Must Watch! George Manos / Dayrkness


A real treat today out of Heresy’s George Manos! George continues to push the pegless direction in his riding to new levels in his new “Dayrkness” edit. I’m bit late posting this as Vimeo was down last night, standouts for me after a few watches are a couple things I have never seen before. A lot of the combos George is doing have no name other than perhaps what he might call them, I’m several watches in right now and still hitting the rewind on the pegless whiplash at 00:12, and combos with amazing foot to tyre switches technique at 00:51, 1;06 stood out to me! Great to see pushing George continue to pushing pegless riding to new heights, 100% originality right here, and so much style too!

Heresy – 2015 Flatmatters Awards Brand of the Year Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Matt Coplon, Sevisual.

Welcome to the second in the series of interviews with the winners of the 2015 Flatmattersonline Year End awards. Over the past few weeks I caught up with Heresy head honcho, Alexis Desolneux to get his thoughts on winning the year end brand award, the team, what’s behind the HY brand and so on. Without a further a due, let’s get this started…


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Must Watch! Matthieu Bonnecuelle – AXIOM LEVIATHAN


Matthieu Bonnecuelle is pushing flatland into new areas, and it was no surprise to me that he was voted Breakthrough Rider of the Year in the 2015 Flatmattersonline Year end Awards. Now in 2016, he is already starting the year with a NBD, do I really have to tell you to hit play! My mind is blown yet again by this amazing talent from Southern France!

Must Watch! Dominik Nekolny – Progression 2

Second clip into the year for Dominik Nekolny, and things are getting out of hand already as you might expect! Coming out of the xft hitch body varial with enough speed and straight enough to throw in pivot to backwards backpacker pivot back to xft hitch without touching the bars and continue the link ending with xft hitch body varial is technically so hard and Dom does it perfect! This may be just a clip, but deserves your attention, wow!

Must Watch! Martti Kuoppa / Stationary/Brakeless/Double Stemwhip

It is quite fitting that the first Must Watch of 2016 goes to the Editorial and Reader Choice Flatmatters Online Rider of the Year, Martti Kuoppa. I can’t even imagine how hard it is pull this double stem lash off stationary on the spot, beautiful to see this kind of creativity being inspired by riding in a small space. Creative flatland can happen anywhere, let it happen!

The Flatmattersonline Top ten edits of 2015!

With the awards dropping on Sunday 10th January, I wanted to share with the flatland community my choice for the Flatmattersonline Top 10 edits of 2015. And thus my break down of how I arrived at picking the nominees and also the winners. If you are paying attention to the site and reading the comments, you will have seen I didn’t count DVD video parts into the mix, as the category was “edit of the year”. I left it plain and simple, edits only (not dvds or dvd parts for example) I also didn’t take one trick edits into the equation, in my mind an edit is multiple clips combined together. This made my life easier shortlisting and narrowing from the hundreds down to 5 down to the winners. With that being said let’s crack on with my top ten list for 2015:

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Lookback: December 2015 – The Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

We started the last month of the year with this sick xft pedal turbine mega spin opposite foot decade clip out of Jason Plourde.

On December 2nd, Alberto Moya published this really nice edit from the jam the day after the Com’in Lyon contest a few weeks back featuring Alexis Desolneux, Charles Paty, Fabien Stephan, Alberto Moya, Kevin Jacob, Mates Tucek and Matthieu Bonnecuelle. Definitely worth a watch!

Joel Schallhorn has been progressing a ton since his return from China back to his home in Denver, Colorado. Joel definitely stands out to me as he rides so differently than almost anyone I can think of, in this edit you will see lots of new opposite bar flips, gadget whips variations, and a fun new no footed steam holding the stem (3:57 + backwards variation) that was inspired by Martti Kuoppa at a Tintadome session at BITR last month. Really enjoyed this edit, keep on shredding Joel!

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