Must Watch! Brandon Derbowka Suicide Hiker


There is definitely something in water lately with regard to Must watch edits and clips, and today the world woke up to an absolute treat from Brandon Derbowka! You absolutely have to watch this amazing no handed whiplash to no handed hitchhiker no handed whiplash, Brandon did it again! Flatland magic right here!

Must Watch! Mateus Beckmann – MASTER BIKES/SAMPA BMX 2016

From the opening half cab whopper to pedalling wheelie manual 180 half cab whopper line you know this is going to be a serious edit! I’m sure a say a very similar thing every time I write about Mateus Beckmann’s riding, but this guy is at the top of sport in terms of the flat/street crossover, for example check the opposite tooth hanger at 1:17, followed by half cab truck at 1:26 not to mention the downwhip on flat to opposite smith on ledge at 1:30.

From the 2:34 the flatland side of things starts to get heavy, love the hitchhiker two footed steam hop to backwards karl fork wheelie hop to forwards hitch, simple idea, but so hard to do!

3:30 – 180 backwards manual decade out.

Hitting the rewind on this move, half cab straight backwards whopper to backwards peg manual foot jam decade out at 5:19 followed by the xft half cab half whopper 180 to xft inside steam line is amazing!

I’m in the middle of UK Champs mode, but this is worth sitting down and taking this one in! Will certainly be interesting to see where this talented kid from Brazil takes his riding in the future! It’s been another good week for edits, phew!

Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #66

It’s as good a time as any to announce, we just started work on the Giannis Caternellis interview, but in the meantime peep his 66th episode in his freestyler series. As well with over 7 minutes of footage theres a lot to take in, especially liked the no handed blender turbine around the 6:01 mark. Stay tuned!

Must Watch! Charles Paty – Windless III

Beautiful new edit out of one of the most stylish riders on the planet, Autum’s Charles Paty! At 8:41 it really is worth grabbing a cuppa and watching Charles do his thing, the search for spots, riding in water, and the edit had me gripped to this for the whole duration. Very much striking a similar vibe to the Heresy crew. From the 3:00 mark it’s intense!

Some of my favourite lines:

– The body english on the backwards spinning pedal mega spin at 2:28 is something else!

– Double stem boomerang with the back wheel off the floor at 3:35!

– Hang five jump pedal nose g turn at 4:20 and the following clip with whiplash into that line and held longer too.

I could go on, hit play and let me know what you liked in this edit. Hitting the rewind right now.

Brian Tunney – My Knee Infection: A Love Story

As flatlanders we are all too familiar with tiny cuts, but as this story from Brian Tunney proves, you need to look after them and get proper treatment.

“I developed a staph infection in late August from an uncleaned cut on my knee. Once the swelling and pain got to be too much and enough of my friends said, “Yeah, go to the doctor,” I got put on some antibiotics, rested for a week and documented the healing.”