Jesse Puente joins PegasusBMX!


Jeff Desroche sent over this lil’ bit of sponsorship news, congratulations on the hook up Jesse! Here’s the press release:

“Pegasusbmx would like to welcome Jesse Puente to the team. One of the best ever flatland creators will now be joining Dez Maarsen, Bruno Zebu, Jeff DesRoche, Jero and Cory Strat. on our flatland parts design crew. We will be designing new parts and bringing them to the flatland community. Designed by flatlanders – Built by riders for Flatland riders- Yep!”

New Flatark Website is live!


The new Flatark website just went live, registration just opened for international riders. The deadline for entries is 15th of August! Registration is in the riders page.

※日本ライダー受付開始日は 8月16日 12:00pm からとなります。

Repo: Belfast BMX Flatland Jam

Text: Pete Hollinger.
Photography: Rampage Rick.

Dino Jeffers is a local legend. When I was growing up he was the guy representing Northern Ireland at all the European comps. After a few years back home in South Africa, Dino returned to Northern Ireland determined to help push the local scene and a few weeks ago he hosted the third annual Belfast Flatland Jam.

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Akira Okamura wins C3 Jam in Nagoya, Japan!


Zai rider,Akira Okamura won the 4th round of the C3 Jam in Nagoya, Japan yesterday. Congratulations to Akira, Yorihisa Shiota and Yoshinori Ai the top three in the Open class! Below are the rest of the results from the Expert, Novice, Girls and Kids classes!

1-Akira Okamura
2-Yorihisa Shiota
3-Yoshinori Ai
4-Yasuhiro Uehara
5-York Uno

1-Kazuya Kuwahara
2-Minato Sato
3-Kira Komagata

1-Minato Sato
2-Shigeki Oouchi
3-Kira Komagata

Girls and Kids
1-Kondou Mizuki
2-Airu Komagata
3-Ryuta Kobayashi