Must Watch! Viki Gomez / Viva C.O.R.E

VIVA C.O.R.E from Viki Gomez on Vimeo.

“Every year I work hard for an edit. This year I wanted to do something different! Hardcore tricks but filmed by someone rather than a tripod. And making an edit inspired in the Flatland style that always has inspired me! Bringing back the core aspects of core riding! There will be 3 episodes instead of a long edit!”

It speaks volumes of Viki’s work ethic that right in the middle of contest season he is able to publish a banger part, and not only that we have two more in the series to look forward to by the end of the year!

From the opening backwards hitch pivot opposite side xft halfpacker pivot hitch/halfhiker pivot xft karl stubble duck out I got a good feeling about this edit. I personally loved the rawness, and a return to the C.O.R.E as Viki stated.

It continues with his amazing multiple varial line that still no matter how many times I see it leaves counting, how many varials was that without touching the tyre? It’s 720 of course, the possibilities from this seem endless!

Possibly my favourite line of this edit at 00:37, the two footed xft ride on the left side in to backwards backyard pivot to two xfted peg wheelie right side pivot to macaroni degroot undertaker out, this is beautiful in execution. I am sat here recovering from an injury, and I can tell you the urge to ride is so great right now!

I could go on and on, and every line hits hard. But the last line!!! The bar flip steam to xft pedal steam grabbing peg back to steam fire turbine (hits camera) half hiker pivot opposite xft half hiker body varial to backwards hitch, craziness!

Thank you Viki for returning to the core and documenting, loved the rawness of the filming (by his wife Alexa no less). This is cutting edge flatland at its best, there’s a whole bunch of NBD’s to get you inspired, now go ride your bikes I wish I could!

Must Watch! Master of Creativity Round 2 / 1st to 6th

I don’t normally give the Must Watch tag for contest footage, but….

My jaw hit the floor with the level of riding for Master of Creativity Round 2, the aim of bringing new tricks to the game seems to really be working!

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Must Watch! Keelan Phillips – Today’s Session

Much like the amazing edit I posted of Dub exploring the inside switch b rolling undertaker concept, Keelan Phillips explores the nose manual, and continues to perfect his execution of the multiple nose manual g-turns (loved the slow controlled nose in circles to backwards nose around the 1:30 + look out for the banger at 2:30). Absolutely incredible level of execution, that takes our sport up a level!

Throwback Thursdays with Chad Johnston

On August 2nd, 2013 I posted this “Must Watch” edit featuring S&M’s Chad Johnston.

“Always a treat to see what Chad is up to. It looks like the Long Beach Underground got hot, and he went out to Sea Level for riding spots. The last two lines standout for me, the cranked blender with a neat trackstand exit, to the stem entry to double footed karl, Chad’s riding never disappoints. Pure artistry right here!”

Well worth a re watch or if you missed this the first time round!

Must Watch! Jean William Prevost – Upgrade 2 Undercover

Dub has been working on his amazing inside switch b rolling brakeless undertaker all winter long and has come up with 8 new variations in this amazing new “Upgrade 2: Undercover” edit, from the opening inside switch b undertaker to two footed backyard I was gripped to this. If I had to pick a standout it would be the ant rider turbines directly into inside switch b undertaker out at around the 2:45, furious! This is amazing, hitting the rewind, take a concept and push it as far as you can!

Must Watch! Quentin Pelorson – BMX Seeking / Part 3

We didn’t have to wait long for the Quentin Pelorson’s Seeking Part 3 edit following his short trailer earlier in the week.
From the opening downside whiplash pedal 5 stepped beautifully into x-ft halfpacker, this edit really caught my attention. Quite possibly my favourite line is at the 1:13 mark, I’ve already rewinded this part twice to work out what happened, I could go on and on here. Let’s instead discuss this amazing edit in the comments section. Thank you Quentin for this, flatland just went up a notch!

Must Watch! Mateus Beckmann – SAMPA BMX MB Frame Promo

In terms of the flatland/street crossover it’s of course debatable, but I would say no one right now is as progressive in that style of riding than this young prodigy from Brazil, Mateus Beckmann!

5:30 of fresh flat/skatepark footage that leaves you scratching your head, is there anything this young talent cannot do.

I’m already on the fourth watch before I posted this, some of the highlights so far include:

-180 hop backwards manual junkyard line at 00:26.
-The x-fted BB manual to decade out of the two footed backyard line at 1:36.
-The huge 5 off flat bank half cab whip out around 2:18.
-Inward direction half bar flip decade at 2:37

I could go on, definitely worth watching this young prodigy do his thing and kill it hard on all terrain. Motivational!

Must Watch! Simon O’Brien – Colony BMX

This is somewhat of a different “Must Watch” than I normally do as this video for Colony BMX dropped about a month ago on Facebook and I wasn’t able to post it on the site. So it doesn’t have the same impact as a video you haven’t already seen but equally there is so much good stuff within this edit I had to give it the “Must watch” tag. And is also even more amazing when you consider his health problems, so good to see Simon back and firing!

Standouts for me are:

-the quick blender out opposite side I’ve been waiting to see for years at 1:16.

-forward karl jump to backwards halfpacker turbine forwards line at 2:10.

– Fire hydrant decade mega spin to Edgar P time machine line at 2:50.