Must Watch – Sebastian Keep / Walls

Amazing behind the scenes footage of Tall Order’s Sebastian Keep embark on a mission to find the biggest wall rides possible on set ups that for 99% of BMX do not exist. Baz is that 1%, as the project grows you can see how they learn from each set up, check the size of the last ramp used compared to the first used. Here’s what Baz had to say:

Photo: George Marshall.

“The idea started with lets take 2 small ramps to the city centres to jump off multi storey car parks and bridges land on buildings and wall ride down them. We knew that what we were doing wasn’t exactly legal so we decided to wear high vis jackets and hard hats and try our best to disguise ourselves as road workers so that people would leave us alone and It worked!
The spots we found on Google earth were bigger than we anticipated
and so we tried to build practice set ups to help get used to the gaps.

At the spot in Croydon nobody knew if it was possible to ride down 20 feet of vertical wall and after speaking to various pro riders who didn’t have an answer for us we decided to try it…

This video tells the story of how we rolled into city centres in the early hours disguised as builders with vans holding huge ramps set them up and filmed our attempts at some of the biggest wall rides we could find…”

Must Watch – Steve Mulder 2016 Clips

STEVE MULDER 2016 CLIPS from mulderflat on Vimeo.

We have started the new year with some absolute banging edits, and it continues here with Steve Mulder’s 2016 clips filmed in his futuristic looking garage riding spot. I have said it before and ail, no doubt say it again. Steve Mulder is one of the best to ever touch a 20″ BMX Bike, period.

From the opening two clips, regular and opposite I was glued to the screen. The edit just keeps getting better, the following bar backwards 1 and half hang glider to steam at 00:28 is so well executed!

00:54, the half lash to macaroni to smith is just a thing of beauty! Absolute next level bike skills right here!

1:06, 5 brakeless hang gliders done like he could do ten more without breaking a sweat.

1:15, half lash jump to xft backwards peg wheelie backwards rolaid out! (Featured this a few days on the FM instagram page!)

1:23, Steve has been doing this move for years and still it is untouched! Peg wheelie 360 hand job to switch-b, now I mention it you could say that about almost all of Steve’s riding. Skills to pay the bills, nice length to this edit, great tune that made my day a whole lot better! Thank you Steve!

Must Watch – Hidenori Ishizaki ZAI12

Hidenori Ishizaki just published his part from Akira Okamura’s Zai 12! Many of you voted Hidenori for Breakthrough Rider of the year in the 2016 Flatmattersonline Rider of Year awards, many of us are familiar with his name because of the Master of Creativity contest. As almost always with “Must Watch” edits, every combo is a highlight! Hidenori is really pushing different concepts based around the backwards facing two footed backyard, sit down and enjoy this sunday treat!

-The opening line at 0:11, that ends with a two footed backyard to opposite side gliding gerator to opposite degroot undertaker out.

-Two footed backyard turbine to backwards backyard body varial to xft peg wheelie line at keeps flowing at around the 0:55.

– Xft pedal backwards facing manual at 1:31, can’t even imagine how hard this is!

– And probably my favourite line of the edit at 1:46, gliding dump pivot xft ice cream body varial dump truck opposite side out to opposite backwards lawn mower and out!

– At 2:06 Xft backwards facing backyard half bar hop decade out!

– 2:21 one hand one footed backwards facing backyard, arms of steel!

Lookback: November – The 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards

With the voting closing today on the 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards, its’s time to finish up on the last two months of the year. Did things slow down, hell no!!!


On the 1st of the month, I was still catching up on the Flatark contest. Viki Gomez was presented with the 2016 World Circuit title at Flatark, Viki was followed on the podium by Matthias Dandois and Yohei Uchino! Here’s what Viki had to say:
“GRACIAS! THANK YOU! 2016 competition season’s been great to me and I am very grateful for once again taking home the 2016 World Championship title! @bmxflatlandworldcircuit. Much love to you all! It’s time to celebrate!”

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Lookback: October – The 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards

We start the month of October with an amazing edit!!!
It feels like I have given out the Must Watch tag a lot recently, it’s already been quite a week for progressive edits and today Joe Cicman’s new Curriculum Vitae 2016 certainly lives up to the hype he’s thrown at it! Curriculum Vitae 2016 documents Joe’s progressive journey as he has pushed his riding month to month working on new ideas for the Master of Creativity confine contest.
The edit really builds from June, and the format quickly going month to month really makes this easy on the eye! Joe has really pushed the Jaffa Whip concept to new levels and the banger what Joe is calling the “Terradoom” at 2:17: a no handed crackpacker no handed jump to no handed backyard is absolutely bonkers and ballsy to say the least! I will stick my neck out and say that is one of the moves of the year so far! This left me wanting more, as all great edits do. Thank you Joe you just pushed flatland up a few notches!

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Lookback: September – The 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards

Earlier today I said August was the busiest month of the month, I spoke to soon. Judging by the amount of pages I have to go through even topped August! Have you not voted yet? Check out what went down in September.

We started the month with a whole bunch of contest run footage from the Real City Spin contest, check out Yohei Uchino’s winning ride once again.

Photo: Danny Josa.
On the 6th, Congratulations to Matthias Dandois, who took the win at the FiseWorld contest last night in Denver, Colorado USA, followed by Adam Kun and Joris Bretagnolles.

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Lookback: August – The 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards

August is often the busiest month of the year on the site, and it certainly got started with a bang on August 1st! The man of the moment, Viki Gomez fresh back from the 2016 World Circuit title in Brazil goes back to the core day to day sessions at his home spot in Luxembourg and just like the CORE Part 1, this delivers at the highest level!

Highlights for me:
– The opening rolling dump truck pivot backwards xft ice cream pivot opposite side two footed dump truck pivot xft ice cream line is just beautiful and took me back to the riding of Dan Rigby, amazing!
– X bar steam kickflip regular bar halfpacker pivot opposite xft hitch xft halfhiker body varial to halfpacker at 00:39!
– I know it’s not new, but the hang ten pressure jump steam Viki does at 1:03 is timeless, execution is also on point!
– Backwards crackpacker in circles carved back to forwards crackpacker steam kick flip crackpacker, the technicality and sheer variety of moves Viki has is just incredible! This is years and years of crafting to get to this level, I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it here.

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Lookback: July – The 2016 Flatmattersonline Year End Awards

It’s new years eve 2016, today it is time to lookback over what happened in the month of June. Which turned out to be a pivotal moment in the contest season.
July begun with a trip out to the annual BMX Cologne contest, Viki Gomez took the top spot followed by Alex Jumelin and Matthias Dandois. Watch Viki’s run below!


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