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Maxprocuenta Aburto – Flatland Chile

Maxprocuenta Aburto out of Chile drops a stylish teakettle combo in this short edit, keep an eye out for him!

One night at the Terradome

Put Catfish, Dane Beardsley and Joe Cicman in the Terradome and you have nothing but good times! Between Catfish’s antics, Joe’s Jaffa whip ender, and Dane killing front and back wheel. This is a good, fun watch!

Takahiro Ikeda – Cologne, Germany Tour

Yesterday we published Takahiro Ikeda’s show from the Photokina event in Cologne, Germany. Here is a sweet trip edit Ikeda made with a nice new move to open the edit, plus sessions with Mike S, and Shows with Chris Bohm! Looks like a good time!

Brian Gavagan – Ride Fast, Live Slow Trailer

Ride Fast, Live Slow Trailer from Jim McKay on Vimeo.

Brian Gavagan is pure BMX! He can do it all, flat, park, street, trails, and generally whatever else is thrown in his path. Add in the beautiful Colorado landscape, and Jim McKay on filming/editing duties, you have one awesome trailer! Can’t wait for the full edit!

Spaceark BMX School – 2014/09/21

With great flatland workshops like this Spaceark BMX school in Kobe, Japan, it is now wonder you get positive outcomes such as Minato Sato coming through the ranks. Pros interacting, offering advice to the younger generation is invaluable. Look out for a crazy hang ten 360 varial to halfpacker combo from Keisuke Tanigawa around the 1:33 mark.

Raul Rivas – Peru Flat

Williams Perez got in touch with this nice edit with his bro, Raul Rivas! Hit play for some sweet back wheel riding! Peru represent!

Oaka Stadium Sessions – After Midnight

Nice scene edit by George Kikos, filmed at the Oaka Stadium in Athens, Greece. Look out for an amazing no handed one footed backwards nose wheelie with one foot resting on the pedal by Manos at 1:16!

Trevor Meyer and James McGraw – Colorado Session

Trevor Meyer and James McGraw from James McGraw on Vimeo.

Trevor Meyer is in Colorado at the moment, James McGraw met up with Trevor for a session at a local skatepark, hit play to see what went down!

Florida Flatland Crew – Labor Day Jam 2014

Some of the Florida Flatland Scene got together over Labor Day a few weeks back for a jam. It is always good to see Marcos de Jesus ride, hit play!

James McGraw & Jim McKay – Shit just got real

shit just got real!!!!!!!! from James McGraw on Vimeo.

Jim McKay is in town riding and filming with James McGraw in Denver, Colorado, and above all that having a great time! Hit play and let the good times unfold!