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Spaceark BMX School – 2014/09/21

With great flatland workshops like this Spaceark BMX school in Kobe, Japan, it is now wonder you get positive outcomes such as Minato Sato coming through the ranks. Pros interacting, offering advice to the younger generation is invaluable. Look out for a crazy hang ten 360 varial to halfpacker combo from Keisuke Tanigawa around the 1:33 mark.

Minato Sato 8 years Old – Double Decade!

What were you doing when you were 8 years old? There is a serious amount of amazing talent coming out of Japan, this double decade by 8 years old Minato Sato is so awesome!

Jorge Salas – summer edit 2014

The flatland scene in Spain is growing from strength to strength, check out this edit from Jorge Salas, filmed in Madrid. Look forward to seeing much more from the Spanish scene.

Enrico Ott – Clips of the day

Unintentional young buck theme today on FM! Check out this new edit out of another new face to the flatland scene, Enrico Ott 16 years old, out of Germany. Nice fakie whiplash lines, fakie bars, and much more! Keep shredding Enrico!

Takumi Isogai – 12 years old

What a great future of riding this kid has if he sticks at it, amazing skills from Takumi Isogai!!

Bojana Stankov – One Year

Check out this nice edit from Bojana Stankov from Serbia, riding in Denver, Pennsylvania. She has been riding for one year. Love the backwards infinity roll in this one!

Super Flatland BMX Kids Kobe

It’s always amazing to watch the next generation of riders coming through in japan. Check out this Super Flatland Kids BMX Kobe edit! So awesome!

SpaceArk BMX School

Kenshiro Ojima just put together this nice edit from the SpaceArk BMX School in Kobe, Japan! These are always fun to watch!

Reece Thomson – Glasgow Flatland

Reece Thomson – Glasgow Flatland from Andrew Vaughan on Vimeo.

Always great to see newcomers getting into flatland, check out this new edit from 16 year old Reece Thomson out of Glasgow, Scotland! Real nice feel to this edit on the streets of Glasgow, hit play!

Yuya Shiga – Happy 16th Birthday

It is so awesome to see the next generation coming through in Japan or anywhere for that matter! Check this birthday edit with Yuya Shiga! Celebrating his 16th birthday, Happy birthday Yuya! This is a refreshing watch!