Category Archive: Flatland How-To’s

Keisuke Tanigawa – Flatland How-to

Keisuke shows some flatland basics with japanese subtitles, at the legendary Kobe flatland spot!

Tim Knoll – How to Poleswing with a bike

Tim is blowing up his youtube channel right now with a bunch of awesome how-tos, check out this How to Poleswing with a bike.

Tim Knoll – How to Grip Ride

Tim Knoll gives some good pointers on how to grip ride, digging the point of view angles in this how-to!

Bike Limbo How-to with Tim Knoll

If you watched Tim’s latest edit “Original Tricks” and let’s face it pretty much everyone did! You will have seen the bike limbo move Tim dropped on there, sure looks fun. Check out this how-to video where Tim breaks it down for you.

Rebecca Pergentile – Flatland Bikes and Basic Entry Tricks

Rebecca is putting a ton of work into and now looks like she has added her own personal show to the site. This episode she runs through the flatland bike and a few basic tricks to get girls started. Good stuff Rebecca!

How To Patch A Flat BMX Tire – Jim McKay

Using fire to help patch your tube? I haven’t seen this before, peep this short how to video Jim McKay put together, Aaron Frost and Kenny Boucher have few clips at the end!

Dane Beardsley – How-to Surfer

Dane Beardsley breaks down how-to surfer in Long Beach. No place better for it.

Mayko Lee – How to Peg wheelie

Mayko Lee takes you through a few of the different types of peg wheelie. Great stuff!

Matthias Dandois – Sosh Episode 4. (How-to Whiplash)

Matthias Dandois – Sosh Episode 4 (S2) from Ride Sessions on Vimeo.

Great how-to whiplash edit from Matthias, explaining not only how to the trick, but its origins, demonstrations of what you can do with the whiplash also. One of the best how-to videos I have seen yet!

How-to Nose Manual with Broc Raiford

Really dope how-to from TCU! Broc compares learning nose manuals to marriage. Watch, enjoy! And hopefully learn nose manuals!