Talking All things UK Champs with Davis Dudelis

After we got wrapped up with a session on the Friday at the UK Flatland Championships at the Cycle Expo, in Harrogate, Yorkshire. Matti Hemmings wanted me to interview Davis Dudelis as a bit of pre hype for the event, as it turns out the Wifi wasn’t the best and when I got home my laptop died once again so I am little late uploading this.
Considering I had no preparation going into this, I am pretty happy about how this turned out, we discuss Davis’ hilarious party antics, the nose manual world record, his flat street style, struggling with motivation, what he thinks about the UK, why he always comes back to the UK Flatland Champs, his favourite Matti Hemmings quote on the mic and much more. This was good fun, so thought I would post it.

Billy Borys Documentary

There aren’t enough documentaries about flatlanders that tell their story. Just came across this Billy Borys documentary once again that I haven’t watched in a while. I was fortunate enough to ride with Billy at the ESPN Seal Beach contest in 1998 and this documentary brought back some great memories for me from that time period. Billy if your out there, I hope your riding still. Respect.

Dave Nourie Interview – OFG BMX EP #49 LIVE from Cornhucket ’18

Dave Nourie was recently in Nebraska for the Cornhucket ’18 event, and the OldFatGuy YT Channel caught up with Dave for a quick interview. So great to see Dave is still riding and busting out across the US, motivating others. Here’s what Dave had to say:

“Karl Hinkley has done an amazing job building BMX in Nebraska and I had the opportunity to join the festivities thanks to Reklamation Bikes.”

Ruben “RDog” Castillo – TACO’s Jam Interview Oct 6

Shawn White flew out from San Diego to Austin, Texas recently to interview flatland legend, Ruben “RDog” Castillo! Hit play for a great interview where Shawn and Ruben talk about about competing in the 80’s, 90’s, the GT/Dyno days, getting the cover of fresstylin’ and the modern day. This is awesome, sit down grab a cuppa and learn some history right here!

Short Interview with the 2018 UK BMX Flatland Champion Dominik Nekolny

It’s becoming a bit of a recurring theme with contest coverage, I like to interview the winner and get his or her reaction to the win.
Congratulations to Dominik Nekolny who pulled off a flawless performance at the UK Flatland Championships to take home first place and the crown once again. I caught up with Dom right after the results were announced to get his reaction. Short and sweet, enjoy!

The Flatmattersonline Chad Johnston Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photo credits: Christina Johnston, Greg Higgins, Spike Jonze, Jeff Z, Paul Vail,
Kai Kuusisto, Amy Stewart-Johnston.

Today I am stoked to publish this much deserved interview with the man behind Intrikat, Chad Johnston. Chad is a flatland lifer, and has contributed so much towards our artform over the years, he has helped many riders careers via video parts and getting their names out to us all, not to mention inventing and documenting so many tricks that have inspired us all across the globe. If that’s not enough, Chad also designed a signature line of products/frame with S&M. Despite all this, I feel the man is underrated, and I wanted to show the man some love and thank him for all he has done for me over the years. Grab a cuppa, this is a long interview that deserves your attention. Let’s get into this!

How long in the game Chad, how did you get into flatland? It’s crazy to me, I remember sending you money through the mail years ago for Reality Tv Part 1 and here we are 2018 doing this interview.
Haha! We’ve been in it a minute. I got my first BMX for my 10th birthday. Prior to that I was riding a hand-me-down stingray type of bike. I don’t remember how I got it, or when. I do remember my dad teaching me how to ride it without training wheels. As soon as I figured it out, it started raining, but I didn’t care, I kept on going.

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Barre Neirynck Mini Podcast / The man behind the Urban Waves Contest

I arrived yesterday for the Urban Waves contest in Kortrijk, Belgium. I was seriously impressed how event looked and wanted to give Barre Neirynck some props on the site. Short and sweet, find out what goes into making an event of this size which has attracted a lot of the best pro riders in the world. Enjoy!

The Matti Hemmings Flatmattersonline Podcast

A few months ago, Matti Hemmings was diagnosed with a ruptured disc in his back. A career threatening injury, I caught up with Matti to discuss the injury, his lifestyle, recovery, what he’s learnt from the incident, going private with operation and a whole lot more! This is a little more indepth than the usual podcast, so you definitely don’t want to miss this!

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