Joel Schallhorn – Colorado

I said Joel was on fire the other day with new edits, here is the third in around a week! Joel explains this one:

“After the explosion in Tianjin I was on a serious progression spree, I had nothing but ride time. Well I came stateside and it just continued. These are tricks I’ve learned in the 3 weeks I’ve been back in Colorado.”

Benjamin Hudson & Joel Schallhorn – Sessions in Beijing

After the explosion in Tianjin, Joel Schallhorn was off of work for a few weeks, so he decided to use that time to go to Beijing to ride with Benjamin Hudson. Ben was working at Happy Valley amusement park riding. Enjoy this sweet dual edit with Joel and Benjamin busting out, and look out for the end. Look out for ninjas in Beijing!

Parisiana Jam

Panasonic V-log test in Paris Color finale from DKLV on Vimeo.

This past weekend was one of the busiest weekends of the year for contests and jams, especially in Europe. To celebrate Paris ‘car-free’ day, the Parisian locals organized the second edition of Parisiana Jam on September 27th at the famous Opera spot. Congratulations to SeongHoon Lie who took the first place! Peep this fresh edit Dwix kindly sent in!

1. SeongHoon Lie
2. Florent Guyennon
3. Renaud Meloni