Flatland Immersion Podcast 9 with Khaled Huerta

For episode 9 of the Flatland Immersion Podcast, Dusty caught up with the Middle East’s finest, Khaled Huerta. Khaled blew up on FM a few years ago recognised for his massive front wheel lines, great to see Dusty dig into his riding background from the beginning to current day. Hit play, grab a cuppa and enjoy this episode!

Simon O’Brien – Flatland Immersion Podcast

Dusty Tweedope catches up with Simon O’Brien for the eighth episode of the Flatland Immersion Podcast. This episode takes a more chilled vibe than previous episodes and just feels like a general chit chat. From Simon and his girlfriend having a kid, to work commitments, filming for Landscapes 3, theres a lot covered on here. Grab a beer or a cuppa and enjoy this one!

The Chase Gouin Space Brothers Podcast

Photo: Jared Souney.

I’ve been waiting for this podcast with Chase Gouin for a while, Kip Williamson and Chip Riggs catch up with the one and only, Chase Gouin. Here’s what the Space Brothers crew had to say, sit down and grab a cuppa and enjoy this episode!

“This time around we sat down with flatland legend Chase Gouin to discuss his early life and getting into BMX, the first time he pulled a decade, meeting Kevin Jones and the Plywood Hoods, moving to York PA, his first Dorkin In York video section, special sessions he had with Kevin Jones, pulling his first quad decade, being the first flatland rider to ever ride brakeless, becoming ambidextrous with certain tricks so he could learn new positions, dealing with severe tendinitis, overcoming near-death situations more than a handful of times, and what he thinks about the current state of modern flatland. So get comfortable, crank up your speakers, and check out this special interview with the legend himself… Chase Gouin.”

The Martti Kuoppa Flatland Immersion Podcast!

Photo by Kai Kuusisto.

There’s something great going on in flatland culture right now that I am really psyched on, the freestyle tactics video, the Pete Brandt interview, the Flatland Immersion Podcasts and so on. These are all great things we can use as flatlanders as motivation tools, and I believe they do a lot for the culture of flatland, today Dusty Tweedhope caught up with Martti Kuoppa for episode 7 of the Flatland Immersion Podcast and it is the best episode yet. Don’t miss it!

Tim Knoll Space Brothers Podcast

There have been a whole bunch of great interviews and podcasts lately, and it continues today with this Tim Knoll Space Brothers Podcast!

“Kip Williamson and Chip Riggs catch up with Tim Knoll to discuss his early gymnastics career and how that’s helped him with some of his tricks he currently does on his bike, how he got into BMX, when he first started doing tricks using street obstacles, which tricks were the most dangerous in his videos, riding at Lake Owen Camp, doing backflips over box jumps, what goes into a typical day of filming, how the mainstream reacts to what he does, and what it’s like to be YouTube famous. So get comfortable, crank up your speakers, and get to know one of the most unique bmx riders on the planet…. Tim Knoll!”

Flatland Immersion Podcast Episode 6

Dusty Tweedhope is putting out these FI podcasts weekly it seems, today we have episode 6 entitled “Flatchat” talking about the weekly happenings in our small world. Hit back grab a cuppa and enjoy the show. If you missed the previous shows, you can easily find them under “Podcasts” in the Categories section on the right hand side of the site.