Far East Cycles & IGI Team At Yokohama

On November 5th, a few days after the Flatark contest in Kobe, the Far East Cycles and IGI team headed to Yohohama and hosted a flatland jam over there with all the local scene. Hit play for an amazing edit by Yuki Itoh aka yukipkoproject, which combines awesome riding and communicates the dreamlike vibe of the jam.

Some of the standout clips for me:

Gonzalo Bellanti: Bar grab one handed whiplash to bar grab one handed turbine whiplash around the 00:49 mark. I know he’s done it before but it’s still a banger!

Jean William Prevost: Back wheel fury with two massive combos at the 1:44, power and flow for days.

Yuki Itoh: His spinning xft crack to pumping one handed hang ten line is one of the lines of the edit, already watched this line several times. Skills and style galore.

This is Japan!

Great edit by Niakland from his first trip to japan featuring amazing riding from:

Tomoaki “Bekko” Yoshimura
Toshiaki “Chiwa” Chiwata
Eri Funatsu
Misaki “Gyaos” Katagiri
Nao Yoshida
Takuya Higa
Hiroya Morisaki
Yu Shoji
Keisuke Matsumoto
Masashi Itani
Keisuke Tanigawa
and many more !

Aoki Park Jam – Tokyo Japan

From Nauto Tamaru’s opening back wheel line I got real sense of the vibe at Aoki Park in Tokyo, look out for Nauto’s wrist bending two footed backyard pivot to Degroot rolling undertaker out at 00:34. Also featuring amazing riding from Gonzallo Bellanti, Chris Böhm, Itoh Yuki (That combo at 1:33!!!),Haru Shimoyama, Michael Muno and Leo Saldano.

Kevin Soruco – Mendoza Session

Showcasing new talents to the flatland world is one of my favourite parts of putting together Flatmattersonline! I am sure I say this a lot, but it’s true! Case in point here, this is Kevin Soruco from Mendoza, Argentina (who may recognise the spot from Owen Bohn’s videos!).
Kevin has a really solid style, this is definitely worth a watch and keep an eye out for him!

Bobby Burge Birthday Jam

Bobby Burge birthday jam from Brandon Gale on Vimeo.

Brandon Gale sent in this raw edit from Bobby Burge’s Birthday jam in San Antonio, Texas filmed that took place in Bobby’s personal park/flatland spot. Featuring: Cesar Rangel, Bobby Burge, Leslie Hall,Diego Ivan Tejada, Rodney Williams, Julio G. Cotto and Paul Magallanez. Good vibes from Texas!