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Champloo Game Flat Final

Champloo Game Flat final from fiction bmx on Vimeo.

Today’s treat! Fiction BMX just dropped this banging Champloo Game flat final edit featuring crazy good riding from the likes of Hiroya Morizaki, Hisato Yamashiro, Yasuhiro Uehara, Tsutomu Kitayama, Hiroki Uchiyama, Fumiya Kanna, Takahiro Enoki, Taku Oda, Takayuki Iwate, Takuya Higa, Minehito Shinzato, and Ayumu Nishihara. Look out for the final battle around the 7:45 mark, with Tsutomu, Hiroya, Fumiya, and Takuya! This is so good!

TGM Maz – Last few rides on the St Martin Eiffel frame

Last few rides on the St Martin Eiffel frame Sept 2014 from TGM Maz on Vimeo.

TGM Maz captured the last few sessions onboard his St Martin Eiffel frame before switching his new Weast ride, nice forward karl fire hydrant double decade around the 2:45 mark to end this one! Enjoy the new ride Maz!

Rich Slezak – Double Feet and Minimal Scuffs

Double Feet and Minimal Scuffs from Rich Slezak on Vimeo.

Smooth styles out of Rich Slezak, refining his front wheel and back wheel riding with less scuffs at the Studio City riding spot! Look forward to seeing where Rich goes with this, keep documenting!

Dickens Flatland Jam in Argentina

Seems to be all about South America at the moment, last weekend there was a local jam in the Chacabuco Park in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Featuring Gonzalo Bellanti, Owen Bohn, Leonardo Leguizamon, Jeremías Romero, Gonzalo Piacentino, Rodrigo Huck, Kevin Soruco, and Cliff Alania.

Flatark Promo shows in Kobe, Japan!

Viki is in Japan right now helping promote the Flatark contest along with Yohei Uchino, Takumi (12 years old super Flatland kid) and Mc Sharlee!!! Hit play to see went down!

Dan Hennig – Mallorca Bmx

Dan Hennig was in Mallorca recently and hooked up with some locals, hit play to see went down on their Flat/Street/Park Sessions.

Freakstyle Jam

Freakstyle Jam from Andrew Guerrero on Vimeo.

Yesterday we posted Rodney Williams 5 minute combo from the Freakstyle Jam, today we have a practise jam edit by Andrew Guerrero that gives you an idea what an awesome scene they have in Texas!

Aloha Jam – BMX Holiday 2014

Aloha Jam – BMX Holiday 2014 from Diversion TV on Vimeo.

I’ve been waiting to see this Aloha Jam edit, Bobby Carter explains all:

Aloha is the essence of relationships in which each person is important to every other person for collective existence. Aloha Jam is not a contest, it’s a BMX Holiday to enjoy the craft and the magic of the Hawai’ian Island of O’ahu.
All are welcome, as all are important….as you can see in the video we have old school freestylers, mid school, and new school flatlanders. We also have street riders on the scene sessioning a nice manual pad and working on flatground techniques.
BMX not only brings us to together to share in the art, but it also brings us together as friends – as a family – to share life experiences. The day after riding everyone went on a snorkeling adventure at Hanauma Bay, which is the base of an ancient volcano.
For those who attended, the Aloha Jam BMX Holiday left incredible experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime! See you at the next event!
Aloha and Mahalo!
Thanks to Derek Takemoto, Duane Franklin at Bike Factory, Kala Yasuda, and all the riders that helped make this event possible! SHOOTS! \m/

Akita Japan Flatland Scene Edit

htcbmxfilms/AKITA FLATLAND 20141012 from Kenichi Kudo on Vimeo.

Kenichi Kudo, Takashi Nagata, Makoto Ogasawara, Ryuta Miura, Shyohei Iwanaga and Akihiro Ito feature in this awesome Akita Japan Flatland Scene Edit! Make sure you give this one a match, so many nice styles front and back wheel to enjoy!

Rodney Williams – Freakstyle Sessions in San Antonio, Texas

Rodney Williams is a combo machine, and last weekend at the Freakstyle Sessions in San Antonio, Texas saw Rodney drop a 5 minute combo and earn second place in the contest behind Will Redd. Amazing skill and concentration to pull a combo for that long with so many nice switches. Hell yes Rodney!