French Jam sessions by Dwix

Dwix is back, check this jam sessions edit with Melvyn Masson, Charles Paty, Takuji Kasahara, Federico Capón, Maxime Cassagne, Matthieu Bonnecuelle, Joris Bretagnolles, Thomas Noyer, Jérémy Brosset, Gurvan Le Bloc’h, Benjamin Hudson, Lee Musselwhite & Didier Genet.

Kiran Kertodirjo – Piazza Eindhoven

Stoked to see a fresh face I have never seen before today, Kiran Kertodirjo just sent in this nice new edit filmed at his riding spot, Piazza Eindhoven! Nice control on the front wheel lines on one of the sickest looking spots I’ve seen (looks familiar from old Bram Verhallen videos?), keep on shredding and documenting Kiran!

IGIMMXVI – Reunion


Rad video and a nice description to boot, you know what to do!

“The traveler’s bug caught our bandwagon crew in the sails and the winds favored our descent upon Bordeaux, France for this short reunion episode with the three mosqueteers of Flatland ; Taku, Ben and Dub unite once again in this edit to reinforce our friendships. We were there for 2 nights of which we spent laughing and enjoying speaking of our trip with Dub’s cousin in Bordeaux. ENJOY!!!”