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STD3 Premiere at DMBS

Same Thing Daily 3 video premiere + riding session wend down inside Maul’s Bike Shop on Friday night. Hit play to soak up the vibe.

Jason Forde – Switch of the day

One of the best things about flatland is having an idea and making that idea a reality. That feeling happened for Jason Forde yesterday, look for the one handed ride in from xft mega spin no scuff to two footed backyard.

One Love Jam 2015 by Tim Knoll

The One Love Jam edits keep flowing, and why not?! So much great riding went down at Newport Beach. Tim Knoll put together this great edit featuring Tim Knoll, Joe Cicman, Gabe Weed, Pete Brandt, Sean Fontenot, Alex Jumelin, Lalo Jiminez, Todd Carter, Robert Castillo, Bobby Carter, Pedro Melo, Martin Aparijo, Little Dylan, Pat Fisher, Masashi Itani, Ahmed Johnson,and Jesse Puente!

Brian Gavagan – Ride Fast, Live Slow – Life on Wheels

Ride Fast, Live Slow – Life on Wheels with Brian Gavagan from Jim McKay on Vimeo.

Jim McKay is a name we don’t hear enough of recently, today he got in contact with this new edit, “Ride Fast, Live Slow – Life on Wheels with Brian Gavagan”. Jim spent several days with Brian living life and filming in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Frisco & Breckenridge, CO. Yellow rides all forms of BMX and can do it all, this is a good watch!

Takuma Kawamura – Madrid

Takuma Kawamura recently made the trip from Japan to Madrid, and brought along his bike. Alberto Moya met up with Takuma and made this awesome edit to document his stay in Madrid, hit play for some unique back wheel style!

Alan Alfaro – BMX flatland Ayala, Makati.

Nice hitch steam ride out to whopper clip here from Alan Alfaro from Phillipines. Keep on documenting Alan,be great to see more from this riding scene this year!

Singapore Flatland

Singapore is blessed with the amazing City Link riding spot, Aidwin Aidan Wing made the trip there to meet up and ride with the locals. Nice to see some realism in this edit, with not all links pulled, hit play to watch Calvin Tan and the Singapore locals do their thing!

The London Bikes DT at the OG

The London Bikes DT at the OG from James McGraw on Vimeo.

On my James McGraw’s recent trip to Austin for the SameThingDaily3 Premier, he filmed with some of the riders who were riding the London Bikes DT Frame. Great riding from the likes of Will Redd, James McGraw, Nikola Olic and many more. The opposite no footed elbow glide from Will at 3:14 and the Gliding junkyard to undertaker brakeless are both amazing! Well worth a watch!

One Love Jam 2015 edits

The One Love jam went off this weekend with around 100 riders in attendance, there are already a whole load of edits online. Hopefully there will be an official edit soon for now, rather than post them all individually, here are the edits I found so far from this great event!

Bicycle Beat Flatland Battle Compilation

Mikio Kuroki just dropped this great compilation of all the entries for the Bicycle Beat Flatland Battle. Featuring the following riders:

Toshiaki Seki -Gero city
Yasushi Kajiwara -Takayama city
Takuma Mori -Minokamo city
Kazuaki Saeki -Kawabe town
Chihiro Okumura -Kani city
Naoki Imori -Gujyo city
Junpei Goto -Tsu city
Akira Muramatsu -Gero city