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Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #15

Hard to believe it is already Giannis’ 15th Freestyler video, pretty much a video a week so far this year already! As always Giannis is not afraid to be a lil’ bit different than everyone else, which always makes for a good watch! Stickied at the top for the day!

Team Shimoyanagi

What is not to love about seeing young riders killing it, check out this new Team Shimoyanagi edit put together by Zols ETM featuring Yu Katagiri, Ryo Katagiri and Rin Otsuka.

Lee Musselwhite – Seminal

Half Backwards Rolaid to Halfpacker anyone? Look out for that at the 3:05 mark. As always Lee Musselwhite is not afraid to stand out and add his personal touch to his riding, hit play as Lee runs through some of his classic positions at his indoor riding spot! Stickied at the top for the day!

Matthew Dyer – To make an edit 2015?

Short and sweet bar spin backwards infinity roll by Matthew Dyer as he ponders making an edit in 2015. More of this please Denny!

Mates Tuček & Martin Drazil – Czech Flatland

Czech Flatland from Aaron Barnett on Vimeo.

Aaron Barnett caught up with Mates Tuček & Martin Drazil out of Prague, Czech Republic to talk/film their riding, check out this short documentary edit right here!

Matt St. Gelais – Cruising with Leu

Cruising with Leu from Matt St. Gelais on Vimeo.

Matt St. Gelais teamed up with Andy Alvarez and his new drone to shoot Matt riding and cruising in my 1969 VW Bus, Leu. Check it out!

Gilberto Rocha – One Combo + Time Lapse

Gilberto Rocha out of São Paulo, Brazil drops a heavy hang five pivot to xft half packer combo in this One Combo plus time lapse edit. Enjoy!

Eiichiro Watanabe – Hang5 to variations

Eiichiro Watanabe runs through a whole bunch of combos beginning from Hang 5 position. If you are a beginner rider, looking for ideas of what tricks to do from the Hang 5 position this could prove helpful.

Arturo Garay 2015

Sweet new edit out of Arturo Garay riding the Shopping Lambare, in Paraguay, Autumn 2015. Arturo throws down some solid front wheel lines, video shot on Canon &D & Go Pro 3 by Celso Galeano.

Jean William Prevost – Nomi Trademark

Jean William Prevost teamed up with Okke Oktavianus to promote new sponsors, Nomi Trademark out of Indonesia. Great camerawork and editing in this promo and also nice to see Dub on the front wheel!