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Bruno Zebu – Sunday Riding

It is always a treat to see Bruno Zebu ride, check out this new clip he just dropped from last sunday’s session.

Fusion Jam – 2015 Tilburg

Sietse van Berkel organised a Bmx Flatland jam in Tilburg, in Holland a few weeks back. Erik Hogers was on hand to not only ride, but document some of the riding that went down that day, chill vibes from Tilburg! Enjoy!

Terry Adams & Scott O’Brien – Seek & Ride/New Orleans, LA

Terry & Scott seek and ride… New Orleans, LA from Ace Cox on Vimeo.

The production and filming shots are amazing in this new edit with Terry Adams & Scott O’Brien, before you hit play, here’s what Terry had to say:

“Here is a new quality edit that was filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana. Scott O’Brien and I wanted to show the aspect of BMX that represented going out and finding new and unique locations to ride at. BMX is about freedom. Freedom to not only ride your bike the way you want but the freedom to find crazy locations and bring BMX to light in those areas. In this edit we session an abandon building that was being used for absolutely nothing. We went in and used the location as our canvas to show that flatland can be done anywhere. Anywhere you can find a flat piece of concrete, is stomping grounds for a great session!”

Pete Brandt – Glow Headphones Commercial

Pete Brandt features in this sweet Glow headphones commercial that just went live over on the kickstarted website, check it out!

Masato Ito in Sri Lanka

We are back online after some server problems for a few hours this morning. Masato Ito recently took a faction to Sri Lanka and documented his trip, riding, and lifestyle experiences there, hit play!

Waldemar Fatkin and Tobi Müller

Waldemar Fatkin and Tobi Müller met up for a session in Koblenz with Dustyn Alt behind the lenses. Hit play to watch Waldemar Fatkin throw nose manual/whopper lines for days, and some nice front wheel lines from Tobi!

Pelesit Kota BMX 2015

Pelesit Kota BMX 2015 from qidran on Vimeo.

Dr Qidran just dropped this nice scene edit documenting the Malaysian flatland scene with a bunch of street thrown in to for good measure. Thanks to Aidwin Aidan Wing for the heads up.

Corpus Christi Jam

Corpus Christi Jam from Jim McKay on Vimeo.

This past weekend flatland riders from all over Texas met at the marina in Corpus to ride with flatland legend Eric Evans. Check out this quick edit Jim McKay kindly put together to document the vibe for all of us who couldn’t make it!

Art Thomason – Winter 2015 Edit

Art Thomason -Winter 2015 Edit from art thomason on Vimeo.

Lets start todays posts with Art Thomason’s new winter edit that got taken down yesterday due to copyright issues with music. Hit play to check out what Art has been working on over the winter months at his backyard riding spot…

Dan Hennig – Underground session / Winter 2015 part 1

Looks like Dan Hennig has a sweet underground spot to keep up his progression during the winter months. As always Dan is super stylish, and I got that feeling a few times watching his edit that he was off the bike and he kept going muscling the bike back into control, fun to watch!