Episode 15: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Benjamin Großjoahnn

With the Flatmattersonline exclusives dropping twice a week, the updates feel like they are coming thick and fast for me. One of my favourite things about putting FM together is the surprises I get, whether its someone I haven’t heard from in a while, a new video, some news, or in this case Benjamin Großjohann hitting me up with a clip for episode 15!
I haven’t seen much footage of Benjamin for a while, and he’s a name I don’t see on social media either, which is a rare thing these days.
Benjamin comes through with an amazing back wheel line holding the tyre that you don’t want to miss, filmed in Berlin, Germany. Thanks Benjamin for contributing!

Who’s got the next clip??

Episode 14: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Terry Adams

Welcome back, switching things up as the lockdown continues for the COVID 19 pandemic. Instead of once a week dropping exclusives, let’s change things up to two exclusives a week and help entertain riders across the globe!
Terry Adams has his own riding spot at home, and threw down this amazing line cutting down the dead time between switches with the best OUTRO yet.

Thanks to Terry for contributing towards the culture.

Who’s got the next clip? Let’s keep this flowing….

Episode 13: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Rodolphe Clavelier

Welcome back, it’s that time of the week. It is time for episode 13 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, I am loving the riders off their own back just getting in contact with fresh clips. Case in point, right here with French rider, Rodolphe Clavelier.
Rodolphe opens episode 13 with a super smooth hang 5 jumplash to steam without holding the seat and lands on the same foot, tough one and the line builds from there.

Thanks Rodolphe for contributing.

Who’s got the next clip? Same time next week….

Episode 12: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Renz Viaje

It’s that time of the week…

Renz Viaje comes through with Episode 12 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives. Renz links the ever popular ice cream bike flip into a front wheel line with a savvy style at his backyard riding spot over in the Philippines. Isolation is alright for some. Thanks Renz for contributing!

Whose got the next clip?

The Flatmattersonline Exclusives: 1-10

What’s up everybody?

I hope everyone is safe and well at home during this really difficult time. A couple of people shared the idea to post the first ten clips on one edit to look back over, and during this lockdown period. I have plenty of time to kill, so here are the first the clips that started back in January of this year.
These clips have become a thing, and I am really stoked on the reaction to doing these. Thanks to all the riders that taken part so far and shared their progressive lines with all of us.

Shoutouts to:

Pete Brandt
Sietse Van Berkel
George Manos
Bobby Carter
Chris Vasileiou
Varo Hernandez
Sebastian Grubinger
Kio Hayakawa
Matthias Dandois
Dan Hennig

Keep checking back:
Every Wednesday, a new clip on http://www.flatmattersonline.com

Episode 11: Flatmattersonline Exclusives with Mates Tucek

If you didn’t already know, Mates Tucek is one of the most skilled riders in the game right now. Mates can do so many tricks, and his tricktionary grows by the week it seems.
He went in a refreshing direction for this 11th episode of the FM exclusives, that showcases some of the skill I am talking about. Pulling a trick opposite, then into regular. Not something you see everyday, thanks Mates for taking the time to do this.

Whose got the next clip?

Episode 10: Flatmattersonline exclusives with Dan Hennig

Whoa, we made it! Ten episodes in such a short space of time. Dan Hennig has been on a mission over the winter to get ready for the contest season, and of course we are all on lockdown after the COVID-19 pandemic shut us all down pretty much. Dan went out and dropped one of the best Flatmattersonline exclusives so far, at an awesome looking spot somewhere in Zurich, Switzerland, before he himself was on lockdown. Thanks a lot Dan for stepping up for the tenth episode, who’s got the next clip?

* In related news, who thinks I should do a 1-10 video recap of the clips so far? Let me know in the comments section. Thinking of various ideas, as we all face being on lockdown for three months….

Episode 9: Flatmattersonline exclusives with Matthias Dandois

Breaking the weekly upload FM exclusive cycle, in order to keep you entertained during the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of us are already facing total lockdown, and if not, you are about to….
Matthais Dandois got in contact with a fresh new clip, switching back and forth, front to back wheel like a mad man for episode 9 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives after being in quarantine himself for a few days.
I’m still taking in Kio Hayakawa’s amazing line on the last episode, and Matthias throws down this belter for us all. Thanks Matthias, stay safe out there everyone. And let’s use flatland to help us through this difficult time, these clips are going off!!

Episode 8: Flatmattersonline exclusives with Kio Hayakawa

Events are being postponed, and cancelled it seems almost daily with the worldwide spread of the Corona virus pandemic.

Thankfully flatland can be something some of us can do in isolation, if you have a home spot or something close to that.
When I started the fm exclusives back up again, I was talking to Kio Hayakawa about producing a clip. Two months in, and Kio comes up with a clip that will make your head shake like it did mine.
The 2019 Flatmattersonline most progressive and breakthrough rider delivers us all a treat! Anyone wanna go riding after watching this?!!!

Thank you Kio for contributing, whose got the next clip?

Episode 7: Flatmattersonline exclusives with Sebastian Grubinger

The Flatmattersonline exclusives are becoming a thing, and Heresy rider Sebastian Grubinger just came through with a belter!

Sebastian’s riding always commands my attention, whether it is a must watch video part or a too good for Instagram clip. His riding is always fresh, and I love that he put in some work into getting this clip done for episode 7, (watch the failed attempts, the fact he shows the falls is awesome!)…
We went back and forth discussing the bar flip ride-out, as I was trying the bar backwards hang 5 to bar flip out. I got injured whilst Sebastian was trying to get this clip done, and as you can see he makes it look easy and not only that adds in an awesome ride-in that flows so well with rideout, and middle part of the line before getting to the rideout is so technical. The whole line together like that is ridiculous, and something we have come to expect from one of the best video riders in the game!

Thanks Sebastian for contributing towards the series, episode 7 is in the bag.

The response since I announced the Flatmattersonline exclusive clip will be a year award has been amazing, and already a few heads are working heavy clips for future episodes.
Who’s got next weeks clip? Episode 8 is on the horizon, same time next week….