York Jam 2017

York Jam 2017 from Scott Denoncourt on Vimeo.

Scott Denoncourt just sent in this nice photo/video edit from the York jam featuring Maya the Coyote, Bill Nitschke, Jim Cavanaugh, Mannie Nogueira, Sunny, Singh, Freddy Brown, Martin Drazil, Mark McGrade, Bert Williams, Shane Reed, Stephen Cerra, Roy Guzman, Scott Duzlac, Craig Goulet. Enjoy the York vibe!

Matthias Dandois – Flatland in Paris

The current World Champion, Matthias Dandois is the subject of the latest edition of the Red Bull Raw 100 video series that uses the talent and creativity of filmmakers to capture bike riding in a simple but sophisticated way. Hit play to see Matthias do his thing, on his home turf in Paris and of course scenic spots to boot.

Madrid – Colón & ElTemplo vibes

Colón & ElTemplo vibes from Julius on Vimeo.

Catching up on a lot of edits and news after a busy weekend away at the Bike Days contest. Julius Ju sent in this awesome edit from Madrid from 2015, featuring Fernando Bayona, David Carmona aka Monkiki, Alberto Moya and Varo Hernandez riding at the infamous Colón & ElTemplo riding spots in Madrid, Spain.