Pete Brandt signature 26mm Equation Stem

Whilst I was out in San Francisco staying with Pete Brandt in January. Pete was talking about the demand for a short reach stem in flatland, Pete has had a batch of 26mm stems made under the “Equation” label, made by Chris Rothe, Karl Rothe’s brother no less. Nor Cal represent, more products to follow? Hit up Pete on instagram, @pbflatland, he is taking pre orders right now.
So dope to see this come to life….

Irina Sadovnik: The Flatmattersonline Interview Part 1

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Nao King, Rob Alton, The Agency Photo, Stefan Csaky, Irina Sadovnik.

As many of us prepare to go into lockdown (some of you may already be) with the corona virus pandemic that already is causing havoc to our daily lives and routines. It’s hard to find something to be positive about, but then I think about the UCI Women’s Flatland World Champion, Irina Sadovnik. Irina is able to bring a smile to everyone’s faces on the tense contest floor, her positive energy is infectious.
It struck me that throughout the last 11 years of running Flatmattersonline I haven’t interviewed many female riders if any at all?! As I discussed with Irina, I felt awful about this, and decided it was time to do something about it.
We have been working on this interview since the UCI World Championships where Irina not only won the world title, but she did it a ruptured meniscus in her right knee!

Travis Collier once said “if you so spread positive energy, nothing but positive energy will comes your way”…
I can’t think of anyone who deserves some positive energy, than the woman that makes all the flatland community smile with her personality. and positive outlook on life.
It’s time to get into it, and find out all about this incredible woman. I asked Irina to dig deep, and she came through with an in-depth insight into her life of which I knew hardly anything about. I am sure I speak for everyone in the flatland community, when say I hope Irina makes it back to riding asap, she is already missed!
Show some respect, ladies and gentlemen this is part 1 of the long overdue, Irina Sadovnik FLATMATTERSONLINE INTERVIEW!

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Master of Creativity 2020 registration is open!

Registration is open for the 2020 Master of Creativity, the deadlines for submitting are most likely going to be put back as many of us go into lockdown with Coronavirus pandemic affecting us all. This is as good time as any, to rewatch last years top 5 entries, and get hyped on this years MOC competition!

Hit the link:

Episode 8: Flatmattersonline exclusives with Kio Hayakawa

Events are being postponed, and cancelled it seems almost daily with the worldwide spread of the Corona virus pandemic.

Thankfully flatland can be something some of us can do in isolation, if you have a home spot or something close to that.
When I started the fm exclusives back up again, I was talking to Kio Hayakawa about producing a clip. Two months in, and Kio comes up with a clip that will make your head shake like it did mine.
The 2019 Flatmattersonline most progressive and breakthrough rider delivers us all a treat! Anyone wanna go riding after watching this?!!!

Thank you Kio for contributing, whose got the next clip?

Classic Mondays: Madd Matt 1995

Classic Monday’s, it’s been a while! And we return with a certified classic, Madd Matt produced by Mark Eaton back in 1995. Great sections from Day Smith with an amazing soundtrack (7:23) and James White in York, PA (21:03) and plenty more with little flatland clips thrown in here and there.

Benjamin Hudson leaves Far East Cycles!

After taking a few days off working on the site, I am a bit late to the party with the news that Benjamin Hudson has left Far East Cycles, sounds like Benjamin has something lined up, who’s he going to be riding for the 2020 season? It’s a good time to watch his Welcome to FEC part!

Fareast Cycles Welcomes Benjamin Hudson to the Team from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

“It’s been great 6 years as a FEC rider and i’m still very thankful for the opportunities they gave me like designing my own parts and the fact that they trusted in me from the beginning in China 2014 because as a young rider this really gives you confidence. I love the fact that they’ve been innovating with new materials and designs, for now we just have different visions and thats the reason why im leaving, but im sure they will keep surprising the scene with new ideas. By the way! If you still dont know the difference FEC and IGI are different companies and im still riding for IGI. Thank you Ashao and Dub for the support.”

Episode 7: Flatmattersonline exclusives with Sebastian Grubinger

The Flatmattersonline exclusives are becoming a thing, and Heresy rider Sebastian Grubinger just came through with a belter!

Sebastian’s riding always commands my attention, whether it is a must watch video part or a too good for Instagram clip. His riding is always fresh, and I love that he put in some work into getting this clip done for episode 7, (watch the failed attempts, the fact he shows the falls is awesome!)…
We went back and forth discussing the bar flip ride-out, as I was trying the bar backwards hang 5 to bar flip out. I got injured whilst Sebastian was trying to get this clip done, and as you can see he makes it look easy and not only that adds in an awesome ride-in that flows so well with rideout, and middle part of the line before getting to the rideout is so technical. The whole line together like that is ridiculous, and something we have come to expect from one of the best video riders in the game!

Thanks Sebastian for contributing towards the series, episode 7 is in the bag.

The response since I announced the Flatmattersonline exclusive clip will be a year award has been amazing, and already a few heads are working heavy clips for future episodes.
Who’s got next weeks clip? Episode 8 is on the horizon, same time next week….

Grizzly Flatland Jam: August 7/8th

Joseph Kyllo got in contact to help spread the word, on a big flatland contest scheduled for August 7/8th, read on… (cracking flyer!)

We are excited to announce Grizzly Jam, a flatland BMX contest happening in beautiful Vancouver, Canada on August 7/th. We have partnered with the Vancouver Mural Festival to host Grizzly Jam during the VMF Mount Pleasant Street Party. This festival is attended by over 150,000 people and we see this as a great opportunity to showcase and grow our sport! For additional info check out our Facebook page below and let us if you have any questions. We hope to see you there!

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