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Overground Brazil + BFWC Part 1 & 2

Julioflat kindly sent in two stacked edits full of awesome contest run footage from the Overground Brazil/BFWC event around a month ago, when you got twenty minutes or so to kill, give this one a watch!

Paul Chamberlain, Matt Wootton & Richie Spencer win Down Underground Round 2 Video Contest

I have been helping out judge Round 2 of the Down Underground series online, Shaun Jarvis kindly sent in the results and wrote down what’s going Down Under, good luck to all those making it to Round 3 this weekend in Melbourne! Congratulations to the winners, Richie Spencer, Matt Wootton, and Paul Chamberlain!

As we move into round 3 of DownUnderGround this weekend in Melbourne the results for round two – the video round are now in.
As Australia is a large country and travel can be expensive the DownUnderGround series has morphed from 4 physical contests into two contests (Sydney and Melbourne) and one video contest.
The video contest concept is simple, each rider gets to submit one contest video run, between one and two minutes long, as if they were riding at a flatland contest. The video run gets judged using the same criteria as a normal contest, difficulty, consistency and variety. Points are awarded and these points go towards the year end title. It was good to see some good riding going on all around Australia and a few juniors getting in there as well, something we hope to see more of.
The winners in advanced and pro will share in $400 worth of travel to the next DownUnderGround contest thanks to Freestyle Now and the other place getters will be receiving some great prizes from our long time supporter Colony BMX.

1st – Richie Spencer – 111 points
2nd – Oscar Letchford – 81 points

Judges – Paul Chamberlain, Ben Moran, Effraim Catlow

1st – Matt Wootton – 167 points
2nd – RongKing Tan – 159 points
3rd – Shaun Jarvis – 150 points
4th – Chris Letchford – 140 points
5th – Matt Spencer – 110 points
5th – Locky Naef 110 points

Judges – Paul Chamberlain, Ben Moran, Effraim Catlow

1st – Paul Chamberlain – 176 points
2nd – Shane Badman – 173 points
3rd – Clint Millar – 148 points
4th – Lee Kirkman – 140 points

Judges – Shaun Jarvis, Ben Moran, Effraim Catlow

Haro Team in Malaysia FT Matthias Dandois

Last August, Haro sent Matthias Dandois on a Haro trip to Malyasia with Ty Fernegel, Mike Gray, Dennis Enarson and TM Colin Mackay, to shoot a video, photos and discover the amazing culture there. It was less than a month after Matthias got out of his cast so he wasn’t 100% riding wise, there’s a healthy amount of Matthias flatland footage in this great edit especially look out for the double backwards boomerang to crackpacker combo around the 4:01 mark!

Tým BMX Show – FlatArk / Kobe Japan

Tým BMX Show / FlatArk – Japan, Kobe from Dominik Nekolny on Vimeo.

Dominik Nekolný, Michal Kupec and Patriku Raši throw down in this polished show edit from their trip to Flatark in Kobe, Japan! Enjoy!

Williams Perez – Adrenalina Urban Bike 2014

Williams Perez was invited to Adrenaline Urban Bike in Medellin, Colombia, a special event that took place on Saturday 1 November. Hit play to see what went down when Williams rode withg the locals!

Local Heroes Competition – Jakarta, Indonesia

Check out these two videos from the Local Heroes Competition in Jakarta, Indonesia. Congratulations to Januar Sisanto taking the win, followed by Haris Effendi and Heru Anwari on the top 3 podium. Top five results posted below…

1. Januar Susanto (Botay)
2. Haris Effendi (Bendot)
3. Heru Anwari (Heru)
4. Mohamad Aristyo Rahadiyan (AIS)
5. Ahmad Nur (Nurland)

Takayuki Iwate – One combo at Komazawa park

Takayuki Iwate – one combo at Komazawa park from deepAutum on Vimeo.

Killer back wheel style and flow from Takayuki Iwate laying down one combo at Komazawa park, in Tokyo, Japan!

Down Underground Round 2 Video Series – Junior / Advanced / Pro

Shaun Jarvis kindly sent over the entries for Round 2 of the Down Underground Series with three classes taking part. Junior, Advanced and Pro Class, check out the entries right here!

Throwback Thursdays – Sam Foakes / Effraim Catlow / Akihiko Takahashi

Japan flatland session 2008 from Zion Bike Co. on Vimeo.

After the Battle in the Rockies contest I’ve been reflecting on a lot of the good trips I have been on thanks to Flatland! And along the BITR trip, this trip I took to Japan for the World Circuit/KOG finals in Tokyo, Japan 2008 was one of the best times ever. Myself and Sam were going 5 in a row on all combos back to back at the Yokohama riding spot, and met up with Akihiko Takahashi met up with us on of the days there and Mislav from Zion Bike Co managed to film to capture some of the memories!

Casio G-Shock Flatland Crew – Kobe Japan

Casio G-Shock have put together one hell of a team with Matthias Dandois, Tsutomu Kitayama, Dominik Nekolny, Yohei Uchino and Viki Gomez! Check out this team edit filmed in Kobe, Japan!