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KTGM Jam Summer 2014

Olivér Kállai just sent in this amazing KTGM Jam edit, filmed in Budapest, Hungary during the summer. Great riding from the likes of Pal Gyenes, Oliver Kallai, Gabor Szmetanko, Denes Katona and many more. Highlights on the first watch were Oliver’s nose wheelie multiple whiplashes line at the 2:38 is amazing, and Denes Katona drops an ridiculous xft jumplash xft hitch juggler line at the 5:50 mark, but theres a ton more from a whole heap of riders and styles. This is a good watch!

Jam Carandiru 2014

Brazilian vibes with the M.U.F Media crew at the 2014 Carandiru Jam, hit play!

A-Style Jam 2014 – Kariyashi Aichi, Japan

Awesome edit from yesterdays A-Style jam that took place Misasaga Park, Kariyashi Aichi Prefecture Japan, congratulations to Akira Okamura who took the win in the Open class, followed by Shinichiro Hara and Hisato Yamashiro on the podium. This edit shows the Japanese scene is growing, look at all the kids progressing and making their way through the class, now young kids winning the Expert Class! And as always the Open Class riding is amazing, don’t miss this!

1st Akira Okamura
2nd Shinichiro Hara
3rd Hisato Yamashiro
4th Takahiro Enoki
5th Yasuhiro Uehara

1st Yuya Shiga
2nd Fumihisa Maeda
3rd Eisaku Higashikubo

1st Shiyu Orikawa
2nd Shyou Wakimoto
3rd Kira Komagata

1st Jigen Omotehara
2nd Airu Komagata
3rd Hana Shibuya

IGI Flaternity

IGI Flaternity from IGI BMX / FAREAST / DUB on Vimeo.

If you didn’t know already, Battle in the Rockies was amazing! Dub’s video soaks up some of the Colorado vibes nicely, read on and hit play to see what went down, and also notice Dub won the contest, and didn’t include himself in his edit, this speaks volumes about the man!:

“Here is the IGI Flaternity edit, riders from all over the World converged on Colorado Springs to take part in Battle in the Rockies. We were all crashing at James McGraw’s house and Dez called it the Flaternity house, this edit is in the honor of all us riders jammin’ together and having a good time!
We tried to get as many runs as possible from as many riders, one run per rider featuring the likes of Thomas Noyer, Masashi Itani, Takuji Kasahara, Jason Plourde, Alex Jumelin, Benjamin Hudson, Chad Degroot, Dez Maarsen, Dominik Nekolny and Bobby Carter!”

Battle in the Rockies Final Session – Dez Maarsen, Benjamin Hudson and James McGraw

Dez Marrsen, Benjamin Hudson and James McGraw final session in the Battlezone from James McGraw on Vimeo.

This time last week, Dez Maarsen, Benjamin Hudson and James McGraw got in a final session at the Battlezone in Colorado Springs at the Battle in the Rockies contest. HIt play to watch Dez, Benjamin and James kill it! Nothing but good times in Colorado!

* If you are wondering James lost his voice so had to throw a chair instead!

Local Heroes Competition – Jakarta, Indonesia

Check out these two videos from the Local Heroes Competition in Jakarta, Indonesia. Congratulations to Januar Sisanto taking the win, followed by Haris Effendi and Heru Anwari on the top 3 podium. Top five results posted below…

1. Januar Susanto (Botay)
2. Haris Effendi (Bendot)
3. Heru Anwari (Heru)
4. Mohamad Aristyo Rahadiyan (AIS)
5. Ahmad Nur (Nurland)

Battle in the Rockies / Dez Maarsen wins Pre jam – Day 4

Battle in Rockies Dez from James McGraw on Vimeo.

Yesterday for a lil’ bit of fun, James and Reklamation Bikes threw down $200 for a quick 1 minute contest with all the riders in attendance. The rider list was pretty heavy to say the least, James McGraw, Dez Maarsen, Dub, Jason Plourde, Thomas Noyer, Benjamin Hudson, Tyler Gilliard and Dominik Nekolny all rode, and myself and Todd Carter judged and picked one winner, which was Dez who literally just arrived maybe an hour and half before the event went down. It was amazing to see the atmosphere build as James announced the event and the riding level shot up a ton, hopefully there will be a full edit soon! As you can imagine, the McGraw household is packed with riders, one of those things that you don’t see. The vibe is similar to the Guru jam, good times ahead this weekend!

More and more riders are arriving by the hour, today the spot will be packed. Check back for updates!

Noridaore – 3Bike Festival

NORIDAORE -3Bike Festival- from Shinya Yamamoto on Vimeo.

Last weekend the Noridaore 3 Bike Festival went down in Osaka, Japan. This festival included three categories, Flatland and Street, and Fixed Gear freestyle! Congratulations to Takuji Izumi who won after a battle against Yuya Shiga. Hit play for a fun edit from the event!

Red Bull Flamenco Flatland

Hit play for a nice documentary style edit on the Red Bull Flamenco Flatland event in Spain, with interviews from Jesse Puente, Viki Gomez, Guelo, Matthias Dandois, Takahiro Ikeda and more!

DJ Step Fresh Promo

Rad Dad just dropped this fun lil’ music promo from the Battle at the Alamo jam, hit play!