Must Watch: Terry Adams / 2020 Instagram Clips


Regardless of no contests or not in 2020, it has already been a great year for Terry Adams. TA has really knuckled down and got to work under the MK Format regime, and looks in better shape physically and riding wise than ever before.
During the global lockdown, Terry won the Game of Bike against Alex Jumelin, Matthias Dandois, Martti Kuoppa, Frank Lucas and Travis Collier, that’s a stacked group of heavy hitters!
This edit features a bunch of clips from that Game of Bike plus his regular instagram posts, put it altogether, and you have a banging edit!
Enjoy this one, let’s discuss this edit in the comments.

Episode 44: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Satoshi Ojima



What’s up everyone? It’s time for episode 44 of the Flatmattersonline exclusive. It is a really good feeling when I get a FM exclusive that I wasn’t expecting, for me doing this it really feels like it’s working when this happens.
Satoshi Ojima stepped up for 44, Satoshi is from Osaka Japan and has been riding for 17 years. He drops a heavy line with two halfpacker pivot to opposite xft hikers in one line, what I liked about this the most was the feeling I got from watching it.
I thought about the struggle, and the push to document and push his riding, this is what these clips are all about.
Thank you Satoshi for contributing, I shall be keeping an eye out on him for sure.

Who’s got episode 45? Dropping Sunday….

Episode 43: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Jim Cavanaugh


What’s up everyone? It’s time for episode 43 of the Flatmattersonline exclusive, this episode features New England flatland legend, Jim Cavanaugh!
43 is the BMX magic number, Jim comes through with an awesome back wheel line for this feature. I feel like I have already used this term a lot during the intro’s for these exclusives, but it seems like the “flatland lifers” out there are contributing more and more, and thats awesome.
I grew up reading and watching Jim ride on the Radazine, Wire ‘zine and videos, stoked to meet Jim a few years in a row at the One Love jam, and as you will see right here. Jim is still going hard to this day, respect!

Thanks Jim for contributing.

Whose got episode 44? Dropping Wednesday…

Episode 42: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Lisias Tabarelli


Welcome back, it’s time for episode 42 of the Flatmattersonline exclusive. Ep. 42 features Brazilian flatland lifer, Lisias Tabarelli.
Love the ankle death tomahawk in this episode, this gave me a real 90’s throwback and reminded of some the moves Chase Gouin helped pioneer. Lisias contributes a lot to the flatland culture, especially in Brazil with his blogpsot site.
Thanks Lisias for contributing, who’s got episode 43?

Episode 41: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Jason Kale


It’s crazy to think we are fast coming towards 50 episodes of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, and today we have a feature with Jason Kale from the York, Pennsylvania area in the US.
Jason comes through with a different take on filming a line where he links between tricks in a snappy style, inside hang 5 to no handed 5, whiplash, manuals, hang 5, mega spin, and so on.. This was a fun episode, thanks Jason for contributing.

Whose got episode 42? Dropping Wednesday….

Episode 40: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Peter Miklosi


What’s up everyone? Yesterday was a long day at work, and didn’t get the chance to be online to post, so I am a day later than usual. We made it to 40 episodes, today we have a feature with Zurich resident, Peter Miklosi. Peter was the AM World Champion a few years back here in the UK, Peter recently got the 10th place spot in Master of Creativity online competition.
And right here here he flows through a x-ft halfpacker line, mid way through to xft crackpacker, and ends it with a brakeless smith. Super rad!
I thought the general public were going to continue our international theme of walking straight through to the rider, but it didn’t happen.
Who’s got episode 41?

Episode 39: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Robert Victoria


It is time for episode 39 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, this episode features Robert Victoria from the Bronx, New York.
During the 90’s I used to watch the 20 inch video magazines that heavily documented the New York contests, and I was stoked to see Robert contribute towards the exclusives.
I have been following his instagram over the past 6 months, regularly posting rolling clips in a tight looking skatepark spot in the Bronx.
This clip made me laugh, scooter riders being totally oblivious to anyone else is an international problem, and Robert powers through this steam whip to halfpacker line juggling to halfpacker after and maintaining focus. Joe Cicman will enjoy this one!
Stoked to see Robert step up for the episode that he filmed on his 47th birthday a few weeks back.
We will be closing in on the big 5 0 soon…

Who’s got episode 40? Dropping Wednesday..

Episode 38: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Claude Hickman


What’s up everyone ?! After a short intermission for episode 5 of Flat Snitches with Pete Brandt, and the Crackpacker, we are back to our regular FM exclusives.
Episode 38 features flatland lifer, Claude Hickman!
Many of you, will know and recognise Claude from the Fise World Online Live Stream commentaries, Claude made Hardcore Radness 1 and 2 and As the Wheel Turns when I was growing up. Hugely influential videos for me and my development, and I was stoked when Claude hit me up with this double darkside clip!
The second darkside in particular is so dope, looking like he was going to wind into a time machine and instead he scuffs backwards and flips darkside into a halfpacker. Claude has such a smooth style and this comes from years of riding.
Much respect Claude for contributing, whose got episode 39?

Episode 37: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Cory Stratychuk


What’s up everyone?
It’s that time of the week, these episodes are moving along so quickly. And like I have said before I am really stoked on how these episodes are taking shape, I dropped episode 36 last Sunday with myself.
And episode 37 features my ex-ronin team mate, Cory Stratychuk!
You know I had to wear a ronin tee for this one, Ronin represent! Cory in my opinion, is one of the smoothest riders to ever do it in the flatland game.
Cory has brought a lot to flatland, off the top of my head, the scuffing smith decade, nose wheelie full bar out, cliff-hanger kick flips consistently in contests to name a few.
He is also battling a spinal chord injury, and doesn’t get to ride anywhere near as much as he would like. Cory has flatland in his blood and rides when he can manage the pain.
As you will see from this clip, Cory still has it… opposite backwards spinning fork wheelie to spinning hitch coming from opposite side to regular side out, smooth as glass and with so much style.
Really stoked Cory could contribute to the exclusives, whose got episode 38?

Flat Snitches episode 5 drops Sunday 5pm GMT.

Episode 36: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Effraim Catlow


Welcome back, it is that time of the week.
And this episode has been a long time coming as far as I am concerned, episode 36 features myself (Effraim Catlow).
This year has been a battle not only with the pandemic, and my riding spots being locked up, but also injuries. And being on lockdown helped me actually to recover, looking on the positive side and all that.
One of my old riding spots from the late 90’s is now my daily riding spot, right on the seafront here in sunny Southsea.
I am happy to start progressing again, after easing back into riding for a month or so, I’ve had two good months getting back riding five times a week when the weather allows.
Riding at the Canoe Lake basketball opened my eyes again to using a bigger space, and different ideas come to my head as a result.
If you follow my riding over the years, you know I am play around a lot with cowboy flips, and besides progressing at tricks. I have been working on my technique, trying to get smoother by watching how my body moves in the tricks. The less the better other than functional movements of course.
I recently learnt to dump into hitchhiker from a cowboy flip rather than carving into a half hiker after the flip, and once I got that…
I said to myself, flip out and that’ll be a FM exclusive. Here it is, back on the progression hunt.


Who’s got episode 37?