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Kotaro Tanaka – Trinity Edit by Sevisual

Fun edit of Kotaro hitting up the Trinity Park in Toyko by Sevisual, check it out!

Stuttgart Germany, Sebastian Pospischil, Daniel Furhmann, Diversion Video Mag. Issue 7.0 (Part 3)

In this weeks episode, Bobby goes to Stuttgart Germany and check out the scene there. These dudes lay down some heavy combos. Don’t miss it.
Riders include: Sebastian Pospischil, Daniel Fuhrmann, Flo Sailer, and Stephan Henrich.

George Manos: Novum Organum

Intro: Effraim.

Sometimes flatland can become one big blur, not many individuals stand out. But when they do, it brings a smile to my face like nothing else I have experienced in my life and a sense that all is alive and well. George Manos is a man with a vision, and is not afraid to stand out and paint a different picture. This is when flatland truly comes into its own in my opinion. Carving your direction can be a lonely process, here we caught up George and photographer, Sotiris Gkonis for some background and some amazing photographs which capture Georges dark personality. Two perspectives: Novum Organum.

Text: George Manos.

Living in the city of Ioannina for almost ten years now. A historic city with legends from the old times and a lake 2.000.000 years old, some say, surrounded by mountains, grimy sometimes and dark, yet beautiful and nostalgic when the sun comes up. For the most part its dark and rainy, the heavy atmosphere is easily built and it was not long until it rubbed off on me. Being sick of waiting for the sun in order to ride I did what a desperate man would do I got out of my comfort and started exploring the darkness trying to find a haven to ride, the best places I found were mostly like dungeons. In the heart of the city, yet still remote and thus perfect for my mystic experiments. Images and tricks, motions, came naturally after I let myself drawn in the surroundings, embracing despair I was rewarded with treasures that I could carry into the light, yet they shine better in the darkness in my opinion, that’s why I choose mostly to present my ideas in the place of their development. With the help of Sotiris I managed to capture the process of it. I wanted to do this for a long time, welcome to my world.

Text: Sotiris Gkonis.

George reminds me of these artists, such as Lukas Samaras (greek as well) , who try to create their own path no matter what, in an environment that guides them to do the exact opposite. He is one of a kind at what he does and how he approaches it. I know him for three or four years now and the progression of his riding and way of setting up the whole thing is ridiculous. But the recognition of this approach remains unfortunately in the same level. Even in ‘’progressive’’ sports, such as bmx, unique styles are still a taboo. I believe that this is the fate of every human that is trying to bring something different to the surface of our society and doing it silently. George is one of them, silent as when you see him ride, silent and never disappointed because he is doing it for himself in a city far away from the industry.

Remember this?

Tokyo Car Jump and KOG Kobe – BMX Flatland – Diversion Video Magazine 6.0 (part 6)

Bobby Carter over at Diversion TV breaks down this weeks DTV Retrospective for you:

“You never know what you’re going to run into when you are in Japan. We caught up with Shotaro Teshigahara as he jumps his custom car at an intersection in Tokyo. Then we head down to Kobe for KOG where Ucchie wins first place pro riding on the front wheel!
Watch it!”

Tým BMX Show / Fight the winter FT Dominik Nekolny & Michal Kupec

Tým BMX Show / 1500km / Fight the winter / Maturitní ples Chomutov from Dominik Nekolny on Vimeo.

Good vibes and hammer combos from Dominik Nekolny and Michal Kupec in this sweet new road trip edit on route to Germany for the FTW contest! Don’t miss this one!

BMX Flatstyle – The Passion of Flatland

Richard Aguayo and Bobby Carter got together in LA with Skip Art Pictures to talk about their Passion of Flatland. Enjoy this one!

The Price of Pioneering by Trevlon Hall

Trevlon Hall puts a massive amount of daily work into growing the bmx scene in Trinidad, hit the link for a lil’ insight into the growth of his BMX Freestyle Exams event!

Viki Gomez – Art BMX Magazine Photoshoot

SHOOT VIKI by MCS Extreme from ART BMX MAGAZINE on Vimeo.

Viki was in Paris a few days before the ABC of Flatland contest, check out a behind the scenes look at his photoshoot with Art BMX Magazine.

Diversion TV 6.0 – Singapore Part 3

This weeks DTV Retrospective continues with Part 3 of the Singapore series, this episode focusses on the Groundforce Shows, riders from Thailand and Japan brought in by the government to do shows for the locals in Singapore. Such a good episode, check it out!

Patrick Coelho – Brazil!

Heres the word on this nice new edit from Patrick: “This video was inspired by a film of skate national where the name is: Sleeps dirty and agrees clean Because this is the daily lives of those who walk the streets behind fun, adrenaline and evolution. This video goes out to all the Skaters, In- lines, Bmxer’s and beggars of Brazil and to the whole world!!! Peace!!!”