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Trevor Meyer and James McGraw – Colorado Session

Trevor Meyer and James McGraw from James McGraw on Vimeo.

Trevor Meyer is in Colorado at the moment, James McGraw met up with Trevor for a session at a local skatepark, hit play to see what went down!

Florida Flatland Crew – Labor Day Jam 2014

Some of the Florida Flatland Scene got together over Labor Day a few weeks back for a jam. It is always good to see Marcos de Jesus ride, hit play!

James McGraw & Jim McKay – Shit just got real

shit just got real!!!!!!!! from James McGraw on Vimeo.

Jim McKay is in town riding and filming with James McGraw in Denver, Colorado, and above all that having a great time! Hit play and let the good times unfold!

Lisias Comum – New Flatland Show

In flatweb tv style, Lisias Taberelli from Brazil has stepped up and hosts the show with english subtitles. In this show, Lisias talks about the Too Small Bikes video, and the Voodoo Jam. Give this one a watch, be great to see how this show develops!

Flatopia Chicago Jam

Matt Wilhelm, Ron Monis, Todd Gully and many others feature in this nice jam edit from the Chicago jam’s indoor spot, Flatopia! Thanks to Michael Hughes for this one!

Throwback Thursdays – KGB Tour 2006

Hard to believe this was one of the first videos I ever posted on Flatmatters. With the Bombarderos video dropping this week, I wanted to post something today from the KGB era. Killer footage of Viki Gomez, Hiroya Morizaki, Matt Wilhelm, and the boss, Martti Kuoppa going off in the land of the rising sun, KGB tour japan in 2006. If you missed this one, definitely hit play! Good vibes from Japan!

Maximiliano Inostroza – Chile Sessions

flat maximiliano (Enhanced) from maximiliano inostroza on Vimeo.

I love seeing new faces on FM, great to see this edit on FM this morning from Maximiliano Inostroza filmed at La juguetina”, Santiago de Chile. Keep on shredding

Jim Cavanaugh – Cambridge, MA 8/30/14

Jim Cavanaugh – Cambridge, MA – 8/30/14 from Mikel Miller on Vimeo.

Tight back wheel line out of New England legend, Jim Cavanaugh! Hit play!

One Love BMX – Push it to 11 Jam

Push it to 11 Jam from One Love BMX on Vimeo.

Great riding in this Push it to 11 Jam edit by the One Love BMX crew over in Nor Cal featuring Dylan Worsley, Darin Wright, Shayne Khajehnoori and Pete Brandt! You know what to do!

Brant Hughes & Friends – Downtown Chicago

Brant Hughes and friends grab a session Downtown Chicago, good vibes in this one!