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James White – My New IntriKat

My New IntriKat from James White on Vimeo.

Sharp new edit of James White’s new S&M Intrikat set up, this bad boy looks clean! Not to mention the xft hitch downside juggler, hit play!

Autum Bicycles Product Range – Flat Street Whatever

Autum just dropped this tight catalogue with all their new range, really interesting socket pivotal seatpost on page 25 of their catalogue. Check it out!

Matt Wilhelm’s New Prototype Hoffman Bikes Signature Frame

Hoffman Bikes just honoured Matt Wilhelm with a well deserved signature frame that is in its first prototype stages. The specs are below, check it out! He is looking for a name for the frame, suggestions?

Top Tube: 18.9
Head Tube Angle: 75
Seat Tube Angle: 70 (Matt likes this mellow angle because it gives more room up front).
He also have deeper dropout slots than many frames and experimenting with a shorter rear end.

S&M Intrikat Update

Chad J hit us up with news on his updated S&M Intrikat frame!

“There are a few updates with this version: 1st is the drop-outs, they now have integrated tensioners and longer slots allowing more travel forward and backward for easier adjusting, etc. 2nd is the smaller diameter top tube with straight gauge tubing. 3rd is the investment cast seat clamp and new seat tube.” Hit the link for more pictures.

igi SweetSPOT Pedal release

igi SweetSPOT Pedal release from Jean William P on Vimeo.

Dub is always on point, and working towards new designs for the benefit of the flatland world. peep this dope new video he just dropped for the official press release of his new igi “sweetspot” pedal. Dub explains all below:

To the riders of the Flatlands,
Some of you might have noticed the ‘’igi’’ logo here and there. The idea of the ‘’igi’’ logo/concept comes from the word Original, or Origins. We must give out respect to our origins, especially in Flatland where whoever came first worked really hard to get us to this point in time in the evolutionary latter of Flatland.
Igi will represent what I have been thriving for in Flatland since I got into it, it is the sum of my years spent on the bike and of the experience I have gained throughout these many fun years of spinning, turbining and pivoting on the peg and now on the pedal.
This is a pedal which for some won’t change much, but for the ones who see the potential in it, it might just do miracles for them. I have withheld on developing products for years, because I thought the world had enough products in use and in it’s dumps and oceans already, though now I see how something positively charged can enhance the Flatland experience and contribute to, and accelerate the progressive process. Within that process is the will to make the world a better place. I want to make you feel better riding flatland, keep more people practicing on the bike and having fun, thus keeping people away from the oh so awful consumerism which has taken over our era.

Flatland is still in it’s infancy and if we feed it right it will grow beyond what we ever thought possible. I won’t prone to hold the ultimate truth, though this product might help you find it!

 I have been testing this shape for almost a year, and it enabled many things I thought impossible; I am at the final prototyping phase and will be entering into production this summer.

I thought I would let you guys know what I was up to, the Microphone pegs will be available early summer.


Jean William Prévost

Commercial Crankset Fatal Blow ft Leo Claro / Mateus Beckmann

Leo Claro and Mateus Beckmann star in this new crank commercial for Inside Out! Check it!

Hiroya Morizaki – D.I.Y NEW PRODUCTS EDIT

Signature Hiroya Morizaki flow and style in this new Ares Bykes D.I.Y New Products edit!

Pete Brandt – We Bicycles Bikecheck

Intro: Effraim.

If you were paying attention to the site last sunday, you will have noticed the Old School Sundays special with Nor Cal flatland legend, Pete Brandt! Back in that 89/90 O-zone period, Pete had one of the most interesting bike set ups with personal modifications. Fast forward to 2014 and Pete just had a well deserved signature frame with WE Bicycles, why not catch up with the man himself and see what he is rolling with!

Frame: WE Bicycles Equation 18.7TT

Fork: KGB Space fork 2 modified

Handlebars: Fenix 4 piece

Barends: Ares Stainless steel coin set

Stem: S & M Redneck FLT Stem

Aheadset: FSA Impact with Quamen cap

Grips: O rings with Gamma tennis racket tape

Griplocks: none

Brakes: KGB SPACE fork 2 W/ Dia Tech pads

Tyres: Ares A Class 175 hard compound

Tubes: Schwalbe metal shradder

Pegs: DOM Pegs

Seatpost: Thompson Elite

Seatclamp: integrated WE Bicycles

Seat: KHE Wantabe

Chain adjustor: Integrated WE bicycles

Chain: odyssey blue bird chain

Cranks: Quamen 150mm

Chainring: Quamen 16 t

Pedals: Moto Bicycles W/ wooden outer

Rims: Odyssey Aerospace 36

Front hub: Profile Elite

Freecoaster: Infinity 14mm

Spokes: DT swiss

Any modifications on your ride Pete?
Yes, O ring in bottom bracket, cut down drop outs on forks, moded out brake set up to keep it low profile, grinded the edge of the pegs to make them round, silicon in the bars to prevent rust and reduces cracks on the inside of the bars.

Anything specific to you that you must have on your own ride:
Tennis racket tape, 16t sprocket, Ares tires, and everything else!! haha

WE Bicycles,Moto Bicycles, S&M, Fenix, Quamen, Profile, Odyssey, Sequence, Thompson, and SF Art Apparel.

Advice for beginners with their set ups?
My advice is to get a basic set up and find out what direction you want to go. You don’t want to go out and buy and expensive bike right off because there are a lot of options for different kinds of styles.

Toon Pakphum – Jungle rider 2014 Promo

Peep this slick new Junglerider promo featuring Toon Pakphum. The indamix frame comes in 18.6, 19.2, 19.5 TT, not to mention some nice riding from Toon. Especially the combo at 1:11!

New Product: S&M Trackmark Tyre

Photo: Ryan Russell.

This bit of news went under the radar well and truly, S&M working on a new tyre called the “Trackmark”, that comes in 1.75, 1.9, 2.0 sizes (thanks to Ryan Russell for the update). Due out in May, so look out at your favourite store for a set of these. Thanks to Lee Wilson for the heads up.