Lee Musselwhite’s Signature Deco Prototype


Yesterday I caught a photo (see above) of Lee Musselwhite’s signature Deco prototype. I hit Lee up for some info, here is what he had to say about the frame:

“I’ve been testing my signature Deco frame for just over a year now and it rides awesome, so stoked Chad put this together for me it’s got really tight geometry 18.8TT & 13″CS so is very responsive and rigid. Perfect for back and front wheel tricks. No plans for production at mo, unless chad get a flood of emails asking for one hahah”.

HeresyBMX – Descend / Dismember


Fresh new Heresy promo featuring Alexis Desolneux, and who better to explain the new products but the man himself! Read on and enjoy the video!

Our latest products.
Classic Flatland zero offset forks : DESCEND ZERO
Flatland 4 piece bars : DISMEMBER 8,25″ and DISMEMBER 8,75″
Flatland and Street hybrid forks : DESCEND 0/15

Riding street and park again for a couple years now, I’ve been dreaming about these flatland and street parts, hoping to make a bike as functional as possible for both kinds of riding, including when both meet. We designed the DESCEND 0/15 with our longer sizes of AscenD frames (20″ & 20,5″) in mind. I’ve always felt that forks were an issue if you wanted to ride more than flatland. The 15mm offset has proved to be a good offset if you need to bring in some of your front wheel flat moves to street and it’s also OK for transitions but I do prefer zero offset for flatland, it’s more reactive, especially riding a longer frame — the dilemma is over and these forks are freedom. Male or female hub, it is really easy to switch from the zero offset to the 15mm offset if you want to go ride street or park.

Have a fun session!

Alex Jumelin – St Martin Paris Metro Line Promo

St Martin Paris Metro line from ART BMX MAGAZINE on Vimeo.

Peep this rad promo for the St Martin Metro Line with Alex Jumelin, filmed and edited by Matthias Dandois on the sunny streets of Paris. The entire line will be available this summer, check the website (link below) and keep an eye out at Flatland Fuel.


Toon’s Junglerider Prototype Frame + Stem


Whilst I was at the iBMXff World Championships at NASS, I noticed Toon had a new bike which turns out to be his new Junglerider signature model. You can check the first shots of the frame and the specs right here on Flatmattersonline, plus a spy shot of the “hermit” stem that will be available in October, that will come in 40/50mm sizes.




Frame specs:

TT : 19.2″
HA : 74.5
SA : 69
CS : 13.2 (Slammed 13″)
BBH : 11.8″
Stand over height : 75″
Drop out 14 mm.

Hermit Stem 40/50mm.


Far East Cycles – In the Making

Far East Cycles – In the Making from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

Ever wondered about who is behind Far East Cycles…..

“Far East Cycles is a Chinese made and designed BMX Flatland Brand, the owner and head manager at the FEC factory is WeiChangShao. ChangShao shows us the process of building a frame, why and how he does what he does. His brand was built over time hand in hand with Jean William Prévost and will now be distributed at select companies throughout the world. Fareast now sponsors riders from 4 countries and is moving forwards with the development of innovative and cost effective products for the benefit of flatlanders and riders around the planet.
To support FEC, you can go and like the facebook page ”Far East Cycles” and follow them on instagram.”