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Must Watch! Matthias Dandois – The Flat side of things

“It’s great to do fancy edit with crazy cameras and after effect but sometimes it definitely affects the riding quality. Matthias went back to the basic with this new edit: One tripod, One iPhone and 3 months to film the hardest tricks he can do on a BMX bike. As simple as that.”

Check this latest edit from Matthias Dandois for La Cremerie Bmx, great to see him back riding and starting to create new tricks on his bike, from the 4:00 minute especially stood out for me as Matthias pushes new tricks front and back wheel, and the last two bangers from 4:48 – no handed spinning halfpacker whip to crackpacker and backwards spinning framestand tomahawk to pendulum halfpacker! Stop what you are doing and enjoy this one!

Must Watch! Yohei Uchino – Breakthrough

Plenty of discussion about Ucchie’s last trick in this awesome “Breakthrough” edit for G-Shock. It’s not too often that I give a video the Must Watch tag for one particular trick. At 2:17 Ucchie drops an absolute banger, rewind time! For all of you that missed this the first time round, enjoy this!!

Must Watch! Yohei Uchino – Breakthrough

I don’t often give the Must watch tag for one trick, but this is worthy! At 2:17 Ucchie drops an absolute banger, rewind time!

Must Watch! Dez Maarsen – Lost Tapes Pt 2

The second part of Dez’s Lost Tapes Pt 2 series just dropped filmed at the beginning of 2014, this had me hitting the rewind several times to understand what he did. Great technique and amazing technical combos from one of the worlds best riders currently, Dez Maarsen is on fire! Hit play and get pumped for todays session!

Must Watch! Heresy – Beneath

Heresy just dropped a beautiful edit featuring the incredible riding of Alexis Desolneux & Sebastian Grubinger. Sevisual on filming duties, and Michael Sommer (Sonny Blake) providing the soundtrack. This is stickied for the next 24 hours! Hitting the rewind right now!

Must Watch! Mateus Beckmann / Flatland & Street 2014

Incredible new edit out of Mateus Beckmann, it appears the young prodigy from Brazil can drop bangers in street (x-hand tooth hanger anyone? Smith hard 180 bar) and of course Flatland, the steeziest one handed brakeless smith I think i’ve ever seen and the x-handed rolaids as the final banger are so good! Pure BMX, this is awesome to watch!

Must Watch! Moto Sasaki 2014 Part 4

Part 4 of Moto Sasaki’s amazing video series just dropped! And like you come to expect from Moto, there are some heavy bangers in this one! Look out for the backwards spinning pedal karl foot on the bars to pedal steam around the 1:14 mark and also the ender which I will not spoil for you!

Must Watch! Fareast Cycles Welcomes Benjamin Hudson to the Team

Fareast Cycles Welcomes Benjamin Hudson to the Team from IGI BMX / FAREAST / DUB on Vimeo.

Do not miss this new “Fareast Cycles Welcomes Benjamin Hudson to the Team” edit, Benjamin brings so much tech to the front wheel! I’m hitting the rewind to watch this again! So stoked on this!

Heresy – The Fifth Of September

It is exactly a year since Heresy dropped this amazing edit “The Fifth Of September”. This won Readers Choice for Edit of the Year for 2013 in the Flatmatters Online Awards by a mile. Hit the link to read Alexis’ interview about the edit and winning the award.

Must Watch! Martti Kuoppa & Viki Gomez / Bombarderos

We have all been waiting for this! And it does not disappoint! 13:48 of absolute bangers from two of flatland’s all time greats, Martti Kuoppa & Viki Gomez, do I even have to tell you to watch this??!!!