Matthias Dandois: What Does It Take Episode 2 with Scotty James

With so much time to kill right now, I find myself watching so many videos that I might not usually bother to watch. Episode 2 of the WDIT podcast just dropped, Matthias interviews snowboard shredder, Scotty James and it’s a good one. Also on the Vlog below, theres a nice back wheel line up in mountains from MD to enjoy…

Matthias Dandois: What Does It Take? / Episode 1 with Danny Macaskill

Matthias Dandois just launched his own podcast, with the help of Red Bull. For the first episode of the What Does It Take podcast, Matthias went to London to meet Danny Macaskill. He sat down to talk about Danny growing up in Scotland, being a bike mechanic, having success from one day to another, trying tricks hundreds of time, having multiple injuries, spending days to film a trick, working on the craziest projects, dealing with fear.

Matthias also spent the day riding, and having lots of fun with Danny in London.

Watch the video here:

Benjamin Hudson – Flatland Immersion Podcast

Benjamin Hudson and Dusty Tweedhope get together for the last Flatland Immersion Podcast of the year. They talk Flatland, growing up in Santiago, discussing the current state of his country, travelling, psychedelics, Percy Marshall..
“We also got into a great conversation about art, one of the funnest topics Ive gotten into on the podcast aside from riding. Ben and I both share a deep appreciation for art..and watch it unfold into one of the most random moments of coincidence on my podcast..Coincidence? Parallel universes colliding? You be the judge.”

You can listen to the episode on the following platforms:

Flatland Immersion Podcast – Landscapes 3

Dusty Tweedhope catches up with Bobby Carter to review Landscapes 3, the new downloadable video from Stewart Munro and Simon O’Brien. This is a good one, where Bobby and Dusty talk about the issue of paying for a downloadable video.

The value of a full video, submitting footage and Stewart dealing with that, the rider list and most of the riders being under the radar. Great perspective from Bobby, who of course has done it all video wise, I loved the part where Bobby is talking about the culture of flatland and use of social media. This is a good listen whilst your getting on with your daily grind.

Hit the link below to listen to this episode:

Download the film here: › jeudb

How to become more efficient with higher and better Focus

I just landed back into the UK after 11 days of being blocked from YouTube in China and there is a lot to catch up on. First up, is this fresh Freestyle Tactics episode by the main man himself, Lionel Cardoso that goes in depth on different methods of how to become more efficient with higher and more effective focus.

Back to normal updates from tomorrow….

Flatland Immersion Podcast with Misato Ito

Photo credit: The agency photo.

Misato rips on a bike, whether training his students at his flat school in Japan, practicing at his spot, or on the big stages of the Fise World Series. Not only does he throw down some of the craziest and lines on his bike, but he is one of the most chilled riders on the circuit. Dusty Tweedhope catches up with Mr Ito, really enjoyed this chat with Misato!

Click on the link below to tune in:

Space Brothers Podcast – Dizz Hicks

Episode 41 of the Space Brothers Podcast is a belter! Kip Williamson and Chip Riggs catch up with the king of the wedge ramp, Dizz Hicks! If your into the history of BMX, you don’t want to miss this one!

Kip’s description covers all…

“We caught up with Dizz and asked him about his early BMX career, the first time he saw freestyle, building his first wedge ramp, riding for the Gork Trick Team, his heavy metal persona, creating upside down flatland tricks, riding and partying on the CW summer tours, vanishing from the sport, dealing with addiction, getting back on his BMX bike in 2009 for an art show, getting inducted into the BMX Hall Of Fame, and what he’s doing now. The fact is, there’s never been another rider like Dizz in BMX…. and there probably never will be! So get comfortable, crank up your speakers, and get to know the man, the myth, the BMX legend, King of the short ramp… Dizz Hicks!

Viki Gomez Flatland Immersion Podcast

Photo: Sevisual.

Today we have a nice treat from Dusty Tweedhope, who caught up with Viki Gomez for the latest episode in the Flatland Immersion Podcast series. They talk about family, travelling, Viki’s karate background before he found flatland, his mindset of how he stays passionate about Flatland, his love for Japan, dealing with injuries and a whole lot more.
It’s definitely time for a cuppa and enjoy this episode everyone.

You can listen to the episode on iTunes, and on YouTube, links below.