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Must Watch! Moto Sasaki 2014 Part 4

Part 4 of Moto Sasaki’s amazing video series just dropped! And like you come to expect from Moto, there are some heavy bangers in this one! Look out for the backwards spinning pedal karl foot on the bars to pedal steam around the 1:14 mark and also the ender which I will not spoil for you!

Must Watch! Fareast Cycles Welcomes Benjamin Hudson to the Team

Fareast Cycles Welcomes Benjamin Hudson to the Team from IGI BMX / FAREAST / DUB on Vimeo.

Do not miss this new “Fareast Cycles Welcomes Benjamin Hudson to the Team” edit, Benjamin brings so much tech to the front wheel! I’m hitting the rewind to watch this again! So stoked on this!

Heresy – The Fifth Of September

It is exactly a year since Heresy dropped this amazing edit “The Fifth Of September”. This won Readers Choice for Edit of the Year for 2013 in the Flatmatters Online Awards by a mile. Hit the link to read Alexis’ interview about the edit and winning the award.

Must Watch! Martti Kuoppa & Viki Gomez / Bombarderos

We have all been waiting for this! And it does not disappoint! 13:48 of absolute bangers from two of flatland’s all time greats, Martti Kuoppa & Viki Gomez, do I even have to tell you to watch this??!!!

Must Watch! Shintaro Misawa – free #10

So many intricate switches in this brand new “free #10″ from Shintaro Misawa, I got to hit the rewind to understand what just happened!! Do not miss the amazing progression of Shintaro!!!

Must Watch! Waldemar Fatkin & Ivan Makushev FLAT.STREET.WHATEVER VOL. 2

Waldemar Fatkin & Ivan Makushev FLAT.STREET.WHATEVER VOL. 2 from Waldemar Fatkin on Vimeo.

Whenever Waldemar drops an edit you stop what you are doing to watch, hit play to watch Mr Fatkin & Ivan Makushev tear Koblenz apart, hitting the rewind right now! This is dope!

Must Watch! Shintaro Misawa – free #9

This is just beautiful flatland riding, constant progression from Shintaro this year, and not only that! He is making them look effortless in true Shintaro fashion. This speaks volumes of the mans skill level, back to watch this one again!

Must Watch! Too Small Bikes 2014 Full Movie

TSB14 (FULL MOVIE) from Julius on Vimeo.

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So many web edits these days, the TSB crew out of Finland always go the extra mile to stand out! From Aleksi Ritsilä’s silky smooth flat/street part, through to the likes of George Manos doing his thing, Martti Kuoppa killing whiplashes, watch his last line! And of course, Erico Melo’s part, TSB2014 is pure gold! Normally I would add times and stuff of standout tricks, but you need to watch the whole movie! It’s not too often we see a full predominately based flatland movie anymore. Thank you Julius for making this amazing video for us all!

Riders in order of appearance:

Aleksi Ritsilä, Aapo Airas, Camilo Gutierrez, Alberto Moya, Dong-ho Lee, Josh Briars, Jenza Kamai, George Manos, Julius Salo, Asko Relas, Roland Chlouk, Ville Castro Huusela, Markus Manninen, Patrick Alaspää, Jorma Sonninen, Martti Kuoppa, Jussi Laukkanen, Thomas Hirsch, Varo Hernandez, Erik Laev, Bert Ribul, Érico Melo.

Directed, filmed & edited by:
Julius Salo

Sound Design by:
Tomi Hyyppä

* For all those that do not know, You can directly download this video from Vimeo now!

Must Watch! Mateus Beckmann – Winter Edit 2014 – Part 1

It is winter right now in Brazil, but that isn’t slowing down Mateus Beckmann any at all. Towards the end of this edit I was hitting the rewind several times to rewatch what he did. Look out for the rollback seat decade half bar flip at around 5:57, and at 6:33 backwards two footed peg manual whopper/halfbarflip! But there is so much more! Definitely go hit play and watch this, and get stoked for your session today!

Must Watch! Moto Sasaki 2014 Part 3

Moto’s video series with Jimalog just keep getting better, the opening two backwards backpacker themed combos had me hitting rewind, not to mention that last combo! Hit play already!