Viki Gomez vs Waldemar Fatkin – Luxembourg Session

Just before Viki flew out to New Orleans for the Voodoo jam, Waldemar Fatkin made the trip to Viki’s home riding spot in Luxembourg! Watching two of the best go back to back outside of the contest light is a real treat, look out Viki’s xft body varial gerator peg wheelie jump to pedal medal to time machine combo at 3:31, and Waldemar’s multiple jump lashes at directly follows Viki’s line! Great vibes here, definitely worth a watch!

Vans US Open Demo FT Matthias Dandois, Martin Aparijo, Gabe Weed and more!

Juan Lopez was on hand to document a sweet flatland demo with so many generations of riders! From Martin Aparijo, Gabe Weed through to Vans rider, Voodoo jam winner Matthias Dandois and many more! Feel the Cali vibe right on the beach in Huntington!

Momo Jam 2015 – Hi Class Top 9 riders

It’s been a while since I have seen an edit from the BMXbose crew, so I was excited to see this Momo jam (aka Peach jam) pop up in my inbox today! Grassroots japanese style with amazing riding from the likes of Hisato Yamashiro who hits some gnarly lines including his signature backwards spinning crackpacker on pedal around the 8:37 mark, Zukky, Tyson, Yuya Shiga, Takagi Ryosuke, Eno, and many more! Definitely worth a watch and also check Eiichiro’s highlights edit from the jam!

Saga No Run Contest 2015

One rider, one combo at a time at this Saga No run Contest in Japan! I love these core japanese events, unedited you can feel the energy build, so much good riding from everybody. The combo Keisuke Tanigawa drops at 12:19 in the first video stood out to me, hanging on, you think he’s off and he keeps going, skills!