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Paulo Gepulango – Enemy Flatstreet Frame

Enemy Flatstreet Frame from Paulo Gepulango on Vimeo.

Paulo Gepulango’s Enemy Flatstreet Frame drops in the summer of 2015, check out this short promo he just published!

Heresy AscenD 20″


Head over to to check out the first photos of Sebastian Grubinger’s AscenD 20″ ride!

2015 Remind “rebel” Promo

Yasushi Tanabe just put together this nice promo for the 2015 Remind Rebel frame with Russia and friends. Head over to the 3edgeworks site for all the specs.

Scott Scholl – Grip Innovation


Scott Scholl from New York, hit me up with a grip design he has been working on with flatland in mind, read on.

“I just finished developing handlebar grips that I’ve had in mind for a long time. I make them myself out of silicone. Had the same pair on my bike for about a year now and they seem to be more durable than Krayton rubber- no thumb wear and no major damage after lots of hitchhiker accidents.

I designed The Pleasure grip so that it gives you three different hand positions with your fingers between the rings which adds better sideways traction- especially for Lardyards, and The Checker and Girly grip are for fun and variety. There doesn’t seem to be much innovation with grips right now so I think they will do well.”

Stay tuned….


Paulo Gepulango – Signature Enemy Components Frame + Stem


Paulo Gepulango out of Bacolod City in the Philippines got in contact with some news he will receive a signature frame and stem with his sponsor, Enemy Components. Congratulations Paulo! Paulo will announce more details soon but for now, the frame specs are 19TT, 13 CS. And the stem is 45mm. Check out the photo!

Deco BMX – Flatmatters 2014 Year End Award winner / Readers Choice Brand of the Year!

So far Brand of the Year was the tightest competition, with voting going right down to the wire on January 4th! Congratulations to Deco BMX, the 2014 Flatmatters Online Readers Choice Brand of the Year, closely followed by Quest BMX!

igi Peg Design – Flatmatters 2014 Year End Award winner / Readers Choice Innovation of the Year!

Congratulations to igi and Jean William Prevost and team for the Flatmatters 2014 award for Innovation of the Year for the igi peg design. Much like his riding, Dub keeps refining more and more to get the best product possible. Like the Breakthrough Rider of the Year and Most Progressive Rider awards, Innovation of the Year won by a landslide!

Runner Up: Martti Kuoppa Stem tricks.

Alex Worden – Studiotjoa (ST)Rollercoaster

Alex Worden got in contact with some news on his (ST)Rollercoaster, read on:

I wanted to share with you and the flatland community the [st]rollercoaster that I have been working on for over a year now. We used this project as a way to experiment with digital fabrication and rapid manufacturing for prototyping a gearing systems.
We wanted to share the concept with the community and allow anyone to build upon the idea or make their own through the creative commons licensing. We will be providing links on our website to the digital files for 3d printing their own steel gears.

My hope is this is can encourage open source product development for the flatland community.


Heresy AscenD 9″ Promo

AscenD 9″ bars are available now! They are Alexis Desolneux signature bars. Sebastian Grubinger is a good friend of Alexis and he likes these bars very much. He asked Alexis if he could film a little promo video for the bars as Tom was in Vienna for a weekend: “Go ahead buddy!”. The Heresy website also updated their soft goods range, head on over to take a look!

QuestBMX Battle Prototype Frame

Caught this on Steven Lapsley’s Facebook this morning, check out the prototype QuestBMX battle frame, this particular version is 19″ TT 12.75″ CS (12.7″ slammed) 74 degree HT and 71 ST… 6″ stand over.
Integrated low profile seatclamp, integrated chain tensioners, removable brake hardware. This is looking nice!

More details follow: