Jean-Francois Boulianne: The Southern Escape / The story behind a Must Watch!

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photography: Matthieu Metivet, Simon Warsan, Jean-Francois Boulianne.

This past winter, Jean-Francois Boulianne made his travels south to Peru and Colombia to avoid the harsh cold Canadian winter.
No one could have anticipated the Covid 19 pandemic that was to follow, and JFB has held onto this edit for a couple of months.
When Jean first hit me up with the edit, I asked what he had been up to during the winter, as I had seen a few posts on social media and was curious what his story was, and he seemed to be away from home for a long time.
After a few conversations back and forth, it became apparent to me that I should showcase this amazing edit a little differently than your normal Must Watch video breakdown.
Without further ado, it’s time to learn a little more about Jean’s travels and enjoy this edit, as the story goes deeper than just tricks, and captures for me what BMX is all about….

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Must Watch: Toon Pakphum goes Full Run Mode!

Many riders have toyed with the concept of a one combo contest routine, few can do it though. Toon Pakphum shows great calmness and consistency to get this done, the multiple stem-a-rangs body varial to halfpacker 2:15 into the line, is outrageous.

Under MK Format tuition, Toon shows no sign of slowing down even though the contest season is on hold. It’s definitely going to be interesting when the contest season restarts again, we will see a changing of the guard at the top of the sport? Toon is certainly knocking on the door, let’s discuss this one.
Great work Toon!

Must Watch: James McGraw & Pete Brandt / 50th Birthday Edit

James and Pete: 50 years flatland bmx from James McGraw on Vimeo.

People often ask me, “Effraim, why do you travel across the globe to ride in a car park (Parking lot)? Through my travels competing and visiting jams, etc, Pete and James have become two of my best friends in the flatland community. James and Pete both share the same birthday, April 10th (today), and James hired Jim McKay to put together this amazing 50th birthday edit that really captures not only amazing riding, but also the feeling and emotion behind what goes into flatland and our culture.

When people ask me that same question in the future, I will show this edit, and say these are two of best friends that I would never have met, but for flatland. Jim McKay did a great job putting this together and his professionalism gives this edit a movie like feel.
Not too mention having, Mark Eaton also contributing the soundtrack, I feel honoured to have contributed to this video with some footage of Pete shredding the Clocktower back in January.

Happy birthday James and Pete, thanks for all your do for flatland, and the inspiration over the years. This is truly awesome, go watch this now and soak in the flatland brotherhood experience!!!!

Must Watch: Austin Luberda / Daydream

Let it be said that I was a fan of Austin Luberda’s riding the first time I met him at Battle in the Rockies around five years ago. There was something about his riding that set him apart from everyone else in the arena, it was instantly recognisable. It’s not something I can ever put my finger on exactly why, it’s one of those situations where you can just recognise it and of course appreciate his talent.

Daydream is Austin’s latest project, and like the title suggests. We all write down our dream moves, but can you get them done? The slick editing and not to mention Austin’s memorising riding that could also put you in a dream state adds to this project a lot. What did I just watch? There was so much going on in this edit, and Austin still despite back wheel becoming more and more trendy, find new ways to make me scream at the laptop. Let’s take a different approach to my normal Must Watch edit description style, this time you tell me what’s great about this edit and why Austin stands out….

Must Watch: Rob Ridge / Strong Arm Tactics

In life, I always hear people say “be yourself”, “dare to be different”. Rob Ridge was ridiculed for years by the BMX fashion police, and now he’s become I would say a BMX cultural icon. He’s loved across the board. It is interesting how things like this develop over time.

I have known Rob for years, and I am sure I must say the same thing this with every post. You can see his flatland skills shine bright throughout his latest masterpiece. No one cares about about his bike set up, the use of the locking lever, and so on. It’s all about what Rob is doing on the bike, there are so many NBD’s in this I will just leave this one for the comments section. What’s your favourite move?

I will say this though, Rob is probably the most technical lip trick rider on the planet right now! And this comes from his highly skilled flatland background….

Decade of Flatland: 2010/2020 / Part 3

Intro/Article: Effraim.
Photos: Veren Luka, Sevisual, Albero Moya, other photographers unknown.

I have had a great response to the first couple of parts to this Decade of Flatland article I have been sharing over the past of couple of weeks whether comments on the site or private messages. This week for Part 3, I catch up with Heresy rider and the man that made coin the phrase “Too good for instagram” Sebastian Grubinger, the godfather of UK Flatland, James White, and the current Women’s UCI World Champion Irina Sadovnik. It’s great and refreshing for my perspective to hear all the different viewpoints on the state of modern day flatland. Grab a cuppa, and enjoy this one!

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Must Watch: Jean William Prevost / NO MAN’S LAND

Dub was out in Valencia, Spain a couple of weeks ago, and made great use of time riding at one of the most picturesque riding spots I have ever seen. It’s felt like a while since a “Must Watch” edit on the site, and Dub well and truly breaks down the firewall.

Great editing, and the music by Movenchy really compliments his amazing riding. Ah yes the riding…. everything is a standout in this one. But, in particular the ender I am sure will be a contender for line of the year already, and it’s still February.

The spinning inside switch-b undertaker to pedal junkyard turbine line that begins around 1:29, just keeps getting more and more complex, and I especially loved the details of the drop down from pedal junkyard to right footed peg wheelie with no sketch at all, and then line builds again. I am sure we will all be watching this one over and over, edit of the year so far without a doubt! Thanks Dub for this belter! Today is a good day!

Decade of Flatland: 2010/2020 / Part 2

Intro/Questions: Effraim.
Photos: Pierre Gauthier, Matti Hemmings & Mizo.

Part 1 of my Decade on Flatland piece caused quite a stir amongst the flatland community. It is healthy to hear the opinions of how are art form/sport progressed over the last ten years. In my mind, it’s thought provoking, and gets you thinking about your own personal riding. In Part 2, I fire the same questions as Part 1 to X-foot pivot master Bruno Zebu, Mr Same Thing Daily himself, Dane Beardsley, and Sam Foakes, who has discarded the traditional pumping mid-trick technique for pretty much the last decade. The opinions contrast from Part 1, once again grab a cuppa and treat yourself. I am really enjoying putting these articles together, hope you enjoy reading them.

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A Decade Of Flatland: 2010/2020 Part 1

Intro/Interview: Effraim.

Flatland, a decade on. Where is it at? In 2008, when I was starting Flatmattersonline, I hit up a broad scope of riders from across the globe, and asked them a topical question at the time, “To scuff or not?”.
As we went into a new decade, I wondered…. in terms of styles, have we really moved on in progression over the past 10 years? I hit up some of the same riders that were involved in the first main article on the site, and also some fresh riders to get their perspective. How has their personal riding developed over the past ten years, are there still lines and tricks that they feel never get old, and stand the test of time?
How has bike technology affected their riding, riding spots and so on. Welcome to Part 1 where I reach out to the 2019 Flatmattersonline Rider of the Year, Dominik Nekolny, Pete Brandt, one of the most hardcore riders on the planet. And Matthias Dandois, winner of reader choice edit of the year and the most recognisable face in flatland in the world. Part 1 is an interesting read, you might want to grab a cuppa and give this your attention….

A decade on technically what’s different about your riding style? The tricks are obviously different, but has your approach changed?

Dominik Nekolny: Man, I just watched some footage from KOG back in 2010 – and boooooiiii I was killing it 😀 I guess my riding was little bit more technical and “jumpy” which I actually miss a bit…

Pete Brandt: My approach has changed with some tricks and techniques, but the commitment of exerting a trick is a lot still the same. I love the feeling of full commitment on the approach, and throughout the the trick.

Matthias Dandois: I only do things that look good and feel good. I film all the new tricks I learn, and if they don’t look good enough to me I just put them in the trash can. Even if it’s contest winning trick.So I guess I got less technical but more flowy. Works for me!

Describe your riding ten years ago?

Dominik Nekolny: My riding now? I love it! 🙂 I come up with some style and links which nobody did in the contest and I spend a lot of time to make those links dialled as fuck, so what you want more. :D.

Pete Brandt: Lots of spinning and turbine styles.

Matthias Dandois: My riding 10 years ago was more technical, less aesthetic. More trick based. Contest winning tricks.

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Must Watch: Viki Gomez / Training Session

Viki Gomez is looking dialled as he gets ready for the Chimera Games at the end of this month in Japan. Smooth and deadly lines in this Training Session at the Trier indoor skatepark riding spot.


00:23: Steam kick flip to right sided halfpacker (for a second) whip to left sided halfpacker pivot to opposite x-ft hitch. Technical as you like!

00:33: Hitch juggler to 360 bar flip steam fire hydrant to rollback to one kick rolling junkyard pivot peg wheelie bike flip to ice cream bike flip out.

1:44: Switch foot mega spin weaving side to side turbining, directly into a quick body varial backwards rolling two footed backyard switching to the opposite side switch foot peg wheelie, cream bike flip to switch footed lard yard full varial!

2:07: Perhaps my favourite line of the edit saved for last! Switch footed lard yard full varial to switch foot macaroni smith decade out!

Banging edit from Viki, who has definitely been putting in some work in the off season! Enjoy this one, hitting the rewind once again. Will this be a contender for edit of the year 2020?