Hang 5 Podcast: Episode 25 with Jamie Mcintosh

Episode 25 of the Hang 5 Podcast just dropped with Canadian flatland powerhouse, Jamie Mcintosh. One of the few riders on the global flatland scene that had quad decades pretty dialled, and so much more. Listening to this podcast now, and you should be too!


Frank Lukas: Hang5 Podcast Episode 24

German Flatland powerhouse Frank Lukas, discusses his BMX roots, becoming a pro rider, starting Deep BMX with Matti Rose, becoming a UCI judge, life after pro, Family, getting a real job, the state of the sport, XGames, collecting midschool bikes, Flatbible and much more. Really enjoyed this episode with Low Cash.

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Hang 5 Podcast with Lee Musselwhite

Episode 23 of the Hang 5 podcast just dropped featuring Lee Musselwhite from here in the UK. Really enjoyed this episode, where Lee discusses his riding roots in Torquay, the impact of attending the King of Concrete event and later on the Portimao Worlds in 1998, his sponsorship history, running Inertia, his riding philosophy, coaching under Martti Kuoppa and while lot more. There’s a lot covered and it’s certainly worth a listen!


Bruno Zebu: Hang 5 Podcast Episode 22

I’m a little late to the party on this, as this dropped whilst I was super busy with the Year end FM awards. This episode it’s time for Brazilian shredder, Bruno Zebu! This is a good one, you do want to miss….

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https://hang5podcast.buzzsprout.com or via your favourite streaming platforms.

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Hang 5 Podcast Episode 20: Pete Olsen

Photo credit: Stephane Bar.

Episode 20 features the interview of Heresy’s Pete Olsen. The quiet flatland giant from Saskatoon, Canada.
Pete is Known for his insane rolling manoeuvers on the backwheel, and his creative video parts. Find out how he got his start, where he finds his inspiration, how he deals with punishing canadian winters, how he films his parts, how he got on S&M, and Heresy, his thoughts on the flatland scene, and much more. Great episode, definitely reserve some time for this one!


James White: Hang 5 Podcast Episode 19

Episode 19 of the podcast is live. English interview of the legend of UK and London flatland scene: James White! Tune in and listen to talk of James’ debuts, influences, progress, videos, contests, hip hop sponsors, the scene and much more.

https://hang5podcast.buzzsprout.com or your favorite streaming platforms. Note that the first 17 episodes are in French.

Enjoy listening!

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Cory Fester: The Hang 5 Podcast

It’s not very often lately, that I drop what I’m doing to dedicate two hours to listening to a podcast.
Cory Fester has always been one of my favourite riders, but also a great human! This is a must listen, Francois Debroux sits down with Cory to talk all things flatland, from calling out Matthias Dandois for a battle at Flatground, travelling, judging contests, working on videoparts, and so much more…

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FLAT SYSTEM 007: Pandemic Tour Recap with Jean François Boulianne & Steve Bergeron

In this edition of FLAT SYSTEM Dub catches up with his friends Jean François Boulianne and Bergeron who recently came back from a 5 month tour around the USA during the pandemic. They tell us about how it was to travel by road during these times, and they discuss the US scene, the lack of a new generation coming through, and many other things including Van life and the best riding and camping spots they encountered on their tour. Great to see Dub putting these out regularly!

Francois Debroux launches Hang 5 Podcast

Francois Debroux, Lifelong BMX rider originally from Brussels, Belgium and now living in Vancouver, BC started the Hang 5 Podcast a year ago and had this to say:

“The original concept was to interview French and Belgian (because of my background) older riders/shop owners/promoters/media and industry heads, etc.
The podcast is in French and I cover all aspects of BMX: Racing, ramp riding, street, park and of course flatland.
While it all started with trying to preserve the history through interviews and stories from the pioneers in the french speaking countries, I don’t want to limit myself to just the old school or french riders. All eras of BMX are great.
I just released episode 16th with Raphael Chiquet.
Future plans include starting to interview members of the wider European scene in English this time.
The podcast is available at https://hang5podcast.buzzsprout.com but also on Spotify, Deezer, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts and others.
There is an instagram account that host little known photos from the interviewees: @hang5podcast
If you know someone who you think should be on the show get in touch:
Francois, @fan_in_van – FB: Fan Debroux”