French Jam sessions by Dwix

Dwix is back, check this jam sessions edit with Melvyn Masson, Charles Paty, Takuji Kasahara, Federico Capón, Maxime Cassagne, Matthieu Bonnecuelle, Joris Bretagnolles, Thomas Noyer, Jérémy Brosset, Gurvan Le Bloc’h, Benjamin Hudson, Lee Musselwhite & Didier Genet.

Thomas Noyer wins BMX Flatland Summer Camp!


Paul Dezeix just sent through some news about the BMX Summer Flatland Camp that went down this weekend in Southern France. Congratulations to Thomas Noyer, Paul Dezeix, Romain Kleine and Nils Vaugeois for the win in their respective classes. Here’s what Paul had to say:

“French Vibes , Chill and Fun .. That was the fourth step of the french flatland cup !Thomas Noyer win the proclass after qualifying 2nd behind Matthieu B ! Big props to all the riders for come in and Paul Dezeix and Ultimate Burning for the organisation

See you next year in June 2017 !!


1 Nils Vaugeois
2 Dimitri Tardif
3 Bastien Foursaud
4 Jerome Lavastre


1 Romain Kleine
2 Xavier Coudert
3 Christophe Castaner
4 Duy Anh Pham


1 Paul Dezeix
2 Gilles Laurent
3 Federico Capon


1 Thomas Noyer
2 Matthieu Bonnecuelle
3 Maxime Luchetti
4 Yannick Chauvel
5 Kevin Meyer