James White Ride On Interview Part 2

Part 2 of the James White Ride On Interview series just dropped and is absolutely golden. Once again great job from Neil Waddington. Hit play for some great Whitey footage plus his thoughts on the X Games dropping flatland, Level Vibes, Flatland Image, London Bikes, and perhaps the funniest question about James being in Phil Dolan’s shadow. I almost dropped my tea laughing at this the first time round, fantastic stuff right here!

Vladimir Isaev Interview by Jeff Desroche

Interview: Jeff Desroche.
Photos: Salov’ev Maret.

This week has already been awesome for contributions to FM, namely the two photo galleries sent in by Matt Coplon from AFA Round 1 in Orlando, Florida. And it continues today, with Russian Pegasus BMX rider, Vladimir Isaev sent in by Jeff Desroche. Read on:


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Heresy – 2015 Flatmatters Awards Brand of the Year Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Matt Coplon, Sevisual.

Welcome to the second in the series of interviews with the winners of the 2015 Flatmattersonline Year End awards. Over the past few weeks I caught up with Heresy head honcho, Alexis Desolneux to get his thoughts on winning the year end brand award, the team, what’s behind the HY brand and so on. Without a further a due, let’s get this started…


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Martti Kuoppa – The 2015 Flatmattersonline Awards Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Martti Kuoppa, Stephane Bar, and Marcio Massayuki Abe.

When I was thinking who to begin the 2015 Flatmattersonline award winning interviews with, the answer was pretty simple in my mind. Martti Kuoppa took home four of the possible ten categories, why not start with the man that dominated the awards? As anyone who follows FM will know, I like to dig beneath the surface, and the process of how riders get to the top is always intriguing to me. Let’s jump right into the awards interviews with Martti!


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Rob Ridge – Ride on Interview

Neil Waddington over at Ride on BMX has been dropping some gems recently, and just published his first interview with one of my biggest inspirations growing up on a BMX bike, Rob Ridge! This is pure gold! Here’s what Neil had to say:

“So here it is. The first ever Ride On interview with the legend that is Rob Ridge!
In part 1 of this interview I spoke to Rob Ridge about his riding through the 80’s, 90’s and today. We chatted about breaking bikes, competition riding, 90’s fashion police and the changing trends in BMX.
Part 2 will follow soon where I talk to Rob more about his take on riding in his 40’s.”

The Simon O’Brien Interview – TCU TV

I’ve been waiting on this one and it doesn’t disappoint! At an hour thirty long, grab a cuppa when you have some spare time to kill. Adam 22 as always hosts with special guest Bobby Carter helping out also, you do not get to hear much from Simon so this is a rare interview. Discussions go from how Simon got started, to the solitude life of a flatlander, trips to USA and Europe, his love for Mexican food, his flatland spot in his yard, solo dvds, contest tricks vs bangers, his brake set up, having arguably the most viewed web video of all time, and probably of most interest to me how did having a stroke effect Simon’s riding and much more besides. Well worth your time to sit down and learn more about one of the best flatlanders ever!