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Saga Saganishiki 2014 Pro Class

Great footage from the recent Saga Saganishiki contest in japan! Feel the energy!

Af The Naysayer – Sunday (Official Video)

You may recall the name, Af The Naysayer? He has done countless tracks for flatland edits and dvds. Great to see here he hooked up with the Austin locals to shoot his latest music video. Hit play!

Japanese Local Flatland Riders in Akita

So much to love about the japanese scene, and one of my favourite things is the almost never ending amount of talent that seems to come out of the land of the rising sun. Check out this sweet scene edit from Akita with three riders I haven’t heard of before all killing it! Kats, Kudoken and Shutaro. Japan!!!

FVM #08 -The summer is in

The summer is in, and FVM celebrate with episode #08 featuring a ton of great riding from Japan from the likes of Yohei Uchino, York Uno, Takayuki Iwate, Yuichi Ill Tamiya and many more. Enjoy!

Yinka Thomas – TGM 03/07/14

Last weekend Yinka was in London doing show stuff, and used the opportunity to hit up his old riding spot TGM! Maz captured a nice sunset session, hit play!

Memory 2009 – 2012 edit by Kazuyuki Eda

Memory 2009 – 2012 edit by Kazuyuki Eda from 430 CREW on Vimeo.

Check out this chill 430 riders short edit filmed between during 2009 – 2012. Featuring Kotaro Arai, Hironao Doko, Kotaro Tanaka, Tsutomu Kitayama and Hiroshi Uehara.

Europe 2014 Part 1 – Madrid

Gonzalo Bellanti just dropped this awesome Part 1 edit of his Eurotrip beginning in Madrid with great riding from Gonzalo, Varo Hernandez, Guelo Monzon and Federico Capon. Don’t sleep on this one!

Madrid Chill Flat Session

Alberto Moya, Miguel Tardío, Mario Garcia and Álvaro Fernández enjoy a chill Sunday flat session. Moya’s one foot cliff to backwards pumping cliff combo is amazing!! You know what to do….

Matthew Hartley – 2014 Summer Edit

The summer heat is brutal in Arizona, Matthew Hartley gets his roll on at a nice shaded spot in Tucson, AZ that probably is still like a oven! And lands his first brakeless decade on tape! Enjoy this one…

Hybition Jump Up Jam

Theres a lot to love about the Japanese scene, hit play to watch Shinde’s Hybition Jump Up Jam edit with some sick riding from the likes of Shinde, Keisuke Matsumuto, Shinichiro Hara and many more! Good times!