Must Watch – George Manos / Nlight

Following George Manos amazing final entry for the Master of Creativity contest, I was kind of thinking he may take some downtime before releasing anything new. How wrong I could be?!!. George’s riding takes a massive leap forward here for me where you can see him developing longer links whilst riding pegless and also his backwards facing nose manual lines, my personal favourite standouts in this latest “Nlight” edit:

The xft pedal 5 line at 00:34, the footwork is amazing, drooling over this one!

No handed backwards facing nose manual to no footed crackpacker at 1:13.

Backwards facing g-turn nose manual at 1:29.

The footwork in the line at 1:36, just amazing!

Double footed spinning backwards facing nose manual at 1:52!

And the banger line, Foot jam whip to no handed grouching pedal xft five line at 1:59 finishes off this creative masterpiece off nicely! Thanks for sharing this George, an absolutely incredible level of creative riding!

Must Watch! Master of Creativity 5th to 1st Place

5th to 1st places MASTER OF CREATIVITY 2016! from Martti Kuoppa on Vimeo.

Two Must watch edits in a day, going soft? Not at all, the 2016 Master of Creativity without a doubt has brought the highest level of the year. Congratulations to Pedro Melo who ended taking the final round followed by George Manos, and John Yull, Mateus Beckmann and Thomas Noyer!

Personal standouts for me:

Thomas Noyer: Multiple front yard turbine whiplashes directly to backwards spinning halfpacker at 00:09, one of the moves of 2016!

Mateus Beckmann: Bars backwards X hand half cab foot jam decade at 00:40 + xft backwards pedal manual to decade out no foot jam at 00:57 and the banger if that wasn’t enough: backwards whiplash jump full bar to back pegs foot jam decade out at 1:00! Incredible stuff from Mateus!

John Yull: What a year for John, fresh back from a great performance at Flatark and killing it in every round of MOC! The opening double decade to smith is hard with brakes, but brakeless at 1:09! And it continues with an amazing footage decade to opposite weedwacker stall switch to regular weedwacker stall switch to foot jam decade out at 1:18 and the absolute banger is also like Thomas’ one of the moves of the year, steamboat to backwards bar split decade at 1:31! So good!

George Manos: The opening xft no handed backwards nose manual at 1:44 is another contender for trick of the year, is that a category this year in the FM awards? And the subtle pedal switch mid no handed pedla 5 inside the bike to regular foot no handed pedal had me hitting rewind straight away, did i see that right? Watch at 2:01 and be amazed!!!

Pedro Melo: What a year also for Pedro Melo, who delivered the goods in the final round to take the win at the most progressive contest of the year!Opening with the surfer g-turn at 2:11 I knew this was going to be a string entry, but the one footed grinding hitch kick flip hitch at 2:23 blew me away! WTF!!! And the surfer nosewheelie into brakeless pinkys surfer out, so creative! Pedro is the man!

What an amazing contest, that truly delivered what it was intended to do. Congratulations to everyone that took part and helped take flatland to a better place! Just beautiful!!

Must Watch! Master of Creativity 2016 Final Round – 13 to 6

13to6 MOC from Martti Kuoppa on Vimeo.

The level went up several notches for the final round of the 2016 Master of Creativity contest, so amazing to see every rider push their level, and ultimately bring a whole bunch of new tricks to flatland! Here is the 13th through till 6th place edit Martti Kuoppa just put together, so proud to be involved in this amazing event for flatland that has without a doubt brought the most progressive riding of the year out and motivated us all! Respect to everyone!!

My personal favourite lines:

Forkone: Fire hydrant chick whips stem lash at 00:28.

Kevin Jacob: Nose stemlash nose g-turn at 00:58.

Hidenori Ishizaki: Xft pedal backwards facing backyard jump to pegs backwards backyard degroot undertaker out at 1:07.

Sakis Doumas: Hitch darkside to no footed dump truck kneeling on pedal at 1:51!

Will Redd: The Mix of the old school with Xft forward side glide to the contemporary 360 pivot to halfpacker + the following elbow glide turbine line is so good!

Sean Fontenot: Xft cab line to decade off the pedals around the 2:57 mark!

James White: Xft lawn flip gliding gerator to whiteski smith decade to xft hitch juggler flip back to xft lawn gliding gerator to whiteski decade out at 3:06!

Kazuya Hirayama: The opening xft backward spinning lawn stubble duck to gliding gerator to forward death truck out at 3:40 is beautiful! Followed by backwards opposite spinning lawn direct to pedal death truck! Wow!

Must Watch Paul Osicka footage @nora cup awards presenting Viki Gomez Rider of the Year

Stop what you are doing!!!

There was a rumour that flatland legend, Paul Osicka dropped a little part whilst he presented the award for flatlander of the year at the Nora Cup awards in Las Vegas. Well that rumour is true, and from the 00:53 mark you get a real treat with some fresh Osicka footage, the spinning nose wheelie at 1:17 is off the chart, style for miles! Respect!!!

Must Watch! – James White / Me summer 2016 bits

There is literally only one rider that could song jack Kevin Jone’s infamous Dorkin’4 part and the use of The Who’s “Pin ball wizard” and that is James White! With Master of Creativity deadline yesterday I am kind of surprised to see this, but the man is so full of surprises I should stop being surprised really!

Standouts for me include:

00:54 – Xft lawn flip gliding gerator double undertaker line.

1:04 the style on the half hiker pressure flip xft one handed karl!

1:18 – Xft lawn flip gliding gerator opposite ice cream two footed backyard gliding gerator regular side walkover decade out!

1:53 – Xft stubble duck gliding gerator to whiteski signature decade out.

The last three bangers from the 2:33 mark – Xft ride in to whiteski signature decade out! Love the simplicity! Followed by a subtle bar flip to his signature zinger bunny hop move followed by one of the best line sod the year – xft ride flip to gliding gerator whiteski smith decade jump lash off same foot whiplash out!

Go and watch this right now! Only James can song jack this, seriously!

Must Watch! Sebastian Grubinger & Matthieu Bonnecuelle – Recycling


Oh boy, this whet’d the appetite somewhat, combine Heresy’s Sebastian Grubinger & Matthieu Bonnecuelle and a couple of moves I have never seen before, that apparently leftovers! And you wonder what’s coming?? I’ve already hit the rewind several times on Matthieu’s slow carving whiplash line at 00:17, Sebsastian’s xft backwards fakie one handed foot jam whiplash stall at 00:34 is such a nice idea! And if I had to pick a favourite line of the edit it would have to be Matthieu’s front yard foot jam stall no handed one footed going backwards and forwards at 1:10, this is an awesome edit that I have hit the rewind several times! Enjoy!

Must Watch! Lee Musselwhite – No Mind

Starting a big week off with a banger from Lee Musselwhite, who has been working on his consistency all year which has helped him get to the level of being able to string together some of his hardest signature moves into one heavy line. From the opening spider glide into black widow switch, this is real combination of what flatland is all about: hard work to get the consistency, and the artistic/creative side!

Must Watch – Joe Cicman / Curriculum Vitae 2016

We start the month of October with an amazing edit!!!

It feels like I have given out the Must Watch tag a lot recently, it’s already been quite a week for progressive edits and today Joe Cicman’s new Curriculum Vitae 2016 certainly lives up to the hype he’s thrown at it! Curriculum Vitae 2016 documents Joe’s progressive journey as he has pushed his riding month to month working on new ideas for the Master of Creativity confine contest.

The edit really builds from June, and the format quickly going month to month really makes this easy on the eye! Joe has really pushed the Jaffa Whip concept to new levels and the banger what Joe is calling the “Terradoom” at 2:17: a no handed crackpacker no handed jump to no handed backyard is absolutely bonkers and ballsy to say the least! I will stick my neck out and say that is one of the moves of the year so far! This left me wanting more, as all great edits do. Thank you Joe you just pushed flatland up a few notches!

Must Watch – Sebastian Grubinger / m3ss3_swg

m3ss3_swg from HERESY BMX on Vimeo.

Autumn is here and it is the season for Must Watch edits! Today we get a real treat from Sebastian Grubinger filmed by Sevisual at the Messe riding spot in Vienna. Over the past year or so, Sebastian has been focussing a lot on back wheel riding, and the backwards two footed walkaround backyard variations variations in his latest edit are absolutely ridiculous. From the opening line at 00:45 this edit hits hard, hit play and enjoy this amazing level of modern day flatland riding!

Must Watch! Brandon Derbowka Suicide Hiker

There is definitely something in water lately with regard to Must watch edits and clips, and today the world woke up to an absolute treat from Brandon Derbowka! You absolutely have to watch this amazing no handed whiplash to no handed hitchhiker no handed whiplash, Brandon did it again! Flatland magic right here!