Viki Gomez in Kuwait


Viki Gomez recently visited Kuwait to put on several shows around the country. This edit was filmed in an hour in between shows before Viki had to fly back to Luxembourg, tjcfilms2011 and Viki hit as many different spots in and around Mubarakiya with the help of Kuwait BMX legend Mansour Al-Safran controlling the crowds and get it done despite the huge crowds and sweltering heat.

Tomokazu “Mo-Rich” Morinaga – Welcome to Spaceark

TOMOKAZU "MO-RICH" MORINAGA Welcome to SPACEARK from spaceark on Vimeo.

Mo rich made a huge impression last year at the World Circuit finals in Kobe, Japan beating Matthias Dandois in a tense battle. One of the up and coming riders on the pro circuit for sure,check out his “Welcome to Spaceark” edit right here, since last year Mo Rich obviously progressed, especially liked the one footed coasting inside pedal caboose at 00:53 and theres so much more. Already a good day for edits, enjoy this!