Repo: Ruhr Games Day 3

The sunshine came out for finals day, and boy was it a scorcher here at the Ruhr Games, in Dortmund, Germany. Pro finals was scheduled for 2pm and the finalists cooked up a treat for us all and the awesome German crowd that was packed out for the finals.


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Matthias Dandois | Jean William Prevost | Alex Jumelin Top 3 Bonus Round Bike Days 2017

The 2017 BIke Days pro finals contest went off! Here are the Top 3’s Bonus Round moves, Matthias Dandois, Jean William Prevost and Alex Jumelin. Amazing from all three riders, this also marks my first attempt at making an edit. Hope you all enjoy, will continue the contest run coverage tomorrow!

Catching Up with Davis Dudelis at Bike Days 2017

Kind of a nice story with the Catching Up series, both Dustyn Alt and Davis Dudelis made finals at Bike Days, Round 1 of the 2017 World Circuit. This interview was done on the friday, we discuss the Bike Days competition with Davis, running a BMX School, his bike set up which intrigued me, and much more. Hope you all enjoy!

Catching up with Dan Hennig at Bike Days 2017

Yesterday I started something new for the site, today we have the second in the “catching up” series with Dan Hennig. Another underrated rider in my opinion, I catch up with Dan to discuss the Bike Days contest, his opinion on judging, his new sponsorship deal, injuries and so much more. Great feedback from the first interview, keep it coming. Hope you all enjoy!

Catching up with Dustyn Alt at Bike Days 2017

Trying something new for Flatmattersonline, I am out here in Solothurn, Switzerland at the Bike Days contest. Round 1 of the 2017 World Circuit, and it seems as good a time as any to catch up with some riders to talk about the weekend, the contest lifestyle, practise regimes, and so on. My first interviewee is We the People rider, Dustyn Alt. In my opinion, Dustyn is underrated in the contest scene, but more importantly than that. A great human, so much fun to hang out with every time I see him at contests. Hope you enjoy the first short interview.

The Viki Gomez 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Ali Bharmal/Flatark photo: Jason Halayko.


When you put all the pieces of the “flatland pro” puzzle together, you wouldn’t be far wrong to call Viki Gomez the “finished article”. All bases are covered, winning contests worldwide, video parts with brand new tricks, rides shows across the globe, travelling constantly representing his sponsors, not to mention running Brand of the year, KGB. We all of course know Viki won the editorial, and readers choice for Rider of the Year in the 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards plus contest run of the year for his final run at the BMX Cologne contest, it’s time to catch up with the man himself.

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Last Times with James White!

Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Mark Holland, James White.

So when I had the idea to start out the “Last Time” feature again I was running with the train of thought to feature a rider you might not expect me to run with for the opening article. I had some good feedback from Gabe Weed’s LT. For the second feature, I was thinking more along the lines, who should I have already interviewed already? That person is the godfather of UK Flatland, Mr James White! Every Last Times feature is unique to the person, plenty of inside jokes in this LT! Hope you all enjoy!


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