Must Watch! Simon O’Brien – Colony BMX

This is somewhat of a different “Must Watch” than I normally do as this video for Colony BMX dropped about a month ago on Facebook and I wasn’t able to post it on the site. So it doesn’t have the same impact as a video you haven’t already seen but equally there is so much good stuff within this edit I had to give it the “Must watch” tag. And is also even more amazing when you consider his health problems, so good to see Simon back and firing!

Standouts for me are:

-the quick blender out opposite side I’ve been waiting to see for years at 1:16.

-forward karl jump to backwards halfpacker turbine forwards line at 2:10.

– Fire hydrant decade mega spin to Edgar P time machine line at 2:50.

Quest BMX – Enjoy it Teaser

Enjoy It. – Teaser from Quest BMX on Vimeo.

Quest BMX team edit coming May 6th, 2016. Featuring the entire 2016 extended roster. Mannie Nogueira, Steven Lapsley, Danny Sirkin, Jean-Francois Boulianne, Mark McGrade, Gurvan Le Bloc’h, and Jeremy Brosset. Enjoy It.

Re-run 430 – The Directors Cut

RE-RUN 430 BMX from STYLE43 on Vimeo.

Today we have a real treat from James Smith, who has produced a directors cut of the “Run” DVD, he explains all below! Stickied at the top of the site for the day! Thank you James!

“I originally filmed this back 2012 for a the DVD “RUN BMX” it was edited and produced in house by the guys at 430. Years later I found the raw footage on a hard drive and I was keen to do my own version and do a directors cut.
I only ever saw the finished DVD once when it came out, and made sure not to watch it again before editing to avoid influence etc.
It was an amazing experience being in japan 2 weeks filming and witnessing some amazing riding 1st hand.
The edit I have done is light hearted and not to worried about the duplicated angles and tricks.”

Hiroya Morizaki
Yohei Uchino
Kotaro Tanaka
Tsutomu Kitayama
Kawamura Takuma
Uehara Hiroshi
Kotaro Arai
Keiji Tamao Nakamura