Must Watch – Matthias Dandois / Taking Hawaii


Two Must Watch edits in a day?! Effraim’s firewall has been broken, in the comments section someone commented about Matthias Dandois vs Mateus Beckmann earlier. Well you didn’t have to wait long, except this is all flatland….

You could be forgiven for thinking after the busy year travelling, contests, shows, sponsorship appearances, travelling for modelling contracts and much more that Matthias Dandois would take a break after the UCI World Championships but no…

Matthias is over in Hawaii for a Vans trip, and has been putting in work. I was lucky enough to get a preview and I have to admit I didn’t jump at the email right away. I thought to myself, oh this will be a lifestyle video I will check in a bit.

Once I checked it I was hitting the rewind again and again, from the opening junkyard turbine hop into hang 5 to spinning cliffhanger at the 00:43 mark I knew this wasn’t going to be what I had expected and I stoked to be proved wrong.

And it continues with great editing and the soundtrack fits nicely to, the following switch foot no handed hang 5 (not a plastic man) into a move I called the “elastic man” is so damn good at the 00:58 mark, great to see Matthias pushing himself and his natural talent shines through.

1:13: Steam to teakettle switch to opposite fork wheelie spin (that had me saying please go to spinning hitch) and guess what he did!! Been waiting to see this one for a while and stoked to see this flow, style for miles.

1:38: G turn rollback flail to steam, will this be in Matthias’ contest runs next year. Only time will tell. What I do know is its exciting to see what he has been working on out of the contest arena.

2:03: Possibly my favourite of the whole edit, whips into opposite spinning fork wheelie and casually bar scoots into backwards spinning one footed halfpacker with one out under the chainring/BB into halfpacker, absolutely beautiful move. When flatland is this good you don’t need to draw out the combo, this is flat out amazing. In and out, job done!

2:23: Another contender for move of the edit, backwards carving manual jump to backwards frame nasal and winds into backwards pumping one handed frame mega spin, yes!!!

4:31: No handed xft spinning crackpacker step no handed to switch footed no handed halfpacker foot on the chainring (I’m not even sure what to call this!).

What an edit, its great to see Matthias at the top of his game contributing to the artform not only in amazing contest performances but edits like this in a short time in Hawaii. What’s your favourite move in this edit? One of the best days of the year for content without a doubt that’s for sure!

Must Watch – Mateus Beckmann / Flatland & Street 2019


Catching up on videos and news across the globe after a busy weekend at work and the Backyard jam yesterday. And we kick start the week with a belter from the Brazilian flat/street wizard, Mateus Beckmann. In terms of fusing the two disciplines together, Mateis is as progressive as gets right now.

At two tracks long, it’s evident Mateus has put some work into this one and from the opening 180 hp backwards manual whopper to manual 180 out, my eyebrows were raised thinking wow this is going to be a good one! First impressions ana all that!

From the Switch foot rocket hang 5 jump from right foot on back peg to foot whip (as bike spins) to manual 180 out at the 1:05 mark, mixing the riding styles so good right here. Short sweet and to the point. There’s a lot packed into this edit its pretty hard for me to not write an essay but I am impressed as much with his street skill as his flat skill, and its not often you can say that. At the 2:24, the manual going opposite to 180 downhill is so good, and the nollie or nose 540 fakie at 2:34 is unreal! The hits just keep coming..

In the modern street riding era, I would like I would like to see Mateus in the contest with Garrett Reynolds, Alex D, Paley, etc etc…

Go watch this one and get stoked for your session today! Skills….

Must Watch – Dane Beardsley / that and this 2019

You can perhaps forgive me for thinking with winter hitting the “Must Watch” edits were done for 2019, but how wrong I was. Dane Beardsley, one of the most skilled and underrated riders out there in my opinion just dropped a hammer of an edit that has already made my day.

Dane’s riding always strikes a chord with me, whether it’s the thought that goes into the ride on, and ride outs, the clips riding dirt and street. You can just see he loves BMX! Anyone else feel that or just me…

From the first ride in I knew this was going to be good, great imagination on the 180 hop tp x-up smoothie lands cross handed which sets him up for the cross handed whiplash to hitchhiker whip and scuff to backwards cross handed double backwards hitch juggler into swivel boomerang to x-handed half lash position and out! The detail on the cross handed throughout was bang on, what a start!

Throw in a few trails clips, at what looks like his house! And that 360 after the last set is sweet, you can see what I am saying about Dane just loving being on the bike and enjoying all sides of BMX.

At 00:56, I am still only on my third watch and this line is definitely the hardest to describe. Dane goes from a switch handed one handed cyclone position without his foot on the back peg I might add with both wheel on the ground jump pivot to rolling lawn turbine mega spin straightens out to dump truck jump with same foot to ice cream (are you following this?) one kick to two footed backyard body varial jump landing backwards wheelie, quick half bar out! Insane jumps in this one and once again the creativity on the intro and outdo are amazing!

1:28: Multiple x-fted whiplashes shove-it one kick to multiple backwards whiplashes, perfect technique. Love this clip!

2:03, is the last line that is off the chart and no doubt years of craft to be doing this. Dump jump round to backwards rolling ice cream to rope then into backwards straddle come out opposite side g-roll to ice cream back regular rope back to straddle back opposite g-roll to ice cream jump to peg wheelie bar flip out! What an ender!

Top marks on this one from Dane Beardsley! Wow, hitting the rewind throughout the day on this one…

Must Watch – Matthieu Bonnecuelle & George Manos / Biface

BIFACE from HERESY BMX on Vimeo.

The Heresy team are full of surprises, and today we got something beautiful to add to the artform archives. This ticks a very different box in terms of a “Must Watch” edit, where this is more about two of the most creative riders in the flatland game interacting with each other in a combined space. Performance Art at its finest. Go watch this and enjoy…

“BIFACE is a raw experiment filmed in October 2019 around Narbonne (France).
Without carrying any particular meaning, the video came out like a primitive tool to shape a new form : a choreographic video mostly composed with BMX riding language.”

Must Watch – Jeff Desroche / After the Accident 2

Jeff DesRoche – After the Accident 2 from Diversion TV on Vimeo.

Straight back from China to a Must Watch from one of the most stylish riders to ever ride flatland, Jeff Desroche! This man has something else going on when it comes to moving around that bike, watching Jeff just makes me want to go and ride. From the opening one handed hang ten jump to pedal steam to lifeguard at 00:16 (I think that’s what it is called) and that ride out! One of the best tricks of the year for sure and it continues.

There are so many highlights that are packed into this 5 minute 49 second edit, and one of the things I liked the most was the way he pushes a concept and surprises you with the switch. It’s not too often I am surprised anymore with lines, I almost feel I am sat here with a cuppa and predicting what’s next. With Jeff, it was a fresh slate.

Second line in, and I really like how he put his own twist on a switch made famous by the Japanese riders like Yammer and Hiroya Morizaki. Jeff makes straightens out briefly after after the forward Karl halfpacker inside switch foot steam and flips into his signature teakettle jump at 00:27. It’s subtle, modern day flatland is all in the details.

At 1:03, I have seen Jeff do this before but it’s his own and no one can do it like Jeff. One handed hang ten jump pedal steam jump tea kettle, a bomb line to the list. So great that Jeff is back after his severe accident and sharing with us all.

1:46: Switch foot inside opposite Karl pivot to crackpacker pivot forward Karl 360 bar out and like I will say so much with Jeff’s riding, oozing with style.

3:03: Switch foot forward Karl to x-foot halfpacker, a Desroche classic and the best one I have seen him do so far. Dope as you like!

3:48: Switch foot spinning inside steam without holding bars full body varial out, again Jeff D classic and it is so great to see these classics returning to the game. If it’s yours, why not do it and document it right, especially as this is never getting old.

4:28: One handed hang ten jump to crackpacker to Jeff’s signature jump out, no idea what he calls it. But it rules and he condensed it down, I recall at Flatring he was doing this as a solo trick and now it’s tightened up a lot. So bomb!

I could go on and on, I love everything about this edit, a true artist doing his thing. I hope this edit gets some love in the comments section.

Must Watch – Kio Hayakawa / Welcome to Colony BMX

Much like Nick Watts, Kio Hayakawa is on fire! It really is hard to keep up with the instagram updates, his amazing full part on Landscapes 3 and now this amazing Welcome to Colony BMX part!

So many creative bangers in this one from the opening line with a switch foot ice cream pulled into switch foot forward g- roll jump to two footed backyard half turbine jump to pedals that begins at the 00:03 mark! So progressive!

The very next line Kio further develops the two footed backyard jump, now jumping out with the body varial to peg wheelie (00:36) back into an ice cream line. This kid is pushing things hard right now!

The fourth and last line play with a. similar concept, pivot into two footed pedal ice cream ucchie flip to mega spin pivot ice cream pivot blender walk round out! Wow, Kio puts himself right up with fellow Japanese shredders, Yoehi Uchino, the Katagiri brothers and like the Katagiri brothers, so young and the future is so bright. Great pick from Colony to join the team, will he conquer the international contest circuit, only time will tell….

Must Watch – Sebastian Grubinger / Faces of Vienna

I think it’s fair to say almost anything Sebastian Grubinger puts out is a Must Watch, his riding always has me shaking my head in a good way. And from the opening line with backwards facing manual back pedalling ET style I think to myself “Who else on the planet is doing this stuff?”, and as if that’s not enough he adds in a Degroot undertaker to backwards backyard and opposite Degroot undertakers out. Absolutely mind melting degree of difficulty here.

The second clip I thought I knew what was coming, and I love that I was wrong. Backwards facing messiah half backwards whiplash scuff to forwards bar hop whiplash bar scoot out. Again, who is doing this stuff.

At 1:29 the switch foot peg wheelie pivot entry to backwards backyard is one of the best switches I have seen all year. Simple idea, but yet so hard!

The last line is possibly my favourite from this short, but yet so incredible edit. Opposite Degroot undertaker to straddle roni out. There’s layers to what Sebastian is doing in this edit, that is just years and years of craft. This edit will be getting the rewind, and help me get through a rainy day in Southsea.

Must Watch – Matthias Dandois / The Instagram Side of Things

We are getting to that time of year, where the banger videos are coming in thick and fast. This new one by Matthias Dandois, that is full of clips from Instagram wouldn’t normally get the “Must Watch” tag as I have obviously seen it before. Matthias Dandois posts a lot of great videos online, and watching Instagram sometimes becomes a blur for me with so much content coming so fast, swipe and can be forgotten easily, and in truth I forgot half these videos which I realised Matthias filmed across the globe when he had a break from his work life (whilst the norm would be to stay at home and film), the man and his work ethic is literally quite amazing. Watching all these together is a treat.

At 7:57 mins long there is a lot to highlight and my UK Champs weekend is about to begin but I will highlight some of what stood out to me. The rest we can discuss on the site…

00:18: Switch handed spinning two footed steam x-hand pivot round bars to xft steam without holding the seat, super nice switch that I could Matthias taking to the contest floor!

00:57: Nose half cab nollie to nose, this one must be crazy hard on the wrists, whole lot of techniques going on through out this edit that ticked a different Must Watch than for example James Whites “Eye of the Tiger” edit. I love all the styles Matthia shows, and his tricktionary is vast, the hitch kick flip thrown in is a nice touch.

1:34: 180 hop to xft steam turbine flowing into spinning half hike dragging the bars that brought back memories of Darren Pelio in the 80’s hitting the bars on backwards Karls.

2:54: I had to rewind this clip a fair bit to understand it, backwards flail to backwards 5 for a moment, downside whip out to pedals. Possibly my favourite clip from the edit.

3:27: Xft pedal mega spin body varial two footed backyard, this is a good example of a clip I forgot all about and the tricks keep coming.

Like I already said, plenty more to discuss about this edit, and I am always left wondering. Which lines will appear at a contest soon?
For now let’s pay respect to Matthias who works so hard to be where he’s at. More power to him.

Must Watch – James White / Eye of the Tiger

Friday 13th September 2019 shall go down as a memorable day, today I woke up with anticipation for James White’s new edit “Eye of the Tiger”. After the Rocky hype videos all week, I was thinking yesterday, this is a dangerous game he’s playing here, then I thought stop it Effraim. This is James’, this has to be amazing it’s Whitey and he wouldn’t hype like this otherwise.

7am comes around and I didn’t have to wait long, James has already posted, and boy does this not disappoint.

Time and time again I say this, but James does really have that Midas touch and this edit feels once again like I am watching a Dorkin’ part for the first time.
There’s a lot to take in, during this 4 minute plus part, but a couple of things stood out to me right away. Number one, and most importantly it’s evident and refreshing to see James is having fun, cliche as it is to say. That is what it’s all about and love the way James reinvents himself every year, secondly the camera work. I am not sure what he has going on, but a moving camera whilst it appears it’s only James at the spot. I want to know more!

Thirdly, and the crucial ingredient, the riding. There are a couple of lines here that are game changers. James gets widely copied over the years, and I am pretty much you will see it once again after this edit gets widely shared across social media.

00:21: Flip, tyre grab ice cream, bike flip out (that flip out is tasty!) and what I love here is James shows a variety of concepts around that idea again at 1:07 with a half lash in and gerator body varial out and at 1:32 to James’ smith decade variation out!

2:13: Without a doubt my favourite line of the edit, here he takes an existing Whiteski line and makes it new with the concept of holding the head tube only and the execution gets no better.

At 2:57, there’s a similar idea but switches to opposite ice cream and pivot backwards switch foot dump out. There’s way more we can highlight, let the comments roll as I am sure they will.

Absolutely amazing, like a fine wine. James just gets better and better, need some motivation? This is it right here, a banging Must Watch, top marks Whiteski!

Must Watch – Fülöp Vidakovich / Soul Dynamics 2019

The Hungarian flatland scene has been fairly quiet in recent years after the high standards set by Martin Szilagyi, Adam Ken, David Nagy and Dennis Katona, now there is a new shredder Fülöp Vidakovich that has come to the forefront with his time to shine.

It feels like a minute since a Must Watch edit dropped, and that’s a good thing honestly. We appreciate something that’s taken a bit of work, Fülöp goes hard in this one from the opening clip to the end teaming up with the one and only Sevisual. Some things are meant to be…


00:20: Pedal five foot jam to xft steam off the same foot, and the foot work on the switch at 00:30, love the way Fülöp brings something unique here according to his style!

00:50: No footed dork wheelie, left knee resting on the seat to mega spin to a wild foot jam candy bar move to backyard! (00:59), this one surprised me! The line continues but this part, man….

2:44: Xft pedal 5 no footed whip to xft inside steam, taking a move Dave Freimuth did on Baco years ago and bringing it to flatland and mixing into something new. This is freestyle right here and one of the many things I continue to love about it.