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Must Watch! Yohei Uchino – Breakthrough

I don’t often give the Must watch tag for one trick, but this is worthy! At 2:17 Ucchie drops an absolute banger, rewind time!

Voodoo Jam 2014 Highlights

VoodooJam 2014 – Highlights from Mickey Gaidos on Vimeo.

Mickey Gaidos just dropped this amazing edit from the 2014 Voodoo Jam wit narration from Scott O’Brien, don’t miss this!!

Brian Chapman – Chapman Cycles

Chapman Cycles from Steer Films on Vimeo.

There is so much creativity and passion within flatland both off and on the bike, it is often as interesting to see what riders are doing off there bikes as on them. Take this short documentary by Steer Films with New England flatlander Brian Chapman! Beautiful!

Flatark 2014 Highlights

The Flatark crew did a great job on this highlights edit that captures the vibe in Kobe, Japan plus the new generation coming through, the pros, and the parties! Definitely worth a watch!

TerraDome Edit 2014 – Trailer #2

Trailers are all about raising the hype for the final movie, and these trailers for the Terradome edit are making me curious, Joe is quite the character so theres no telling sometimes! Will it be Joe Cicman riding at the Terradome solo? Will he have guest appearances? Who else will be ticked off? And when is this dropping?

Monika Hinz & David Nagy – best ground and nice sounds for ride

Great to see David Nagy back on his bike, and also some Monika Hinz footage on this short edit even if the workmen cutting the grass spoil the peaceful vibe in Gyöngyös, Hungary.

Vibrations Urbaines 2014 Final Highlights

Great highlights edit from The Riders Post featuring Didier Genet, Thomas Noyer, Kevin Jacob, and the winner Kevin Nikulski! All killing it at the Vibration Urbaines contest this past weekend! Hit play!

2014 Nora Cup BMX Awards Highlights

Hit play to check out this concise highlights edit from the 2014 Nora Cup Awards two weeks ago. Great to see Mark Eaton presenting the Flatland Award to Alex Jumelin and also good to see who won what in each of the categories.

Mates Tuček – October 2014

Nice mix of front and back wheel combos from the productive Mates Tuček from the Czech Republic, give this one a watch!

Williams Perez – New Athletic Lima-Perú

Check out this dope promo edit out of Williams Perez representing his sponsor New Athletic out of Lima, Peru! This edit riding wise gets going around 1:45, the opening line is so good!