FISE World Series Hiroshima 2018 Teaser

The 2018 Fise World series begins this year in Hiroshima, Japan on April 6-8th. All of the world’s best athletes in BMX Freestyle, BMX Flatland, Break dancing, Boulder Climbing, Parkour and Skateboarding will be there, looking to start the series with a strong performance. Who’ll come out on top?

Shinichi Kiba Landscapes 2!


Today we have a nice exclusive thanks to Stewart Munro! If you haven’t seen Landscapes 2, your in for a treat today! You can now watch Shinichi Kiba’s amazing part right here. From the opening backwards facing whiplashes to fork wheelie around the worlds to backwards crack backwards facing whiplash you know this is going to be serious stuff. Also wherever he and Hidenori filmed, wow that spot just looks so good and my favourite clip is Russia walking around the world fork wheelies effortlessly across this gorgeous marble spot.
If you wish to buy the video or read my review, hit the link below:

Link to buy Landscapes 2 –

Link to buy Landscapes 1 –

Link to Flatmattersonline’s Landscapes 2 review –

Featuring Hidenori Ishizaki , Chad DeGroot, Bert Ribul, Paul Chamberlain, Raphael Chiquet, Shinichi Kiba, Koichi Forkone Higo, Brandon Fenton and Takuzi Izumi.

Matti Hemmings 2018 Signature Armour Bikes Peg

Some product news to start our Friday posts here on Flatmattersonline! Im currently testing the signature Matti Hemmings Armour Bikes peg, but check out the tweaks Matti has made on this years model below! Maybe your next peg?

MadTi pegs 2018 are here my signature pegs by Armour Bikes. Shipping starts on 1st March, preorder now with $15.00 OFF for $49.99/pair at
6061-T6 body;
Grade5 titanium cap;
112mm length;
38mm diameter;
185grams/pair weight;
14mm axle with 10mm adapter.
Optional 4mm extenders;
Optional nylon caps.

Alex Jumelin’s Signature “Humble” Coast Cycle Frame

The news broke yesterday, Alex Jumelin kept us all guessing and we got it wrong. Alex Jumelin’s signature “Humble” frame will be released from Coast Cycles out of Singapore. So far no word on the specs of the frame.

Here’s what Alex had to say on his instagram:
“Coast Cycles is more than a BMX company. Coast is a bike label with a strong knowledge in the bike industry. Quality, strong and light. We worked really hard with the team in Singapore to have this first prototype ready for the new contest season. I’ll be in Singapore next week to test it and film an edit.”

Throwback Thursdays: The Dominik Nekolny Flatmattersonline Interview

With the exclusive content change to Flatmattersonline, it hit me this morning why don’t I repost interviews I’ve done and switch things up rather than just post one edit as a Throwback. Dominik Nekolny won the Fight the Winter this past weekend, this TBT is dedicated to Dom! Perhaps you missed this the first time round in 2013.

Intro: Effraim
Interview: Effraim + Reader Questions
Photos: Kelly Baldwin, Magdalena Stankova, Ronny Englemann.

As I walked into the flatland tent at the BMX Worlds, I looked across the area and saw Dominik Nekolny mid xft whiplashes. My eyes were of course firmly drawn, the link continued with 360 bar flip to halfpacker pivot out to xft opposite carved halfhiker xft whiplashes to no handed guillotine. You could have heard a pin drop.

The rise of Dominik Nekolny to the top I would imagine has been a long hard struggle, and a lonely one too. For me this guy has gone the extra mile which takes commitment and sacrifice. I’ve heard many a contest pro say in the modern day, Dom is the guy to beat. As the clock ticked away during his worlds final, you could see he knew he had blown the world title. For many second would be amazing,for Dom it’s not. And I admire that, he’s brutally honest and wears his heart on his sleeve.
I realised I didn’t know much about a rider I admire so much. Hey Dom, why no flatmatters interview? Few days later here we are…

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Anatole Rahain wins Indoor de Caen

It was busy weekend in europe for contests this past weekend! Congratulations to Anatole Rahain for taking the win at the annual Indoor de Caen contest in Normandie, France. Thanks Fabien Stephan for the update!

1. Anatole Rahain
2. Fabien Stephan
3. Kevin Meyer
4. Yannick Chauvel
5. Paul Varchon
6. Alain Massabova

Fight the Winter 2018 – Top 5 Masterclass

Erik Hogers just got in contact with run coverage from this weekend’s Fight the Winter contest. First up we have the top five runs from the Masterclass competition, from Gino Stuart in first, Malte Orth second, Florian Kluth third. Check these out the top 5 runs when you have time!

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2018 Veres BMX JAM – 11th March

Rob Alton is doing some great grassroots work for the Hungarian flatland scene. The next Veres BMX Jam is scheduled for the 11th March. Plenty of fun events for all to get involved in, join the FB page. (link below:)

Kids Categories
16” Speed Track
Pit stop
180 Bar Spin

20” Speed Track
360 Bar Spin

Bunny Hop
Pinky Squeak
Mega Spin Battle

Best front wheel Trick Master and Pro Categories
Best back wheel trick Master and Pro Categories

Follow the Veres FB page: