Martti Kuoppa – UK Flatland Championship winning run + Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.

I caught up with Martti Kuoppa to talk about his winning ride at the UK Flatland Championships, special thanks to Matthew Dyer for officially filming for the contest. Pinoski also has both runs filmed which will be dropping tomorrow, for now check out the 2:30 run from The Boss and read on to see what has to be said about his win!

Stemroller, photo by Matti Hemmings.

Watch his winning second run right here:

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UK Flatland Championships Day 1


Day 1 here at the UK Flatland Championships at the Birmingham NEC! Today was set up day with Matti Hemmings, myself, Kieran from Oner Sign! We have the floor mopped, branded with the UK Flatland Championships sticker (with a clear grip sticker over the top so it’s not slippery), sponsors banners around the whole arena. Mark Noble at CSG also stepped in with four complete bikes from Hoffman Bikes and We the People for some flatland workshops. There was also chance of a cheeky session to try the floor out, turns out the Cycle Show organiser used to work for the Backyard jams, small world! We are just going through prizes at the hotel at the moment! Novice and AM Qualifiers and Finals tomorrow, it’s going to be a good weekend for UK Flatland!

Stay tuned for results and updates, tomorrow! Via the site and also the instagram @flatmatters



The Sebastian Grubinger Interview!

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photography: Tom Sevisual.

W15W6823 Kopie

Summer holidays are over here in the UK, and that means less work for me and more time to ride, and also work on original content for the site. As you can imagine, I have a long list of people I would like to interview, and Sebastian Grubinger has been on that list for a while now.
One of the most interesting things for me is to highlight the riders that are not in the light so much as the main guns. You may say Sebastian Grubinger is on Heresy, that’s the main light. But I would argue despite this, and despite winning awards in the FM year end awards, Sebastian is still underrated.
It’s the underrated riders that nowadays interest me more, I caught up with Sebastian and we talk about a whole lot of things ranging from how he got into flatland, the Heresy brand, music, where he’s from, video parts, his feeling on small contest areas, and much more. Putting together these FM interviews is one of the most motivating things to do, and I really got a lot of going back and forth with Sebastian. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did putting it together.

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Pakphum Poosa-Art aka Toon Interview

Interview and Photos: Provided by Schogn Lee.

Schogn Lee from South Africa kindly got in contact with a fresh interview with contest machine, Pakphum Poosa-Art aka Toon for FM. Toon has had a great year on the contest scene already, making finals at Voodoo and Real City Spin back to back. Schogn catches up with him to see where he’s at, and learn a lil’ something about him. Enjoy!


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Repo: O´Marisquiño

Text: Morgan Peckosh.
Photos: Alberto Moya.

Flatland is a family, and especially here in Spain, we are lucky enough to have a big family that celebrates and enjoys flatland a lot. Of course everyone knows Viki Gomez, and Alberto Moya, Guelo Monzon, Miguel Tardio, Varo Hernandez, and slowly Mario Correas are familiar names tomost and have been moving around the planet to contests for years, but Vigo and O´Marisquiño is a celebration of all Spanish riders, those just starting and those that have been riding forever. This was the 15th Marisquiño and at least the 7th time flatland has been involved.

Varo Hernandez rocking the crowd during Pro finals.

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Dane Beardsley in Southsea


One of the perks of living in Southsea and working at Southsea Skatepark, is visiting Pros are always passing through.
Today, I had the pleasure of hanging out and watching Dane Beardsley at Southsea Skatepark. Dane made the short trip from Southampton where his boat is docked.
Many of you may or may not know Dane is currently performing in shows on a large boat around the Bay of Biscay, stopping off in Italy, Spain,the UK amongst other places.
It was great to catch up with Dane away from the contest scene, enjoy the photographs!

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Repo: Voodoo Jam 2015

Text: Todd Carter.
Photos: Erik Otto & Todd Carter.

The 11th VoodooJam rolled through New Orleans, Louisiana USA, the last weekend in July.
Riders from eleven different countries braved the 108° (F) heat index to make this event one of the best ones yet!
The classic pre-jam went down at Annunciation Center Park, in New Orleans on Friday. This location was about a mile from the host hotel, so a ton of riders took advantage of it! I remember counting close to 100 people directly involved in the flatland scene, hanging out and riding.

Ucchie made his first entry to the World Circuit this year at Voodoo Jam. Signature double foot pedal ice cream.

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Repo: The Final Flatland Fracas!

Text: Rick MacDonald.
Photos: Mikel Miller, Kieran Chapman and Scott Denoncourt

The Final Flatland Fracas happened on Sunday August 2nd in East Bridgewater, MA USA. It was an amazing day, bringing a fitting end to this fun grassroots contest series.

Killer shot of Jason Plourde You really do have to witness his riding live to appreciate!

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Repo: Belfast BMX Flatland Jam

Text: Pete Hollinger.
Photography: Rampage Rick.

Dino Jeffers is a local legend. When I was growing up he was the guy representing Northern Ireland at all the European comps. After a few years back home in South Africa, Dino returned to Northern Ireland determined to help push the local scene and a few weeks ago he hosted the third annual Belfast Flatland Jam.

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Bobby Carter: The Aloha Jam Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Bobby Carter, Adam Jung, Steven Lapsley, Dane Takemoto, Rich Slezak, RJKphotography.

Summertime! Contests and jams are in full flow all over the world, Bobby Carter over at Diversion HQ in Los Angeles, California is always thinking of new things and challenges within our sport! Towards the end of August, the second annual Aloha Jam is going down in Hawaii, I caught up with the man himself to get some more details, read on!


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