Must Watch – Rob Ridge / Still rides a Standard

Years and years of craft go into riding like Rob Ridge does, in my mind Rob continues the style of riding that made Rick Moliterno and Kurt Schmidt infamous on the BMX scene during the 90’s so it’s more than fitting that Rob rides a Standard. Besides the obviously very technical riding style Rob is blessed with, which began with years of flatland riding. What I admire the most is Rob never followed any trends at all. The man is as real as it gets, go watch this! Thank you Rob!

Must Watch – Dominik Nekolny / One Take

Must Watch edits are normally edits that have taken months to film, thousands of tries on a line and so on. But what about the other side of the spectrum, contest riding? Everyone knows Dominik Nekolny is a contest machine and here he drops hammer after hammer in a one take run to see how dialled he is. The man is on another level, I respect anyone who can throw a flawless run but this off the chat difficulty back to back, heavy breathing included. I got totally sucked into this, and you all need to watch this too. Anyone who has ever “trained” for a contest will know the level of professionalism, discipline, blood sweat and tears to get to this level! F*** yeah Dom, respect!

Must Watch – Alex Jumelin / Mastering the Art of BMX Flatland

This new edit appears to have gone under the radar, thanks to Jeff R for sending this one in. What I really liked about this new “Mastering the Art of BMX Flatland” is Alex Jumelin seems to focus on just a few tricks and what he can do with them. Really powerful, I would also like to add this year has already been so incredible for Must Watch edits and I feel like I am giving the honours out weekly right now but this deserves it! The highlights for me are below:

00:42: Sliding Scarlo squeak bars crossed bar flip front scuff to nose jump xft inside steam shove it opposite foot steam boomerang steam out.

1:04: Rollback one and half flail to xft inside steam line.

1:56: Long g-turn to backwards nannie jump down to xft inside steam line.

2:16: And the banger of the edit! 720 nose jump to inside xft steam!!, execution is incredible!

Go watch this one right now!

Must Watch – Denes Katona / The Rolling Stone

Denes Katona – The Rolling Stone from Denes Katona on Vimeo.

Last year Denes Katona released one of the best videos of the year, “The Rolling Stone” which quite rightly was nominated for edit of the year in the 2017 FM year end awards. Denes chose to sell the video by direct download online, and yesterday released the video on Vimeo.
Although many of you will have seen it I am sure there is many that haven’t, everyone needs to see this video that is a real labour of love. Years of craft have gone into Denes’ riding, and combined with Marton Szilaygi’s influence and editing skills you are onto a winner.

Quite literally everything Denes does is a highlight, jaw droppingly good I would say. But as always I like to highlight my favourites and I’ve selected a few diff styles to reflect what I was saying about this project being a labour of love.

1:05: Ankledeath style whiplashes both ways pedal 5 jump lash xft out!

1:48: One handed switch handed multiple whiplashes to hitch One handed switch handed multiple whiplashes the other side. Just mind boggling skill, I once said at the TGM that Denes is a rolling god. I stick by that to this day!

2:36: I’m thinking back to when I first downloaded the Rollibg Syone video. This line had me hitting the rewind, I just didn’t see it coming. X handed whiplash to hitch juggler to switch handed steam to halfpacker whip turbine backwards backpacker pivot opposite xft hitch out. The step from switch hand steam to halfpacker in this line is amazing!

4:53: One of my favourites from the whole project and again I didn’t see this coming. Multiple rocket squeaker bar flips to rocket 5 forward scuff multiple xft whiplashes to one handed smith out! So much skill and the surprise I loved!

14:24: I left a little gap and like I said everything Denes does is amazing. Still one of the standout lines after many watches at 14:24. Opposite xft multiple whiplashes rebate multiple xft whiplashes the other direction xft messiah switch handed one handed smith out!

Denes can do it all, 17 minutes of raw flatland. No trends, just pure lifer flatland skills. Go watch this, get motivated and go and ride. Top marks Denes!

Must Watch! Jean William Prevost / Puro Flat #1: Winter

PURO FLAT #1 : WINTER from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

When Jean William Prevost titles a video “Puro Flat”, I am already intrigued as I hit the play button. The title implied to me that this would feature lines that Dub does not do in contests, would it live up to the hype that I have just built up in my head from the title?

“The PURO FLAT 2018 Series is my intention to stay true to the artform that comes through Flatland before simplification for competitions and all other forms of it may it be shows or whichever…this is just me and the camera for the sake of the artform!!!”

My immediate thought without even reading Dub’s description wasn’t far enough, and of course you have seen the Must Watch title so you already know this is a belter!
When a rider such as Jean William Prevost is at the top of his game its a beautiful thing for him to share with us all what he is capable of away from the contest light.

And boy does he deliver, I am on my third watch already before I start highlighting what I love about this edit.

1:06: I am hitting the rewind on this one, short and so hard and never been done! flip to gliding gerator or lard yard whatever you care to call it two footed rolling undertaker out. The execution!!!

1:12: The development of the spinning inside switch undertaker now into a line is just ridiculous. Wait for the ride out, total bike mastery. This might be a contender for line of the year already??

3:11: Multiple antrider turbines direct to the spinning switch b spinning undertaker to backwards wheelie, and the part i loved the most. Showing the realness, just kicks off the wall. So raw and uncut, personally loved that he chose to show that.

3:22: The last two rodeo lines are just absolutely out of this world, ok this might be the line of the year also. What the hell!

Like I already said it’s an amazing thing to see riders at the top of their game share the behind the scenes stuff they are working on. Everyone needs to watch this! Top marks, and another contender for edit of the year and it’s only April! Let’s talk about this one in the comments section….

Must Watch – Chad Johnston / S&M “Hot Dogs” Section!

I don’t know if it’s just me or has the level gone up a notch or ten this year. It’s not normal that I give a video part section a Must watch. But it’s Chad Johnston, and in my eyes we don’t see enough Chad. Not only one of the most inspirational riders, but look what he has done for riders such as Martti Kuoppa, Viki Gomez, and countless others.

Chad hits it hard in the Long Beach underground in this S&M “Hot Dogs” Section, from the opening backwards elbow glide on the forks at 00:16 to double footed karl BB bar flip out I’m literally having the feeling of watching one of his intrikat videos for the first time.

00:27: pegless undertaker with a wild wheel stand lawnmower type ride out! This might be one of the moves of the year already! It’s april!!!

00:33: Bars regular bar twist to bars backwards nose ET nose to set up Scarlo squeak whips to double karl bar flip out! WTF!!!

00:53: Scarlo squeak to chick whip double footed karl to 360 BB flip out!

1:17: Seat stand megaspin to xft pedal megaspin step over one foot pedal manual pedal death to blender, bare in mind no pegs! Absolutely insane, and like a fine wine Chad just keeps getting better and better. Beyond stoked, contender for edit of the year? Let’s discuss this one in the comments, pure flatland at it’s best! Look out for an interview soon right here on FM!

Must Watch – Dane Beardsley / This and that

From the opening xft 180 bunny hop jump back to regular stance backwards manual across the Newport Beach riding spot I was glued to this one from Dane Beardsley. A rider I feel like is totally overlooked by the flatland scene, and a rider with a lot of depth in his riding. As always with “Must Watch” videos I like to highlight what stood out for me with some detail about what is going on also.

00:27: Bars backwards whiplash to forward karl/one handed karl in circles kick one handed backwards half hiker backwards karl freak squeak scuff whiplash to hitch whiplash out! Absolutely amazing, and I really like how Dane mixed some old tricks and made them new, such as the freak squeak, and having down a lot of one handed karl lines I know how difficult that one handed karl in circles to one handed karl backwards hitch is….

00:51: Half boomerang step same foot xft backwards fork wheelie to x-ft backwards hitch x-ft backwards half hiker fork wheelie shove it switch handed forkwhewlie to double backwards crackpacker walk around back jump forwards karl out to pedals. No one does this stuff, refreshing!

1:47: Multiple backwards x-handed whiplashes to regular backwards whiplashes, unreal bike control right here!

2:10: And the ender, half lash to multiple forward rope opposite side walk around to two footed backyard dropped down to opposite half lash out!

I get the real sense that Dane is literally playing on his bike, I have always been a fan of the quirky ride-ins and ride in’s he does, and the fact it really does look like he’s having fun. (no pun intended!). Top stuff!

Must Watch – Mateus Beckmann / Flatland Street 2018

It is not too often that you get a rider that is a savage in both flatland and street nowadays, with the way modern day street riding has become this may become a trend that happens more frequently. Case in point is this new fire edit from Brazilian shredder, Mateus Beckmann! A few years I was raving about this rider on the site and it seemed no one was either taking notice or feeling it, but now….

Mateus’ clips in this stand up if you a die hard street rider or die hard flatlander, so much so that i will share this with my street friends which I wouldn’t normally do…
As with Must Watch edits I like to real down what I liked and for the purposes of this edit I will separate them..

Street clips! (yes in a skatepark)

00:20: 180 to backlash whopper out up 3-4 stair.
00:53: Opposite ice grind whopper out on second ledge set up.
1:25: Opposite pegs 180 gap to next ledge opposite backwards pegs 180 out!
1:40: Big 360 down stairs to manual to 180 down next set of stairs, both stairs a 5-6 set!

Flat clips!

00:41: Double bar rocket manual jump to pedal 5 g-turn rollback whopper 180 out.
2:14: Possibly my favourite flat line of the edit. Xft backwards one handed spinning steam shove-it to regular foot spinning one handed fork wheelie and the ride out!
2:43: Mid line foot jam whip backwards manual hop bar out, next mix of the old and the contemporary!
5:02: The banger of the edit is perfect! 180 to backlash whopper to rocket manual bar to whopper out!

My end point is if you are Garrett Reynolds you can be amazed by this, if you are Martti Kuoppa you can be amazed by this, Mateus Beckmann is a beast! What a start to the week, I hope the rest of the BMX world take notice of this kid!

Must Watch – Mates Tuček / Freestyle Kolbenka 2017-2018

There is a new beast emerging from the Czech republic scene, Mates Tuček has been on the verge for a couple of years now. You see moments and think, this guy can make it at the very top level. After riding with Mates for a week last year at the Battle in the Rockies contest I have no doubt. From what I have seen Mates is one of the most skilled riders in the game right now, and he’s doing something I really like a lot. He’s learning everyone’s tricks, but… then he’s putting his own twist on them, something I recall Moto Sasaki used to do.

Whilst this edit wasn’t my favourite for the music choice, I did enjoy the sheer quality of what he is doing. And truthfully I don’t think Mates is not doing this with the intent to get a “Must Watch” and that’s one of the things I really liked about him, he doesn’t even realise how good he is. There is a wonderful charm, and innocence to his riding, that I really admire in this day and age where people message me with “Here’s my Must watch edit” Mates is just doing his thing and we can all learn a lot from this guy.

At 7:25 long, you definitely need to grab a cuppa, yeah I know that’s my catchphrase so why not use it huh? Without highlighting everything, here are some the standouts in my couple of watches, but I know I will going back over this again and again. This edit deserves you attention!

1:17: One footed teakettle hand round the back jump over to xft steam off the same foot, amazing technicality and originality.

2:09: Tea Kettle to xft halfpacker bar flip xft halfpacker jump to crackpacker, difficulty level off the chart.

2:38: Guillotine seat grab turbine pivot crack!

3:14: One of my Personal favourites, xft karl one handed step one handed to crack, this is next level. The art of switching and pivoting without the hand is so difficult and one I appreciate a lot from having similar ideas, blown away with this one!

4:31: Not even sure what we call this one, like a side hang 5 karl position all tweaked up to xft halfpacker, Mates skill base is opening up some highly creative lines.

7:10: Tea kettle xft halfpacker step back xft one handed to crackpacker! This move right here is one of the wildest moves we will see all year and he makes it look easy! If Mates can get some support, this guy can become the next big sensation in flatland. March is proving to be a great month for edits!

Must Watch – Sebastian Grubinger / Believe in a Wheel


I’m a big fan of Sebastian Grubinger’s riding, who isn’t I hear you say… I am also a big fan of riders taking a concept or style and pushing as far as they can. We start the week off here at Flatmattersonline with a banger with a nice message from the man himself:

“Ever since I started riding winter has always been my most progressive time of the year. Very much looking forward to a big change in my life this year in May, I started to go out in December to work on some tricks I had in mind for a while. This year’s Austrian winter wasn’t too bad and temperatures around 0°C or wet floor couldn’t slow down my motivation. Early February the list of ideas was worked off.
For sure, there are always more ideas, more lists,… this never ends. But there are also more winters … and I’ll be out again, whatever conditions, and believe in a wheel.”

From the opening clip at 00:33, the pivot backwards ice cream round opposite side to backwards backyard up two footed pedal backwards manual to degroot undertaker right across the floor at the legendary Heldenplatz in Vienna. A spot that is deep in the history of flatland with the Michael Sommer videos and of course Sebastian, Alexis Desolneux, Trickstar videos and many others. The first clip to any edit is so important, and in my mind can make or break a video part, this delivers and whets the appetite.

Moving on, there’s some experimental ideas thrown in between what I thought were the bangers. Namely the nothing jump on the backwards backyard at 00:58. Always a treat to see riders not afraid to try something new and be different.

At 1:06, one of the best clips of the edit in my first few watches, I literally screamed “Oh yeah!!!” whilst I watched the final straddle-roni exit. The line is a pivot backwards ice cream round opposite side two footed backwards backyard straddle-roni exit out, which had a nice warm up fro what was to come at 00:49. This is years and years of riding to layer the moves and control like this, I feel we have been blessed this past week with firstly Akira Okamura’s amazing part and now Sebastian’s, yet they so different.

2:08, this line much like the 1:06. I screamed “Wow!” and I am pretty sure you will do too, absolutely beautifully crafted from the opening half lash forward g-roll backwards opposite ice cream backwards backyard to degroot undertaker out! So good, shit that might be my favourite line. This is true highly crafted flatland right here.

The level and energy is building on every clip, the speed and execution of the line at 2:54 is jaw dropping. Backwards facing manual to double backwards backyard walk around degroot undertaker out!

It keeps getting better and I love how Sebastian is layering these lines as he builds his skill base, you can almost see what’s coming yet its unvisited territory and the final line at 3:14 kind of left with a feeling of what is to come in the future. All laced to a surprise Motorhead track that I would never have guessed would fit Sebastian’s riding style, flatland is full of surprises and that is one of the many things that keep us all going. Love that Sebastian battled the elements to get this done, zero degrees and look what is going down.
Back to watch this one again!