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Lie SeongHoon – Berlin Sessions

BERLIN 01-03/03/2015 from LIE SeongHoon on Vimeo.

Lie SeongHoon took a trip to Berlin at the beginning of March, and his got a few sessions in at the infamous art gallery riding spot, hit play to see what went down!

February Flatland in Florida 2015

February Flatland in Florida 2015 by MASTER BLASTER PLANET with W.I.S.E. Freestyle from MASTER BLASTER PLANET on Vimeo.

Springtime is almost here for most of us, over in Florida they are lucky enough to have summer temperatures almost all year round! Check out this dope scene edit from a jam in February filmed by Kip Williamson, featuring the incredibly fast Marcos de Jesus, Chad Degroot, Scott Weaver and many more! Roll on springtime!

Kevin Jacob, Romain Dodelier, Rémy Dunoyer – An afternoon at the Little Square with BOOMBOX

Une après midi à la Petite Place avec la BOOMBOX from BMX-FORCE on Vimeo.

Kevin Jacob, Romain Dodelier, Rémy Dunoyer kill the nose wheelie game in an afternoon at the Little Square with BOOMBOX in Lyon! This is fun to watch!

UAI Spot Jam – Brazil

Soak up the Brazilian vibes in this UAI Spot Jam edit featuring Bruno Zebu, Ederson Ferreira, Balu, Romulo Guerra and many more, great to see scene edits like this!

Jason Forde & Steve Green – KX Tunnel

KXTUNNEL part 1/3 (Underground) from 1WM BMX on Vimeo.

Digging this series of edits 1WM’s Jason Forde & Steve Green are putting together, in big cities like London especially new spots present themselves I’m sure on a monthly basis. The inspiration for hitting up the KX Tunnel came from seeing a photograph, and searching for dry places to ride during the winter. Jason and Steve got in a 20 minute session in the tunnel, hit play to see what went down!

Jason Forde & Steve Green – Two Pancras Square

Two Pancras Square (part 2/3) from 1WM BMX on Vimeo.

Jason and Steve took a trip into London searching for a dry spot to ride, and simply put the camera down and filmed until they got kicked out. Hit play to see what went down!

DownUnderGround Pre-Jam

Hit play for a sweet DownUnderGround Pre-Jam in Sydney edit featuring Shaun Jarvis, Matt Wootton, Paul Chamberlain (look out for Candy bar no handed hang 5 back to one handed hang 5 bar flip combo at 1:05), Matt Spencer, Lee Kirkman, and Botak. Digging this one, great to see some footage from Down Under.

Strassenkinder in Japan – Waldemar Fatkin / Dominik Nekolny / Camilo Gutierrez

STRASSENKINDER in Japan 2015 from Wildschnitt on Vimeo.

“Strassenkinder in Japan” is a video about 3 BMX Flatland Professional Riders from Germany, Czech Republic and Peru.Waldemar Fatkin, Dominik Nekolny and Camilo Gutierrez have travelled all the way l from Europe to Japan to perform and tour the country for some weeks. Here is the result of an amazing trip and crazy time in Japan. As always with Wildschnitt edits, this is great to watch!

York Uno in Colorado, USA (Part 1)

York Uno in Colorado, USA (Part 1) from KUG Films on Vimeo.

York Uno teamed up with KUG Films to bring you this first part in a series of edits on his trip to judge the “Battle in the Rockies International BMX Flatland Event” in Colorado Springs in November 2014. Really looking forward to Part 2!

TerraDome Progress Report week ending 2015.02.08

Loving these Progress Report edits from the Terradome locals Phil Brunet and Joe Cicman, these guys keep getting better and better. This is one of the final progress reports from TD2. In March they move to TD3. Stay tuned!