• Benjamin Hudson – 2014 Flatmatters Awards/Breakthrough Rider Interview

    Intro/Interview: Effraim.
    Photographs: Gerard Arhens.

    When you see a new face on the scene, it’s one thing to have a great video part. It is entirely another to be the real deal in the flesh, I first had this feeling when I saw Martti Kuoppa for the first time at the Worlds in 1996 in Jugendpark, then again I had this feeling when I met Nathan Penonzek a year later in Huntington Beach, California. This feeling returned at Battle at the Rockies last year, we were all aware of course of Benjamin Hudson and his amazing “Welcome to Far East” edit, I wondered to myself on route to Colorado would Benjamin be the real deal?

    The answer was quickly “yes”, effortless style, crazy pivots and so light footed around the bike. I immediately thought to myself it is like watching a young Nathan Penonzek all over again, which was ironic as Nathan was right next to me on the judging panel. Benjamin won the Breakthrough Rider of the Year by an absolute landslide, and deservedly so. Enjoy the last in series of Flatmatters Year end awards interview, we all eagerly wait to the see what the future brings to this amazing talent from Chile.

    flatmatters 1

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    Waldemar Fatkin – Welcome to We The People Interview


    Photo credit: Ben McPherson

    Big news yesterday when we dropped Waldemar Fatkin’s explosive Welcome to The People edit, I caught up with the man himself to talk about the move, some history, and what we can expect in the future, read on!

    The move to WeThePeople seems like it fits your flat/street direction Waldemar, what excited you most about the move over to WTP?
    Hello everyone! Yes I am very happy to be a part of WTP. I am very excited about few things. WTP has very deep flatland roots and it was first BMX brand I was looking for. Of course quality and design of the products is just the best and I like the crew behind the brand. I am very honered to be part of the family.

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    Chad Degroot – From Athlete to Entrepreneur


    Chad Degroot runs his own bike/skate shop along with DecoBMX, TTM Lifestyle just did a collab Deco shirt with the man himself and caught up with him about the transition from rider to entrepreneur. Hit the link below.


    Dave Mirra – Expansion Project Interview

    Dave Mirra, X Games 2009. Photo: Fat Tony.

    Fat Tony is killing on the podcast game with so much insight into the life of many Professional BMX riders careers, already he has interviewed the likes of Jamie Bestwick, Mike Spinner, and now one of my all time heroes, Dave Mirra! The discussion goes from anything from business contracts to his mindset going into big contests, its all fascinating stuff! Make sure you subscribe on iTunes.



    Martin Aparijo at Woodward West

    4K Bike é Legal BMX HISTORY EPISODE #01 with Martin Aparijo Bmx LEGEND at Woodward West from Juca.Favela on Vimeo.

    Juca Favela recently hooked up with one of the legends of Flatland Freestyle, Martin Aparijo at the annual Old School Reunion at Woodward West. Hit play for a great interview and some riding footage from the main himself!

    Jamie Bestwick – The Expansion Project Podcast Interview

    Every so often I post something thats not flatland related, although this BMX related. You definitely should check out Fat Tony new “Expansion Project” Podcast. Great interview where they discuss the background work that goes into winning events, the mental side of competing, and much more! The parallels with flatland are obvious right away! Great job Fat!

    “Subscribe on iTunes” and give them a like here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/expansion-project-podcast/id982099188#

    Martti Kuoppa & Viki Gomez – The Flatmatters Awards Interview

    Intro/Interview: Effraim.
    Photos: Provided by Martti Kuoppa & Viki Gomez.

    The 2014 Flatmatters Online Year Awards for Edit of the Year in 2014 panned out much like the Rider of the Year category, Bombardaros by Martti Kuoppa and Viki Gomez took landslide victories in the Editorial Choice and Readers Choice Edit of the Year category. Over 13 minutes of quality modern day flatland by two of the finest flatland riders ever! I caught up with the both of them separately. You definitely want to read what these two legends have to say about the video and the background work and emotion that went into it! Respect!


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