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Loja Estylo de Rua William do Prado “Búiu” Flatchê 2014

Loja Estylo de Rua William do Prado “Búiu” Flatchê 2014 from Gilberto Rocha on Vimeo.

“Búiu” is a new name to me out of the amazing Brazilian flatland scene, skills front and back, especially liked the opening front wheel line around the 00:48 mark, hit play and enjoy this one!

Dustyn Alt – Backwheel

Dope new back wheel line from WTP’s Dustyn Alt, the pivot at around the 00:15 mark from backwards spinning lawn hand round the back to ice cream is sick!! Hit play for this quick clip!

Mark Kuhlmann – August 2014 GP Test

Mark Kuhlmann – August 2014 GP Test from Mark Kuhlmann on Vimeo.

Hit play for a couple of sweet rolling lines from Mark Kuhlmann testing out his new Go Pro. The line at 00:21 that begins with xft hitch and includes crackpacker jaffa whip to halfpacker is dope!

Kevin Jacob – Summer 2014

Kevin Jacob shot this dope new edit over the last 2 weeks, crazy nose manual and jump lash variations in this one. Enjoy!

Art Thomason – 2 Flat Links

Art Thomason – 2 Flat Links. from art thomason on Vimeo.

Art Thomason just dropped this nice “2 Flat Links” short edit on hometurf, hit play to see Art do his thing.

Real City Spin – Dub TV Interview

Dub just featured on Canadian Tv to promote this weekend’s Real City Spin event in Montreal, this is dope!

Bobby Carter – Aloha Jam Interview

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photographs: Adam Jung & Bobby Carter.

The Aloha Jam is fast approaching on the paradise island of Hawaii! I got hold of Bobby Carter to catch up with him about the jam, the lifestyle, and generally talk all things Hawaii, read on…

Yo Bobby, The Aloha jam is fast approaching, firstly tell me about the concept of the Aloha jam?
Aloha Jam is a BMX Holiday. This is a time when people can take a break and not worry about contests, dialing in routines, judges, and all the other drama that comes along with a comp. Aloha Jam takes place in Honolulu and is one day of riding and a second day of planned activity at Hanauma Bay (snorkeling, chilling on the beach, etc.). Relax and have fun with your friends while riding and also sight seeing, partying, etc. Since it’s in Hawaii, riders can bring their non-riding family members or significant others. There’s plenty to do around the island on the day that we session and the second day is a planned non-riding activity in which everyone can participate!

What a view, Bobby Carter enjoying the scenery.

How did the idea come about?
Over the years of traveling to various places to help at contests, I realized the most memorable moments were when we all were just hanging out as friends, exploring the place where we were and sessioning.
Two years ago, when I went to Hawaii, J.Dub, Jesse Puente, and Scott Powell showed up. We had a lot of fun riding with the locals, exploring the island, and hanging out with girls. Some of the best times ever! I wanted to plan an event that wasn’t a contest, but also wasn’t just a jam in a parking lot somewhere. I think there’s a lot of opportunity to get the greater flatland community together and active outside of having a traditional contest. We just have to put our minds to it and think original.

540 varial on the Hawaiian shoreline.

So far who is making the trip to Hawaii?
From the mainland , I know I’ll be out there with Todd Carter, Rich Slezak, Nelson Kuo, and Steven Lapsley, Ucchie is going to try to attend with Kotaro Tanaka, and few more riders from Japan may attend. Many more local riders from Hawaii are attending of course. Ben Crockett from BMX Plus is trying to attend as well.

Your Hawaii edit from that trip you mentioned was absolutely amazing, can you explain the vibe there in words?
I can’t even put the vibe into words. The islands are magical, man! From the pristine nature to the BMX community itself, you have to experience the Aloha Spirit for yourself!

Look at this riding spot! Paradise!

Do you think the Aloha jam will help the scene there?
Definitely, anytime you can get friends together in a positive way it’s going to make the community stronger!
Also, Hawaii is the same distance from Japan as Singapore. I hope in the future, more events can happen in Hawaii and bring the American scene closer to the scenes in Asia!

What is the scene like there, mostly older riders? Or new kids?
Hawaii’s BMX roots go way back. Most of the flatland riders there have been around since the 80s and 90s. There are few newer riders too as far as flatland goes.
They usually get together and session one or two times a week. The street scene there is pretty big with a lot of new school as well as older dudes too. The scene in Hawaii has a much different dynamic than here in Los Angeles. Riders aren’t as spread out as on the mainland so they have an opportunity to become a much tighter community.

Hawaii Chills.

Are you planning an edit again, or lifestream?
I’ll definitely be making an edit. Actually, I’ll be in Hawaii for 2 weeks riding and exploring the island of O’ahu!
So if anyone is around hit me up!

Is there a website to check out information about the Aloha jam?

There’s been plenty of talk about you moving to Hawaii, are you leaving LA for the island life?
I’m still working on my dream……

Any final shouts?
I want to thank Derek Takemoto, Kala Yasuda, Big Ale, Adam Jung, Kiana, and the whole Hawaii BMX scene…. and of course anyone planning to attend!

Time to re-watch this amazing Aloha Flow edit, feel the vibe!

Interested in going? Here are some helpful details.

Event Details:
Dates: Sunday September 21st and Monday the 22nd in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Day 1: Riding and BBQ at Petrie Playground (3 miles from Waikiki)
Day 2: Explore Hanauma Bay (10 miles from Waikiki)

Airport: HNL

Hotels/ Hostels: Most hotels and hostels are in the Waikiki area.
More hotel information is at:

Getting around town: You can pretty much pedal around the Honolulu area, but if you want to explore the rest of the island of O’ahu you’ll have to take a bus or rent a car. It takes about 1.5 hours to drive from the south shore (Waikiki) to the North Shore.
Petrie Playground (jam spot) is located about 3 miles from Waikiki.
Hanauma Bay islocated 10 miles from Waikiki (there’s a bus that goes straight there)

Food and pricing: Once you leave Waikiki by a block or 2 the pricing on food, etc is about the same as in California. Even in Waikiki you can find reasonable places to eat.

Other attractions: Surfing, Manoa Falls, Hiking up Diamond Head Crater, Lanikai Beach (rated one of the best beaches in the world), and tons of other stuff.


Flatland Session Vol. 3

Yesterday we posted the results from Flatland Session vol. 3, already there is a nice edit from the contest! Thanks to Tomáš Vejmola for sending this in, plus results!

1. Dominik Nekolný
2. Martin Drazil
3. Alex Hruby
4. Michal Kupec
5. Petr Hofman
6. Patrik Raš
7. Tomas Vejmola
8 Adam Pekar

1. Vašek Albrecht
2. Honza Stavárek
3. Jan Malant

Voodoo Jam Photo Gallery by Matt St.Gelais

Peter Olsen.

Head over to Matt St.Gelais tumblr site for some great photographs from the 2014 Voodoo Jam! Hit the link below…

Dominik Nekolny wins Flatland Session Vol. 3

Photo credit: Dominik Nekolny.

Dominik Nekolny continued his winning streak this weekend at the Flatland Session Vol. 3 contest in Hranice, Czech Republic. Also congratulations to Martin Drazil taking the second spot followed by Alex Hruby.

1- Dominik Nekolný
2- Martin Drazil
3- Alex Hruby