Mateus Beckmann, Francisco Lima Pekeno, & Fagner Richter – Connection São Paulo

During the Overground contest weekend, Lisias Taberelli documented some amazing riding with Mateus Beckmann, Francisco Lima Pekeno, & Fagner Richter on the streets of São Paulo plus some contest footage towards the end! Well worth a watch!

Matthias Dandois wins BMX Summer Camp Contest



Congratulations to Matthias Dandois, taking the win at the annual BMX Summer Camp contest in Carresse-Cassaber, south west of France. Alex Jumelin and Miguel Tardio followed on the podium! There were also Master and AM classes, Mario Garcia taking the Master win and Max Cassagne took the Expert! Props to Thomas Noyer for putting this event on once again, and thank you to Paul Dezeix for the update and photos!

1- Maxime Cassagne
2- Romain Kleine

1- Mario Garcia
2- Paul Dezeix
3- Inigo Arroyo
4- Gilles Laurent


1- Matthias Dandois
2- Alex Jumelin
3- Miguel Tardio
4- Thomas Noyer
5- Alberto Moya
6- Guelo

Festival des sports Urbains 2015 – Royan, France

Check this amazing edit from Festival des sports Urbains 2015 in Royan, France by studeewhy! Great highlights footage from qualifying and the final, featuring Takumi Isogai, Alexis Desolneux, Sebastian Grubinger, Alex Jumelin, Thomas Noyer, Sietse Van Berkel, Quentin Pelorson, Manu Massabova, Didier Genet, Matthieu Bonnecuelle, Alberto Moya,and many more! Feel the good vibes in Royan, France!

Kevin Jacob – Back in Town II

We have a sunday treat for you all! One of the freshest talents coming out of the French flatland scene in the last few years is this guy Kevin Jacob. Who recently moved back to Lyon a few months ago and teamed up with 3K Image to work on this project. Kevin has the nose manual game on lock, so much control on regular version which he does around the spot, back pedalling (00:11) Xft (00:28), not to mention some really nice downside whiplash variations 00:52, 1:17, and a whole lot more! This is a really good watch, don’t sleep on this!

New Heresy Frames, Bars, Pegs, Seats and more!


Sebastian Grubinger just sent in a nice heads up on all the new Heresy range that is now available. The Ascend Frames in different sizes, from 18″, 18.5″, 19″, 19.5″, 20″, 20.5″. Head over to their product page to check the frames and specs, also they have the new 108 peg, and Reign Pivotal seat, bars! Heresy run a dialled operation, check it!

John Yull – Opposites

“Sometimes it’s not about learning a new trick it’s about testing yourself putting yourself outside your comfort zone. I decided to spend a week riding opposite and see where it ended up. I now find myself forgetting which is normal and opposite.”

John Yull has been on fire this year, unstoppable! Definitely don’t miss this awesome “Opposites” edit, look out for the opposite double foot jam decade at 00:57! I think we all know what is coming…. Yes John!!!