YBF Vol 2.

It feels like a minute since a fresh Kobe scene edit by Kenshiro Ojima dropped from Japan, today the wait is over! So much good content already this month it is crazy right now trying to keep up with what’s going on across the globe. The scene is looking healthy in Kobe, Japan and today we have the YBF Vol 2 featuring Fumiya Wakabayashi, Kenshiro Ojima,Toshiaki Chiwata and Kouhei Okuda. Enjoy!

Japanese flatland girls 2018

Edit of the girls, by the girls, for the girls. Eri Funatsu, Sona Yoshimura, Ava Ozaki, Sakura Kawaguchi, and Misaki Katagiri feature in this feel good “Japanese flatland girls edit”. Thanks to Jay Marley for sending this one in! Go watch this one…

Grassroots Japan style – Kimero contest

As we approach 10 years of Flatmattersonline, one of favourite things about running the site is not knowing what is coming up content wise each day. This morning I came across this contest footage from Japan entitled “Kimero”. I know nothing more but the riding is self explanatory.

Throwback Thursdays with TGM 2009 by Sevisual

TGM 200901 by Sevisual from sevisual on Vimeo.

taking a bit of time to reflect on ten years of flatmattersonline as I build up to the anniversary next Tuesday. They say time flies when your having fun and this is certainly the case here as this edit does not feel like it was made 9 years ago! This was a great day in a freezing cold TGM with James White, myself, Jason Forde, TGM Maz, Steve Green, David Leslie, Trevor Lacey, Phil Dolan and many more. Good times and great to watch this back again!

Annul – Indian Slum Kid Becomes Insane BMX Champ

Whilst the title of this video seems like Clickbait, this is a great story. I never knew of any flatlanders in India until today. Meet Annul:

“A pizza delivery boy who was thrown out onto the streets by his father has become one of India‚Äôs best known BMX champions. Growing up in the slums of Mumbai, India, 26-year-old Annul Pale had a passion for cycling from his early days and developed an interest in BMX after watching the stunts on a sports channel. After experimenting with skateboarding and b-boying, Anul got into BMX stunt riding in 2005 and has since won numerous championships and even appeared in a movie.”