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We The People 2015 Utopia Range

Intro: Effraim.
Text/Photos: Dave Paterson.

Dave Paterson over at WTP hit me up with some nice photographs and specs/details on the new WTP Utopia range for 2015. It is great to see them back in the flatland game, and they looking for feedback on their new product, read on and let us know what you think in the comments section…

“Wethepeople has strong flatland roots so we wanted to dive back into the flatland game after somewhat of a hiatus and create something unique. Now in it’s second year, the Utopia range was a side project we had to create a frame set that was tough enough for street riding, but has short and responsive geometry so you could have just as much fun in the parking lot too. We made a few changes for 2015, mainly the frame now comes in a longer 20” top tube size, as requested by a lot of our customers. The Utopia bar features the same angles but has been raised to 9” tall for this year. For 2015 we tweaked the fork to fit larger 2.2”+ tires if your looking to build a more street orientated setup. The end result is the most versatile flatland frame yet. The full 2015 Utopia range will be available from WeThePeople dealers worldwide from the end of Ocotber.

Whilst for most flatland riders our Utopia frame was big enough, we made a one off smaple for our team rider Dustyn Alt. Dustyn prefers a much more street orientated setup, so we took the current Utopia frame and gave it a bit of a growth spurt. The Trans Matte Blue frame pictured is Dustyn’s sample and it features a longer 20.3” top tube, a teller 8.25” stand over height and longer 13.2” chain stays. At the moment this frame is just a one off run for Dustyn, but if there is enough demand, we could produce it as an XL size on the second batch later on in 2015. It would be great to hear some feedback on Dustyn’s XL version and see who would ride one if we brought it out?”

Frame Specs:

Headtube angle: 75°
Seattube angle: 70.5°
Toptube Length: 20″
Rear end length: 12.4″-13″
BB height: 11.8″
Standover Height: 7.75″
Dropout size: 14mm
Headset type: Integrated
BB Type: Mid
Brake Mounts: Removable
Gyro Tabs: Removable
Weight: 4.9lbs

Material: 4130 “M2″ CrMo, heat-treated
Height: 9″
Width: 28″
Backsweep: 6°
Upsweep: 3°
Extras: Double kink crossbar, 7/8 multi-butted
Weight: 733g or 1.6lbs


MATERIAL: Full liquid post heat-treatment on 4130 “M2“ crmo
MACHINING: Fully cnc’d steerer, single butted. Fork design requires no bearing runner on crown. Only works with internal headsets
OFFSET: 15mm
DROPOUTS: Laser cut and cnc machined, 5mm, 4130 crmo, heat-treated. Available in 3/8”(10mm)
TOPBOLT: 7075-T6 alloy topbolt, M24 thread, 3/8” socket wrench fitment
OTHER: Available with or with out u-brake pivots
WEIGHT: 875g (20.72oz : 1.92lbs) (w/o topbolt). Topbolt: 22g (0.64oz : 0.04lbs)

igi – The Microphone Peg

The igi Microphone Peg designed by Dub is dropping during the fall. Much like Dub’s riding, a lot of work and attention to detail has gone into refining this peg design. Check out the photo above, and the first thing you notice is the clean Black, Anodised Silver colour way, with Silver Cap as a reference point.

Dub commented “The ball is better for the posture of the foot. Positioning is easier to find and locking in just happens. The knurling on the ball really does make a difference in a dry and dusty climate. Surface where cap and peg meet are at an angle so no seizing, I also use a reverse thread to stop seizing.
The rubber grip keeps your shoes and hands good to session all day without destroying your hands and shoes.”

What do you think?

Haro at Interbike

Haro at Interbike 2014 – More BMX Videos

We featured the first photos of Matthias’ “La Bastille” signature frame with Haro Bikes, John Buultjens shows off the new Destinations line at Interbike, including Matthias’ frame of course!

Profile at Interbike

Profile at Interbike 2014 – More BMX Videos

Profile just released the much anticipated Profile free coaster to the general public at the annual Interbike Bikeshow in Las Vegas. Due for a December release date!

New Product: Heresy Ascend 9.0 Bars

Along with Alexis Desolneux’s BITR video entry today, the Heresy crew sent in some product news. The whole team is currently testing the higher 9.0 Ascend two piece bars. The bars are already available in 8″, and 8.5″, so keep an eye out for this higher version, available soon.

James White – My New IntriKat

My New IntriKat from James White on Vimeo.

Sharp new edit of James White’s new S&M Intrikat set up, this bad boy looks clean! Not to mention the xft hitch downside juggler, hit play!

Autum Bicycles Product Range – Flat Street Whatever

Autum just dropped this tight catalogue with all their new range, really interesting socket pivotal seatpost on page 25 of their catalogue. Check it out!

Matt Wilhelm’s New Prototype Hoffman Bikes Signature Frame

Hoffman Bikes just honoured Matt Wilhelm with a well deserved signature frame that is in its first prototype stages. The specs are below, check it out! He is looking for a name for the frame, suggestions?

Top Tube: 18.9
Head Tube Angle: 75
Seat Tube Angle: 70 (Matt likes this mellow angle because it gives more room up front).
He also have deeper dropout slots than many frames and experimenting with a shorter rear end.

S&M Intrikat Update

Chad J hit us up with news on his updated S&M Intrikat frame!

“There are a few updates with this version: 1st is the drop-outs, they now have integrated tensioners and longer slots allowing more travel forward and backward for easier adjusting, etc. 2nd is the smaller diameter top tube with straight gauge tubing. 3rd is the investment cast seat clamp and new seat tube.” Hit the link for more pictures.

igi SweetSPOT Pedal release

igi SweetSPOT Pedal release from Jean William P on Vimeo.

Dub is always on point, and working towards new designs for the benefit of the flatland world. peep this dope new video he just dropped for the official press release of his new igi “sweetspot” pedal. Dub explains all below:

To the riders of the Flatlands,
Some of you might have noticed the ‘’igi’’ logo here and there. The idea of the ‘’igi’’ logo/concept comes from the word Original, or Origins. We must give out respect to our origins, especially in Flatland where whoever came first worked really hard to get us to this point in time in the evolutionary latter of Flatland.
Igi will represent what I have been thriving for in Flatland since I got into it, it is the sum of my years spent on the bike and of the experience I have gained throughout these many fun years of spinning, turbining and pivoting on the peg and now on the pedal.
This is a pedal which for some won’t change much, but for the ones who see the potential in it, it might just do miracles for them. I have withheld on developing products for years, because I thought the world had enough products in use and in it’s dumps and oceans already, though now I see how something positively charged can enhance the Flatland experience and contribute to, and accelerate the progressive process. Within that process is the will to make the world a better place. I want to make you feel better riding flatland, keep more people practicing on the bike and having fun, thus keeping people away from the oh so awful consumerism which has taken over our era.

Flatland is still in it’s infancy and if we feed it right it will grow beyond what we ever thought possible. I won’t prone to hold the ultimate truth, though this product might help you find it!

 I have been testing this shape for almost a year, and it enabled many things I thought impossible; I am at the final prototyping phase and will be entering into production this summer.

I thought I would let you guys know what I was up to, the Microphone pegs will be available early summer.


Jean William Prévost