Matthias Dandois – Canal Saint Martin

Every 15 years, the city of Paris empties the Canal Saint Martin to clean it. When I heard that, Matthias Dandois instantly thought it would be cool to do some photos inside. With the help of Red Bull and Hadrien Picard, Matthias was able to make a video and get some photos done at what I can imagine was an incredibly hard spot to ride at! Not to mention it is also MD’s 27th birthday today, Bon anniversaire!

Bene BMX – Cali Winter Part 3 & 4

We published Part 1 & 2 of Bene Pfriem’s winter trip to California just the other day, and Bene is already back with the 3rd and 4th parts with great riding from the likes of Sean Fontenot, Bobby Carter, Bene himself, Lalo Jimenez, Todd Carter and the real stand out for me Pedro Melo, his part starts around the 2:02 mark on Part 4 plus many more riders soaking up the Cali sunshine. Awesome!

Bene BMX – Cali Winter Part 1 & 2

Bene Pfriem just dropped these feel good Cali winters part 1 & 2 edits featuring the likes of Dub, Jesse Puente, Lalo Jimenez, Sean Fontenot, Ahmed Johnson, Bene himself and many more, mostly filmed at the Long Beach Marina spot. Nothing like California sessions during the winter!