The first Must Watch edit of 2022, and it’s no surprise it comes from Jimalog’s latest!
What it must be like to be blessed with what certainly looks like one of the best flatland scenes in the world, great riding spot, variety of tricks on show, riders supporting each other, the list goes on. Whatever you like, it’s here!

Great riding from Akihiko Takahashi, Masashi Itani, Yu Shoji (don’t miss his clips!),
Takahiro Ikeda, Shuichi Osada, Kazuma Nakajima, Takuji Kasahara, Nariaki Kudo,
Hidenori Ishizaki, Takahiro Enoki, Shinichiro Hara and Hiroya Matsumoto.

Yu Shoji’s clips stand out in this one, not to mention it is so good to see some fresh Shuichi Osada footage!

My day is made!

Must Watch: Viki Gomez / Rise 3

Viki Gomez / RISE 3 from Viki Gomez on Vimeo.

It’s been a quiet few weeks as we get into the festive season. Viki Gomez changed all that with this amazing new “Rise 3” put together by Sevisual. Viki showcases arguably the biggest tricktionary in the game, everything Viki does is amazing, but the standouts for me in this one:

2:56: Bike flip line that just develops as the line goes on, more and more tech, that x-ft ice cream body varial takes the cake for me, beautiful!

4:43: Steam Kickflip to halfpacker which is a Viki staple move, watch the new ride out!

Don’t sleep on this one…..

Must Watch: Brandon Derbowka / The Mad Scientist

Brandon Derbowka is infamous for dropping some of the hardest tricks ever done, most famously the multiple no handed whiplashes will without a doubt go down in the history books and be talked about for years to come i’m sure. Joey Kylio got together with Brandon during the summer to put together this amazing insight his thought process, and how he progresses on certain moves. You don’t want to miss this one!

Must Watch: James White / Systems Overload

I wasn’t joking a few moments ago on Peter Olsen’s Must Watch trick that it’s a good day for edits here on Flatmattersonline! James White once again comes up with a solid part, that explores a lot of really intricate two wheel on floor boomerang type moves, his amazing stalled switch-b (no -handed no less!), and a whole lot more.
The editing, tune, and the genius of Whiteski once again deserves that Must Watch tag. The MW firewall is breached today.
It’s time to go riding….

Must Watch: Peter Olsen / Upside Down Walkover

If you are on instagram, you will have already seen this amazing line that has been a few years in the making. A dream trick that Heresy’s Peter Olsen makes a reality after a few years digging deep to get this done, it’s a good day for edits here on Flatmattersonline.

Take a bow Peter, this deserves some love from the flatland community!

Must Watch: Matt Wilhelm / Until We Ride Again

It’s a good day for edits on Flatmattersonline, first we had TJ Perry’s baby edit and now we have Hoffman Bikes very own Matt Wilhelm drop a banger that you do want to miss featuring lots of classics from Wilhelm’s huge arsenal of tricks!

There is so much to take in, can anyone spin as fast as Matt on this planet? Not to mention all the crazy switches that Matt throws down. This is getting rewinded right now, great to see the 360 dump truck move once again, absolute banger!!!

Must Watch: Matthias Dandois / Off The Grid

I am so late to the party on this one, the title is somewhat ironic to me although I realise it’s a reference to Vans. Matthias Dandois is in the public eye every day, social media posts, public appearances, travelling, the list goes on and on. I often say to Matthias, I have no idea how you cope with all the demands on your life and stay at the top.
This edit is absolutely beautiful, filming, editing, tune, and the multiple backwards spinning steam line at 2:58 is amazing. Give this edit some attention today, and you’ll be stoked for your session.

Few better sights in flatland than MD doing his thing, and representing our culture so well!

Must Watch: Viki Gomez / Rise 2

RISE 2 from Viki Gomez on Vimeo.

It is the season for Must Watch edits, and Viki Gomez comes through with a banger right here. Viki has been at the top of his game for over 20 years now, that in itself is insane to think about!
Rise 2 doesn’t disappoint, we are looking at arguably the most skilled rider that uses front and back wheel, and pushes both wheels to the fullest.
The last line at 6:12 is flat out ridiculous, and there’s so much more. I will be going back over this one, again and again.

Take a bow Viki, level up!!

Must Watch: Sean Fontenot / Escapes

I am catching up on edits after a busy summer season at my work, and boy do we get a treat here. Two years in the making, battling countless ACL injuries (reference the 2 ACL supports!) and Sean Fontenot comes through with a beautiful edit with a whole bunch of NBD’s. Sean is one of the most vocal guys in our scene, but he can back it up with incredible bike skills and creativity. Let’s discuss this one in the comments!

Must Watch: Hangin’ on – A Heresy Mixtape


Edit wise the flatland world has been quiet for a while, and then BOOM! We have been blessed with two must watch edits in a week. And boy, is this a treat from arguably the most progressive flatland team worldwide.
New footage from George Manos, Matthieu Bonnecuelle, Michael Husser, Alexis Desolneux, Sebastian Grubinger, and Peter Olsen in a mixtape format put together by Sevisual.
It’s a winner, I will digesting this one for a while.