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Must Watch! John Yull – SameThingDaily3 Part

From my teenage years growing up riding for Hutch, I always looked up to fellow team mate John Yull. John would bring new tricks to every contest, whether it was a lil’ twist on a trick or something totally brand new. John always reached outside of the box, today marks a special day in John’s life. To commemorate today, John has released his SameThingDaily3 section which you should all watch and marvel at the man’s creativity and drive. From the age of 14 to 40 not a whole lot has changed, John is still one of my favourite riders. Much respect! John had these words to say:

“One year ago today I was awoken with a phone call from my mum. She had just been diagnosed with kidney cancer. It had spread to her lung and she was told it was terminal. Our family went into shock. We had no idea how long she had to live. I traveled home to England in May to give her as many hugs as she wanted. We did as many fun things as we could squeeze in. I traveled back again in October. She had just been admitted into hospice when I got there. I spent a week with her and left on a Wednesday morning. By far the most devastating thing I’ve ever done – walking away, saying goodbye, knowing I would never see her again. She passed away on that Friday. During this time I was trying to film this part for SameThingDaily3. Sometimes my heart just wasn’t really in it but I was trying to use it as a distraction. Once mum had passed I made the decision to dedicate it to her. With that decision I knew I had to make it something I, and hopefully she, would be proud of. She had seen 90% of it in October and she loved it. I pulled the last trick on 12/14/14 the day before the DVD was going to production. I had spent many hours and sessions trying it. I had pretty much given up. I went for one last session and 15 minutes in I hit it! I still have a feeling I got pushed over on that last decade. Thank you, Dane for giving me this opportunity to pay tribute to my mum. I feel it’s a good way to make something good out of a sad day.”

Must Watch! Pete Olsen – Scraps

SCRAPS from pgo. on Vimeo.

It is always an absolute treat to see footage of Pete Olsen, from the opening opposite multiple xft whiplashes you’ll be amazed at this man’s rolling skills! The last two combos from the 00:26 have had me hitting the rewind several times to understand what he did. This whets the appetite somewhat doesn’t it?! I cannot wait for the main edit!

Must Watch! Simon O’Brien – Colony BMX

Simon O’Brien is working hard on a full video part for Stewart Munro’s up and coming video, but still has a vast trick bag to drop an amazing edit in the meantime! I already hit the rewind button several times trying to fully understand what happened, especially the first two combos, and the nose manual boomerang half packer line at 1;12 is so direct and just beautifully composed using the brake to make the bike do what he wants like that is next level, not to mention the last line! It is great for flatland Simon is back on it filming regularly! Much respect!

Must Watch! Charles Paty – Focus

To coincide with the launch of the new SoulBMX website, filmer Vincent De La Rue teamed up with style cat Charles Paty to bring this beautifully crafted production that combines hard unique flatland lines with thoughtful camerawork and editing. This is the kind of edit you show to people as an example of what flatland is and how it can be portrayed.

Must Watch! Matthieu Bonnécuelle – Binary Reflections


Matthieu Bonnecuelle’s “Welcome to Heresy” edit is finally here, self filmed and edited. From the opening backwards fork wheelie to forward steam at 00:19 you know you going to watch something a little bit special, and it continues with so many incredible original moves, two footed front yard on the forks half whip out at 00:51, the Backwards 5 on frame at 1:16 is hard to see with the sunlight but incredible balance nevertheless, from 1:48 the Binary codes kick in and everything gets a lil’ bit crazy. The no handed double whiplash at 2:17 is like the holy grail of impossible flatland tricks, now done, recorded. At 20 years old, this kids future is so bright! This is winning the internet today!

Must Watch! Mateus Beckmann – My Style / Part 3

I’ve been waiting on this Part 3 edit in the series of Mateus Beckmann “My style” edits. And as you’d expect, Mateus delivers a ton of new creative hammers with a loose concept based around the whopper, so many original combos I haven’t seen before, the multiple 180 manual g turns to whopper pedal to pedal is incredible at 3:29, not to mention the one handed kick flip hitch at 3:42 and the ender! You definitely don’t want to miss this!

Must Watch! John Yull – Triple Brakeless Decade

This is sure to get people talking! John Yull got the last part on Dane Beardsley’s Same Thing Daily 3 DVD which has and is premiering across the globe as I posted yesterday! The Empire BMX premiere went down yesterday in Austin Texas, John just posted this amazing Triple Brakeless Decade clip, the technique tyre to tyre is incredible, his part has a whole lot more and indeed the whole dvd is! Go get it at:

Must Watch! Waldemar Fatkin – Winter session part 1

Waldemar Fatkin is without a doubt one of the most stylish flatlanders on the planet, you are never sure if he is off the bike or fully in control. You definitely don’t want to miss this Winter session Part 1, the last two whiplash lines that start around 1:54 had me hitting the rewind! Friday night treat for you all!

Bombarderos Martti Kuoppa & Viki Gomez – Flatmatters 2014 Year End Award winner / Readers Choice Edit of the Year!

With close to 300 votes coming in this year for the 2nd annual Flatmatters Year end awards, over 3/4 of the Readers Choice Edit of the Year votes going to Bombarderos! Congratulations to Martti Kuoppa and Viki Gomez, two long time friends who gave us all a real treat on September 1st!

Runner up: Alexis Desolneux – You are your path.

Watch the video one more time:

Benjamin Hudson – Flatmatters 2014 Year End Award winner / Readers Choice Breakthrough Rider of the Year!

Let’s kick this off! The first category for the 2014 Flatmatters Online Year End Awards is Readers Choice for Breakthrough Rider of the Year. This award is about recognising that rider that broke through to the elite of our sport, pushing himself and rising up to the cream of crop, and arriving on the big stage.

The 2014 Breakthrough Rider of the Year by a landslide vote goes to Far East / igi rider Benjamin Hudson from Santiego, Chile! The 18 year old prodigy literally won this award by a landslide of votes!!!

Dub gave us all a small taste of Benjamin’s talent on the “Against the Current” edit back in May, but really shot to fame in his Welcome to Far East Cycles that dropped on the 5th of September.

Dub really took Benjamin under his wing during the last year or so and showed him the way. Aside from those two amazing edits, Benjamin made his way onto the international contest scene taking second place at the IOXC Contest in Semarang with his mentor taking the win, and for many of us confirming he is the real deal with a strong 4th place finish at the Battle in the Rockies contest!
The future is bright, and we all cannot wait to see what this phonemeonal talent has in store for us all!

Congratulations Benjamin Hudson, you are the 2014 Flatmatters Readers Choice for Breakthrough Rider of the Year!

Runner up: Quentin Pelorson.

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