New S&M Intrikat for 2018!

There have been plenty of rumours going around that S&M are no longer making the popular Chad Johnston designed Intrikat frame. I was stoked yesterday to see Chad post on his instagram a new frame in production that will squash the rumours. From the look of the photo the new version will have a slightly lower stand over. Available in black and raw clear, no word on sizes, but should be available soon no doubt.

Kevin Nikulski Autum Signature “PIVN” Frame

The first signature frame news of 2018, and a well deserved signature frame for Kevin Nikulski. Heres what the guys over at Autum had to say about it:

“PIVN stands for “Paradise Is Very Nice” – that´s the ting our teamrider Kevin Nikulski likes and the reason why he named his first signature frame after it! The frame is designed on his daily needs – having a hardcore Flat session but also being ready all time of the day to join the Berlin Street sessions of his friends he hangs out with. If you are into Flat/Street Whatevery this is definitly your weapon of choice…

Here are some short specs for the tech nerds:

weight 2,4kg/ 21″&20,5″toptube/12.6″slammed Chainstays/75,5°headtubeangle/72,5°seattubeangle/standover 220mm/integrated chaintensioners/14mm dropouts/removable breakhardware/ Mid BB- BB height 40mm/integrated campagnolo style headbearing/finest 4130 CrMo Japanese sanko tubing

Very very soon available in matte translucent black and matte translucent hazegreen…”

Infinity KA frame

Previously Infinity was just a part company, now it looks like Infinity who is run by Pat Schoolen over at Flatland Fuel have entered the frame market, here’s what Pat had to say so far: “Our latest project….the Infinity KA frame. Made in the USA by S&M. Engraved logos, no decals, simple and strong with great geometry.”

Keep an eye out on the Flatland fuel site for more info….

Moto Sasaki’s WagwanBMX Prototype


Moto Sasaki and Yohei Uchino are moving quickly with the launch of WagwanBMX! Just caught this first photo of Moto Sasaki’s Wagwan prototype. below I translated what he had to say so some things may be a little off….

“I have launched a new bmx brand with one of world champion Uchino Yohei👍🏻
Finally in August! ︎
And I think most of them already knew.
In about 12 years, he left the brand of jykkjapan, a new wagwan, the world champion, uchino uchino.
I’ve had a lot of trouble this year and I have a little late start, but I think I’d like to go around all the time.
We’ve been talking about six months and we talked about it.
I’m going to have a lot of anxiety about new things again, but I’m going to try to cheer you up.
I don’t care about the sale is coming soon ⁉ ︎ I’ll say 😁

Come and follow us here 🙏🏻

I’m happy to be able to ride with you all the time!”

Autum – Stay Hungry® – Edition BMX Flatland Complete Bike

AUTUM – STAY HUNGRY® – Edition BMX Flatland Complete Bike… from deepAutum on Vimeo.

Last week we previewed the new Autum Stay Hungry® complete bike, today we have Matti Rose showing the bike in use straight out the box!

“With our very first AUTUM *STAY HUNGRY®* BMX Flatland complete bike we only had one goal in mind – to create the best BMX Freestyle complete bike possible for a serious start into the BMX Flatland world for the most reasonable price possible. We think that we realized that pretty good! To all the young cats out there – STAY HUNGRY practicing your first BMX Flatland tricks and enjoy your time on this important little bike…”

Minato Sato Ares Bykes Pivotal


Big news to start the week here on Flatmattersonline!

Flatland specific seats are a rare thing due to cost of the mould to make a seat, so this morning I was stoked to see Ares Bykes are releasing a Minato Sato signature pivotal. The seat looks like the classic KHE Watanabe especially the underneath section which is all so important for grabbing and comfort. Flatland Fuel are taking pre orders right now.