Old School Sundays with Rich Upjohn / Happy 50th Birthday

Rich Upjohn – KOF – September 1989 from Kieran on Vimeo.

Today is a special day, Rich Upjohn celebrates his 50th birthday!

Let’s go back to 1989, and one of Rich’s flatland runs from the King of Flatland contests that happened regularly in New England. Jamming to the sounds of Madonna, I grew up reading all about these events in Radazine and E-wire ‘zine via Kieran Chapman (who I believe filmed this run too), so it’s so rad to see these runs. Rich is a great rider, and even back in 89’ he is throwing down death trucks, hitchhikers, macaroni to smith out, not to mention the direct entry to forward death with no dead time at all from the half lash (kind of an Rich Upjohn signature move in it itself) and much more with the legendary raditude to boot.

Happy birthday Rich, hope you have a great day!

Old School Sundays with RL Osborn

RL Osborn’s return to flatland is well documented all over social media, today when I was thinking about who I should feature. After a few searches, I came across this blast from the past that sealed the deal. RL’s final run from the AFA Masters at the Velodrome in 1987. The cross bar double boomerang at 5:14 is still dope to this day, his run starts at 2:50 later an interview with the man himself.

Old School Sundays with Dave Mirra R.I.P

I just come across this legendary footage from the archives, many of us know Dave Mirra will forever go down as one of the greatest to do it. New School heads may not realise Dave had heavy roots in flatland, check out these two amazing runs from the 1988 AFA Masters in Wayne, NJ, where Dave took first place in 14 Expert. Thank you East Coast Destruction BMX for uploading this!

R.I.P. Dave Mirra.

Old School Sundays with Aaron Dull

For this weeks OSS, we go back to 1988 and a groundbreaking run from Aaron Dull at AFA Masters in Portland, Oregon. Aaron was a Golden Gate Park local in San Francisco who definitely contributed so much to flatland. The obvious highlight in this run is the backyard to backwards perverted decade at 00:59, I don’t think this has ever been since? Thanks BMX Flatland Junkies for posting these gems from the archives!

Old School Sundays: AFA Masters Round 7 / 1988

It’s always good to know the history of our sport/artform that we all love, this weeks OSS is just over 22 minutes long. Its not like most of us don’t have the time to watch this right? Featuring Dennis McCoy who has the standout run, (pulling double backward whiplashes to funky chicken across the Velodrome floor at 3:21 followed by a Dump truck to backwards decade), plus Eddie Fiola, Martin Aparijo, Woody Itson and Chris Lashua. Really enjoyed this, Dennis’ run though!!!

Old School Sundays with Jay Jones

The date is unknown on this event, AFA Tampa 1989/90 is what I’m working with. If you are reading this, let me know in the comments. Jay Jones, what a rider. This guy brought a lot of style to flatland, before I even knew style was a thing. Watch this amazing run, double backwards whiplash to forwards rope, switch handed hang nothings and more, Jay ruled!

Old School Sundays with Aaron Dull

This week we go back to 1988 for our OSS post, and San Francisco flatland legend, Aaron Dull’s run from the AFA in Portland, Oregon. The double backwards boomerang attempt into backyard, backwards perverted out is incredible. And the stick-b and puppet amongst other stuff, such a progressive level of riding for the time period!