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Alex Jumelin vs Jason Plourde – Real City Spin Final Battle / AM Flat Round 3

This is up a bit later than I would have liked, but copyright issues with the track used during the final stopped this going up quicker. Special shout to Joe Cicman not only for shooting the final battle footage but also for this edit of the battle! Hit play to watch an intense battle between Alex Jumelin and Jason Plourde!

Real City Spin 2014

Great edit from the Real City Spin by Lachlan Cameron, nice footage from pre jam as well as contest footage! Hit play!

Joe Cicman – 1st Place Expert / AMFLT Round 3: Montreal Real City Spin. Finals run

Joe Cicman had a killer finals run at AMFLT round 3: Montreal, Real City Spin, taking the win in the Expert class. Hit play to watch this one!

One Love BMX – Push it to 11 Jam

Push it to 11 Jam from One Love BMX on Vimeo.

Great riding in this Push it to 11 Jam edit by the One Love BMX crew over in Nor Cal featuring Dylan Worsley, Darin Wright, Shayne Khajehnoori and Pete Brandt! You know what to do!

Hiroya Morizaki – Battle in the Rockies

Not long to go till the Battle in the Rockies deadline, hit play to check out Hiroya Morizaki’s entry!

Rodney Williams – 16 min Long Combo!

Rodney Williams is back! Check out this 16 minute long front wheel combo in his tight garage set up! He possibly went on longer as the clip runs out and he’s still going, insane!

Dominik Nekolny vs Waldemar Fatkin – 100 Psi Contest Final Battle

Crazy good final battle between Dominik Nekolny and Waldemar Fatkin from this weekends 100 Psi Contest in Dresden, Germany! Thanks to Martin @ Global Flat for this nice video!

Must Watch! Martti Kuoppa & Viki Gomez / Bombarderos

We have all been waiting for this! And it does not disappoint! 13:48 of absolute bangers from two of flatland’s all time greats, Martti Kuoppa & Viki Gomez, do I even have to tell you to watch this??!!!

Jason Forde – Sunday Progress

Quick lil’ Sunday Progress edit from St Martin’s Jason Forde down at the TGM riding spot, hit play!

Jason Plourde wins Pro Flat @ Real City Spin

Congratulations to Jason Plourde taking the win at Real City Spin 2014! Followed by Alex Jumelin and Stephan Cerra in third place on the podium. Look out for some footage from the battles real soon!

1-Jason Plourde
2-Alex Jumelin
3-Stephan Cerra
5-Tyler Gilliard
6-JF Boulianne
7-Percy Marshall
8-Masashi Itani