Must Watch – Joe Cicman / The Idea in Brief 2018

It seems like Joe Cicman was made for the Master of Creativity contest and when didn’t enter this year I was curious as to what he was up to riding wise. Today the wait is over and for his year-end edit, he teamed up with Jim McKay for something special. From the opening Jaffa rebates, how many does he do? 10-11? I was glued to the screen wondering what was next. My shinbones ached just watching that first clip, I’m always into riders that master their craft, and do the lines they do as best they can and Joe really put some effort into the details of his riding to make the lines have as much impact as they can.

00:57: The huff packer (I believe thats what it’s called) to halfpacker jump two footed backyard.

Aside from the riding, Jim McKay did a great job I feel communicating Joe’s personality throughout the edit, the two complimented each other really well.

2:06/2:35: The hitchhiker version of the Jaffa whip rebate, really inspiring to see Joe take his Jedi skills to another trick and in turn create something new particularly that second line where momentum is coming out of nowhere and 3:13 Jaffa whip death jump to two footed backyard, although not pulled. This almost adds to the hype!

And not a scuff in sight from Mr Scuffington Post himself, the critics gather round…

Fanks a lot for this Joe and Jim, you made a rainy Friday in Southsea so much better!

Must Watch – Matthieu Bonnécuelle / Riding Waste


Isn’t the saying “Another man’s waste is another man’s treasure”, well god damn my mind is blown this evening with this footage of Matthieu Bonnécuelle shot in 2015/16. Matthieu in my mind is like a mysterious figure we don’t see a lot of, but when we do it is a treat for us all.

And such is the case here, second clip in at the 00:17 mark – backwards facing messiah no handed double backwards facing whiplash to backwards facing messiah. I screamed loud at my laptop, the bike control on this clip is out of this world and it continues there are so many surprises in this edit.

00:39 and a steam bikeflip to backwards ice cream! Hit the rewind, wow! I love how I have no idea what’s coming next, exciting!

1:00 – I think this might be my favourite clip of the edit, backwards facing whiplash to body varial jump rideout!

Pretty much everything Matthieu does is a highlight to be honest, let’s talk about this one in the comments section. I am going back to watch this one again.

Must Watch – Austin Luberda / Autumn Flow

Starting the week off with a banger with Austin Luberda, I have had the pleasure over the last five years at Battle in the Rockies of watching Austin come through the ranks from Amateur to now modern day a top professional rider that has a shot of taking the win every time he competes.

If you are familiar with Austin’s riding, which I hope you are. You will be aware the man is blessed with natural flow, over the last few years Austin has added his own style and unique lines and movements to this flow. This edit “Autumn flow” hits hard from the very beginning and contains a scary pivot move that Austin makes look easy (which I will talk about in a moment. As with Must watch edits as I didn’t really talk about James Whites’ last video I will resort back to familiar territory and highlight what I liked about this edit.

1:07: The flow and the intricate switches in this line, caboose body varial without kicking and ending in the x-ft straddle pedal time machine! Super good!

2:14: Lung spin / one handed time machine body varials without touching the tyre. I don’t believe I have seen this variation done before and always with Austin’s riding, so stylish!

3:05: For me the move of the edit and something I was thinking I would never see, if you learnt the scuffing version of this back in the day you will know how difficult this is. Austin of course in 2018 is doing this junkyard turbine blindside body varial to time machine (switch handed) without a hint of scuffing. One of the moves of the year right here! Take a bow Austin, blown away!

Must Watch – James White / Stop the World

The man James White does it again, unless you have been living under a rock or something it’s hard not to notice James White’s riding on social media. He seems to be everywhere, and this new “Stop the World” edit featuring a classic Black Rock and Ron track hits hard like you would expect, yet retains a fun element and stoke factor. All these details plus mixing the riding to a great tune that describes what he is doing, and give you an uplifting feeling that makes you want to go and ride.
Ultimately this is what it is all about, I am still in awe of the bike control involved on the no-handed “still b” at the 1:52 mark and that ender I was waiting and the cut at the end!. Rather than list all the highlights, I think this edit is about the whole package that just left with a great feeling and immediately on the rewind for the whole video, brilliant work throughout.

Must Watch – Group Asphaltanic Rites / Heresy BMX


This morning I woke up in Monument, Colorado to a special treat from the Heresy BMX family. It is almost goes without saying that many of you will not even read this description before hitting play on the video, that’s the hold and respect the Heresy crew have on the flatland community.

The flatland team seems to be a thing of the past for the most part so it’s great that Alexis is able to continuing growing the team adding Pete Olsen to the team who totally fits the HSY aesthetic, and this summer Pete joined Michaël Husser, George Manos, Sebastian Grubinger, Matthieu Bonnecuelle, and head honcho Alexis Desolneux for a summer tour around various spots in Southern France. Combine that with that amazing work of Tom over at Sevisial who captures the chemistry and aesthetic of the brand and in turn whets the appetite somewhat.

From the opening triple backwards two footed backyard walk around by Pete Olsen you just wait in excitement like a little kid as to what is next to follow. The subtle change to colour was almost a nice touch in my mind, as with all Must Watch edits and particularly edits like this I like to highlight what I loved about it.

1:00 & 3:34: Sebastian Grubinger’s lines throughout are absolutely amazing. He and Pete are really pushing the backwards style in this edit and generally and it’s so good now they are repine’ the same brand. Like I said before, the fit makes sense.

4:09: Loved Michael Husser’s whiplash to two footed frontyard round the bars line is so good, and look at the dust on the ground. Even more amazing, loved the style.

5:09: Matthieu Bonnecuelle has so many nice intricate moves throughout the edit, especially loved this g-turning switch foot whiplash jump to pedal manual 180 out to jump off pedals switch foot fakie whiplash and out. The variety between each team members styles are really refreshing throughout.

5:26: One of my favourite lines of the edit, one that myself and James McGraw called out when we first watched the edit this morning, Sebastain’s gliding gerator g turned to backwards two footed backyard half backwards decade off the pedal. Subtle, but such a treat!

The shove pedal 5 line that George Manos drops at the 7:06 is absolute poetry in motion.

And the ender, x-up ride in to brakeless straddle roni from Pete Olsen is so point. Another masterpiece from Heresy, who deserve all the plaudits they will get from this edit I am sure. This is flatland and that is why we love it. Big up everyone involved in this production.

Must Watch – Toon Pakphum / Shadow Practise

Toon Pakphum is two years deep into his coaching lessons with Martti Kuoppa and boy does it look like it is paying off. I have a lot of respect for anyone who takes the effort of training over and over to be dialled. It is great feeling to know you have tricks on lock, at any point of the day and Toon is one of those riders as he looks to break into what I call the elite group of pro’s currently dominating the contest scene. I love to see someone carrying the fight, and Toon is most certainly doing that.
From the first line onwards I was memorized by his consistency, his head barely moving, total bike control right here.

Some of the highlights for me:

00:57: The multiple stem boomerangs, attacking it!

1:18: the brakeless crack 360 flip to steam, notice how quick he is from jump to the tyre. Amazing technique.

2:21: The backwards boomerang to half packer that just goes on and on.

2:57: The last line is a belter, again its too long to name the whole combination of tricks. Just watch this and think about the dedication and hours it has taken for Toon to get to this level. And now he is firmly knocking on the Podium spot door…

Must Watch – Master of Creativity 2018 Pro Final

The results are in, and unless you have been living in a cave with no wifi over the last two days you will have seen the videos on instagram plus shared all over social media. Martti Kuoppa put together a Master of Creativity pro finals edit that totally hits the spot.
The MOC is infamous in flatland circles now as the most progressive contest on the planet, I am honoured each year to be invited to judge the event, this year along with Martti, last years winner John Yull, and Chad Degroot.
Now the contest is over and results have been announced, I wanted to give some love back to the riders that are helping to take flatland to the next level and bring new tricks to the table as we have seen with the likes of Sietse van Berkel’s winning entry.

11th.Stephan Fabien – Xft pedal nose wheelie inside xft steam without touching seat drops back wheel throws back to xft nose wheelie at the 00:6 mark. So smooth.

10th. Raphael Chiquet – 00:15. Raphael seems to have caught second wind in his riding career and is coming back really hard after being out of the scene for a while it seemed. Love the one handed stubble, looks like he wanted his signature no handed backwards spin, and throws the bike round body varial style to the floor. Look forward to seeing how this line develops.

9th. 00:34. Interesting choice of trick from Toon Pakphum for the finals, although I have seen this crack 360 flip to steam done to death with a front brake. I have never seen it brakeless, watch his technique getting the foot to the tyre so quickly after the flip. Literally has to be perfect execution to get this done, respect!

8th. 00:47. Who else but Mateus Beckmann drops a 180 bunnyhop to backlash whopper to backwards wheelie (controls with a few scuffs) to brakeless foot jam decade out?! Amazing skills from the talented Brazilian.

7th. 1:09. Xft rolling lawn full body varial gerator to his signature Zinger out, James White continues to amaze. James posted today there will be an edit out this week showing the background work that went into this entry later on in the week.

6th. 1:23. It’s been a great year for Mates Tucek, and this teakettle to opposite side xft half packer step to quick xft hang ten without touching the bar pivot to crackpacker is out of this world technically. This guys future is bright, believe me…

5th. 1:49. Owen Bohm is always a treat, you never know what to expect. And this no footed cliff turbine holding the seat defies all logic of gravity, flat-out amazing!

4th. 1:57. Ederson Paulo Ferreira dropped a wicked variation on his signature backwards one handed seatspin spinning the bars 360 and back to it for the finals. Incredible.

3rd. 2:11. Top three is getting heavy, Moto Sasaki went for a longer line than most riders for his final entry. The difficulty of combo’ing a one handed hang ten pivot triple xft crack turbine jump to steam kick pivot forward Karl xft opposite steam backwards spinning opposite Karl to spinning/pumnping xft hang ten jump to crack is insane!

2nd. 2:38. The beginning of Alex Jumelin’s final entry is out of hand, who else does an xft nose jumps at the point of the sweet spot to turbine and hop 360 nose jump xft steam without holding the seat? All Alex originals right here, absolutely unreal!

1st. 2:55. It was going to take something special to beat Alex’s entry and boy did Sietse van Berkel come up with the goods. I am going to just put it out there, whatever Sietse calls this trick (some kind of hybrid backwards pedal halfpacker locked on the top tube no handed) is the trick of the year!
It’s so fresh I have no name for this, and it made just say “wow” let’s rewind that when I was judging this. Flatland just went up a notch with the Master of Creativity contest, for me this event is not about the results although I know you riders at home like to see who came where. It’s about the progression, and the inspiration it gives to us all on that next session. I can’t wait to ride tomorrow….

Big thanks to Martti Kuoppa inviting me to judge, all the other judges that helped. John Yull, Chad Degroot and MK of course and of course all the riders that made MOC what it is. Beautiful.

Must Watch – Benjamin Hudson / Done Deal

Done Deal from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

On September 5th 2014, I published Benjamin Hudson’s amazing Welcome to Far East Cycles part, which announced him to the flatland world. Over the last four years we have all watched Benjamin grow into one of the most stylish flatlanders on the planet and in terms of being light footed on the bike I don’t think anyone else comes close.
From 2014 to 2018, Benjamin Hudson spent some time in Budapest, Hungary working on this “Done Deal” edit with the equally talented Tom @ Sevisual. The style of Tom’s filming, editing, music choice compliment Benjamin’s riding perfectly, like all Must Watch edits I like to highlight my favourite parts and talk in some detail about what’s going on.

1:09: Direct jump from regular riding position to inside craving x-ft steam xft Karl position not touching seat x-ft fire turbine bar scoot to full bar bunnyhop exit! Absolutely perfect execution.

1:27: Direct jump from regular riding position to McCircle turbine foot jam body varial to two footed front yard shove it two footed x-fted front yard pivot to inside Karl position jump to pedals out, so much steeze. I keep thinking back to his breakout video as mentioned above, and the layers that are now apparent in his riding to be at this level right now.

2:07: The longest line of the video, and the flow in this, the style, everything about this just brought a smile to my face. I wish I didn’t have to go to work today for 12 hours, E just wants to go and ride.

2:58: Saving the best till last, hands backward nose manual to fire hydrant turbines bar scoot fire turbine jump bar into tea kettle (never seen this switch before!) to x-ft pumping halfpacker pivot whiplash to jump lash x-ft inside steam into xft hang ten pivot crackpacker (no touching the seat in any of this by the way- think about that!) half whip to two footed front yard pivot xft steam (he’s still going!) foot jam jump pedals out!


Absolute instant classic with the collaboration of Benjamin “Benji Benji” Hudson and Tom at Sevisual, the last two Must Watch edits in my opinion some up modern day progressive flatland really well right now. Go watch this, drop Benji and Tom a comment and show some love. This is beautiful!

Benjamin’s breakout part:

Must Watch – Jean William Prevost & The Alien Glide

Jean William Prévost : The Alien Glide from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

Back to back Must Watch videos from Jean William Prevost, you all no doubt watched Puro Flat 2 and probably saw the photos of Dub’s no handed gliding two footed death truck doing the rounds on social media and wondered where is the footage? Well, you did not have to wait long, and this trick is so good I think it deserves to be singled out on it’s own so you can appreciate it, and it’s not lost in a full part. Dub is definitely an alien, fitting name for the move!

Must Watch – Jean William Prevost / Puro Flat #2 Spring

PURO FLAT #2 : SPRING from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

Dub dropped the latest in his Puro Flat series this weekend, so I decided to hold fire for a change and digest this one properly before publishing on FM! Everyone already knows Jean William Prevost is one of the best riders in the world, what I like about what he is doing with the Pro Flat series is he’s giving something special to the artform side of flatland rather than keeping it private until it’s ready for a contest.

Dub rides with a unique energy and flow that is unrivalled across the board in competitive flatland, we touched on this in his podcast recently. Keeping his energy going with the speed he rides at and consistency throughout a 3 minute run requires a certain state of mind and fitness, and here in this video project he experiments with dead time between tricks that elevates that concept to another level.

Part of the year so far? Let’s discuss this one. In terms of contest riders, Dub is at the top of the tree in terms of progression, hard to argue against it after these first two Puro Flat edits, mind blown. Thank you Dub, I am sure we will come back to this in years to come!

Puro Flat #2 is everything I thought it would be and much more, filmed in Shenzhen, Beijing and Montreal, as with all Must Watch edits I like to talk about the highlights:

00:17: The g-roll pivot inside switch b undertaker out is beautiful in technique where he has condensed the dead time.

00:25: Spinning undertaker flip grabbing tyre spinning cream pivot out is sexy flatland at it’s finest. I am on 5th watch now, and still have the same reaction as the first time I watched it. YES!

00:32: Dub further pushes the concept that I highlighted at 00:17 and adds the spinning undertaker at the beginning of the line and ends with g-roll pivot inside switch b undertaker with no deadtime at all. Wow!

1:07: Carved Opposite Dump truck ride in pivot to pedal inside switch b pedal pivot to double turbine spinning forward death truck straightens out forward pedal death to casual walkover decade out. This line has been years in the making, so much depth to this.

2:59: Dub explores different concepts around the Rodeo, each line till the end is absolutely ridiculous, but the dead time taken out on the final line and the seamless switches is something else entirely.

Level up!