A Wicked Ride – History of BMX Freestyle in New England

Pure gold from the archives of BMX today that everybody needs to watch and get educated. It is well documented on Flatmattersonline that I am a big fan of the New England flatland scene, growing up sharing Radazine and Wire ‘zine from an early age definitely helped me progress and be really motivated to ride a lot. Scott Moroney came through with this amazing project, don’t sleep on this everyone! Today is a good day!

The Aloha Jam Experience Part 1, 2 and 3!

ALOHA JAM – (Part 1 of 3) from Diversion TV on Vimeo.

ALOHA JAM (Part 2 of 3) from Diversion TV on Vimeo.

ALOHA JAM (Part 3 of 3) from Diversion TV on Vimeo.

Many of you will know Bobby Carter made the move from LA to Hawaii, this move seems to have fuelled the fire within Bobby and he’s giving great things back to flatland and the culture. The Aloha Jam being his first offering I’ll be catching up with him real soon to talk about the jam, for now enjoy these short one minute edits that capture the vibe perfectly. Aloha jam anyone??

Romulo Guerra & Fabiano – Routine

The lifestyle is often missing from the modern day edit, just trick, trick. It has become the norm, the Aloha jam post earlier today reminds us of the “other side”. Romulo Guerra & Fabiano just dropped this really nice edit that shows their routine in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, “Velho” is Romulo’s best friend and he practice at Romulo’s home spot in the morning, and Romulo practice at night after he arrives home from his job. Refreshing to watch this!

Camilo Gutierrez – El Nino

"EL NIÑO" feat. Camilo Gutierrez – BMX Flatland PERU 2018 from Wildschnitt on Vimeo.

Camilo Gutierrez is one of the most talented videographers out there, check this fresh El Nino edit where he rides around iconic locations in his hometown, Lima in Peru.
Have a look to the amazing sceneries of the Pacific coast and the amazing drone footage of the Capital of Peru plus the inside switch b jump x-ft ice cream at the 1:46 is really dope! Really enjoyed this one, and you may do too, hit play!

Autum Bikes – A week in Berlin

A WEEK IN BERLIN__________ from deepAutum on Vimeo.

Charles Paty, and Thomas Deschenaux spent the week last summer at the home of Autum Bikes, Berlin, Germany. Hit play and enjoy the german hip hop vibes along with Matti Rose, Kevin Nikulski, and street riders Maggi and Freddy add their street nibbles to the mix, that marble spot in Berlin looks so good.

Bo Wade & Bert Ribul at “The Spot”

Bo Wade & Bert Ribul at "The Spot" from Scott Hagnas on Vimeo.

The Spot in Redondo Beach has so much history in BMX, for many of us this was the spot that was the holy grail in terms of riding spots to visit. Fast forward to 2018, and it looks like a part of the Spot was been resurfaced and is perfect for modern day flatland as apposed to the brick surface previously.
Bo Wade & Bert Ribul meet up with Scott Hagnas meet up on the Monday after the One Love jam for a session, Bert takes care of the front wheel whilst Bo the front wheel. It’s a good day for edits.