The return of Hoffman Bikes Big Daddy!

I’ve known about this news for a while, but the official word just broke online from Mat Hoffman himself:

“These are almost in production. Kevin (Jones) rode and went through the prototype and made his corrections. We are being very meticulous to make Kevin stoked and keep it up to his standard. No ETA date yet, but I will post here as soon as I know. Also you’ll notice the tubing is a thinner OD. This was a request form Kevin to make it lighter. Here’s a mock up from the first prototype of what the decals will be too… thanks -Mat”.

Exciting news, whose tempted with this? I know I am…

Fülöp Vidákovich – Marton’s OG-M18 handlebars promo

Fülöp Vidákovich / Marton's OG-M18 handlebars edit from og pictures on Vimeo.

Today Rob Alton’s Sport Zone contest is going down over in Hungary, and OG Marton just dropped a timely promo for his new M 18 handlebar for his company, OG Bike Co. Who better to do the promo than young buck in the Hungarian flatland scene, Fülöp Vidákovich! This guy kills the front, back wheel and even throws some radiative too! If you interested in the OG bars you can contact OG Marton at: or contact

Hub Talk : FEC Freecoaster Hub How-to with Jean William Prevost & Ashao


Far East Cycles hub inventor Ashao gets together with Jean William Prévost to take the hub apart and put it back together as they give some tips on how to use it and assemble/disassemble it correctly. Enjoy!

Bizhouse Brooklyn Mod

Are brakes coming back? There have been some interesting developments happening in BMX recently. Bizhouse’s Shawn White hit me up late last night with this Brooklyn Mod concept which was developed along with Carlos Coste. The idea is to do away with welds on your AD lugs, so you buy forks, drill the holes yourself and boom your done. Time will tell if this works and if you trust yourself with a drill. Let’s discuss this one in the comments section.

IGI BMX Peg Review by Kevin Meyer and Joris Bretagnolles

Besides the amazing edits recently from Akira Okamura and today from Sebastian Grubinger. It is really good to see riders reviewing products, really enjoyed this in-depth review of the IGI BMX Peg by Kevin Meyer and Joris Bretagnolles, good work with english subtitles.

Matti Hemmings 2018 Signature Armour Bikes Peg

Some product news to start our Friday posts here on Flatmattersonline! Im currently testing the signature Matti Hemmings Armour Bikes peg, but check out the tweaks Matti has made on this years model below! Maybe your next peg?

MadTi pegs 2018 are here my signature pegs by Armour Bikes. Shipping starts on 1st March, preorder now with $15.00 OFF for $49.99/pair at
6061-T6 body;
Grade5 titanium cap;
112mm length;
38mm diameter;
185grams/pair weight;
14mm axle with 10mm adapter.
Optional 4mm extenders;
Optional nylon caps.

Alex Jumelin’s Signature “Humble” Coast Cycle Frame

The news broke yesterday, Alex Jumelin kept us all guessing and we got it wrong. Alex Jumelin’s signature “Humble” frame will be released from Coast Cycles out of Singapore. So far no word on the specs of the frame.

Here’s what Alex had to say on his instagram:
“Coast Cycles is more than a BMX company. Coast is a bike label with a strong knowledge in the bike industry. Quality, strong and light. We worked really hard with the team in Singapore to have this first prototype ready for the new contest season. I’ll be in Singapore next week to test it and film an edit.”