Must Watch – Matthieu Bonnecuelle / Grow


Starting a big week on Flatmattersonline with a Must Watch edit that really did bring a smile to my face. I feel like Heresy rider, Matthieu Bonnecuelle has a mystic to his riding that always draws me into watching his riding and that feeling of curiosity as to what he is doing.

When you combine Matthieu’s unique riding style and Tom Sevisual on editing duties, the golden formula is there. Why change it? Heresy continually get this on point.

Let’s discuss this edit:

At the 00:18 mark, Double turbine whiplash with a cheeky hang ten pause and downside whip jump to pedals thrown in to make you hit the rewind button a few times to understand it.

After several watches of this edit, I think the line at 00:30 is my favourite. Matthieu puts a nice detail on a regular trick, turbine steam where he changes his stance foot to the opposite side and hand, then throws an stalled track stand still stood in steam position then with a quick scuff steam throws a bar scoot round the bars into backwards facing whiplash!

The line at 00:52 is a difficult one to describe as I am not sure what you call the name, Matthieu begins on the left side of bike in a cross foot one footed circular spin then switches to x-ft inside steam without holding bars then with a quick fake whiplash motion jumps through the bike round to steam and spins a right side track stand out.

At 2:36, pumping backwards circular spin kick pedal to manual cross over to no handed x-ft pumping peg manual, as with all the tricks in this edit. It is really refreshing to see a rider dare to be different, and express himself and all with a really graceful style to boot.

What a motivating edit to start the week…..

The Flatmattersonline Pete Brandt Interview!

In my opinion, You couldn’t really script this story.. Who would have thought my childhood hero would organise a go fund me fundraiser to get me out to San Francisco and the One Love Jam.

Wait what????

How many would do this or even think about doing this for another rider? It is and was an amazing gesture. So much so I pinched myself at various points of the long flight over to SF. Is this really happening??

As Pete broke the news, aside from my initial disbelief, and thoughts of finally riding the clocktower and going to the One Love Jam. This was finally my chance after ten years of running Flatmattersonline to interview Pete and ask him all the things I was curious about over the years.

I first travelled to SF when I was seven years old with parents, then again at 14 years old and to compete for the X Games in 99, and 2000. The city definitely strikes a chord with me, it is my favourite place to travel in the world. So much history here, the bridges, all the different cultures, the views each way you look, the people, you can ride around Embarcardero and see all the famous skatespots just a throws away from the legendary Clocktower spot that Pete rides everyday, making the 40 minute BART commute from across the bay in Fremont.

I have met Pete numerous times over the years at contests across the globe, and even at the San Francisco X-Games twice which we discuss in the interview.
I haven’t however, hung out with Pete for any considerable amount of time, until this dream trip. I think it’s fair to say we got along so well I now consider Pete a close friend and we share a lot of the same music tastes, views on flatland, we both vibe off skateboarding, and best of all just a lot of laughs and good flatland sessions.
As I approach my 45th birthday in March, seeing Pete still going as hard as ever was a massive motivation to me “hey you can still do this and work a full time job and juggle family life with kids” and be an absolute monster to boot.

There are multiple layers to Pete’s life, which we cover in this interview. The term “legend” gets over used a lot, but Pete really is a flatland legend. And in fact as I now call it he is an “architect”. Pete has helped shape the spot/artform we all love, have you ever shove-it’ed mid trick, done a crackpacker, held a hitchhiker on the peg instead of tyre, used plastic pedals, use a freecoaster, these are all things Pete invented and made them popular and the list goes on.

The man deserves a BIG interview so much I can’t even stress this enough. Our sport/artform needs to respect the architects that shaped what we love today, and Pete is still going hard and infact I can almost guranteed he’s the last to read this and will be out shredding at the clocktower without a care in the world other than riding his bike and doing what he loves on the daily.

Over the years, I have met just about everyone in the flatland scene and Pete is the realist rider I have met. This guy eats, sleeps, and breathes flatland, and he totally gets it.

Grab a cuppa, and make some time to learn about one of the best riders to ever do it. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s do this, the Flatmattersonline Pete Brandt Interview! This is for all the hardcore riders out there, proud to bring this exclusive to the flatland scene.

Effraim Catlow / Flatmattersonline

Must Watch – Kio Hayakawa

Kio Hayakawa has been blowing up on instagram over the last year, and for good reason. Unique styles for days and the degree of difficulty of what he is doing is off the chart.

Kio dropped this edit a few days ago, and I was in full One Love jam mode and not able to spend enough time watching the edit and taking in what he is doing.

This morning I got the chance to take it what he is doing and this guy is next level and a name to keep an eye for sure and deservedly got nominated for Breakthrough Rider of the Year.

The opening line at 00:17 with the quick blender jump to two footed upside down ice cream without touching the tyre is insane. Whilst I am not a fan of the switching shots mid link, the backwards facing pedalling time machine rideout is incredible! Hit rewind, watch this!

At 1:27 the xft time machine pivot to pedalling ice cream is so delicate of a switch and Kia makes this look easy, style for days. And much like the first line the ending going back to xft time machine pivot to backwards facing straddling time machine walkover decade to pedal is absolutely off the chart!

Learn the name, this shredder has a massive future.

Must Watch – Matsudo Year End Jam 2018

2019 has begun with a bang, 4 days in and already two Must Watch edits to get you inspired! I am a big fan of the Jimalog edits, and this 2018 Matsudo Year End Jam edit filmed on 29th December at Matsudo, Hall 21 of Forest in Chiba,Japan hits the spot!

With an amazing list of riders, Akihiko Takahashi, Masashi Itani, Yu Shoji,Takuji Kasahara, Takumi Matsumoto, Moto Sasaki, Takahiro Ikeda,Yasunari Ishijima, Takahiro Enoki, Kazuma Nakajima, and Kenji Mori.

As with all Must Watch edits, let’s get into what’s so great about this one!

2:18: Takahiro Enoki, Xft carved hitch crazy pivot to backwards backpacker backwards whiplash out, I still rewind this one after three rewinds already. Timeless move!

2:37: Takahiro Ikeda, been waiting to see Takahiro do the pedal time machine walkover decade to one kick greater into a line without laying bike down and he gets it done here and finishes the line with a time machine variation I have never seen before. Unreal technique!

6:42: Takahiro Enoki, 6:42 and Takahiro hits a dream line of mine, opposite dump ride in, pivot xft upside down ice cream pivot backwards two footed dump pivot opposite xft cream! Just beautiful!

7:30: Moto Sasaki, what a mad line to finish a wonderful edit from Jimalog. Hang ten pivot to xft crackpacker turbines (hard enough) out to xft steam pivot jump to right side pumping halfpacker carved in circles into backwards pumping halfpacker in circles into backwards one footed spinning halfpacker step through to spinning hang ten out! Ridiculous!

As well as the amazing lines from everyone, this edit has a feel good factor about it. Friends together, riding, sharing, supporting. What a start to the year, big up Jimalog and all the riders for this treat! Award nominees announced later, it’s a good day!


Must Watch! Toon Pakphum / Shadow Practise 2

It’s New Years Day and already the first Must Watch edit for 2019! From the opening multiple stem boomerangs that I lost count on how many he hits, you just know this edit will hit really hard and it certainly delivers and right now I would say in my opinion, this is Toon’s best work to date.
I am right in the middle of the Flatmattersonline year end awards so I will keep the description short and sweet for a change.

Happy New Year everyone! What a treat from Toon, someone has been training hard!

Must Listen! Mark Eaton Space Brothers Podcast

Kip Williamson and Chip Riggs catch up with Plywood Hood, Mark Eaton for an absolute Must Listen Space Brothers Podcast!

Mark Eaton, Kevin Jones and the rest of Plywood Hoods paved their own way in Flatland and BMX in general, this podcast uncovers what it was like every time they showed up to a contest all eyes were on them with video cameras aimed in their direction hoping to capture the next ground breaking trick whether that was steamroller, whiplash, hitchhiker, backpacker or many other amazing groundbreaking moves. Even the top pros at the time kept their eyes on Mark, Kevin, and the other Plywood Hoods hoping to see some of their latest tricks and they changed the game forever.

When you get a spare few hours you need to sit down, and really take this in. Thanks Eaton and the rest of the Plywood Hoods for all they have done for flatland. This is pure gold!

*Just a reminder that all of the episodes can be listened to on SoundCloud (above), iTunes, Google Play, & Stitcher Radio by searching “Space Brothers Podcast”.

Must Watch – James McGraw / 2018 Year End

2018 Year End from James McGraw on Vimeo.

I feel like I am giving these Must Watch’s out on the daily at the moment, but James McGraw deserves it more than most. For James to hold back from posting on Instagram is almost an impossible task, I can picture him stressing about not showing it online at his home in Monument, Colorado. At the age of 48, James is a big inspiration to me personally. He has kids, his wife, Laura, runs his own business, phone always going non stop, yet he still finds the time and focus to ride and his energy more importantly is contagious.

This video is James’ quest for several variations that he has been chasing for a long time, one trick took him almost two years. However old you are watching this, will you have this energy at 48? If you already do, more power to you and you should share it. You may inspire more people other than just myself, congratulations on the Must Watch James and thanks again for all you do for flatland.

Must Watch – Jean William Prevost / Puro Flat 3

PURO FLAT 3 from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

Wow, when the 2018 Nora Cup winner Jean William Prevost drops an edit you take notice. MY Sunday is made, it is pouring with rain and I am getting ready to go ride with a spring in my step. This is flat out incredible, Dub continues to break new ground and do his own thing away from the contest scene and in turn turn up the notches in the art form of flatland riding and then some.

This will be the 4th Must Watch edit this week! Here’s why I haven’t gone soft giving these Must Watches out!

00:17: backwards spinning undertaker to xft carved pumping peg wheelie pivot 360 body varial two footed backyard out another side xft carved peg wheelie Degroot undertaker! Let’s just getting the party started!

00:36: Backwards spinning undertaker direct to two footed 360 backyard type body varial pivot! Dig how he showed the original progression in the clip before….

00:48: Switch foot lawn turbine opposite foot forward g-roll step over forward two footed death truck on pedal to rodeo jump out xft carved peg wheelie flip to backwards spinning two footed one-handed cream flip to xft carved peg wheelie right hand side inside gliding switch-b spinning undertaker out! Wow!

1:33: Everything Dub does is flat out amazing, and the next line hits so hard! At the 1:33 mark ending in double turbine forward death pedal overtaker out! A man at the top of his game and continuing to push what is possible on a flatland bike…

I could go and on, let’s discuss this one in the comments section. I gotta go ride!!

Must Watch – Yu Katagiri 2018

Yesterday right as I posted Brandon Derbowka’s amazing new edit, I got a notification on instagram that Yu Katagiri had dropped a new edit. Rather than post 2 banging edits at the same time, I decided to give Brandon’s edit some limelight on the site for 24 hours, well deserved in my opinion. Today, is all about this wonder kid from Nagaoka,Niigata Japan.

I had the pleasure to watch this 13 year old prodigy at two contests in the summer, BMX Cologne and Urban Waves and the kid delivered in both contests and is the real deal. What were you doing at 13 years old? This level of riding, creating tricks, being consistent, beating established pros double your age? It’s easy to say Yu Katagiri is the future, but he’s already here and smashing it hard!

As with all Must Watch edits I like to highlight why I chose this edit as Must Watch, and before I get into details, regardless of age this hits the spot really hard and can only inspire you for today’s session!

1:22: Carved peg wheelie flip to pedal g-roll turbine flip to opposite foot turbine ice cream shove it xft ice cream turbine flip pivot to spinning lawn bike flip to xft mega spin turbine pivot to g-roll flip back to spinning lawn bike flip to pedal turbine g-roll out! (that last switch is insane!)…

2:03: Xft carved peg wheelie pivot to two footed backyard pivot direct to backwards ucchie spin bike flip to xft pumping ice cream backwards xft ice cream spin pivot peg wheelie to xft ice cream (that switch rewinding to understand) to backwards spinning x-ft cream to backwards foot pedal time machine out! Thats’s two massive lines already with so much creativity within, this kid!!!

3:00: My favourite line of this amazing edit, the beginning just has me hitting the rewind. So rad!
Go watch this and admire this kids technique, I feel like I have typed enough over the past few days. I’m left thinking various thoughts…

If Yu is this good at 13 years old, what happens when he is 18 years old and so on…. Thank you ZOLS ETM for sharing this kids amazing talent with us all, flatland just went up a notch and then some! Hitting the rewind and watching in awe of this kids abilities.

Can we please see some footage of his brother, Ryo!

Must Watch – Brandon Derbowka / 2018

It takes a lot to move the Heresy Tour video off the top spot here on Flatmattersonline today. You just know when you hear the name, Brandon Derbowka that this is going to be really good and this does not disappoint.

Right from the off, working a really tight indoor riding spot, 00:05 a straight version of Martti’s xft hitch full body varial. Starting opposite xft Karl to opposite xft hiker to backwards backpacker for a second literally pivot regular side xft hitch, beautiful. Literally everything hits hard in this edit, so this might be a long description. But I wanted to show this video some deserved love, so bare with me.

00:18: Xft opposite halfpacker pivot hitch pivot regular side xft halfpacker, how he flips that hitch to xft from an almost straight angle is amazing!
00:47: Xft whiplash to xft hitch jugglers, crossing his feet regular and opposite on each rotation of the juggler, watch this one again and again. So technical!
1:14: Might be my favourite line of the edit, xft half hiker to halfpacker pivot opposite xft hitch and he comes out straight (that’s the key point), to opposite backwards backpacker switch hands regular backwards backpacker pivot xft half hiker to the Martti Kuoppa xft hitch body varial this time in circles! What a line, difficulty levels off the chart here, wow!
1:47: Xft half hiker pivot to halfpacker bars straight pivot xft hitch xft whiplash switch leg to regular xft halfhiker pivot halfpacker pivot opposite xft hitch! Are you following all this?
And the final move, that I wish to highlight because it’s so damn technical! At 2:15, opposite Karl entry to opposite backwards backpacker hitch to regular side backwards backpacker pivot xft half hiker uncross leg switch to opposite xft half hiker backwards backpacker pivot xft hitch out!

What an edit, I realise today the Heresy edit will get a lot of attention, but do not sleep on this one. Holy shit! Take a bow, Brandon Derbowka this is truly inspiring!