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Matthieu Bonnecuelle on Heresy!

Photo credit: St├ęphane BAR.

You could say this is a perfect fit, this was meant to happen! The news just broke that French ripper Matthieu Bonnecuelle just signed up to ride for Heresy! Head over to the Hersy website to check out a short profile interview with the man himself, and keep a look out for his Welcome to Heresy edit!

Local Heroes Competition – Jakarta, Indonesia

Check out these two videos from the Local Heroes Competition in Jakarta, Indonesia. Congratulations to Januar Sisanto taking the win, followed by Haris Effendi and Heru Anwari on the top 3 podium. Top five results posted below…

1. Januar Susanto (Botay)
2. Haris Effendi (Bendot)
3. Heru Anwari (Heru)
4. Mohamad Aristyo Rahadiyan (AIS)
5. Ahmad Nur (Nurland)

David Carmona Toro – Rap Video

Flatlanders featuring on music videos seems to be on the rise, check out this spanish rap video featuring riding from David Carmona Toro!

Autum Mixtape – Flat.Street.Whatever

FLAT.STREET.WHATEVER – AUTUM MIXTAPE 2014 from deepAutum on Vimeo.

If you watch one edit today it’s definitely this new Autum Mixtape featuring the whole team in full effect, Autum boasts one of the best teams in the game! Featuring the likes of Ivan Makushev, Ludwig Luzifer Schimmel, Keiji “Tamao” Nakamura, Thomas Deschenaux, Waldemar Fatkin, Oscar Martens, Charles Paty, Marcel Gans, Camilo Gutierrez, Tom Behrendt, Tomokazu “Mo-Rich” Morinaga, & Dominik Nekolny, the whole team bring a good mix of styles that make this a great watch!

Takayuki Iwate – One combo at Komazawa park

Takayuki Iwate – one combo at Komazawa park from deepAutum on Vimeo.

Killer back wheel style and flow from Takayuki Iwate laying down one combo at Komazawa park, in Tokyo, Japan!

Down Underground Round 2 Video Series – Junior / Advanced / Pro

Shaun Jarvis kindly sent over the entries for Round 2 of the Down Underground Series with three classes taking part. Junior, Advanced and Pro Class, check out the entries right here!

Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #2

Giannis Caternellis killed it in part 1 of his freestyler series a few weeks back, hit play to see what this skilled flatlander out of Greece has got to offer!

Shinichiro Hara – Windshield Wiper

Always a treat to see what Shinichiro Hara is up to, always bringing a lot of style and lava to his riding, check out this dope windshield wiper clip right here!

Throwback Thursdays – Sam Foakes / Effraim Catlow / Akihiko Takahashi

Japan flatland session 2008 from Zion Bike Co. on Vimeo.

After the Battle in the Rockies contest I’ve been reflecting on a lot of the good trips I have been on thanks to Flatland! And along the BITR trip, this trip I took to Japan for the World Circuit/KOG finals in Tokyo, Japan 2008 was one of the best times ever. Myself and Sam were going 5 in a row on all combos back to back at the Yokohama riding spot, and met up with Akihiko Takahashi met up with us on of the days there and Mislav from Zion Bike Co managed to film to capture some of the memories!

Toon Pakphum wins Asian Beach Games!

Looks like it was not only Battle in the Rockies and Com’in Lyon this past weekend. The Asian Beach Games went down also in Phuket, Thailand, congratulations to Toon Pakphum for taking the win, he called it his “best moment of 2014″! He was followed on the podium by Taslem Raziff and Boom, hopefully there will be some video from this event soon!