Episode 73: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Jody Temple


One of my favourite riders, Jody Temple comes through with episode 73 of the Flatmattersonline Exclusives. Jody like myself, has been battling back injuries over the past few years, so it’s super motivating to see Jody out there killing it!
JT comes through with a nice half hiker pivot to switch foot Karl 360 to steam and love the stylish hideout.

As always Jody’s riding really stands out, particularly in the current day. So fresh and clean, props to Jody for throwing down for 73! Thank you Jody!

Whose got episode 74? Get in touch…

Episode 72: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Lee Wilson


After a short intermission on Sunday, we are back to the Flatmattersonline Exclusives!
Today it’s the turn of UK rider, Lee Wilson!
Lee is from Market Harborough, just outside Leicester here in the UK, roughly in the middle for all outside of the UK that may be curious.
Lee comes through with a smooth whiplash hitchhiker line flowed into hang 5 step steam, love the bar flip steam that follows and the smooth exit out.
Lee was a regular on the UK contest scene for many years and it’s great to see he’s still riding, and I dubbed him the UK Shintaro, super smooth elegant style!
Thanks Lee for contributing, whose got the next episode?

Episode 71: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Rodney Williams


What’s up everyone?
It’s that time of the week, today we drop episode 71 of the Flatmattersonline eclsuives with none other than Rodney Williams!
I called out Rodney a few episodes ago, and he comes through with an awesome switch foot circle k 360 bar flip to switch foot pedal circle k into one foot cowboy squeaks and goes back and forth a few times between the switch foot pedal circle k and one foot cowboy squeak.
Rodney is one of Flatmattersonline biggest supporters and its time for you at home to show some love back to Rodney! Let’s hear it in the comments section, this is kind of a short combo by Rodney’s standards!!!

Thank you Rodney for contributing, whose got episode 72?

Episode 70: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Thiago Balzano


It’s time for episode 70 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, this episode we have a feature with Brazilian rider, Thiago Balzano. Thiago has been living in the Washington DC area, USA for about eight years now and is a dedicated Flatmattersonline reader.

Thiago reached out to me, and let me know the exclusives have really helped push him as a rider and he wanted to use the exclusive as motivation to land a hitchhiker to crackpacker. And as you will see, he hits this line clean, he mentioned that the side step style out of crackpacker to steam was causing him the most problem.
This was really a joy to hear, this is what the exclusives are all about. It’s you and your own personal progression, and using documenting the line to help push forward your own development.
This works on so many levels, I could go on and on.

This did give me an idea, the Flatmattersonline exclusive Line of the year award went to Kio Hayakawa last year, what about if we add a Reader Line of the Year that’s not for Pro’s. This is for riders like BZ, Thiago and whoever comes forward, readers of FM, it makes sense to me.
Does it make sense to you?
Let me know your thoughts, and I’ll announce next week if it’s happening.

Thanks for contributing Thiago!

Whose got episode 71? Dropping Wednesday….

Episode 69: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Pete Brandt


What’s up everybody?
Flatland lifer, SF flatland legend, Pete Brandt comes through with a belter of back wheel line for episode 69. At the age of 50, the flatland assassin, Pete B shows no sign of slowing down and I love the detail in this line.
Pete locks into four spins, after the opening shove-it switch foot mega spins, and holds a similar amount of revolutions on the no handed straddle time machine, hook spin, Adam Kun signature spin (no handed spinning lawn?), and no handed blender and stamps this with that Pete B finesse and aggressive we have all come to love.
This clip got me hyped, filmed by skater homie Chris Dunn, and a cameo from Larry Redmon holla’ing “We out here!!!”. SF represent to the fullest, missing the Clocktower vibes….

It’s time to go ride!!!

Thanks to Pete for throwing down for ep.69 (his second exclusive), whose got episode 70? Get at me, the American riders have stepped up big time for these exclusives. Anyone else notice that??!!!

Episode 68: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Bryan Huffman


The clips keep on coming in, and today it’s time for Bryan Huffman’s second exclusive!
Bryan is what I like to call a flatland lifer, out of Winston Salem, North Carolina over in the USA. Bryan comes through with one of his signature moves, the Huffpacker.
A halfpacker where he drops the back wheel down on the ground, and pumps a few circles for good measure.
Bryan has been doing this move for a long time, much respect Bryan.
Thanks for contributing, whose got episode 69? Dropping Wednesday…

Episode 67: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with James McGraw


It’s Wednesday evening, and that means time for the next episode of the Flatmattersonline Exclusives! Thank you once again to everyone who was thrown down a clip to get this started up and flowing again.

Irina Sadovnik started things off a few weeks back, and ended her exclusive with screams of joy, and a rider that’s infamous for screaming after every line he pulls is none other than the man behind the AFA, James McGraw!

I must admit I turned down the volume to watch this the first time round, and James rivals Irina with the loudest scream so far, James comes through with a rad junkyard kick turbine line ending in a backwards spinning switch foot ice cream/mega spin whatever you care to call it at his freshly surfaced Tintadome riding spot in Monument, Colorado.

What I wasn’t expect was a cameo from Joe Cicman, the man is everywhere!

Thanks for contributing James, whose got episode 68 dropping Sunday…

Episode 66: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Brent Zdrill

We are gaining some welcome momentum back with the Flatmattersonline exclusives.
And I am particularly stoked on today’s feature, as this is sent in by a FM reader (not that you all aren’t). But, what I am saying is, Brent Zdrill aka BZ who comments the site, is actively out there doing it, and documenting and sharing his riding with us all.
It’s super nice to put a picture to all the comments on the site, and Brent comes through with a really smooth mega spin turbines peg time machine to junkyard pivot out.

Brent has supported us all with commenting on countless videos, and it’s time to return the favour. These clips are all about using “YOUR OWN” level, do you have any suggestions what Brent could do to improve this line, and perhaps Brent when he’s ready could throw in something fresh for another exclusive at a later date.
This is what happened originally with my own riding and was motivation to start the Flatmattersonline exclusives, it’s good to get your clips out there. You might get an idea yourself, and someone may chime in and suggest it.
Whatever, the case it’s super cool Brent from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada came through with episode 66. He’s a family man, missed the latter part of his 20’s and returned to riding 5 years ago after the birth of his son.
Rodney Williams encouraged Brent to step up for a clip, and now I think its time to ask Rodney to step up too and return the favour.
Thanks Brent for contributing, whose got episode 77 dropping on Wednesday?….

Episode 65: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Todd Carter


What’s everybody, with a spring in all our steps. It’s time to get back to two exclusives a week, flatland lifer, Todd Carter stepped up for episode 65 to deliver a super smooth switch foot ankledeath type ride in to guillotine into spinning lard yard, finishing the line with a two footed backyard pivot out at his home riding spot.
As Todd warms up for the AFA Dream run contest shortly coming up, he’s looking smoother than ever, and I’m loving the progression he’s been showing lately on his social media.
Who would have thought Mr nice guy, Todd Carter would be that guy to break the rules of a FM exclusive.
Thanks for contributing Todd, whose got episode 66? Dropping Sunday….

Episode 64: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Gabriel Alves Gomes


I love surprises at Flatmattersonline HQ, when it comes to exclusives. A new face to me, Gabriel Alves Gomes comes through with a banger for episode 64!
From the smooth execution on the hand scuff backyard to the no-handed gliding lard yard/gerator/dick trick (whatever you care to call it), and sealing the deal with a steep brakeless smith decade. The exit is so important in flatland, and can really finish off a nice line, and turn into a great line.
The brakeless smith when executed properly is a real riders trick, separating the men from the boys, and Gabriel out of Brazil certainly stomped his authority on this clip. Super stoked!

Thanks Gabriel for contributing, look forward to seeing more from the Brazilian shredder.
Episode 65 will drop on Wednesday, hold tight!