Culiadasos Style FT Benjamin Hudson, Owen Bohn, Takuji Kasahara

Culiadasos Style from jereromero on Vimeo.

Andrés León sent this raw feeling South American edit that was born on What’s app, featuring the likes of Benjamin Hudson, Owen Bohn, Takuji Kasahara, Arturo Garay and many more. Sit down with your morning cuppa and enjoy this one!

Oleg Efimov – One week in Paris

Oleg Efimov sent in this nice edit from one week in paris with a great description, here’s what he had to say about the trip.

“This september i and my girlfriend went to Paris for one week. My girl is proffessional speed climber take a part in world championship. For me this trip was a dream! When I was kid and before go to ride i’m always watched flatland video from Opera spot with Alex, Pokemon, Aude, Matthias and etc. I always wanted to ride an Opera, but when my dream almost realized, and I arrived at the Paris, all the riders have been busy all week and I rode alone through famous spots.
Anyway it was dope week, my girl won world champion title, I rode all day long at Paris spots, and I hope next time Paris riders don’t be too busy.

Autum Japan Tour

AUTUM JAPAN TOUR from deepAutum on Vimeo.

Team edits are becoming more and more rare these days, I’ve been looking forward to this Autum Japan Tour by Thomas Deschenaux since the trailer dropped a few days ago here on FM. At just over 15 minutes long, sit down and grab a cuppa and enjoy the Autum team killing it at some of the best riding spots in japan laced with nice beats and slick camerawork and editing.

Autum Japan Tour Teaser

AUTUM JAPAN TOUR TEASER from deepAutum on Vimeo.

Check this short Autum Japan Tour teaser featuring Kevin Nikulski, Matti Rose, Yuki Sakai, Kazuki Udagawa, Charles Paty, Takayuki Iwate, Thomas Deschenaux, Tomokazu Morinaga, and Keiji Nakumura.
Next week on Tuesday the 20th December 10:00 am European time, the Autum crew will drop a 15 minutes edit of this years BMX adventures in Japan. Nine different riders with nine different styles in nine different parts. For now enjoy the teaser…

Far East Cycles & IGI Team At Yokohama

On November 5th, a few days after the Flatark contest in Kobe, the Far East Cycles and IGI team headed to Yohohama and hosted a flatland jam over there with all the local scene. Hit play for an amazing edit by Yuki Itoh aka yukipkoproject, which combines awesome riding and communicates the dreamlike vibe of the jam.

Some of the standout clips for me:

Gonzalo Bellanti: Bar grab one handed whiplash to bar grab one handed turbine whiplash around the 00:49 mark. I know he’s done it before but it’s still a banger!

Jean William Prevost: Back wheel fury with two massive combos at the 1:44, power and flow for days.

Yuki Itoh: His spinning xft crack to pumping one handed hang ten line is one of the lines of the edit, already watched this line several times. Skills and style galore.