Must Watch – Master of Creativity 2018 Pro Final

The results are in, and unless you have been living in a cave with no wifi over the last two days you will have seen the videos on instagram plus shared all over social media. Martti Kuoppa put together a Master of Creativity pro finals edit that totally hits the spot.
The MOC is infamous in flatland circles now as the most progressive contest on the planet, I am honoured each year to be invited to judge the event, this year along with Martti, last years winner John Yull, and Chad Degroot.
Now the contest is over and results have been announced, I wanted to give some love back to the riders that are helping to take flatland to the next level and bring new tricks to the table as we have seen with the likes of Sietse van Berkel’s winning entry.

11th.Stephan Fabien – Xft pedal nose wheelie inside xft steam without touching seat drops back wheel throws back to xft nose wheelie at the 00:6 mark. So smooth.

10th. Raphael Chiquet – 00:15. Raphael seems to have caught second wind in his riding career and is coming back really hard after being out of the scene for a while it seemed. Love the one handed stubble, looks like he wanted his signature no handed backwards spin, and throws the bike round body varial style to the floor. Look forward to seeing how this line develops.

9th. 00:34. Interesting choice of trick from Toon Pakphum for the finals, although I have seen this crack 360 flip to steam done to death with a front brake. I have never seen it brakeless, watch his technique getting the foot to the tyre so quickly after the flip. Literally has to be perfect execution to get this done, respect!

8th. 00:47. Who else but Mateus Beckmann drops a 180 bunnyhop to backlash whopper to backwards wheelie (controls with a few scuffs) to brakeless foot jam decade out?! Amazing skills from the talented Brazilian.

7th. 1:09. Xft rolling lawn full body varial gerator to his signature Zinger out, James White continues to amaze. James posted today there will be an edit out this week showing the background work that went into this entry later on in the week.

6th. 1:23. It’s been a great year for Mates Tucek, and this teakettle to opposite side xft half packer step to quick xft hang ten without touching the bar pivot to crackpacker is out of this world technically. This guys future is bright, believe me…

5th. 1:49. Owen Bohm is always a treat, you never know what to expect. And this no footed cliff turbine holding the seat defies all logic of gravity, flat-out amazing!

4th. 1:57. Ederson Paulo Ferreira dropped a wicked variation on his signature backwards one handed seatspin spinning the bars 360 and back to it for the finals. Incredible.

3rd. 2:11. Top three is getting heavy, Moto Sasaki went for a longer line than most riders for his final entry. The difficulty of combo’ing a one handed hang ten pivot triple xft crack turbine jump to steam kick pivot forward Karl xft opposite steam backwards spinning opposite Karl to spinning/pumnping xft hang ten jump to crack is insane!

2nd. 2:38. The beginning of Alex Jumelin’s final entry is out of hand, who else does an xft nose jumps at the point of the sweet spot to turbine and hop 360 nose jump xft steam without holding the seat? All Alex originals right here, absolutely unreal!

1st. 2:55. It was going to take something special to beat Alex’s entry and boy did Sietse van Berkel come up with the goods. I am going to just put it out there, whatever Sietse calls this trick (some kind of hybrid backwards pedal halfpacker locked on the top tube no handed) is the trick of the year!
It’s so fresh I have no name for this, and it made just say “wow” let’s rewind that when I was judging this. Flatland just went up a notch with the Master of Creativity contest, for me this event is not about the results although I know you riders at home like to see who came where. It’s about the progression, and the inspiration it gives to us all on that next session. I can’t wait to ride tomorrow….

Big thanks to Martti Kuoppa inviting me to judge, all the other judges that helped. John Yull, Chad Degroot and MK of course and of course all the riders that made MOC what it is. Beautiful.

Must Watch – Benjamin Hudson / Done Deal

Done Deal from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

On September 5th 2014, I published Benjamin Hudson’s amazing Welcome to Far East Cycles part, which announced him to the flatland world. Over the last four years we have all watched Benjamin grow into one of the most stylish flatlanders on the planet and in terms of being light footed on the bike I don’t think anyone else comes close.
From 2014 to 2018, Benjamin Hudson spent some time in Budapest, Hungary working on this “Done Deal” edit with the equally talented Tom @ Sevisual. The style of Tom’s filming, editing, music choice compliment Benjamin’s riding perfectly, like all Must Watch edits I like to highlight my favourite parts and talk in some detail about what’s going on.

1:09: Direct jump from regular riding position to inside craving x-ft steam xft Karl position not touching seat x-ft fire turbine bar scoot to full bar bunnyhop exit! Absolutely perfect execution.

1:27: Direct jump from regular riding position to McCircle turbine foot jam body varial to two footed front yard shove it two footed x-fted front yard pivot to inside Karl position jump to pedals out, so much steeze. I keep thinking back to his breakout video as mentioned above, and the layers that are now apparent in his riding to be at this level right now.

2:07: The longest line of the video, and the flow in this, the style, everything about this just brought a smile to my face. I wish I didn’t have to go to work today for 12 hours, E just wants to go and ride.

2:58: Saving the best till last, hands backward nose manual to fire hydrant turbines bar scoot fire turbine jump bar into tea kettle (never seen this switch before!) to x-ft pumping halfpacker pivot whiplash to jump lash x-ft inside steam into xft hang ten pivot crackpacker (no touching the seat in any of this by the way- think about that!) half whip to two footed front yard pivot xft steam (he’s still going!) foot jam jump pedals out!


Absolute instant classic with the collaboration of Benjamin “Benji Benji” Hudson and Tom at Sevisual, the last two Must Watch edits in my opinion some up modern day progressive flatland really well right now. Go watch this, drop Benji and Tom a comment and show some love. This is beautiful!

Benjamin’s breakout part:

Must Watch – Jean William Prevost & The Alien Glide

Jean William Prévost : The Alien Glide from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

Back to back Must Watch videos from Jean William Prevost, you all no doubt watched Puro Flat 2 and probably saw the photos of Dub’s no handed gliding two footed death truck doing the rounds on social media and wondered where is the footage? Well, you did not have to wait long, and this trick is so good I think it deserves to be singled out on it’s own so you can appreciate it, and it’s not lost in a full part. Dub is definitely an alien, fitting name for the move!

Must Watch – Jean William Prevost / Puro Flat #2 Spring

PURO FLAT #2 : SPRING from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

Dub dropped the latest in his Puro Flat series this weekend, so I decided to hold fire for a change and digest this one properly before publishing on FM! Everyone already knows Jean William Prevost is one of the best riders in the world, what I like about what he is doing with the Pro Flat series is he’s giving something special to the artform side of flatland rather than keeping it private until it’s ready for a contest.

Dub rides with a unique energy and flow that is unrivalled across the board in competitive flatland, we touched on this in his podcast recently. Keeping his energy going with the speed he rides at and consistency throughout a 3 minute run requires a certain state of mind and fitness, and here in this video project he experiments with dead time between tricks that elevates that concept to another level.

Part of the year so far? Let’s discuss this one. In terms of contest riders, Dub is at the top of the tree in terms of progression, hard to argue against it after these first two Puro Flat edits, mind blown. Thank you Dub, I am sure we will come back to this in years to come!

Puro Flat #2 is everything I thought it would be and much more, filmed in Shenzhen, Beijing and Montreal, as with all Must Watch edits I like to talk about the highlights:

00:17: The g-roll pivot inside switch b undertaker out is beautiful in technique where he has condensed the dead time.

00:25: Spinning undertaker flip grabbing tyre spinning cream pivot out is sexy flatland at it’s finest. I am on 5th watch now, and still have the same reaction as the first time I watched it. YES!

00:32: Dub further pushes the concept that I highlighted at 00:17 and adds the spinning undertaker at the beginning of the line and ends with g-roll pivot inside switch b undertaker with no deadtime at all. Wow!

1:07: Carved Opposite Dump truck ride in pivot to pedal inside switch b pedal pivot to double turbine spinning forward death truck straightens out forward pedal death to casual walkover decade out. This line has been years in the making, so much depth to this.

2:59: Dub explores different concepts around the Rodeo, each line till the end is absolutely ridiculous, but the dead time taken out on the final line and the seamless switches is something else entirely.

Level up!

Throwback Thursdays with Chad Johnston

Later Next week once I get BMX Cologne and Urban Waves out the way. I will drop a big interview with the man behind Intrikat, Chad Johnston. It seems like as good a time as any to re up his amazing “Must Watch” pegless part.

Some of my personal highlights:

-Opening stem mccircle to scarlo tomahawk whip line at 00:04.

-Bar flip to pedal 5 in circle foot jam bar scoot line out at 00:20

– Mixing the old school and new school with a Quick bar spin pedal 5 to cowboy out at 00:40.

-Stem karl to double foot karl full bar flip out on bb/chainring at 1:25.

– The bar flip pedal 5 turbine back forward without scuffing is amazing at 3:53!

Must Watch – Rob Ridge / Still rides a Standard

Years and years of craft go into riding like Rob Ridge does, in my mind Rob continues the style of riding that made Rick Moliterno and Kurt Schmidt infamous on the BMX scene during the 90’s so it’s more than fitting that Rob rides a Standard. Besides the obviously very technical riding style Rob is blessed with, which began with years of flatland riding. What I admire the most is Rob never followed any trends at all. The man is as real as it gets, go watch this! Thank you Rob!

Must Watch – Dominik Nekolny / One Take

Must Watch edits are normally edits that have taken months to film, thousands of tries on a line and so on. But what about the other side of the spectrum, contest riding? Everyone knows Dominik Nekolny is a contest machine and here he drops hammer after hammer in a one take run to see how dialled he is. The man is on another level, I respect anyone who can throw a flawless run but this off the chat difficulty back to back, heavy breathing included. I got totally sucked into this, and you all need to watch this too. Anyone who has ever “trained” for a contest will know the level of professionalism, discipline, blood sweat and tears to get to this level! F*** yeah Dom, respect!

Must Watch – Alex Jumelin / Mastering the Art of BMX Flatland

This new edit appears to have gone under the radar, thanks to Jeff R for sending this one in. What I really liked about this new “Mastering the Art of BMX Flatland” is Alex Jumelin seems to focus on just a few tricks and what he can do with them. Really powerful, I would also like to add this year has already been so incredible for Must Watch edits and I feel like I am giving the honours out weekly right now but this deserves it! The highlights for me are below:

00:42: Sliding Scarlo squeak bars crossed bar flip front scuff to nose jump xft inside steam shove it opposite foot steam boomerang steam out.

1:04: Rollback one and half flail to xft inside steam line.

1:56: Long g-turn to backwards nannie jump down to xft inside steam line.

2:16: And the banger of the edit! 720 nose jump to inside xft steam!!, execution is incredible!

Go watch this one right now!

Must Watch – Denes Katona / The Rolling Stone

Denes Katona – The Rolling Stone from Denes Katona on Vimeo.

Last year Denes Katona released one of the best videos of the year, “The Rolling Stone” which quite rightly was nominated for edit of the year in the 2017 FM year end awards. Denes chose to sell the video by direct download online, and yesterday released the video on Vimeo.
Although many of you will have seen it I am sure there is many that haven’t, everyone needs to see this video that is a real labour of love. Years of craft have gone into Denes’ riding, and combined with Marton Szilaygi’s influence and editing skills you are onto a winner.

Quite literally everything Denes does is a highlight, jaw droppingly good I would say. But as always I like to highlight my favourites and I’ve selected a few diff styles to reflect what I was saying about this project being a labour of love.

1:05: Ankledeath style whiplashes both ways pedal 5 jump lash xft out!

1:48: One handed switch handed multiple whiplashes to hitch One handed switch handed multiple whiplashes the other side. Just mind boggling skill, I once said at the TGM that Denes is a rolling god. I stick by that to this day!

2:36: I’m thinking back to when I first downloaded the Rollibg Syone video. This line had me hitting the rewind, I just didn’t see it coming. X handed whiplash to hitch juggler to switch handed steam to halfpacker whip turbine backwards backpacker pivot opposite xft hitch out. The step from switch hand steam to halfpacker in this line is amazing!

4:53: One of my favourites from the whole project and again I didn’t see this coming. Multiple rocket squeaker bar flips to rocket 5 forward scuff multiple xft whiplashes to one handed smith out! So much skill and the surprise I loved!

14:24: I left a little gap and like I said everything Denes does is amazing. Still one of the standout lines after many watches at 14:24. Opposite xft multiple whiplashes rebate multiple xft whiplashes the other direction xft messiah switch handed one handed smith out!

Denes can do it all, 17 minutes of raw flatland. No trends, just pure lifer flatland skills. Go watch this, get motivated and go and ride. Top marks Denes!