Jean William Prevost wins Toronto Flatland Unlimited 2019!

Congratulations to Jean William Prevost who starts 2019 with a win in his native country, taking the first place honours at the annual Toronto contest, Dub was followed on the podium by Percy Marshall and Bo Wade. Great to see this event going strong after so many years, the curtain opener for the year!

In the AM class, Etienne Bergeron took the win followed by Pedro M, and Alex L, sorry I don’t have full names right now. Congratulations to all! Check the results below for the final placings. Hopefully some video soon…

Ryo Katagiri wins Flatpark Opening Event!

No sooner do I post the news of Madrid making a legit flatland spot. The Flatark crew go and open their own indoor flatland training ground at “Flatpark” and hold an opening contest to celebrate.
Congratulations to Ryo Katagiri who won the Open Class and Ryuga Matsumura who won the Low Class. Anyone have any footage from the contest? Exciting times across the globe for flatland and legit flatland training areas…

Photos: Shinde.

Open Class

1st Ryo Katagiri
2nd Yu katagiri
3rd Moto Sasaki

Low Class

1st Ryuga Matsumura
2nd Ruo Hayakawa
3rd Takashi Ishida

Madrid builds a legit flatland spot!

There is something amazing happening globally right now, with cities recognising flatland as a sport and building specific riding spots for riders to practise and do their thing. Madrid have just built a granite marble flatland spot, Viki Gomez went back to where he grew up riding for the opening ceremony with Varo Hernandez. Anyone fancy a trip to Madrid?

Rest In Peace Hiro Tsuchida 1969-2019.

Today is a sad day. I awoke to the news, Hiro Tsuchida from Chicago has passed away. I have this belief that we as flatlanders have to love and embrace flatland as a culture in order for it to truly blossom. Hiro Tsuchida is one of this riders who went out of his way to help everyone who crossed his path, and is the rock of the Chicago flatland scene. We have truly lost one of the great guys in our global flatland scene, Hiro is what flatland is all about to me. My thoughts today are with his family and friends. Rest In Peace Hiro, thank you for all the good memories.

Rest In Peace Hiro Tsuchida 1969-2019.

Matt Wilhelm, was one of the many riders Hiro impacted. I took some words this morning from his social media.

Rest In Peace Hiro Tsuchida. This is a recording of Hiro I took at a reunion jam in 2015. It was by no means a farewell, but a message to keep riding and keep the scene together.
For those who don’t know, Hiro was an icon in the Chicago BMX scene. He gave me my first big break as a 15-year-old kid, allowing me to ride in one of his shows.
Over the years we rode together all the time, I performed in tons of shows for his Fastbreak Freestyle Trick team, and we went on countless road trips together. We became great friends to the point that I stood up in his wedding.
Hiro was one of the first riders I really idolized.
When I was just an average nobody BMX kid with a crappy bike and a dream, Hiro took me under his wing. He would drive from the Northside to the Southside to pick me up, drive to the city to ride with others, drive back to the Southside to drop me off, then drive back home to the Northside. I mean who does that???
Hiro was instrumental in my life and career.
I have so many great memories and stories to share, but this is not the place. We will have to have a huge Hiro memorial jam to swap stories and honor this larger-than-life legend.
Thinking back to all the times we rode together I can’t think of a single time when he wasn’t laughing, smiling, and trying to get you to laugh. So even though it might be hard to see one of our own pass, let’s try to think of a time when Hiro made us laugh. That should not be too hard.
Hiro would have been 50 in March. He was in excellent physical shape as he was still riding, so this is a huge shock. The BMX community lost not just a great rider, but a great person. He will be missed more than I think he ever would have known.
When he said “BMX for life” in the video he truly meant it. Rest In Peace Hiro Tsuchida 1969-2019.

How To Improve Your Riding Instantly With Only One Action!

Lionel Cardoso is back with another awesome edit under his “Freestyle Tactics” label. In the last video, he interviewed Matthias Dandois and Matthias talked about documenting his riding to help him progress. In this episode, Lionel goes deeper into the subject and discusses various different techniques that can help you to progress your own level of riding very quickly. Awesome stuff!

2019 UK Flatland Championships – 21st September

Looking for a good event to compete in this year? The floor at the Cycle Expo in Harrogate is perfect. Matti Hemmings just confirmed the date, 21st September! Last year was an awesome first year at the venue, looking forward to this one. Definitely mark your calendars, keep an eye on our events section on the site for updates.

Dominik Nekolny wins Fight the Winter 2019

Dominik Nekolny got the year started with a win yesterday at the annual Fight the Winter contest in Germany. Dom was followed on the podium by Dez Maarsen and Wolfgang Sauter, congratulations Dom, Dez and Wolfgang. In the Am class, Peter Miklósi took the win.


Dominik Nekolny
Dez Maarsen
Wolfgang Sauter
Dustyn Alt
Markus Schwital
Gino Stuart
Markus Reich
John Kramer
Rayk Hahne
Jorrit van Drumpt
David Hoffmann


1 Peter Miklósi

2 Florian Kluth

3 Malte  Orth

4 Peter Steffen

5 Maik   Speer

6 Erik   Hogers

7 Bodean Maarsen

8 Nico   Bergmann

9 Pino   Montagne

10 Roberto Rocha Padilla

11 Selina Tovornik

AFA Round 1 – Common Grounds Bike Shop, CA March 9th

I am a bit late posting this, round 1 of the AFA series will take place in California on March 9th. Here’s the official word:

“We are excited to announce Round 1 for 2019!
We will be headed back to California, for one last contest inside Common Grounds Skatepark. As you may know, the venue is moving soon so let’s take advantage of this great spot while we can!

Amateurs riders start shooting your videos! You’ll remember we are giving away a free flight to (and from) each round. Deadline for entries is February 20th. American riders only please. More details on that in our next post. Looking forward to seeing you in California!”