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The Flatmatters Year End Awards 2014 / The Must Watch edits of February 2014!

Yesterday I began the mammoth task of going through the year month by month selecting the best edits, today we move onto February. How are you finding this month by month breakdown, is this helpful towards voting?

Last years Flatmatters Online Editorial Choice for Rider of the Year and Readers Choice for Most Progressive Rider came through with an amazing edit for his Awards Interview! And by the looks of it right now he is continuing his personal progression at an amazing rate! There is so much to rave about, but the backwards manual whopper out at 1:07 and the hang five pivot xft steam pivot circle k at 1:40 is incredible!

day by day -Feb 2014- from Shintaro Misawa on Vimeo.

This guy right now! Shintaro continues his daily jedi training, skills to pay the bills. Watch and note the execution and skill of the man! Just amazing!

This is just beautiful start to finish! Peter Olsen takes the less is more concept to new levels in this banging new edit! Hit play already!

With spring almost here, this amazing edit by Tom from Sevisual whet the appetite for warmer weather! Featuring Moto Sasaki, Adam Kun, Gabe Kadmiri, Bo Wade, Zunwu Zhou, Terry Adams and Bobby Carter. Well worth another watch!

The Flatmatters Year End Awards 2014 / The Must watch edits of January 2014

As I start going through the selection process for shortlisting the nominees for the 2nd annual Flatmatters Year end awards I thought it would be a good idea to refresh peoples memories on what has dropped in 2014 as there has been so much great riding this year! So today, we begin with the best videos from January 2014.

It was fitting that the first Must watch edit of the year went to Flatmatters editorial vote for Rider of the Year 2013! Mateus Beckmann continues where he left off, plenty of new whopper/decade variations – check 1:59 Rollback candybar stem decade anyone? Enjoy this incredible talent do his thing! Flatland is all the better for it!

If that wasn’t enough, Shintaro Misawa added another Must Watch edit! I could watch Shintaro ride all day, smooth as glass liquid flatland right here!

MATSUDO YEAR END JAM 2013 !! from JIMALOG1985 on Vimeo.

When this edit came through, I just knew it would be amazing! Everything about this Matsudo year end jam edit screams fresh, fresh, fresh!!!! From youngsters, Yu dropping a mega spin to perverted, Kato’s stalled xft g-roll flip to pedal caboose, Akira Okamura’s nose wheelie bar out, and Hotoke’s last combo at 11:19!!! There is so much to enjoy and motivate you right here, give this one a rematch. Don’t you wish you had a scene like that!

When Matthias sent me an advance preview of the new edit I felt blessed. MD definitely sent out a message with this Welcome to La Creamerie edit! High energy, and incredible riding that had us all pumped for days! Have you watched it again? The spinning no handed halfpacker whip to halfpacker is jaw droppingly good! I hope to see much more of this style from Matthias in 2014.

On January 19th, Shintaro dropped his second incredible edit of the month! This was and is a masterclass in flatland control, that I have to admit I’ve watched more than any other video up until the Alexis edit dropped. The man can do what he likes on that bike, the right hand halfpacker to opposite hang five spinning circle k out had me screaming at the screen, perfect! Total masterclass in bike control, and certainly the most slept on edit of the month!

Matthias not only delivered a massive edit to start the year, he also put together this quality Winter edit for his good friend Alex Jumelin. Alex treated us all to a few surprises, especially the back wheel line at 3:50! It will be interesting to see where Alex goes with this kind of back wheel foot jam concept in 2014.

Stephan Kornely BMX Sport Import 2014 Edit from Waldemar Fatkin on Vimeo.

This made a rainy day in Southsea all the better! Much like Matthias, Waldemar Fatkin is not only an amazing rider, but also can deliver on the editing front as well. There aren’t too many people that can say they can do a hang ten kickflip to halfpacker a’la the Boss, Martti Kuoppa. Stephan Kornely is one of those guys, this guy goes under the radar a fair bit. Amazing rider, give this one another watch!

2013 was a great year for Heresy! And 2014 has started with an absolute banger to start the year, the accolades will keep coming for Alexis I am sure. When the edit dropped, I made the comment “Every so often an edit comes along that defines what we do! This is flatland!”.

Do I really have to tell you to watch this again?

The end of the month started as it begun, another incredible edit from the Brazilian phenomenum that is Mateus Beckmann. The decade variation at 5:33 has got us all talking, Mateus puts a body twist on the decade variation landing backwards. Go watch it again, I am sure we will be talking about this for years to come. It is a groundbreaking piece of originality from one of the sports most talented riders.

Flatmatters Awards 2014 – hit the link below.

Must Watch! Alex Jumelin – BMX Winter Part 1

bmx winter edit part 1 from alex jumelin on Vimeo.

It really does not look like winter down in New Orleans, make sure you don’t miss this new edit out of Alex Jumelin who drops a couple of new things I haven’t seen before. On the first watch, the backwards flail to peg to peg boomerang at 00:52, and the cross foot nose manual jump to regular nose manual 2:55 stood out the most, these two combos had me hitting the rewind, and theres a lot more. One of the great things about flatland, you might take something different out of the edit than me, if so, what stood out for you?

Must Watch! Simon O’Brien – Colony 2014

We are celebrating 6 years of Flatmatters tomorrow, it gives me great pleasure to publish this Must Watch Simon O’Brien Colony 2014 Edit! Everyone knows Simon is one of the greatest flatlanders to ever touch a bike, there was a time where he seemed have a lil’ deadtime and now it is so great to say Simon is back! Just watch this edit, there are so many points that are worth rewinding in this edit, the first that stood out to me was the 360 flip ride in a’la Andrew Faris to backwards halfpacker at 1:22, the nose manual full boomerang direct to backwards backpacker at 2:09, and the forward karl halfpacker stop dead kickflip to backwards halfpacker ender at 3:29 may all have us talking for years + Simon kills it on the deck of the ramps! Does it get any better than this? Simon is already filming for an up and coming flatland dvd with Stewart Munro, I’m excited to see what is next? This is incredible, hit the rewind and thank you Simon for taking the time to do this and share with us!

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Must Watch! Matthias Dandois – The Flat side of things

“It’s great to do fancy edit with crazy cameras and after effect but sometimes it definitely affects the riding quality. Matthias went back to the basic with this new edit: One tripod, One iPhone and 3 months to film the hardest tricks he can do on a BMX bike. As simple as that.”

Check this latest edit from Matthias Dandois for La Cremerie Bmx, great to see him back riding and starting to create new tricks on his bike, from the 4:00 minute especially stood out for me as Matthias pushes new tricks front and back wheel, and the last two bangers from 4:48 – no handed spinning halfpacker whip to crackpacker and backwards spinning framestand tomahawk to pendulum halfpacker! Stop what you are doing and enjoy this one!

Must Watch! Yohei Uchino – Breakthrough

Plenty of discussion about Ucchie’s last trick in this awesome “Breakthrough” edit for G-Shock. It’s not too often that I give a video the Must Watch tag for one particular trick. At 2:17 Ucchie drops an absolute banger, rewind time! For all of you that missed this the first time round, enjoy this!!

Must Watch! Yohei Uchino – Breakthrough

I don’t often give the Must watch tag for one trick, but this is worthy! At 2:17 Ucchie drops an absolute banger, rewind time!

Must Watch! Dez Maarsen – Lost Tapes Pt 2

The second part of Dez’s Lost Tapes Pt 2 series just dropped filmed at the beginning of 2014, this had me hitting the rewind several times to understand what he did. Great technique and amazing technical combos from one of the worlds best riders currently, Dez Maarsen is on fire! Hit play and get pumped for todays session!

Must Watch! Heresy – Beneath

Heresy just dropped a beautiful edit featuring the incredible riding of Alexis Desolneux & Sebastian Grubinger. Sevisual on filming duties, and Michael Sommer (Sonny Blake) providing the soundtrack. This is stickied for the next 24 hours! Hitting the rewind right now!

Must Watch! Mateus Beckmann / Flatland & Street 2014

Incredible new edit out of Mateus Beckmann, it appears the young prodigy from Brazil can drop bangers in street (x-hand tooth hanger anyone? Smith hard 180 bar) and of course Flatland, the steeziest one handed brakeless smith I think i’ve ever seen and the x-handed rolaids as the final banger are so good! Pure BMX, this is awesome to watch!