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The Flatmatters Year End Awards 2014 / The Must Watch edits from March

I have already received a ton of votes for the 2nd annual Flatmatters Year End Awards, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to vote so far! Last year I spent hours and hours going through the site checking every video, this year I started logging edits as they dropped to make life easier, well at least try to! It’s fun going back through the year and seeing how things developed. Today I go through the Must Watch edits from March 2014!

Dub was working on this at the Guru Jam in 2013 and now has it down! Amazing balance point on this two footed death truck on the pedals! Dub is always pushing so theres no telling where this Forklift move will head? You definitely don’t want to miss this one! Click here to read more »

Repo: Battle in the Rockies

Text: Effraim.
Photos: Effraim + Dub + Marcin Biegunajtys – Manmade Media Studio.

On the last day for many of us we all got experience the Rockies for real. James took us up Pikes Peak, crazy good time with this crew! Photo: Dub.

Sometimes in riding you need an extra spark to spur yourself to the next level, I feel like the Battle in the Rockies event was just the tonic I needed with winter amongst us and perhaps you if you attended the event. When you see a flatlander put his heart into what he loves, it speaks volumes. From the very moment I got to Denver with Thomas Noyer who was on the same flight as me, the flatland community vibe that set the tone for the week was in embudance as myself and Thomas met James, Dub, Jason Plourde in the airport before we embarked on an hour journey that took four hours due to the heavy snow to get to Colorado Springs. When you have 5-6 flatlanders altogether once again even four hours goes quickly, plus as was Thomas Noyer’s first time to the US, we took him to as American a restaurant as we could find on the road, “Five Guys”.

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The Flatmatters Year End Awards 2014 / The Must Watch edits of February 2014!

Yesterday I began the mammoth task of going through the year month by month selecting the best edits, today we move onto February. How are you finding this month by month breakdown, is this helpful towards voting?

Last years Flatmatters Online Editorial Choice for Rider of the Year and Readers Choice for Most Progressive Rider came through with an amazing edit for his Awards Interview! And by the looks of it right now he is continuing his personal progression at an amazing rate! There is so much to rave about, but the backwards manual whopper out at 1:07 and the hang five pivot xft steam pivot circle k at 1:40 is incredible! Click here to read more »

The Flatmatters Year End Awards 2014 / The Must watch edits of January 2014

As I start going through the selection process for shortlisting the nominees for the 2nd annual Flatmatters Year end awards I thought it would be a good idea to refresh peoples memories on what has dropped in 2014 as there has been so much great riding this year! So today, we begin with the best videos from January 2014.

It was fitting that the first Must watch edit of the year went to Flatmatters editorial vote for Rider of the Year 2013! Mateus Beckmann continues where he left off, plenty of new whopper/decade variations – check 1:59 Rollback candybar stem decade anyone? Enjoy this incredible talent do his thing! Flatland is all the better for it! Click here to read more »

Flatmatters – 6 Years Strong!

As I sit here reflecting on 6 years of running FlatmattersOnline, I just dropped the second annual year end awards yesterday and Simon O’Brien’s amazing new edit, the site has come along way, taking journeys of ups and downs. I wondered what kind of influence Flatmatters has had on the flatland community over those 6 years? Click here to read more »

Must Watch! Simon O’Brien – Colony 2014

We are celebrating 6 years of Flatmatters tomorrow, it gives me great pleasure to publish this Must Watch Simon O’Brien Colony 2014 Edit! Everyone knows Simon is one of the greatest flatlanders to ever touch a bike, there was a time where he seemed have a lil’ deadtime and now it is so great to say Simon is back! Just watch this edit, there are so many points that are worth rewinding in this edit, the first that stood out to me was the 360 flip ride in a’la Andrew Faris to backwards halfpacker at 1:22, the nose manual full boomerang direct to backwards backpacker at 2:09, and the forward karl halfpacker stop dead kickflip to backwards halfpacker ender at 3:29 may all have us talking for years + Simon kills it on the deck of the ramps! Does it get any better than this? Simon is already filming for an up and coming flatland dvd with Stewart Munro, I’m excited to see what is next? This is incredible, hit the rewind and thank you Simon for taking the time to do this and share with us!

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FlatmattersOnline 2014 Year End Awards!

Welcome to the 2nd annual FlatmattersOnline Year end awards, as we look forward to celebrating our 6th birthday tomorrow. It’s time to put your thinking hats on, search the site to see who had the best year in each of the categories. A few people asked last year, why so many categories? The reason is simple, purely to recognise more than one persons achievements throughout the year.

I have chosen to announce the awards a little later this year, to reflect the whole year more.
The top 5 nominees will be announced Sunday 4th January, with the winners announced the week after, Sunday 11th January. This gives people a full month, and more importantly based on feedback from last year, time after Christmas, rather than rushing between the festive period and New Years Eve like 2013.

Good luck to everyone, look out for some posts related to the awards throughout the next month and a huge thank you to Johann Chan for his amazing graphic design work once again!


Effraim Catlow

Flatmatters Editorial awards
* Rider of the year
* Edit of the year

Flatmatters Online Reader Awards – seven categories for you to vote!
1-Rider of the year
2-Edit of the year:
3-Brand of the year:
4-Innovation of the year:
5-Contest Run of the year:
6-Most Progressive rider:
7-Breakthrough rider of the year:
*Only one vote per person per category.

How do you vote?
Send your votes through to: – entitled Flatmatters Awards 2014 – Please note: voting only counts via email.
* Medals mailed out after January 11th.

Top 5 Nomineees Announced: Sunday January 4th

Winners announced: Sunday January 11th.

Battle in the Rockies Day 5 – Dub & Dominik Nekolny take the cash Prejam 2

Yesterday was by far the best day yet at Battle in the Rockies. Reklamation Bikes threw down another $200 for a one minute battle format, which is now being dubbed as Fight Club! Dub and Dom both threw down flawless runs, we did intend for the final 3 to battle for the cash. But in the end we decided with the riders agreement to split the cash. The atmosphere was electric inside the warehouse, great riding also from the likes of Dez Maarsen, Pete Brandt, Jason Plourde who had just set up a brand new bike, Masashi Itani, Benjamin Hudson (threw down a ridiculous xft crackpacker line).
The contest starts today, Novice, Veteran and Am. The top 3 in Am will battle it out in the club downtown Colorado Springs for the title and the AM Flat Circuit year end title.
As soon as I get a live stream link, it will be on the site today! Stay tuned, it’s going to be an amazing contest!

Battle in the Rockies – Day 2

Dom arrived last night after a long flight from Prague, and immediately started throwing all his combos and some new bangers I haven’t seen before. Machine!

James McGraw is a bundle of energy, back and forth all day doing all he can for the riders. And putting in some work on the contest floor!

It’s always good to see Todd Carter ride, smooth as glass style, and one of the nicest guys you could meet.

Day 2 was a full day of riding at the warehouse, the level of riding from the crew has already been amazing! Great atmosphere and comradery between all the riders, yesterday the spot got owned with such a high level from the likes of Dub, Thomas Noyer, Benjamin Hudson, Jason Plourde, Tyler GIlliard, James McGraw, and later in the day Todd Carter and Dominik Nekolny arrived and joined in the sessions. Today we have more riders arriving, the excitement is growing. Bobby Carter will be running a livestream broadcast from Friday, so lookout for that right here! Lets get started with Day 3!

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Battle in the Rockies Day 1

Hello all!

Yesterday I arrived in Denver Colorado after an 8 hour flight from London Heathrow with Thomas Noyer. We arrived to snow and -6 weather, we were greeted at the airport by the host James McGraw and Dub. Soon after we picked up another Canadian powerhouse, Jason Plourde! Later in the day as we hit a few rounds of pool in James’ basement, Benjamin Hudson showed up! Good times catching up with everyone already. Today we are hitting up the contest venue to ride all day, keep checking back for daily updates from the BITR contest. At the moment, its -11 here in Colorado Springs, bring a warm coat!

Roll on today! Good times ahead!