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Mates Tuček & Martin Drazil – Czech Flatland

Czech Flatland from Aaron Barnett on Vimeo.

Aaron Barnett caught up with Mates Tuček & Martin Drazil out of Prague, Czech Republic to talk/film their riding, check out this short documentary edit right here!

Gilberto Rocha – One Combo + Time Lapse

Gilberto Rocha out of São Paulo, Brazil drops a heavy hang five pivot to xft half packer combo in this One Combo plus time lapse edit. Enjoy!

Arturo Garay 2015

Sweet new edit out of Arturo Garay riding the Shopping Lambare, in Paraguay, Autumn 2015. Arturo throws down some solid front wheel lines, video shot on Canon &D & Go Pro 3 by Celso Galeano.

Terry Adams & Chad DeGroot 2015 – DecoBMX In Arizona

Chad D had this to say about this past weekends trip to Arizona, make sure you give this one a watch!

“Initial idea from Stephigherfoundation to raise money for a local skatepark, school, food bank, and keeping people active. Then with Terry Adams and Chad DeGroot they decided to visit the local park X court, ride at some local spots, hit up Gordys bike shop, and help with the event with a ton of focus on flatland.”

Paul Chamberlain – Singapore Sunday Session

Paul Chamberlain is currently in Singapore and got in a nice sunday session at the infamous Citylink riding spot. Killing the front wheel, look out for ultra smooth one handed squeaker bar flips around 00:15 mark!

Matthew Hobson & Lincoln Harberger – The Ides of March

Matthew Hobson and Lincoln Harberger met up to ride last Sunday in Baltimore, Lincoln kindly wrote this description:

“it was so windy it was hardly worth it so we decided to drive around and look for sheltered spots. We found this cool old building with no roof, but mostly it was still standing so the wind wasn’t as bad. We hadn’t planned to make an edit but the spot was so interesting looking that it seemed like a good opportunity to film. The gopro wasn’t charged so the battery died after a few minutes and we switched to the iphone. Once I saw the footage I couldn’t believe how good it came out, between the auto stabilizing and the color, now I’m thinking maybe the phone is the way to go.”

Stranger Nose Manual Contest – Sean Fontenot & Kevin Jacob

The Stranger Nose Manual contest is popping off, Sean Fontenot and Kevin Jacob just dropped their entries. Sean’s entry in particular deserves some serious attention, so much creativity, look out for the second clip at 00:15 killing the Globe spot in Long Beach, California. Definitely don’t miss this!

Josh Briars – Flatland BMX Bristol

Josh Briars – Flat Land BMX – Bristol from PixelytFilms on Vimeo.

Josh Briars met up with PixelytFilms recently, check out what went down during their shoot at the Millennium Square, Bristol.

James McGraw & Todd Carter – Woodward West OSBMXR 2015

The annual Woodward West Old School Reunion went down this past weekend, James met up with long time friend Todd Carter and had this to say about the edit:

“I first met Todd Carter in 1986 at an AFA contest in Ohio. I can honestly say he is my longest running Bmx friend and one hell of a nice guy. Here we are at Woodward West for the Old School Reunion 2015. 30 years later we both ride in the Pro Class and still love to ride our bikes. As Todd said to me this past weekend “we have come a long for two kids from Detroit and Ohio” The music is what I listened too in contest runs from 1986-1988 no doubt taking us back to the 80’s when our journey started.”

Dan Hennig – I love Sunset Whips

I love sunset Whips from Dan Hennig on Vimeo.

If you saw our instagram the other day you will have noticed Dan Hennig’s bunny hop whip sunset shot. From the look of this new edit filmed in Zurich, Switzerland springtime has arrived and Dan documented this nice sunset session for us all to check out! And as the title states he loves hop whips or whoppers + has got half cab whips/whoppers on lock!