Viki Gomez Flatland Immersion Podcast

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Today we have a nice treat from Dusty Tweedhope, who caught up with Viki Gomez for the latest episode in the Flatland Immersion Podcast series. They talk about family, travelling, Viki’s karate background before he found flatland, his mindset of how he stays passionate about Flatland, his love for Japan, dealing with injuries and a whole lot more.
It’s definitely time for a cuppa and enjoy this episode everyone.

You can listen to the episode on iTunes, and on YouTube, links below.

Something Neue Podcast with Scott O’Brien & Art Thomason

Hector Garcia sits down over coffee with Flatland Voodoo Jam founder Scott O’Brien and Pro Flatlander Art Thomason with Hoffman Bikes. They chat about the upcoming Voodoo Jam on Aug 17th, BMX history and culture, and simply have a laid back conversation about Art’s work at Nasa, and Scott about the Voodoo Jam. Hit the link below to tune in…

Matthias Dandois Unclicked Podcast

The Dennis Enarson Unclicked podcast is gaining momentum, and each week I look forward to a new episode. Whilst Matthias was over in San Diego recently, he dropped into the Unclicked Studio with his girlfriend, Constance to discuss his life, travelling, modelling, moving to New York, and a whole lot more. Really enjoyed this one, and I am sure you will do to. Hit the link below…

Flatland Immersion Podcast with Effraim Catlow

A couple of weeks in between the Fise Montpellier and the Cologne, Dusty Tweedhope got in contact to interview for his Flatland Immersion Podcast. We discuss running Flatmattersonline, my flatland school, my new video project, injuries, judging over the years and current day as head judge, and how I practise judging in between events and a while lot more. Hope you all enjoy this one, really enjoyed being on the opposite end of what I am used to.

Space Brothers Podcast with Art Thomason

Stoked to listen to this Space Brothers Podcast with Hoffman Bikes shredder, and all round sound dude Art Thomason.

“We’ve had the chance to learn not only about some amazing riders over the past year and a half but amazing people as well. Beyond the realm of BMX, many of these riders have had interesting jobs or random hobbies that we’ve discovered during the interview process, but our next guest takes the cake in terms of an intriguing career.
Art Thomason is a 5 time X Games competitor in BMX flatland, sponsored by Hoffman Bikes, and currently works for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, also known as NASA.
In fact Art lives in Houston TX where he’s worked for NASA for the past 15 years. He’s helped train over 50 astronauts for various missions performed at the International Space Station. At age 44 Art is still currently competing in a variety of BMX flatland contests, spending plenty of time pushing the boundaries of his own riding, while maintaining his career at Johnson Space Center, also known as Mission Control.
In our conversation with Art we got the lowdown on his favorite contest moment, riding for Hoffman Bikes for the past 17 years, the first time he met Mat Hoffman, how he applied to work at NASA, his official job title and what he does there, working at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab which is a massive swimming pool with a replica of the space station located inside it, what type of reactions he’s received from co workers that know he rides BMX, his connection to the International Space Station, his average day at work, his favorite NASA project he’s worked on, and what skills he’s learned on the job. So get comfortable, crank up your speakers, and get to know one of the most down to earth people with an out of this world job… Art Thomason.”

How this simple technique will help boost your life and performance!

Yesterday, the Sietse Van Berkel FM Interview and today, Lionel Cardoso aka Freestyle Tactics talks in detail about how different breathing techniques can help boost your performance and your life.

“Very often we talk about how to do a specific trick. But there are essential non-riding related techniques that will change your game. One of them is breathing. Indeed, we very often focus on specific riding techniques but forget about more general physical techniques like strength and endurance. This episode is inspired by yoga and Qi Gong where breathing is an essential part of the work and the main way to bring energy, calm and focus to the body and mind. You will discover how deep breathing will help you take your life and your riding to the next level.”

You can listen to this episode as a podcast on soundcloud at:

The Sietse Van Berkel Flatmattersonline Interview!

Intro/Interview: Effraim.

At the FiseWorld in Hiroshima, Japan last month it was on my list to catch up with the Flatmattersonline 2018 Breakthrough Rider of the Year, Sietse Van Berkel!

Sietse is one of those riders that has been on the brink for a number of years, last year he stepped up in a big way blowing the flatland world away with his final submission for the Master of Creativity finals and taking a well deserved win.

I dig into what went into his Master of Creativity entry, his horrific head injury that followed, from being the MOC winner to judging. Winning the FM award, his elegant style that is like no other, getting on Four pegs and Deco, his mindset training for contests and some surprises came out throughout the interview that I won’t spoil.

This is pure gold, is down grab and cuppa and listen to what Sieste and I have to say in our one hour 14 long conversation that taught me a lot and hopefully you at home listening.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for the Sietse Van Berkel Flatmattersonline Interview!

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Bobby Carter – Flatland Immersion Podcast Part 1 and 2

Dusty Tweedhope has put a ton of work into getting the Flatland Immersion Podcast up and rolling, and just launched the podcast on Youtube as well. And kicks things off with his conversation with Mr World-wide himself, Bobby Carter. Most of you might have and should have already listened to these episodes we previously posted, if you haven’t. You know what to do..

The Bill Nitschke Space Brothers Podcast

The Space Brothers Podcast is one of my favourite things to check online currently, today we have a treat from one of the biggest characters in BMX…. Bill Nitschke! Kip Williamson and Chip Riggs kill this episode and the description is perfect so let’s run with this…

“The Whopper, also known as the bunnyhop tailwhip, is one of the coolest BMX tricks ever invented, and it’s hard to believe it’s been around for almost 30 years. The first time Bill Nitschke pulled it off in 1990 in a Burger King parking lot in Greenwood Indiana, he had no idea of the long term impact that trick would make on the sport of BMX.

We sat down with Bill at the Master Blaster Planet Studios and talked about his first idol, some of the guys he grew up riding with, becoming an all-around rider, his first BMX components company Pulse Products, riding for Haro, the time he helped start a bike company called Standard, creating Indy Industries, his stint on the GT summer tour, his 22 double decades video project, performing school shows for his company Wonder Wheels, traveling to BMX events around the country, and was he the first person to do a tailwhip on dirt over a set of doubles? So get comfortable, crank up your speakers, and get to know one of the most important riders in mid school BMX history, it’s Bill Nitschke… JA!!!!!”