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DecoBMX – 2014 Flatmatters Awards Brand of the Year Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Chad /

The winners of the 2014 Flatmatters Online awards now have their medals, so I am going through the process of interviewing each winner over the next month or so. We begin with “Brand of the Year”, which was won by Deco BMX. I caught up with the main man behind Deco, Chad Degroot to grab his thoughts on winning the award, his brand, new products in the works, collaborating with Profile, and talk all things flatland, read on!


Firstly congratulations to you and DecoBMX for Brand of the Year, how do you feel about receiving the award Chad?
This is awesome for so many reasons. First off I want to thank you for doing this, seems like BMX has lost sight of why and how we got here. Plus who are trying to push things for the better of the sport. These awards are refreshing and such a great idea. This award is for DecoBMX but it wouldn’t be possible with all the supporters out there. And a huge thanks and respect for the whole team including the ramp and street riders. Tsutomu Kitayama or “Storm”, Lee Musselwhite, Terry Adams, Thomas Noyer, Tang Meng, Kerry Gatt, and Hiroshi Uehara holding it down on the flatland side. This award is a stamp on history for 2014 and I couldn’t be more proud to receive this on behalf of DecoBMX and what we represent. Thank you.

Thanks Chad! As well as having great product, it’s also about the team getting out there. Who makes up the Deco team?
It’s not limited to Tsutomu Kitayama or “Storm”, Lee Musselwhite, Terry Adams, Thomas Noyer, Tang Meng, Kerry Gatt, and Hiroshi Uehara but more or less anyone who rides a bike part, sticker, LIKES us on Facebook, comments on anything, and throws support our way.

Selling the Wu pegs singular was a stroke of genius, something unless you ride you might not understand. What are your plans without giving too much away for Deco in 2015?
Thank you for this, but it was a few minds coming together to make the WuPegs possible including Shawn Burnham. We are switching production in house at Profile Racing in USA so you know the original Wu was great but were going to make it better. Tsutomu is on his signature JACKPOT frame that is done sampling and will be out early summer, clean design, well thought out, great graphics, and hand picked colors. Our Camo line of seats including a flatland specific seat, camo fork caps, camo swirl grips, camo pedals are either out now or will be soon. Also the Tie Dye parts including seatpost clamps and seatposts have a great look. Working on a bag that doubles as a tool bag or toiletry bag. USA made Pac Ends bar ends are out now. We are supporting great jams and events like Fl-BMX series, Nowhere Jams, One Love, Voodoo, Battle in the Rockies, and more. On a side note working on the Profile Z-Coaster is a dream come true finally having it released in April. I spent a lot of time and work helping them develop this product that is THE BEST hub I have ever ridden. I give that shout out for Profile stepping into more support with Deco, Tsutomu and TA as team riders, and the flatland community needs this support with a great company with this kind of history.

The main man behind all things Deco! Photo:

Besides Deco you have ran a couple of skateparks, and now also a shop as well. How do you feel these experiences have helped you with running Deco?
It’s having business pride but also employing riders, giving money back to rider owned companies, building our local scene here in Florida, not trying to change the world of bmx but staying with it for the long haul, making the right moves, being a business to stay in business with good decisions, making the customer happy or giving them options.

On a day to day basis, how many people do you employ under at Deco HQ?
To employ is a tough one, it’s really only me. But I don’t want to leave out my employees at my shop who answer the phone, sell Deco direct to customers, and answer questions about Deco as my shop Mr. B’s doubles as Deco as well. Right now in house my shop has 4 employees. Outside I couldn’t consider them employees but people who help Deco and see the light. Chris Rye does some graphics and ideas here and there. Matt Coplon has always put in time and effort on social media, ideas, and sales through Profile Racing Distro. The Space-Station crew with the shirts and graphics. Randal takes care of hats and patches. So I am not really answering this correctly but if you have to ask under this one roof for Deco its just myself and my many personalities.

Xft One handed Opposite Hang 5 out at his second office, photo:

What would you say are the core principles that define what Deco is all about?
Look how you want to be seen. Be honest and don’t let business run you. Keep it in control at all times. Once you are to big you lost control. Everything is a story so I am keeping the stories telling. BMX birthed Deco so I’m staying true to the roots where it all came from.

If someone wants Deco product, where can they get it from?
First I would say to shop local, but this can be tough so respected mail orders would be next. For Distros if your a shop hit up Direct, Profile Racing, QBP, Deco Spain, Deco France, Agun, Decade in Japan, and many more and always keep in mind direct from me and hit me with any questions on ordering, where to get the good stuff, and even suggestions/concerns/ideas.

Any final shoutouts?
Thanks to everyone who voted, who rides, follows, likes, is honest, and gives two shits about Deco. and smiles about BMX.

Jean William Prevost – 2014 Flatmatters Editorial Choice Rider of the Year!

Photo credit: Am Flat.

This year I saw Jean William Prevost take flatland to new heights, using his experiences on his bike to help elevate flatland! Stepping up this year to organise one of the best contests of the year, the Real City Spin in Montreal Canada. When Dub announced he was organising Real City Spin and not entering, he made a huge statement, Dub became an ambassador for our sport overnight. I feel like he set a huge benchmark in 2014 that goes way beyond riding, but the responsibility you have as a pro rider.

Of course aside from that Contest organisation, Dub is always there and around the podium, taking big wins in Toronto and the Battle in the Rockies winning both the online contest and the event itself in Colorado Springs, 3rd at Voodoo Jam and Flatark, and who can forget that battle with Ucchie?!

Edits? Dub we all know produces high quality documentation of his riding, but on top of that he produces contest edits giving a lot back to the culture.

Dub also helped introduce Breakthrough Rider of the Year, Benjamin Hudson to the flatland world, and stepped up his company igiBMX, who also just took the award for Innovation of the Year for his peg design!

2014 was an amazing year for Dub, and I really feel deserves our respect for what he has done for flatland this year, on his bike and off it!

Thank you for standing up in 2014 Dub, flatland as a sport needs more people like you! Congratulations to Dub taking the Editorial and Reader Choice for Rider of the Year, Innovation of the Year, and runner up Contest run of the Year!

We are all excited to see what Dub has in store for us all, both on and off his bike this year!


Effraim Catlow / Flatmatters

Bombarderos Martti Kuoppa & Viki Gomez – Flatmatters 2014 Year End Award winner / Editorial Choice Edit of the Year!

Picking the Edit of the year is always tough process, thankfully this year my life was a great deal easier thanks to Viki Gomez and Martti Kuoppa and their collaboration they dropped on September 1st “Bombarderos”. To me and judging by the hundreds of votes clear this video was in the Readers Choice awards, you almost all thought the same thing. What a rarity that is, flatlanders agreeing, surely not?!

Watching this edit gave me the feeling I had when I first watched a Dorkin’ video back in the day, it’s pretty rare these days to see one NBD (Never Been Done) in an edit let anyone above 10 NBD’s, I lost count to be honest. And particularly in Martti’s riding, I saw the artist return to flatland and take off where he left, leaving us all with moments of genius. The triple stem lash both ways comes to mind first, or me first screaming at the screen when he did the stem steamroller pivot to crackpacker. This video changed the game in a big way, Martti doesn’t even need to do anymore, but I am sure he will. That’s a measure of the man. You will know no doubt have already have seen other stem variations, but this comes as a result of one man and his originality. And you can’t forget Viki Gomez, Viki delivered a crazy amount of crazy hard kick flip combos in signature buttery fashion that complimented Martti’s raw stem style/short sharp bangers. The two approach riding so differently, but when you put them together, it’s almost like all sides of flatland are covered. The combination is killer!
Congratulations to both Viki and Martti. Total whitewash this year, taking both the editorial vote and reader vote for Edit of the Year! One medal each? Quite fitting. So well deserved!
Also, shout out to Camilo Gutierrez at Wildschnitt Film & Photography who put together this amazing edit!

Thank you Martti and Viki for taking flatland to a higher place!

Effraim Catlow / Flatmatters

Jean William Prevost – Flatmatters 2014 Year End Award winner / Readers Choice Rider of the Year!

Photo: Stephane Bar.

The Reader Choice vote for the 2014 Flatmatters Rider of the Year goes to Jean William Prevost, aka Dub! Congratulations Dub! What a year 2014 turned out to be for his riding and his company igi! Becoming the riders favourite, again this was a landslide vote! We are all excited to see what is in store for this year both in his riding and his product designs, stay tuned!

Runner up: Alex Jumelin.

Bombarderos Martti Kuoppa & Viki Gomez – Flatmatters 2014 Year End Award winner / Readers Choice Edit of the Year!

With close to 300 votes coming in this year for the 2nd annual Flatmatters Year end awards, over 3/4 of the Readers Choice Edit of the Year votes going to Bombarderos! Congratulations to Martti Kuoppa and Viki Gomez, two long time friends who gave us all a real treat on September 1st!

Runner up: Alexis Desolneux – You are your path.

Watch the video one more time:

Deco BMX – Flatmatters 2014 Year End Award winner / Readers Choice Brand of the Year!

So far Brand of the Year was the tightest competition, with voting going right down to the wire on January 4th! Congratulations to Deco BMX, the 2014 Flatmatters Online Readers Choice Brand of the Year, closely followed by Quest BMX!

Dominik Nekolny – Flatmatters 2014 Year End Award winner / Readers Choice Contest Run of the Year!

Congratulations to Dominik Nekolny voted by you the readers of Flatmatters Online for 2014 Contest Run of the Year for his final run at BMX Cologne! Interesting to me that you voted not for a totally clean run, but perhaps a bit of emotion too with Dom narrowly missing out the previous year. Go watch his run one more time.

Dominik Nekolny at BMX Cologne 2014 Finals from Global Flat on Vimeo.

Runner Up:

Dub vs Ucchie Battle at Flatark, watch it again below:

Shintaro Misawa – Flatmatters 2014 Year End Award winner / Readers Choice Most Progressive Rider!

The Readers Choice award for the most progressive rider of the year is perhaps the award that means the most to the rider. Much like probably yourself, I forgot how many quality progressive edits Shintaro Misawa brought to the table in 2014, similar to the voting for Breakthrough Rider of the Year. Shintaro was the Readers obvious winner, clocking up a hundred or so more votes than runner up, Alex Jumelin!

Congratulations to Shintaro Misawa, voted Readers Choice for the 2014 Flamatters Most Progressive Rider.

Runner up: Alex Jumelin.

Related edits:

Benjamin Hudson – Flatmatters 2014 Year End Award winner / Readers Choice Breakthrough Rider of the Year!

Let’s kick this off! The first category for the 2014 Flatmatters Online Year End Awards is Readers Choice for Breakthrough Rider of the Year. This award is about recognising that rider that broke through to the elite of our sport, pushing himself and rising up to the cream of crop, and arriving on the big stage.

The 2014 Breakthrough Rider of the Year by a landslide vote goes to Far East / igi rider Benjamin Hudson from Santiego, Chile! The 18 year old prodigy literally won this award by a landslide of votes!!!

Dub gave us all a small taste of Benjamin’s talent on the “Against the Current” edit back in May, but really shot to fame in his Welcome to Far East Cycles that dropped on the 5th of September.

Dub really took Benjamin under his wing during the last year or so and showed him the way. Aside from those two amazing edits, Benjamin made his way onto the international contest scene taking second place at the IOXC Contest in Semarang with his mentor taking the win, and for many of us confirming he is the real deal with a strong 4th place finish at the Battle in the Rockies contest!
The future is bright, and we all cannot wait to see what this phonemeonal talent has in store for us all!

Congratulations Benjamin Hudson, you are the 2014 Flatmatters Readers Choice for Breakthrough Rider of the Year!

Runner up: Quentin Pelorson.

Related edits:

Flatmatters 2014 Year End Awards Announced From 5PM GMT!

It is an exciting day here at Flatmatters HQ! The 2nd annual Flatmatters Year end awards will be announced from 5PM GMT tonight. Each category will be a separate post this year to highlight the award more with 2nd place runner up announced as well. Stay tuned.

Flatmatters Online Reader Awards

Breakthrough rider of the year
Most Progressive rider
Contest Run of the year
Innovation of the year
Brand of the year
Edit of the year
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Flatmatters Editorial awards

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