How to Freestyle for Beginners

At just over one hour and fifty one minutes long, this is about the longest how to series I can think of. There are are lot of moves demonstrated right here, featuring Takahiro Ikeda who directs this also, Misaki Ishizaki, Yu Yamamoto, Takumi Isogai, and Kio Hayakawa.

York Uno: How to Top Tube Elephant Glide

York Uno is killing the flatland how-to game, and is dropping how-to’s pretty much daily. It’s hard to keep up, I would call this move a top tube backwards squeaker… never mind tricks have different names across the globe…. Thank you York for contributing on the daily to the new generation of riders.

Chase Gouin: BMXicos 1998

Before Cream Magazine, there was the BMXicos posse that ran a print magazine and produced a few videos included this great one featuring Chase Gouin, that includes interview, great riding footage and Chase explaining each line as it goes down around the 2:21 mark! This is well worth your attention, I don’t feel many across the globe will have seen this, so I will stager the posts out today to give this one some time….

How-to Scuffless Stubble Duck Gerator by Raphael Chiquet

Who better to teach you how-to to scuffless stubble duck gerator than the man himself, Raphael Chiquet! I really enjoyed this how-to with a bunch of riders thrown into the mix to test Raphael’s method to learn the move and the way he broke this trick down was really helpful, well worth a watch!