used exactly… I don’t want to even think about it :D

What is your future plans regarding the TSB series?
J: I don’t know yet, but definitely something different. You will see!

Thank you Julius! Any shout outs?
J: I would like to thank :
All flatland riders worldwide for the support!!!
All the music maker who let me use their awesome sounds!
Super thanks to Tomi Hyyppä!
All the riders in the video!
My lovely girlfriend who has let me sit all the time in front of my computer!
Everyone who has helped me in anyway with this project!
Thanks to all my riding buddies for being such a good friends!!
Thanks to Sietse and Navid for this interview and being so great guys!
Thanks to Flatmatters!

TOO SMALL BIKES 3 (FULL MOVIE) from Julius on Vimeo.


Some links of sites where you can listen the musicians!

Links of previous videos of Julius Salo:
I Don’t Quite Get It &

Francisco Pkn & Ederson Ferreira 2014

Nice joint edit with two Brazilian shredders Francisco Pkn & Ederson Ferreira. Hit play!

Jason Plourde – Voodoo Jam Hype

From the look of this hype edit, Reklamation Bikes rider Jason Plourde is ready to unleash the beast at the Voodoo jam next weekend! Give this one a watch!