Grenoble Jam – June 27/28th

Quentin Pelorson organised a flatland jam last weekend in his home town, Grenoble, France! Laidback vibes, and great riding!

Riders in order of appearance:
Olivier Katz
Aurelien Simille
John Leblond
Thibault Di Maria
Etienne Giraud
Didier Genet
Quentin Pelorson
Romain Dodelier
Kevin Fessenmeyer

Throwback Thursdays – Props #3 / BS Kansas, 94′ York PA Jam, Paul Osicka’s Interview

For this weeks Throwback, we go back 21 years to 1994! And Props Issue 3, Claybom24 made this great mix of the flatland footage in that issue. Amazing footage from the BS contest in Kansas, Paul Osicka Interview, and 94′ York Jam that is sadly remembered for Edgar Plascencia and Richard Zabzdyr being involved in a serious car crash on the way home to California from York, PA, Richard lost his life. RIP, Richard Zabzdyr.

Scott O’Brien – Voodoo Jam 2015 Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Fat Tony.

The 2015 World Circuit series is shaping up nicely, with Bike Days and Barcelona both going off in Europe! All eyes now turn to Round 3, which takes place at the annual Voodoo Jam in New Orleans, USA on July 25th. I caught up with the organiser Scott O’Brien to talk about what he has in store for the event, the vibe of the event, the next generation, judging, contest formats, his memories and expectations and a whole lot more, read on!


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Mezzee Mixtape

Duy-Anh PHAM aka Dwix who previously run the website before YouTube and Vimeo days took some time out of the game and wanted to get back into documenting the flatland lifestyle and riding, he does a great job, he explains more below:

“During two months, I traveled with my bike and my camera between Paris, Saint Mandrier sur Mer, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Royan and Barcelona. The result of these trips is this mixtape called “Mezzee”. It sounds as your greed pushes you to test loads of tasty dishes in the same time. It includes good times and riding skills from Manu Massabova, Matthieu Bonnecuelle, Takumi Isogai, Quentin Pelorson, Inigo Arroyo, Alexis Desolneux, Shinichi Kiba, Alex Jumelin, Thomas Noyer, Jeremy Brosset, Joris Bretagnolles, Mike Plas, Gilles Van de Sompel, Alberto Moya and many more!”

Point Jam – Tokyo Japan

point jam (1) from takuya higa on Vimeo.

Great edit from the Point Jam held in Trinity Skatepark in Tokyo, Japan. The energy shines through in this contest edit by Takuya Higa. Hit play to check so many varied riding styles, great mix of brakeless and brake styles from the likes of Takuya Higa, Hisato Yamashiro, Ayuma Nishihara, Tenma Kunii, Kenichi Kudou, Seiya Higa, Tomoharu Kiyuna, Fumiya Kanna, Yoshinori Ai, Kou Yoshida, Akira Horii, Ayumu Hishihara winner of Best trick: check his line at 3:18), Satasuma, Yu Yamamoto, Tenga, Kenshiro Ojima, this contest was for younger riders! You definitely want to watch this one!

Brazilian Crew Eurotrip Part 1

EUROTRIP PART1 from mizo on Vimeo.

Bruno Zebu and William Phatyi made the long trip out to Europe from Brazil to visit friends, Misael S Mizo & Lucas Santos in Northern Ireland, during their time in N.I they travelled the country and hit up Dino Jeffers contest in Belfast, hit play! Looking forward to Part 2 already!

Yuya Jam – Story of the first episode begins

Young shredder Yuya Shiga hosted his own jam, introducing himself and the riders to the spot and threw down a small contest that Bekko won! So much to love about this jam edit, ton of originality, grassroots, DIY, realism (love the crashes and touches being shown), at 13:43 long this is pretty long but held my attention so I’ll pick out some of the highlights! Much respect to Yaya Shiga holding this jam, this speaks volumes about the japanese scene to me!

*Harutada Shimoyama: Whiplash to hitchhiker x hand whip to x hand hang nothing at 3:41.
*The amazing riding of Shinichiro Hara from 4:10 including a sweet backwards facing g-turn to double backwards decade attempt around the 4:25 mark ( like I said the realism is great in this, you can see what the riders are working on).
*Tomoaki “Bekko” Yoshimura: Backwards xfted two footed pedal ice cream crossing over from one side to the other around the 5:01 mark.
* Junpai Goto: I recall raving about this guys riding before: Look out for the amazing technique on halfpacker turbines this guy has at 6:45!
*Hidenori Ishizaki, amazing bike control on two footed backwards wheelie at 8:24, and the backwards facing two footed backyard pull out opposite rope-a-roni to Degroot ride out at 9:00 is incredible!

Hoods Jam NoBose Special – Powered by G-SHOCK Digest

Pure BMX Vibes from the Hoods jam held in Nagasaki located in the south of Japan, hit play for a fun edit full of park, flatland, street, congratulations to Seiichi Fuji who won the flatland expert class followed on the podium by Takuma Kawamura and Takumi Eto.