Aloha Jam 2015 – Volcanic Dreams Part 3

ALOHA JAM 2015 – VOLCANIC DREAMS [Part 3] from Diversion TV on Vimeo.

Today we have the final “Volcanic Dreams” part of the Aloha Jam series by Bobby Carter over at Diversion TV! Don’t miss the final episode in paradise!

The 3rd Aloha Jam is June 24-26, 2016.
The Aloha Jam Crew have rented out a flatland beach house again.
Booking information and Jam details are at

Matthias Dandois at home in Paris

Red Bull are visiting their riders in their hometown to get some perspective on their background and so on. Matthias Dandois at home in Paris is the second in the series, following the Bruno Hoffman episode in Frankfurt. Hit play for this one!

Puente del Equilibrio by Alberto Moya

Alberto Moya is killing the edits recently and this one is no different! And also strikes a different chord from the norm, mixing in flatland sessions with himself, Varo Hernandez, Miguel Tardio and many others, street sessions in Valencia, and music at the bar. Real nice feel to this, hope to see more of this from Moya!

Brazilian Crew Eurotrip Part 1

EUROTRIP PART1 from mizo on Vimeo.

Bruno Zebu and William Phatyi made the long trip out to Europe from Brazil to visit friends, Misael S Mizo & Lucas Santos in Northern Ireland, during their time in N.I they travelled the country and hit up Dino Jeffers contest in Belfast, hit play! Looking forward to Part 2 already!

Pete Brandt – 1 Deep in the Underground Drum n’ Bass Track

There are so many creative types in flatland, besides of course the riding that is one of the most interesting things about it. We kick off Friday’s posts with this new track created by Pete Brandt, more to follow in June. Classic jungle sound from Pete B, hit play and follow him on Soundcloud to hear the rest of his music!