Kira Komagata – Kunstform?! Can you sponsor me?!

There seems to be almost like a movement in japan right now, with so many kids coming up which is amazing for their scene and the future of flatland! Check out this flawless practise run 10 year old Kira Komagata from Aichi pref, Japan threw down for the Kunstform?! Can you sponsor me?! video contest. Skills!

A-Style Jam 2014 – Kariyashi Aichi, Japan

Awesome edit from yesterdays A-Style jam that took place Misasaga Park, Kariyashi Aichi Prefecture Japan, congratulations to Akira Okamura who took the win in the Open class, followed by Shinichiro Hara and Hisato Yamashiro on the podium. This edit shows the Japanese scene is growing, look at all the kids progressing and making their way through the class, now young kids winning the Expert Class! And as always the Open Class riding is amazing, don’t miss this!

1st Akira Okamura
2nd Shinichiro Hara
3rd Hisato Yamashiro
4th Takahiro Enoki
5th Yasuhiro Uehara

1st Yuya Shiga
2nd Fumihisa Maeda
3rd Eisaku Higashikubo

1st Shiyu Orikawa
2nd Shyou Wakimoto
3rd Kira Komagata

1st Jigen Omotehara
2nd Airu Komagata
3rd Hana Shibuya