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Watch the Flatark Livestream on Flatmatters!

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

The final round of the 2014 World Circuit is going down today at Flatark in Kobe, Japan! Watch it all unfold live! Don’t miss this one, beginning 530 GMT Sunday morning. Moto Sasaki qualified first can he hold it down in the finals! Who’s ready to watch this one???

Vienna Jam 2014

Check out this real nice Vienna jam edit that was organised by Sebastian Grubinger a few weeks back! In related news, look out for an overdue interview with Sebastian on the site in the near future…

Yu Katagirl wins Novice Class at Flatark!

Photo: Scott O’Brien.

The Novice Class is full of “Super Kids” killing it at Flatark! Congratulations to Yu Katagirl, followed on the podium by Yu Shoji, and Shiyu Orikawa!

Moto Sasaki qualifies 1st at Flatark!

Moto Sasaki took the top spot going into the finals tomorrow at Flatark followed by Alex Jumelin and Yohei Uchino! Top 12 make the finals that you can watch on livestream right here on Flatmatters tomorrow morning 5:30am GMT! Thanks to Scott O’Brien for sending in the results!

BFWC & Overground Mix

Already so much coverage from the BFWC & Overground contest in Brazil. This mix edit from Gilberto Rocha is worth a watch! Featuring the likes of Owen Bohn, James McGraw, Ederson Ferreira, Gonzalo Bellanti and many more!

Bmx Trini Styles

Check out this nice duel edit with Kestrel Roopnarine and Brad Lee holding it down over in Trinidad.

Dino Jeffers – Deaf Pro Bmx Flatland

Dino Jeffers Deaf Pro Bmx Flatland from Dino Jeffers on Vimeo.

Dino Jeffers – Pro Bmx Flatland from Dino Jeffers on Vimeo.

I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be deaf and riding flatland, Dino Jeffers seems to have no trouble at all! Great to see some new clips out of Dino today, keep shredding Dino!

IOXC – Wim Cycle Team

WIM IOXC SMG from buajinganmafia on Vimeo.

Chill edit from the Wim Cycle pro riders trip to the IOXC 2014 contest in Semarang, central Java, Indonesia. Enjoy!

Flatark Livestream this Sunday!

The final round of the 2014 World Circuit is going down this weekend in Kobe, Japan! The finals begin at 2:30 Japanese time, 5:50 am GMT! We will post the livestream link Saturday night for all of you that can’t make the event!

BFWC & Overground Mix

The BFWC & Overground edits keep coming, this time it’s a mix edit featuring Mateus Beckmann, Bruno Zebu, Yuu Yamamoto, Yorihisa Shiota, Gonzalo Bellanti, Viki Gomez, James McGraw, Ederson Ferreira, Carlos Espinosa, Patrick Coelho, and Lisias Tabarelli!