Martti Kuoppa Surfer For Life Podcast

Woke up today to a nice surprise, the Surfer For Life Podcast dig deep into Martti Kuoppa’s riding career, from his start in riding through to current day. This is pure gold, don’t miss this! Hit the link below to tune in:

Spike Jonze – Epicly Later’d

Every so often I like to post something that perhaps does not seem to be flatland related, but it does cross over and you can really take something out of this. I’m a big fan of the Epicly Later’d series and caught this amazing episode with Spike Jonze yesterday, who when I was younger was one of the main photographer’s for Freestylin’ Magazine, now of course he has been awarded an Oscar, countless feature films, but yet still remains grounded to his roots in BMX and Skateboarding. Brilliant insight, grab a cuppa and enjoy this one!

Throwback Thursdays – Chad Johnston & Peter Olsen FlatWebTV Interview – 2012

It’s TBT time, and recently I have been rewatching a lot of the FlatWeb TV shows and this week wanted to show some love back to this awesome show. I don’t know about you all out there, but I miss this show. If you got this far reading my ramblings, enjoy the Chad Johnston and Peter Olsen interview from 2012.

Catching Up With Matti Hemmings

With the UK Flatland Championships taking place next weekend at the Wheels and Finns Festival in Joss Bay, Kent it seemed like the perfect time to drop this.

During BMX Cologne, I caught up with UK Flatland Championship organiser and Professional flatland rider Matti Hemmings to talk about the up and coming Wheels and Finns event on the 9/10th September. As well as that we talk about his daily schedule, holding the world record for a couple of flatland moves, living in Portishead, never practising a routine for contests and the BMX Cologne event. Hope you enjoy this one, leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

** The wind was blowing once again, so turn this one up.

Voodoo Jam 2017: The Scott O’Brien Interview

Interview: Effraim
Photos: Fat Tony, Leo Furmansky and Red Bull.

Voodoo Jam 2017 is just around the corner, there’s not a better time to get in contact with the main man Scott O’Brien over in New Orleans to get some insight on what we can expect this year and talk about all things Voodoo! Read on…

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Effraim Catlow – Ride On Interview Part 2

In my Part 2 Ride On Interview with Neil Waddington digs deep in the crates with some great questions that I hope I gave some insightful answers to regarding the ride and fall of the King of Concrete competition that my mum and dad ran for 17 years straight. We talk about my World Championship win in Cologne 1994 and the criticism that comes from winning events. This was pretty much the most open interview I gave ever done in my history of riding, hope you all enjoy it!