Must Watch: Jean William Prevost / NO MAN’S LAND


Dub was out in Valencia, Spain a couple of weeks ago, and made great use of time riding at one of the most picturesque riding spots I have ever seen. It’s felt like a while since a “Must Watch” edit on the site, and Dub well and truly breaks down the firewall.

Great editing, and the music by Movenchy really compliments his amazing riding. Ah yes the riding…. everything is a standout in this one. But, in particular the ender I am sure will be a contender for line of the year already, and it’s still February.

The spinning inside switch-b undertaker to pedal junkyard turbine line that begins around 1:29, just keeps getting more and more complex, and I especially loved the details of the drop down from pedal junkyard to right footed peg wheelie with no sketch at all, and then line builds again. I am sure we will all be watching this one over and over, edit of the year so far without a doubt! Thanks Dub for this belter! Today is a good day!

Episode 4 of the Flatmattersonline Exclusives w/ Bobby Carter


It’s that time of the week, every Wednesday! A fresh Flatmattersonline exclusive clip, how long can we keep this going?

I reached out to Sampa BMX rider, Bobby Carter a few weeks back to invite him too film for a FM exclusive. And the move he had in mind, he didn’t have in the bag yet. I love how we went back and forth for a couple of weeks, and out the blue Bobby hit me up with the clip.
This is what these clips are all about, pushing your own level!

Thanks Bobby for stepping up for episode 4 in the series, get out their riding and progressing and if your into it send a clip in!

To document, share and progress!

Want to film a Flatmattersonline exclusive?

Film a progressive clip, and holla “Flatmatters” at the end.
Send it in: Wetransfer format.

Martti Kuoppa relaunches Junglerider!

Jungle Rider was first launched back in 2010 and was followed by a production of the “Holiday” frame. It was Marttis personal project around the times when he decided to go for a permanent vacation from competing and just focus on video riding.

This era with Jungle Rider frame remains one of the most creative eras in Marttis riding:

Now, 10 years later riders still talk about Jungle Rider. Riders are still asking frequently if the frames will ever be available again. After thinking about this one for awhile, it is time to do a full-circle with Jungle Rider and bring the iconic brand of Jungle Rider alive again!

However, this time the frame is limited to 50 pieces only (2 top tube sizes and 3 colors) and are available only directly from

The first ever Martti Kuoppa signature frame “MK” is here. Go order yours now because once the pre-order window closes, then the frame is unavailable again.

*Note: Martti never had a signature frame before. All the KGB frames were designed by Viki and the Jungle Rider “Holiday” frame was not officially signature frame of Martti.

Masato Ito & Maik Speer win 2020 Fight the Winter Contest

The annual Fight the Winter contest went down yesterday in Gottingen, Germany. Congratulations to Masato Ito for taking the win in the Pro Class and Maik Speer taking the win in the Masters group. FTW continues to grow, stoked to see this event keeps progressing. Thanks to Michael Steingraeber for sending in the results!

Decade of Flatland: 2010/2020 / Part 2

Intro/Questions: Effraim.
Photos: Pierre Gauthier, Matti Hemmings & Mizo.

Part 1 of my Decade on Flatland piece caused quite a stir amongst the flatland community. It is healthy to hear the opinions of how are art form/sport progressed over the last ten years. In my mind, it’s thought provoking, and gets you thinking about your own personal riding. In Part 2, I fire the same questions as Part 1 to X-foot pivot master Bruno Zebu, Mr Same Thing Daily himself, Dane Beardsley, and Sam Foakes, who has discarded the traditional pumping mid-trick technique for pretty much the last decade. The opinions contrast from Part 1, once again grab a cuppa and treat yourself. I am really enjoying putting these articles together, hope you enjoy reading them.

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Episode 3 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives w/ George Manos

The Flatmattersonline exclusive clips are building nicely, George Manos hit me up this week without even being asked. Super hyped on seeing the clips build, just three weeks in. And already three great clips from Pete Brandt, Sietse van Berkel and now Heresy rider, George Manos.
Its pegruary, and George doesn’t even care, he’s out there doing his thing.
Do you have a clip?

The format is simple, film a clip and holler flatmattersonline at the end, send it in:

Thanks George, for stepping up for episode 3!

Who’s got the next clip?