Shinichi Kiba Landscapes 2!


Today we have a nice exclusive thanks to Stewart Munro! If you haven’t seen Landscapes 2, your in for a treat today! You can now watch Shinichi Kiba’s amazing part right here. From the opening backwards facing whiplashes to fork wheelie around the worlds to backwards crack backwards facing whiplash you know this is going to be serious stuff. Also wherever he and Hidenori filmed, wow that spot just looks so good and my favourite clip is Russia walking around the world fork wheelies effortlessly across this gorgeous marble spot.
If you wish to buy the video or read my review, hit the link below:

Link to buy Landscapes 2 –

Link to buy Landscapes 1 –

Link to Flatmattersonline’s Landscapes 2 review –

Featuring Hidenori Ishizaki , Chad DeGroot, Bert Ribul, Paul Chamberlain, Raphael Chiquet, Shinichi Kiba, Koichi Forkone Higo, Brandon Fenton and Takuzi Izumi.

Throwback Thursdays: The Dominik Nekolny Flatmattersonline Interview

With the exclusive content change to Flatmattersonline, it hit me this morning why don’t I repost interviews I’ve done and switch things up rather than just post one edit as a Throwback. Dominik Nekolny won the Fight the Winter this past weekend, this TBT is dedicated to Dom! Perhaps you missed this the first time round in 2013.

Intro: Effraim
Interview: Effraim + Reader Questions
Photos: Kelly Baldwin, Magdalena Stankova, Ronny Englemann.

As I walked into the flatland tent at the BMX Worlds, I looked across the area and saw Dominik Nekolny mid xft whiplashes. My eyes were of course firmly drawn, the link continued with 360 bar flip to halfpacker pivot out to xft opposite carved halfhiker xft whiplashes to no handed guillotine. You could have heard a pin drop.

The rise of Dominik Nekolny to the top I would imagine has been a long hard struggle, and a lonely one too. For me this guy has gone the extra mile which takes commitment and sacrifice. I’ve heard many a contest pro say in the modern day, Dom is the guy to beat. As the clock ticked away during his worlds final, you could see he knew he had blown the world title. For many second would be amazing,for Dom it’s not. And I admire that, he’s brutally honest and wears his heart on his sleeve.
I realised I didn’t know much about a rider I admire so much. Hey Dom, why no flatmatters interview? Few days later here we are…

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The Yuki Itoh Flatmattersonline Interview!

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Provided by Yuki Itoh.

When I started thinking about a direction change for Flatmattersonline and producing more exclusive content. Yuki Itoh was the first name on my list of people to interview, here is a rider that I look at like the “next one” this guy is blessed with amazing riding skills and style, and I feel like he can be “that” rider if he believes and really elevate our sport/artform to the next level. But at the same time, I quite like that there is a mysterious nature to him, not everything is out on the washing line for all to see. Refer back to his “Welcome to Far East” edit that I still watch to this day for inspiration, but Yuki offers much more than that.
His alias, Yukipkoproject is producing some of the best quality edits flatland has ever seen, that rival Tom at Sevisual in terms of feel, and quality. Here is a rider I really look up to, and I had to know more. I have gone back and fourth with Yuki over the past few months to put this together. Welcome to the Yuki Itoh Flatmattersonline Interview….

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Inside the Flatlander’s Mind: Overcoming Riders Block.

Intro/Article: Effraim.
Photos: Bobby Carter, Kai Kuusisto, Alicja Korbinska, Tom Sevisual, Keith Mulligan.

All so often we only see the polished finished article, we turn up as riders at a contest and amazing riding, and flawless runs, or we see a “Must Watch” edit here on Flatmattersonline. What we don’t see is the blood, sweat, tears and psychological games that riders struggle with behind the scenes. I have faced this quite often over my riding career, and when it comes, it tells me “it’s time to switch things up”.
Every rider is different and that is one of multitude of things that we all love about flatland. I found something as simple in concept as learning something with bars forwards or backwards, learn something opposite or sometimes ride a different spot than I normally would. I have this saying in flatland, “learn everything you can, there are no bad tricks to learn, as flatland will catch up and bite you on the ass when you need that trick the most. I wondered about what other riders do to overcome this natural process of riding flatland over the years. ”

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The Austin Luberda Interview

Intro: Effraim/James McGraw.
Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Supplied by Austin Luberda.

As some of you have noticed, Flatmattersonline is taking a more exclusive content direction in 2018. When I started out planning this, I had a list of people I wanted to interview and find more about. One of those riders at the top of my list was Austin Luberda. I passed the intro over to James McGraw who has watched Austin grow as a rider. Over to Mr McGraw!

Some people say the American flatland scene has lost its prominence.
But like any sport, there is always that next young talent that comes out of nowhere, or in this case, out of Missouri.

In 2014, Austin Luberda turbined his way to the first Battle in the Rockies contest. He traveled alongside his Mom, Dad, and his future wife. (Sorry Dax) He entered the expert class and placed in the top 3. His style and flow were completely eye-opening. He battled at a shot at competing in the pro finals. He did not win his battle, but he did deliver under pressure and rode exceptionally well. All of us knew this guy was here to stay.

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Jay Marley Interview – The man behind the Gasparilla Jam

Intro/Interview: Effraim
Photos: Jay Marley, Terry Adams.

The first month of 2018, and already two awesome jams on the West coast and East coast of America. This interview came out as a spur of the moment thing where I was posting the news yesterday of Terry Adams winning the Gasparilla Jam. I wanted to know more about the guy behind the event, I hit up Jay with a few questions. Ladies and gentlemen here is the Jay Marley Interview!

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Darin Wright – The One Love Jam Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Alex Capecelatro and Cody York.

The One Love Jam has become one of the biggest events on the flatland calendar, organised by Darin Wright. I wanted to catch up with the man behind this event and pick his brain about why this event is becoming a staple for flatlanders all across the globe to visit.

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James White “FIT Benny L” Bikecheck!

Intro: Effraim.
Bikecheck description/photos: James White.

If you pay attention to riders set up, you will notice James White always has some interesting bike modifications going on his ride. Many of you have been requesting James to do a bike check, the man himself got in contact and offered to show his bike check on FM! Over to Whiteski for the 411..

“So I’ve been getting a lot of requests about doing a bike check. So here it is.
To explain a little. I stopped getting support from S&M around mid 2017 as they were stopping regular production of Intrikat. I went straight into working with another company on a potential frame release. Sadly, that too was put on hold towards the end of the year. That left me with a rather tired bike and ripe for a fresh set up to kick start the new year.”

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The 2017 Flatmattersonline Year End Award Nominees are…..

Happy New Year everyone! It’s time to announce the nominees for the editorial and reader choice 2017 Flatmattersonline Year end awards, thank you to everyone who took the time to vote. As always it is interesting to see what you the reader of Flatmattersonline thinks compared to my editorial votes. And last not certainly not least congratulations to all the nominees.


Effraim Catlow

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The 2017 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards

Design credit: Johann Chan.

Yesterday I celebrated 9 years of running Flatmattersonline. Thank you for all the positive feedback on the site and on my social media, it’s pretty amazing to me that the site continues to grow going into it’s tenth year. Next year I have some bigger plans with the site that I am really excited to get working on in the new year.

Now its time to get to the 2017 Flatmattersonline Year End awards and if you have already scrolled down before reading me ramble on you will have noticed that I have changed a few of the categories to reflect more of what is going on with the site. “Innovation of the Year” and “Brand of the Year” are gone and replaced with “Most Progressive Rider”, “Outstanding Contribution”, and “Line of the Year” which is something I wanted to do last year but didn’t get around to it. This year you will also notice the awards are evenly matched 5 each for myself as the editor of flatmattersonline and 5 for you the reader.

Without further a due, it’s time to start researching and digging back through the year at what’s gone on.

Editorial Vote:
Rider of the Year
Edit of the Year
Most Progressive Rider
Outstanding Contribution
Line of The Year

Reader Choice:
Rider of the Year
Edit of the Year
Most Progressive Rider
Contest Run of Year
Breakthrough Rider of the Year

What’s the Deadline for voting?
Voting closes New Years Eve at 12 Midnight GMT.
Sunday December 31st.

How do you vote?
Send your votes through to: – entitled Flatmatters Awards 2017.

Nominees announced:
Tuesday January 2nd.

Year end award winners announced and medals sent out:
Monday January 15th.

Please note: voting only counts via email, and you must vote in each category to be eligible. Plenty of time to go through edits over the festive period and look back via the site on the highlights of the year that will follow over the next few weeks, take your time and good luck and most of all enjoy the process!

Effraim Catlow
Flatmattersonline / 9 Years Strong!