Old School Sundays – GT BMX Freestyle Team Show / Augusta, GA 1988

The majority of Old School Sunday content seems to come from 1988 when I think about it, today is another one to the list. Enjoy the GT Freestyle Team Show from Augusta Georgia featuring Gary Pollack, Robert Castillo, Martin Aparijo and Billy Swoope.

Old School Sundays with Robert Peterson / Did he invent scuffing?

Bold title I know, but take a look at this weeks OSS with Curb Dog Robert Peterson! At 4:06 Rob does a backwards squeakers on/wheelchair whatever you care to call it? No one else at this 1986 AFA contest in Columbus Ohio was scuffing according to Danny Sirkin who was there at the contest. As far as I know and Danny knows, no one ever gave Robert credit, let’s discuss this one….

Old School Sundays with Rick Allison

Right now there is so much good old school footage on Danny Sirkin’s Flatland BMX Junkies YT Channel, OSS is pretty much becoming exclusively from Danny’s channel. Sorry not sorry, it is great to see this footage from the archives of flatland. Today we have Rick Allison’s run from the 1988 Columbus Ohio contest, Rick kills it. Fun to watch!