The 2021 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards Nominees Are…..


Hello everyone!

It is time to announce the nominees for the 2021 Flatmattersonline Awards. Congratulations to all the nominees in both editorial and reader categories. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote, we had a late surge of votes this year.


Effraim Catlow



Yohei Uchino.

Kio Hayakawa.

Matthias Dandois.

Viki Gomez.

Terry Adams.


Matt Wilhelm Until We Ride Again.

Viki Gomez Rise 3.

Heresy Mix tape.

Sean Fontenot Escapes.

James White System Overload.


Takato Moriya.

Ren Oshima.

Julian Baran.

Dan Hennig.

Varo Hernandez.


Nous BMX.

Heresy BMX.


Colony BMX.

Viking BMX.


To be announced Sunday 30th January.



Matt Wilhelm.

Kio Hayakawa.

Viki Gomez.

Pete Olsen.

Varo Hernandez.


Matt Wilhelm Until We Ride Again.

Heresy Mixtape.

Sean Fontenot Escapes.

Viki Gomez Rise 3.

Moto Sasaki Jam.


Erin Donato.

Leticia Moda.

Irina Sadovnik.

Louise Seigneur.


Joris Bretagnolles Battle in the Rockies qualifying

Kio Hayakawa UFL Round 3.

Hiroya Morizaki Jeep Real Games.

Kio Hayakawa Never off Battle.

Yu Shoji Jeep Real Games.


Yu Shoji Jeep Real Games First Trick.

Pete Olsen Upside Down Walkover.

Yu Katagiri 360 Bikeflip Chimera Games Final.

Kio Hayakawa – Our BMX Nora Cup ender.

Hiroya Morizaki Real Jeep Games Final.

Winners announced: Sunday 30th January.

Time to Vote: The Flatmattersonline Year End Awards 2021!

Hello everyone!
It’s that time of year where we celebrate another amazing year of flatland, and honour the winners with a medal in each category.
This year I decided to switch a few of the awards up and most noticeably add A Female Rider of the Year award.
Womens Flatland is arguably the area of flatland I see growing the most especially in the last year with events such as Flatqueens really helping to showcase new talented riders. I’d like to honour these women, rather than myself vote I’ve passed that one over to you the readers.

I am sure you can agree. It’s been another strange year, the Covid 19 pandemic has continued to cause Havok and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast?
I ask the question once again, Are contest results albeit online as important with how you vote this year? What really matters to you? The video parts? What riders are doing for others, the list goes on.
You have plenty of time to vote, work your way through the year and see who’s contributing throughout the year, or who’s had that banger part that inspired your own personal riding. Everyone has different opinions, which is one of the many things that makes flatland so special.

Without further a due, it’s time to start researching and digging back through the year at what’s gone on throughout this crazy year.

Who is going to win the awards this year, it’s definitely going to be interesting…

Editorial Vote:
Rider of year
Must Watch Edit of year
Outstanding Contribution
Breakthrough Rider of year
Brand of the Year

Reader Choice:
Rider of year
Edit of Year
Female rider of year
Contest Run of Year
Line of Year

How do you vote?
Send your votes through to: – entitled Flatmattersonline Awards 2021.

When’s the Deadline for voting?
Voting closes Sunday January 16th.

Nominees announced:
Sunday January 16th.

Year end award winners announced:
Sunday January 30th.

Please note:
Voting only counts via email, and you must vote in each category to be eligible. Plenty of time to go through edits over the new year, and look back via the site on the highlights of the year that will follow over the next few weeks, take your time and good luck and most of all enjoy the process of voting!


Effraim Catlow.



What’s up everybody?
Today marks 13 years of Flatmattersonline, and whilst I was thinking what I could drop for this year the answer was staring me in the face.
I did plan to drop my latest riding edit to celebrate, but events in my personal life put a delay to that. I’m a couple of tricks short at the moment, I hope you will all see that in spring.
The answer as I previously eluded to, is the return of the FM exclusives! To document share and progress has been my motto since day 1.

Documenting your riding is a great way to personally progress and time to return to the core of what the site is all about.
I have been on sat on a few videos for a few months, hard to believe the last exclusive was six months ago. Where did that time go?
London style cat, Jason Forde came through with this great crackpacker/halfpacker line, and you can tell Jay has put a lot of time in his bike by the way he moves on the bike. And in a FM t-shirt, no less, thanks for the support Jay!!
I’m sorry to Jay, and everyone else that their clips have been lying here for months, back to it now!

It’s now time for a shameless plug, we have a Black Friday sale on right now till Monday 29th November. Tees and hoodies are now 20% off on our webstore. Thanks to everyone who has supported the site over the years, and more recently bought a tee or hoodie, this really is a labour of love and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to comment on the site.

Flatmattersonline / 13 years Strong!

Effraim Catlow

Link to webstore:

Repo: Hungarian Championship & Sport Zone SE Open International

Text/Photos: Rob Alton.

This was our first contest in a location like this. Three years ago, I scouted the Duna Plaza and dreamed of having a contest there. Then this year Város Viktoria from now working in collaboration with the Hungarian Cycle Federation (MKSZ) helped me make it happen. Once we got the go ahead it was down to me to make it happen starting with the most important thing, the floor. With hiking prices, it was not easy to but we managed to do it. I know it could be better but the floor held well and the non-slip paint is so much better than unpainted OSB.

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Unscripted: Flatland Film Teaser 2021

We have nice exclusive for your Saturday afternoon!

Unscripted – A Flatland Film 2021 is available for download right now, Stewart Munro’s latest video project. Peep the trailer right here!

”Unscripted is a new full-length video showcasing some of the best flatlanders from around the world featuring Kio Hayakawa, Masato Ito, Nick Watts, Simon O’Brien, Clint Millar, Jody Temple, Paul Chamberlain, Pete Brandt, Ruo Hayakawa, Yoshihiro Shinde, Trevor Meyer and Viki Gomez.” Run Time – 1 hour .

Link to buy –

Launching the Flatmattersonline Merchandise Store!


Today after much gnashing of teeth I am proud to launch the Flatmattersonline Merchandise Store! This has been a goal of mine for many years, and with the graphic design skills of Johann Chan. We are finally able to make this a reality!

Support Flatmattersonline by getting yourself, the very first limited edition FM t-shirt and hoodie.

Link to buy:

Photo credit: @matthocopan


Effraim Catlow / Flatmattersonline

The Faces behind the 2021 Ruhr Games: Andy Zeiss & Frank Lukas Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Andy Zeiss and Ingmar Sprenger.

It’s been a few years since I was at the Ruhr Games, and this year’s event is just a few weeks away. The first big live flatland event on the calendar since Covid 19 began to my knowledge, so there are of course a lot of questions during these uncertain times. Today I catch up Andy Zeiss and Frank Lukas who are working on the event together, it’s time to meet the faces behind the 2021 Ruhr Games flatland organisation!!!

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Episode 77: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Chris Vasileiou


What’s up everybody? I made a little mistake on the last episode, this is actually episode 77 not the previous exclusive. Greek shredder, Chris Vasileiou comes through with his second exclusive, and today is Chris’ birthday!
Everybody go wish Chris happy birthday in the comments section, Chris comes through with an awesome Scarlo squeak to frame stand tomahawk line that just keeps building, amazing bike control from Chris!

Thanks Chris for contributing, whose got episode 78?

Episode 75: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Barre Neirynck


What’s up everyone? It’s time for episode 75 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, today it’s the turn of Barre Neirynck out of Belgium. Barre comes through with a solid whiplash to hang 10 seat grab move combo’ing it multiple times before a stomped out exit to pedals! BOOM!!!
Barre threw down an amazing Urban Waves contest a few years back in Belgium, and today I’m stoked to see this fresh clip out of him.
Thanks Barre for contributing, whose got episode 76? Dropping Wednesday.