Episode 35: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Ludovic Lefebvre


It’s that time of the week….
Episode 35 of the Flatmattersonline Exclusives with French ripper, Ludovic Lefebvre. Ludovic comes through with a knee roller, that hurts my knees watching it. Love the hideout as well to this, so smooth. Thank you Ludovic for contributing….

Who’s got episode 36? Hmmm I wonder…

Dropping Sunday, 5pm GMT.

Episode 34: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Rich Slezak


It’s that time of the week, two exclusives a week. And we show no signs of slowing down at all, Rich Slezak stepped for episode 34 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives.
Rich is originally from the Czech Republic, and made the move over to the east coast of the US from an early age. Rich grew up in the New England flatland scene, nowadays Rich lives in LA.

It has been great the last few years to see Rich riding at the One Love Jam, and put a picture to the face I used to see in text from the Radazine, eWire zines that Kieran Chapman used to make.
Riding wise, Mr Slezak flows a nice back wheel line at the Renondo Beach riding spot he probably looked at in Freestylin’ as a kid, funny how things work out.
Thanks Rich for contributing, who’s got episode 35?

Episode 33: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Ramon Lopez


The episodes keep flowing in, thank you so much to everyone who has helped keep these exclusives flowing along nicely since it’s inception, and the pandemic. Episode 33 features Ramon Lopez, from Puerto Rico who flows through a nice triple whiplash to messiah into cliffhanger for us all. Thank you Ramon for stepping up!

Who’s got episode 34?

Dropping Sunday, 5pm GMT…

Episodes 21-30: Flatmattersonline Exclusives


It’s time for the Flatmattersonline exclusives, episodes 21-30. Check out the new timestamp feature on the videos, where you can scroll through the video and see the listings as they happen. Thank you to Joe Cicman, James White, Brett Downs, James McGraw, Romulo Guerra, Thiago Baby, Lindsey La’akea, Art Thomason, Amos Burke, and Bryan Huffman for all contributing!

Episode 32: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Paul Chamberlain


Welcome back to Flatmattersonline exclusive clips, today we feature British ex pat, Paul Chamberlain. Paul made the move down under, as he was reaching pro level here in the UK. When Paul left, due to our small scene, you really noticed Paul’s absence from the UK scene. Not only with his riding, but his enthusiasm, and general charisma.
I’m only always stoked when Paul comments on the site, and puts in his two cents, it was likewise great when he contacted me with a clip which he commented he learnt during the pandemic.

Paul comes through with a nice switch foot backwards ice cream pivot to two footed dump truck for the 32nd episode, thank you Paul for contributing.

Who’s got episode 33, dropping Wednesday. 5pm GMT.

Episode 31: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with William Herve


Last week we made it to episode 30 of the Flatmattersonline exclusive clips.
After a short break for episode 4 of Flat Snitches, it’s time to return to the clips, and William Herve from France stepped up for the 31st episode with an awesome brakeless backwards facing stem-a-rang.
This trick looks like scary one to learn, how do you begin to learn this one and get a feeling for the move? Props to William for getting this done and contributing towards the culture.

Who’s got episode 32, dropping Sunday 5pm GMT…..

Episode 30: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Bryan Huffman

YO!!! We made it!

30 episodes of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, I am pretty hyped to make it to thirty episodes without skipping a beat. Bryan Huffman from Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA stepped up for the honours, and dropped a really nice back wheel line with a sweet x-handed pumping junkyard to boot.
Bryan is a flatland lifer, I believe he has had 10 ACL knee surgeries and is still continuing to push his riding on the daily. Much respect to Bryan!

Who’s got episode 31?

Dropping on Sunday 5pm GMT…

Episode 29: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Amos Burke


It’s time for episode 29 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, and Amos Burke stepped up for the occasion. Dropping a nice bar flip fire hydrant line, filmed down in Hastings, here in the UK.

Amos just celebrated his 48th birthday last Thursday, happy birthday Amos!
Amos is infamous for his Backyard and S&M video sections back in the day, and Amos is still going strong.
Big respect to Amos for contributing, who’s got episode 30?

Dropping Wednesday 5pm, GMT….

Episodes 11-20: Flatmattersonline Exclusives


As we approach our 30th episode, it’s time to go back and re-watch the Flatmattersonline exclusive 11-20. These clips have all helped inspire us all during this difficult time. Much respect to everyone who has taken the time to film a line and send it in.


Mates Tucek.
Renz Viaje.
Rodolphe Clavelier.
Terry Adams.
Benjamin Großjohann
Khaled Huerta.
Lee Musselwhite
Omari Cato.
Martin Drazil.
Steffen Peter.

Episode 28: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Art Thomason


With the successful NASA ISS Space X Shuttle launch this past weekend, who better to launch into the 28th episode of the Flatmattersonline Exclusive than Mr NASA himself, Art Thomason!
Art is a long time Hoffman Bikes rider, and continues to progress his brakeless riding style at his riding spot at home in Texas.
Art tears this cliffhanger line a new one, with over a minute action packed switches and direction changes.. Really enjoyed this one, thank you Art for contributing to the culture.

Who’s got episode 29? Dropping Sunday 5pm GMT….