• Profile Racing – Z Coaster Parts Exploded Diagram


    The release date for the Profile Z Coaster is just five days away,here is an exploded diagram of all the small parts of the Profile ZCoaster.
    This should help you get familiar with all the internals upon release.
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact them: info@profileracing.com

    A. Drive-Side Jam Nut
    B. Driver Bearings
    C. Z Pawls
    D. Springs
    E. Slack-Cam Ring
    F. Snap Ring
    G. Friction O-Ring
    H. Flat Spring Spacer
    I. Cassette Conversion Spacer
    J. Driver Support Bearing
    K. Hub Body Bearings
    L. Non-Drive Cone
    M. Non-Drive Jam Nut”

    Profile Racing – Why the Z Coaster?

    Yesterday, we got a look at how the slack cam rings work on Profile Racing’s Z-Coaster, now we have two videos featuring Chad DeGroot explaining how the Z-Coaster works! There’s also some flatland riding from Chad putting the hub to good use to go with it. No word on exact release, but Profile Racing said this is the month, so keep your eye out if you’re on the hunt for one.

    Profile Racing Z-Coaster Slack Cam Ring Videos

    Today is the day I’m sure a bunch of you have been waiting for! Profile Racing have released a bunch of videos giving us a look at all the different slack options for their Z-Coaster that has been in the works for quite a while. They have even released a video showing you how to change the slack cam ring which gives the first look INSIDE the hub since that has been top secret until now… Even the samples the team riders are on are welded sealed so they couldn’t open them! Check out the different videos below! The final video may of interest to most of us!! The Z-Coaster should be available by the end of April if all goes to plan!

    “Profile Z-Coaster Slack-Cam Ring B. 60 Degrees
    Slack Cam Ring B. provides Z-Coaster slack of:
    60 degrees (1/6 of a crank rotation)
    Slack Cam-Cam Ring B. and C. (75 Degrees) work best for flat/street/ramp depending on your preference.

    Slack Cam rings with different degrees of slack can be bought separately.”

    “Profile Z-Coaster Slack-Cam Ring C. 75 Degrees
    Slack Cam Ring B. provides Z-Coaster slack of:
    75 degrees (1/5 of a crank rotation)

    Slack Cam-Cam Ring C. and B. (60 Degrees) work best for flat/street/ramp depending on your preference.”

    “Profile Z-Coaster Slack-Cam Ring A. 20, 33, and 45 Degrees:

    Slack Cam Ring A. provides Z-Coaster slack of:
    20 degrees (1/18 of a crank rotation)
    33 degrees (1/12 of a crank rotation)
    45 degrees (1/8 of a crank rotation)

    These slack options are suited more for flatland riding.”

    “Profile Z-Coaster Slack-Cam Ring D. 90 Degrees
    Slack Cam Ring D. provides Z-Coaster slack of:
    90 degrees (1/4 of a crank rotation)

    Slack-Cam ring D. offers the most slack.”




    James McGraw’s Prototype Signature Reklamation Frame!


    James McGraw just sent in some frame news regarding his new signature Reklamation Bikes ride, he’s called it the JMC. The frame is ironically being made by his old frame sponsor, London Bikes who James still rides for (products). Check the specs below:

    JMC Specs:
    19.2 toptube
    75 head tube,
    70 seat post,
    13.5-14 rear end,
    7inch stand over

    Haro La Bastille Frame Intro by Matthias Dandois

    Matthias Dandois introduces his signature “La Bastille” frame with Haro Bikes! Lookout for an intense No handed spinning half packer whip to half packer line at 1:41, all shot in San Diego, California.

    Get all the specs and details by clicking below!


    igiBMX release Nylon Caps for the Microphone Peg


    If you ride indoors, one of the problems you will face is the bike dropping and scratching the floor. This can be the difference between keeping the spot and losing it, in order to take full advantage of riding indoors. Dub has just released these new nylon caps for the Microphone Peg that if you use a full set will knock 4.5 oz in total for all of you who are weight conscious, but more importantly keep your indoor spot smoother and scratch/dent free. 21 grams a cap and are sold in pairs.

    Plus in related news, Dub’s also making spacers to make the pegs longer for all of those with bigger feet, contact Dub via the site for more details.