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Pete Brandt – 1 Deep in the Underground Drum n’ Bass Track

There are so many creative types in flatland, besides of course the riding that is one of the most interesting things about it. We kick off Friday’s posts with this new track created by Pete Brandt, more to follow in June. Classic jungle sound from Pete B, hit play and follow him on Soundcloud to hear the rest of his music!

New Dub Real City Track

Dub definitely brings something fresh and different to flatland, which is refreshing for us all to see and be inspired by. Take this new Real City Track he just posted on his Soundcloud as an example.

If you missed his FM awards interview a few days ago, hit the link:

York Uno in Colorado, USA (Part 1)

York Uno in Colorado, USA (Part 1) from KUG Films on Vimeo.

York Uno teamed up with KUG Films to bring you this first part in a series of edits on his trip to judge the “Battle in the Rockies International BMX Flatland Event” in Colorado Springs in November 2014. Really looking forward to Part 2!

Bmx Force Crew – Barcelona Trip

Barcelona Trip from BMX-FORCE on Vimeo.

The BMX Force crew headed down to Barcelona, Spain from Lyon, France, for a short trip with some of their crew (Ken Garon, Dorian Vasseur, Gaoussou Issabre, Anthony Belloeuf & Rémy Dunoyer). Hit play to see what went down!

City Of Satellites FT Mike S

City Of Satellites 'BMX' from Luke Copeland on Vimeo.

Music videos including flatland can be by their nature a pretty difficult project t get right. Stewart Munro sent in this City of Satellites video featuring Mike S that was shot 4 years ago. Really enjoyed the way this shot and put together, hit play if you missed this the first time round.

Pete Brandt – Glow Headphones Commercial

Pete Brandt features in this sweet Glow headphones commercial that just went live over on the kickstarted website, check it out!

Brian Gavagan – Ride Fast, Live Slow – Life on Wheels

Ride Fast, Live Slow – Life on Wheels with Brian Gavagan from Jim McKay on Vimeo.

Jim McKay is a name we don’t hear enough of recently, today he got in contact with this new edit, “Ride Fast, Live Slow – Life on Wheels with Brian Gavagan”. Jim spent several days with Brian living life and filming in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Frisco & Breckenridge, CO. Yellow rides all forms of BMX and can do it all, this is a good watch!

SXM Bikelife featuring Jean William Prevost


Dub was recently on the beautiful island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean, here’s the man himself had to say:

“Some of you might remember BAd-Bush from the Trevlon Hall Monster Exams, he was there stuntin’ in his own way at the flatland competition, to my buddy Jesse he really stood out and they became good friends instantly. Bad-Bush also known as Parotte then came over to Montreal last summer to enjoy Montreal’s best time of the year and take part in Real City Spin. We finally ended up coming full circle by heading over to the island of Saint-Martin to introduce the sport of Flatland to an extremely active youth. Kids were poppin’ wheelies everywhere we went, one handed wheelies, no handed wheelies and other crazy stuff on their MX’s and Scooter’s . Check out this edit to fill your head with beautiful scenery and an urge to leave home and explore the World!!!”

Red Bull Flamenco Flatland

Hit play for a nice documentary style edit on the Red Bull Flamenco Flatland event in Spain, with interviews from Jesse Puente, Viki Gomez, Guelo, Matthias Dandois, Takahiro Ikeda and more!

DJ Step Fresh Promo

Rad Dad just dropped this fun lil’ music promo from the Battle at the Alamo jam, hit play!