Battle in the Rockies – The Lost Footage

Grab a cuppa and sit down and enjoy this amazing lost footage from the 2015 Battle in the Rockies contest, featuring Martti Kuoppa, Will Redd, Michael Shao, Pete Brandt, Joel Schallhorn, Bo Wade, Andy Cooper, John Yull, Moto Sasaki, Jason Plourde, Jean William Prevost, James McGraw, and many more!

Flatark Registration closes on 30th July – International Riders get registered!


About FLAT ARK registration for international riders.

Please check web site news page.If your name isn’t there, please registration again.

Editors note: I’ve also added the list below!

Registered so far!

Gonzalo Bellanti – Argentina
Lee Musselwhite – UK)
Jason Plourde – Canada
Seong hoon Lie – South Korea
Peter Olsen – Canada
Charles Paty -France
Thomas Deschenau – France
LeeDongHo – Korea
John Yull – England/USA
Kang Jae Yong – South Korea
Alex Jumelin – France
Dustyn Alt – Germany
Jean William Prevost – Canada
Taslem Raziff – Malaysia

If you are still not registered you have three days left until the deadline closes! Please do not forget to register, you could register from

DEADLINE is July 30th

Takahiro Ikeda vs Takuya Higa – Shibuya 2016 Street Games

I might be wrong but this year feels like the busiest summer for quite a few years. There are so many events, some small, some big money contests, but most important there is something going on for everyone! With that said, stoked to come across this Shibuya Street Games battle footage today, two japanese heavyweights, Takahiro Ikeda and Takuya Higa go head to head. Intense!

Viki Gomez wins Round 3 of the World Circuit in Brazil + takes 2016 World Circuit Title


Congratulations to Viki Gomez who took his third win in a row in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil this weekend and thus won the 2016 World Circuit title and is the World Circuit Champion for the second year in a row. Viki was followed on the podium by Benjamin Hudson, and Moto Sasaki! Congratulations Benjamin and Moto! Yohei Uchino in 4th place.

Vans Flatland Demo – Huntington Beach California

Vans flew the iBMXff World Champion, Matthias Dandois into the LA this week for the Vans Open at Huntington Beach, California. Juan Lopez just dropped these raw footage videos from the demo, featuring Gabe Weed, Lalo Jimenez, Ryan Russell, Matthias Dandois, and many more! Martin Aparijo, and Dennis McCoy on the mic, good vibes from Cali!

Fülöp Vidákovich – Budapest Beat

There is an exciting new talented flatlander emerging from the Hungarian flatland scene by the name of Fülöp Vidákovich. If you are paying attention, you will know the name from the fact he qualified first in the AM class at BMX Cologne. Hit play and enjoy this brand new edit filmed by Olivér Kállai, stacked with variety and high degree of difficulty! Fülöp has a big future, I hope he sticks with it!