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Corpus Christi Jam

Corpus Christi Jam from Jim McKay on Vimeo.

This past weekend flatland riders from all over Texas met at the marina in Corpus to ride with flatland legend Eric Evans. Check out this quick edit Jim McKay kindly put together to document the vibe for all of us who couldn’t make it!

One Love Jam 2015 by Tim Knoll

The One Love Jam edits keep flowing, and why not?! So much great riding went down at Newport Beach. Tim Knoll put together this great edit featuring Tim Knoll, Joe Cicman, Gabe Weed, Pete Brandt, Sean Fontenot, Alex Jumelin, Lalo Jiminez, Todd Carter, Robert Castillo, Bobby Carter, Pedro Melo, Martin Aparijo, Little Dylan, Pat Fisher, Masashi Itani, Ahmed Johnson,and Jesse Puente!

Matthias Dandois / Alex Jumelin at the One Love Jam

Sick new edit from Matthias Dandois & Alex Jumelin at the One Love Jam last weekend. Look out for the turbine front yard/pendulum combo around the 00:56 mark, the Xft nose manual combo ended jump back to xft from Alex, and the opposite backwards spinning gerator body varial to two footed from Matthias around 2:18 is amazing! Sunshine vibes from California, don’t miss this one!

One Love Jam 2015 edits

The One Love jam went off this weekend with around 100 riders in attendance, there are already a whole load of edits online. Hopefully there will be an official edit soon for now, rather than post them all individually, here are the edits I found so far from this great event!

Georgia State Flatland Championship

A lil’ rain did not stop the annual Georgia State Flatland Championship, hit play for a sweet edit featuring the likes of Dane Beardsley, Aaron Behnke, Mitchell Hall, John Yull (look out for the double foot jam decade at 1:14) and the GSFC Lincoln Harberger! Good times in Georgia!

Matsudo Year End Jam by Jimalog

MATSUDO YEAR END JAM 2014 from JIMALOG1985 on Vimeo.

On December 28th 2014, the annual Matsudo Year End Jam took place at Matsudo,Hall 21 of Forest in Chiba, Japan. As we come to expect and love from japan, there is a whole mix of generations in this fun edit from Jimalog! Look out for Kazuya Hirayama who drops some crazy forward and regular death truck lines at 6:24 and 9:23, and that last line from Akihiko Takahashi is super nice! Don’t miss this, plenty of good stuff from some unknown shredders and household names Takahiro Ikeda and Shuichi Osada and many more!

Shōnan BMX Flatland Open

40 minutes of contest footage from the Shōnan BMX Flatland Open that took place over Christmas time. Tons of good riding from the likes of Moto Sasaki, Takahiro Ikeda, Takuji Izumi, Hisato Yamashiro, Shuichi Osada and many more! Congratulations to Shuichi Osada taking the win and thank you Naoya m for the upload. Love these grassroots Japanese events!

1-Shuichi Osada
2-Takahiro Ikeda
3-Takuji Izumi

Mario is Back Jam – Colon Square / Madrid

Here’s the word from Moya:

Four months after his hand injury Mario García is able to ride again! That’s more than enough to have a nice flatland Jam in Madrid! KIDS: Remember to always have fun on and off your bikes!
Mario García Correas, Miguel Tardío, Alberto Moya, Fran “Flat”, Varo Hernández, Guille Ramírez, Lucía Gómez, Guille “street”, Facundo Mazza, David Rodriguez, Fernando Bayona, Álvaro “Sardi”, Alex Plaza and Álvaro Fernández.

The Flatmatters Year End Awards 2014 / The Must Watch edits of November!

Deadline day today for the 2nd annual Year end awards, today we go through the best videos of November and December! First things first, check out what went down in the month of November!

The Flatmatters Year End Awards 2014 / The Must Watch edits of October!

Deadline for year end votes closes tomorrow afternoon at 3pm GMT, if you haven’t voted yet take a look what happened month to month during 2014 by using the Must Watch tag on the right hand side of the website. What a month October was for flatland!