Must Watch: Mates Tuček / Flatland 2018-2019

If you didn’t already know Mates Tuček is one of the most skilled riders in the game, I have had the pleasure to ride with Mates for a week straight a few years in a row. His trick depth is like that I would expect of a 50 year old man, he can do it. Just what this edit filmed from between 2018-2019, and I am sure you will agree. I will however, say the music is on mute….

Let me also say right here, congratulations to Mates and his girlfriend who just celebrated their first child together. Beautiful!

Must Watch: The Jeep Real Games Finals

I literally just posted the results from the Jeep Real Games not even an hour ago, and the final presentation of all the finalists is online already! Yohei Uchino discusses the level of riding (unfortunately not translated), but you can work out the riding!
The riding starts at the 16 minute mark with Akira Okamura, Kio Hayakawa, Ryo and Yu Katagiri, Takahiro Enoki, Hiroya Morizaki (look out for his mind blowing new whopper move to steam!), and Naoto Tamaru!

The presentation like a TV game show style, is really awesome and a fitting way to showcase some of the best contest riding I have even seen. Congratulations to Hiroya Morizaki once again and all the finalists, absolutely mind blowing level!!!

Must Watch: Austin Luberda / A.M. Sessions

It is amazing during this difficult year, that we can really see the value of flatland and how good it is for our souls and general well being. Austin Luberda has made a big impact on the US flat scene over the last few years, amazing flow and style. Recently, he and his lovely wife Anna, had their first child together, and in order to continue riding at a high level and juggle parent life Austin changed his riding schedule from the afternoon/evening to early morning session.

And the result, is absolutely amazing. Not only the riding, but the morning light is something unless you ride early mornings you won’t know what I am talking about. Let’s talk about the riding….

And in particular, I want to highlight the last two lines at 2:48 and the gliding junkyard blindside pivot to switch hand switch foot time machine breaks new ground, and opens a new door for Austin at 3:07!

This edit has it all, easy on the eye, ground breaking moves, well edited, the list goes on. I really want to see Austin on the big contest stage, keep on keeping on Austin! It’s a good day on Flatmattersonline!!

Must Watch: Peter Olsen / Ritual B Sides


I don’t know about you, but my brain is exploding right now with all the crazy Must watch edits dropping back to back. In under a week Peter Olsen has dropped two of the best edits of the year, this B Sides edit is not to be missed. Another man’s throwaway is another riders treasure. Mind blown.

Must Watch: Akihiko Takahashi / 20th Reverse / ReBirth

As we near ever closer to our 12th anniversary, let’s get back to regular updates after the amazing Pete Olsen edit for Heresy shook us all last Friday! And today, equally on measure is this amazing 20 years of reverse riding edit by the incredibly underrated Akihiko Takahashi! Mix in untouchable backwards riding style with a classic soundtrack that was used on Mike S’ Props Groundwork part, and you have a Must Watch edit. Much like Peter’s part there is so much to take in at just over 11 minutes, I’ll leave the description as this and let you make your own mind up. I’ll be grabbing other cuppa in a moment and taking this one in again on the big screen.
Much respect to Akihiko!!

Must Watch: Peter Olsen / Ritual


As I took my first viewing of Peter Olsen’s new “Ritual” edit, my mind was completely blown. How do I write about this I pondered to myself… It speaks volumes of how good this edit is, that it took me 3-4 views to truly digest what he was doing.
“Ritual” fuses together everything I love about flatland, the solitude feeling of the way in the way was filmed.
The insane riding level of untouched lines with years of depth going into each line with a liquid like effortless flow, the vibe of the edit that matches the Heresy brand direction, this edit screams “this is flatland at it’s very finest!”.
I would normally do a detailed description on this edit, but let’s change things up and discuss this one in depth in the comments section. Peter Olsen, Heresy BMX, filmers, Sevisual take a long bow, this is as good as it gets!!

Must Watch: Martti Kuoppa ? As It Is

I love surprises on Flatmattersonline, and this new edit from the Boss, Martti Kuoppa caught me by surprise. No hype, just a clean drop and boom! Dedicated to his daughter’s 2nd birthday yesterday.

From the opening steam kick flip crack line with bars regular and backwards you just know this is going to be a serious one.
Martti nowadays concerntrates most of his time coaching others (Terry Adams, Toon Pakphum, Irina Sadovnik) to name a few, but that does not mean he doesn’t devote any time to himself, and he demonstrates that point right here.

Incredible level of riding that few will ever reach, I did call him the Boss many years ago for a reason.

Other highlights for me:

Revisiting his classic xft half hiker pivot to halfpacker hang ten to kick flip to Halfpacker at the 1:14 mark.

2:37: Steam kick flip to hitch! Wow!!!!

And my favourite personally, inside opposite half hiker kick flip to crackpacker, abolsutely amazing! Kickflips are a route not many riders really followed for good reason, MK is one of those dudes that bought kick flips to the forefront in high pressure contests, and in the incredible video parts he has done over the years, including now this one.

Much respect Boss, this made my rainy day so much better!!!

Must Watch: Sietse van Berkel – Master of Creativity videos 2016 – 2020

It’s been Kinda quiet the last two months or so for regular edits with all the online contests going. Today I had a treat sitting in my inbox from Sietse Van Berkel. Three years worth of Master of Creativity clips and progression, he sat out 2019 and helped judge the event. Watch all these clips back to back is so impressive, and his banger that won the MOC crown in 2018 at 3:34 is still so amazing as are all the clips. Creative flatland at it’s finest right here, good job Sietse!

Must Watch: Matthias Dandois: The Flat Side Of Things 5

Where do you start? We all know Matthias Dandois is one of the most consistent contest riders to ever do it on a 20 inch bicycle.
What hit me first with this project, after all Matthias’ daily work duties for his sponsors, it’s refreshing that he keeps the hardcore sessions with moves he’s worked on for hours on a tripod setting to his personal account. This feels like it’s for the hardcore fans, I guess is what I am trying to say.

Last week, I was lucky enough to get a first look before the edit dropped a week later. You get a sense of what is to come, and I always wonder which of these moves will make it to the contest floor, it’s kinda fun trying to guess…

Matthias’ is always on point with music selection, and the Morriña Baiuca track definitely sets the tone for this edit, and I liked how these lines were not drawn out. Everything pretty much is to the point, whereas his contest runs contains longer lines. Good to see that difference for sure.

When you are that consistent, what can you throw when you try something for three hours?
Filmed over the past 8 months in New York, Paris, Geneva and Saint Raphael. As always with Must Watch edits here are some of my personal highlights:

00:51: Shove-it plasticman line, the Plasticman gets done a lot in flatland these days. Nice to see a new touch to a overdone trick. And when something is done a lot that’s hard to do..
** Flat Snitches would say it’s a shove-it no handed switch footed hang 5 however…

1:03: No handed spinning halfpacker to spinning hitch line!

3:05: Backwards no handed spinning hitch, again I like how this was left on it’s own. Straight to the point!

3:37: One handed seat grab two footed backyard pivot one handed switch foot mega spin out.

4:48: Crackpacker Double boomerang bar scoot to steam!

5:36: Rollback body varial to pendulum halfpacker!

Go watch this one, if you aren’t already. What was your favourite line? Let’s discuss this one. Time to go riding…

Must Watch: Dane Beardsley / Daily 2020

Must Watch edits are normally reserved for this edits riders have worked on for a while, on the flip side. What if, you are so good that you can bang out a whole series of unique lines and do it with style. Dane Beardsley is one of those riders, in this edit although I have seen the clips individually on instagram. It is still so impressive and needs to seen, the footwork particularly stands out in this daily 2020 part.

Hit play and you will see what I am talking about, Dane is incredible.