Ep. 30 – Chad DeGroot Interview – Turn Your Passions Into Your Career: BMX Riding & Entrepreneurship

Fat Tony caught up with Deco’s Chad Degroot for Episode 30 of “The Expansion Project”, Chad had always had plenty of projects going on, this is well worth a listen!


Here is what Fat Tony had to say:
“My guest today is one of the most influential BMX riders of all time and entrepreneur extraordinaire Chad DeGroot. He is one of those people who has had so much going on for so long that picking and choosing what to cover in a one hour interview was super difficult.

On the entrepreneurial side, he’s owned two different skateparks that had a huge impact on the BMX scene in Florida. He’s put on numerous events and competitions, and currently owns a BMX company and bike shop.

On top of all that, he is a husband and father of two kids. The list goes on and on. If you’re a fan of BMX, you definitely do not want to miss this episode, and if you’re not into BMX, I think you’ll still get plenty out of it, so check it out!”


Voodoo jam 2015 – Terry Adams interview + Photogallery

Dez Maarsen, xft halfpacker.

Red Bull just dropped this photo gallery + Terry Adams interview from the Voodoo jam last weekend, hit the link for some really good photos from Aaron Nardi plus TA’s interview…


Jean-William Prevost – DECOMPOZ Magazine Interview

Jean-William Prevost // Flatland BMX, Exploding Cars, and Dancing Bikes | MONTREAL EDITION from DECOMPOZ magazine on Vimeo

As always Jean-William Prevost aka Dub drops some knowledge in this new Decompaz magazine interview, particularly of interest is Dub setting an example and not riding in his own contest (Real City Spin August 29-30). If the video interview is not cool enough, there’s also an online interview to check out also, hit the link below.


Bobby Carter: The Aloha Jam Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Bobby Carter, Adam Jung, Steven Lapsley, Dane Takemoto, Rich Slezak, RJKphotography.

Summertime! Contests and jams are in full flow all over the world, Bobby Carter over at Diversion HQ in Los Angeles, California is always thinking of new things and challenges within our sport! Towards the end of August, the second annual Aloha Jam is going down in Hawaii, I caught up with the man himself to get some more details, read on!


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Throwback Thursdays – Props #3 / BS Kansas, 94′ York PA Jam, Paul Osicka’s Interview

For this weeks Throwback, we go back 21 years to 1994! And Props Issue 3, Claybom24 made this great mix of the flatland footage in that issue. Amazing footage from the BS contest in Kansas, Paul Osicka Interview, and 94′ York Jam that is sadly remembered for Edgar Plascencia and Richard Zabzdyr being involved in a serious car crash on the way home to California from York, PA, Richard lost his life. RIP, Richard Zabzdyr.

Scott O’Brien – Voodoo Jam 2015 Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Fat Tony.

The 2015 World Circuit series is shaping up nicely, with Bike Days and Barcelona both going off in Europe! All eyes now turn to Round 3, which takes place at the annual Voodoo Jam in New Orleans, USA on July 25th. I caught up with the organiser Scott O’Brien to talk about what he has in store for the event, the vibe of the event, the next generation, judging, contest formats, his memories and expectations and a whole lot more, read on!


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Viki Gomez – Sosh Freestyle Cup Interview

Melty extreme interviewed Viki Gomez at the Sosh Freestyle Cup in Marseille. Renaud Vignolles kindly sent in this good interview and also translated the questions which Viki responded in English!

– how Matthias Dandois did convince you to come to the Sosh Freestyle Cup in Marseille?

– how long do you know Matthias Dandois?

– you’re leading the Bmx Flatland World Circuit, what is you main goal in that competition?

– you compete a lot during the year, how do you improve your riding every time?

– what do you think of the flatland evolution since you started, from the 90’s until today?

– what are your plans in the future?

Terry Adams Expansion Project Interview – Pro BMX Rider Talks about Money Mindset and Real Estate Investing

Fat Tony interviews his good friend, Terry Adams for Episode 20 of the Expansion Project. Fat Tony is interested in the business side of our sport amongst other things of course, they discuss having a money mindset, and real estate investing and following dreams and so much more.


Matti Hemmings: Limit Fabrications Custom Frame Build

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photographs: Matti Hemmings.



I caught up with Matti Hemmings who recently decided to get his own frame made here in the UK. We talk about why he made the custom frame choice, the specs of his design ( check all the photos from start to finish), how long it took to get his new frame and a whole lot more, read on!

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