George French – Ride On Interviews!

I am a big fan of Neil Waddington’s Ride On Interviews, you may recall the James White interviews earlier in the year. George French is infamous for his innovative G-Sport products and nowadays works for Odyssey! These interviews (in three parts so far!) are pure gold! Enjoy!

Ride On talks to George French (part 2) from Neil Waddington on Vimeo.

Ride On talks to George French (part 1) from Neil Waddington on Vimeo.

Martti Kuoppa & Viki Gomez – The Kuoppa Gomez Bikes Interview

Intro: Effraim.
Photos: Kai Kuusisto, Martti Kuoppa, Viki Gomez.


The KGB Soulrider frame has just dropped, it was time to catch up with two of the best flatlander riders of all time, Martti Kuoppa and Viki Gomez and talk about the new frame, and the return of Kuoppa Gomez Bikes. Hope you all enjoy the interview.


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Zach Shaw – Ride on Interview Part 3

A big part of making the iBMXff World Championships at NASS include flatland was this guy, Zach Shaw! And in this Ride On Part 3 episode he talks a lot of home truths, about invite contests, the older riders giving back, and a while lot more! This most definitely worth a watch, thank you Zach and Neil Waddington for tanking the time to share this with us all!

Matthieu Bonnecuelle – 2015 Flatmattersonline Breakthrough Rider of the Year Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photography: Max Cassagne, Tom Sevisual, Stephane Bar.


I think of the phrase “Action speak louder than the words” when I see the riding of Matthieu Bonnecuelle, he chooses to do the hardest tricks that many thought impossible or simply have not thought of.
Whether we talk about his no handed whiplash at BMX Cologne in 2014, the double xft backwards whiplash he dropped last year (see his Axiom Leviathan edit below), the riding speaks volumes. This young ginger haired man from the south of France continues to paint a fresh picture with his flatland riding.
It’s time to interview this amazing talent that was voted by many of you as the Flatmattersonline Breakthrough Rider of the Year, without further a due, welcome to the Matthieu Bonnecuellle interview.

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James White – Ride On Interview Part 3

Ride On talks to James White (part 3) from Neil Waddington on Vimeo.

The 3rd and final part of the Ride On BMX interview with James White just dropped!
This is pure gold as James talks about how he fits riding in with family life and what he’s had to do to stay fit enough to ride at the highest level in his 40’s.
He also talks about his love for collecting Old school BMX and riding for S&M. Grab a cuppa and enjoy this one! Special thanks to Neil Waddington for dropping these amazing interviews!

James White Ride On Interview Part 2

Part 2 of the James White Ride On Interview series just dropped and is absolutely golden. Once again great job from Neil Waddington. Hit play for some great Whitey footage plus his thoughts on the X Games dropping flatland, Level Vibes, Flatland Image, London Bikes, and perhaps the funniest question about James being in Phil Dolan’s shadow. I almost dropped my tea laughing at this the first time round, fantastic stuff right here!

Vladimir Isaev Interview by Jeff Desroche

Interview: Jeff Desroche.
Photos: Salov’ev Maret.

This week has already been awesome for contributions to FM, namely the two photo galleries sent in by Matt Coplon from AFA Round 1 in Orlando, Florida. And it continues today, with Russian Pegasus BMX rider, Vladimir Isaev sent in by Jeff Desroche. Read on:


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Heresy – 2015 Flatmatters Awards Brand of the Year Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Matt Coplon, Sevisual.

Welcome to the second in the series of interviews with the winners of the 2015 Flatmattersonline Year End awards. Over the past few weeks I caught up with Heresy head honcho, Alexis Desolneux to get his thoughts on winning the year end brand award, the team, what’s behind the HY brand and so on. Without a further a due, let’s get this started…


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