Must Watch! Akihiko Takahasi – 15 years Riding

It would be easy to label Akihiko Takahasi as that guy that does all the crazy backwards half packer combos, but his riding has so much more substance. Aki is celebrating 15 years of riding and put together this amazing complilation of footage that runs just over 12 minutes. Sit down with a cuppa and enjoy watch the craziness of this guy, no one rides like him! Respect!

Must Watch! Viki Gomez – Something in the Way

something on the way.. from Viki Gomez on Vimeo.

“Creativity is a blessing, it is my life! This “unfinished” project have been filmed from January 2015 until August 2015, trying to find a new me, trying to go out of my comfort zone and trying to be different. When I go my own way I feel free.These are moments that I want to share and give to Flatland. It is infinity! The search never ends, it feels infinity when you search! Keep the search..this is life!”

Viki Gomez has been talking about working towards this edit at the last few contests I saw him at this year. Stacking up so many amazing clips to make a 9:35 long video that had me gripped to the screen and hitting rewind on the first watch.

A few moments that stood out to me that I wanted to share:

1:04 – Two footed dump truck to backwards xft ice cream half turbine body varial to two footed dump truck pivot back to backwards xft ice cream shove it x over opposite xft ice cream to opposite forward rope on pedal pivot xft time machine! One of the best combos of 2015 so far!

4:25 – xft boomerang two foot guillotine pivot to crack.

7:10 – pedal five line into xft spinning circle k on the pedal.

The list could go on…

Viki is at the top of his game, managing to juggle the lifestyle of travelling as Red Bull athlete always at the airport to the next show, winning contests and producing video parts like this, an absolute must watch edit that has made a rainy day in Southsea not so bad! Thank you Viki!

Must Watch! Benjamin Hudson – Far East Cycles

Few are blessed with the talent and grace Benjamin Hudson ouses in abundance when he rides. Sit back and enjoy this new edit for Far East Cycles filmed at next to the Amusement Park he currently works for in Beijing, China. I’m still rewinding the xft crackpacker line at 2:00 over and over! This is motivating to watch, grab a cuppa and enjoy Benjamin doing his thing!

Must Watch! Lee Musselwhite – Black Widow Switch

“Getting back on to the bike out of rolling my signature limbless move the “Spider Glide” is hard enough, but getting back on without using my hands straight into another no handed trick has been in my head for a long time.”
I’ve been waiting to see Lee Musselwhite ride out of his spider glide no handed for a long time! It is of course much easier to think it than actually go through with it and do it perfectly! Short and sweet, as well as creative and bloody hard, this ticks all the boxes! Definitely hit play and check this one out! Stoked on this!

* Friday updates continue below this post!

Must Watch! Jean William Prevost – Rodeo

During my trip to Barcelona I was lucky enough to go riding with Jean William Prevost, Jason Plourde and James McGraw and witness Dub hit this Rodeo that he worked on for the last three years! One of the best moments I think I’ve witnessed in a long time, just pure genuine joy!

Dub gave some insight: “Currently injured at the knee I have to put the bike aside for some time, but here is a trick I’ve been working on for the longest time. It took me three years to finally get to the other side of the bike witthout scuffing or braking , just pure pivots and turbines switch footed on the peg and on the pedal. It might look easy but the complexity of this trick is quasi unfathomable.”
Whilst I don’t normally give out the “Must Watch” tag for one trick, this fully deserves it! Get well soon Dub!

Must Watch! John Yull – Brakeless Backwards Decade

John Yull is inspiration to us all, a brakeless backwards decade is no joke and up until today has never been seen. Here is what John had to say:

“When I started riding again in 2009 after quitting for around 15 years this was the first trick that I thought of that I wanted to re learn but brakeless. I quickly learned that it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Getting to a position where I could footjam seemed impossible. When I designed my frame I did it around this trick & the smith jam was practice for this trick. I was beginning to think it would never happen but I continued to chip away at it piece by piece. The last few weeks I’ve pushed hard & taken several slams that should have made me stop but I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. So here it is!!! Push yourself and don’t give up!!!”

Must Watch – John Yull / Decades

John Yull – DECADES from JMK Films on Vimeo.

John Yull and Jim McKay teamed up to bring us all this absolute treat that blends narrative and amazing riding footage based around John developing the foot jam decade style. I’m on the second watch so far, but look out for the decade to vertical quick change at 00:38, the clean triple foot jam decade at 00:49. The bangers keep coming, foot jam decade peg wheelie double foot jam decade out at 1:04, my personal favourite at 1:17, the decade to power mower decade out, not to mention the ender at 2:17! Top marks to John and Jim, amazing to see riding of this calibre with filming and editing this good! Hard to believe John works full time, married, kids, and 44 years old and going this hard!