Must Watch! Keelan Phillips – Nose Manuals Done

nose manuals done from keelan phillips on Vimeo.

Keelan Phillips just dropped an absolute banger for us to get our teeth into! Pushing the nose manual game as far as he possibly can at this point in time, in particular the multiple 3 nose manual repeat line at around 1:49 is a game changer but Keelan drops a whole lot more to get you stoked, incredible bike control and a worlds first! Hitting rewind!

Must Watch – Matthias Dandois / The Flat Side of Things 2


I’ve been waiting for the no handed spinning half packer jaffa whip to halfpacker for a couple of years out of Matthias Dandois (ref: TCU Calling the shots with Terry Adams and Matthias Dandois 2014) and he delivers right here, plus a whole lot more! Enjoy the latest progression from Matthias filmed in Paris, France and Japan!

Must Watch! Martti Kuoppa – Walking Man Stemlash

Today Martti Kuoppa celebrates his 37th birthday, and does it in style with another NBD move. If you are counting, that’s the third “Must watch” of the week, and a new door opened with the possibilities when he learnt this walking man stem lash (I think we can all see whats coming!)! The man is on a roll and its beautiful to see this kind of progression in our sport.

Happy birthday Martti!

Here is what he had to say:

“Today I celebrate my 37th birthday and I wanted to learn a new trick as a birthday present for myself. Here you go! I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed doing it! The winter is almost here and it is getting really cold which means soon I will move down to my little basement to ride for the next several months so I won´t be able to learn new tricks due to the size of the place but I will get back at this when the spring time is here!”

Must Watch! Martti Kuoppa – Backwards. Brakeless. Double Stemlash

Another day and another “Must Watch” banger from Martti Kuoppa. Leaves on the ground is not stopping him anytime soon, I know Scott Powell did this brakeless backwards stem lashes, but as far as I’m aware this the first brakeless double stem lash. Insane balance point, and another door opens!

Must Watch! Heresy – Light


* Stickied. Thursday 22nd October – todays updates below.

Wednesday 21st October will be remembered for a long time for this incredible Heresy Light edit featuring Alexis Desolneux, Sebastian Grubinger, George Manos, and Matthieu Bonnecuelle! Even with George getting injured 30 minutes into the trip in Vienna, all the team come up with the goods as you would expect, and then some! The limits of what is possible on bike just keep being broken! Mind blown today….

Here are a few of my personal highlights:

Sebastian Grubinger: backwards facing manual/backwards one foot/backwards facing manual at 2:42. Foot jam to pedal 5 foot plant 180 rollback to foot jam decade.

George Manos: Inside pedal No handed forward karl at 04:42!

Alexis Desolneux: Double xft around the bars whiplash backwards guillotine out.

Matthieu Bonnecuelle: Backwards facing jump lash at 2:12. landing xft inside peg!. Backwards whiplash to no handed backwards messiah no handed backwards facing whiplash out. And the ender, wow! Backwards xft messiah to xft backwards whiplash!

Must Watch! Akihiko Takahasi – 15 years Riding

It would be easy to label Akihiko Takahasi as that guy that does all the crazy backwards half packer combos, but his riding has so much more substance. Aki is celebrating 15 years of riding and put together this amazing complilation of footage that runs just over 12 minutes. Sit down with a cuppa and enjoy watch the craziness of this guy, no one rides like him! Respect!