Effraim Catlow – Ride On Interview Part 2

In my Part 2 Ride On Interview with Neil Waddington digs deep in the crates with some great questions that I hope I gave some insightful answers to regarding the ride and fall of the King of Concrete competition that my mum and dad ran for 17 years straight. We talk about my World Championship win in Cologne 1994 and the criticism that comes from winning events. This was pretty much the most open interview I gave ever done in my history of riding, hope you all enjoy it!

Effraim Catlow – Ride On Interview Part 1

Neil Waddington from Ride On BMX took the time to come down to Southsea last week to interview me about my riding history and experiences along the way. In Part 1 we discuss my childhood growing up and competing on the UKBFA competition circuit, travelling to contests outside of the UK and a whole lot more. Thanks to Neuil Waddington for taking the time to do this, hope you all enjoy! it’s not often I’m the subject of an interview these days…

Catching Up with Dave Nourie

At the 2017 BMX Cologne contest I caught up with 80’s Haro Flatland BMX legend Dave Nourie. We talk about his ordeal of getting to Cologne, his new Haro ride, stories from the 80’s Haro tours, his heartfelt responsibility to keep the old school alive in a new school era at contests, and a whole lot more. I even learnt that Dave did not invent the stubble duck which I thought was the case for years, this is a good one. Don’t miss it!

Catching Up with Sebastian Grubinger

During the BMX Cologne contest weekend I caught up with Heresy rider, Sebastian Grubinger to talk about the history of the BMX Cologne. We discuss his first experiences there, his riding spot back in Vienna Austria being made smaller, his opinion on contest areas being a rolling rider, the Heresy brand, his prolific posting on instagram, the importance of the video part and a whole lot more. This was a great catch up with Sebastian, good times in Cologne once again!

Catching Up with Davis Dudelis at Bike Days 2017

Kind of a nice story with the Catching Up series, both Dustyn Alt and Davis Dudelis made finals at Bike Days, Round 1 of the 2017 World Circuit. This interview was done on the friday, we discuss the Bike Days competition with Davis, running a BMX School, his bike set up which intrigued me, and much more. Hope you all enjoy!

Catching up with Dan Hennig at Bike Days 2017

Yesterday I started something new for the site, today we have the second in the “catching up” series with Dan Hennig. Another underrated rider in my opinion, I catch up with Dan to discuss the Bike Days contest, his opinion on judging, his new sponsorship deal, injuries and so much more. Great feedback from the first interview, keep it coming. Hope you all enjoy!