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Throwback Thursdays with Jean William Prevost

Dub of course as we all know, took the top spot in the video contest for a free flight to the Battle in the Rockies contest in November. Let’s go back to 2010, and see where his riding style evolved from.

Backyard Video Compilation 1993

Nice fan Backyard compilation from 1993 featuring amazing riding from the likes of Dylan Worsley (check his section from Angus at 1:02), Chase Gouin, Day Smith, Steve Roy, Alexis Desolneux, Edgar Plascenia, Chad Degroot, and many more!

2-Hip – Living on the edge / 1992

Let’s kick off Fridays posts with this flashbcak to 1992 and the 2-Hip Living on the edge video featuring the King of New York contest and Trevor Meyer section from around the 11min mark through till 14:58. Enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Chad Degroot – Behind the Scenes Part 1

Chad Degroot drops some knowledge on the history of Baco, hit play for Part 1 in this Behind the scenes ESPN series! Looking forward to seeing how this builds up!

Throwback Thursdays with Chad Johnston

For this weeks Throwback we go back to 2009 with S&M’s Chad Johnston! On board the LTF frame, Chad destroys the Long Beach Underground in his unique pegless style. This definitely worth a rewatch!

Throwback Thursdays with Matthias Dandois

Untitled from Matthias Dandois on Vimeo.

Lost footage from five years ago that Matthias dropped two years ago, this may have gone over most people’s radar so if you missed this one. Definitely hit play!! So good!!

Throwback Thursdays – Moto Sasaki Groundtactics

moto sasaki ground tactics final from moto sasaki on Vimeo.

With the Battle in the Rockies video contest well under way with Shintaro Misawa setting the bar super high yesterday, I started to think back to the ground tactics video contest, this felt as good a time as ever to repost Moto’s incredible 3 minute combo.

Throwback Thursdays – Voodoo Jam 2013

With all eyes on New Orleans and the 10th Voodoo jam this weekend. This weeks throwback is dedicated to the event, Jim McKay absolutely killed it on this edit from last years Voodoo. Hit play for a refresh, and get ready for the weekend!

Throwback Thursdays – Cologne 2003

I am heading out to the annual Cologne contest at the Jugendpark at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning, so this week’s Throwback Thursday is coming a lil’ earlier than usual. TJ Perry came up trumps with this weeks TT, Cologne 2003 went off! Check out this amazing edit featuring the likes of Viki Gomez, Martti Kuoppa, Matti Rose, Alexis Desolneux, Seppl, Yammer, Frank Lucas, Michael Sommer, Nathan Penonzek, and many more!

Look for updates later on tomorrow and throughout the weekend from the 30th annual BMX Cologne event, see you all there!

Throwback Thursdays – Ed Nussbaum – Paper Television – Diversion Video Mag Issue 1.0 (Part 6)

This is an early profile of Ed Nussbaum before he started Sick Child Bikes. He was living in Long Beach, riding hardcore everyday and traveled around the country in his Honda to all the comps he could. Despite what he says in the video, ironically enough, the same year we filmed this, he qualified for the x-games on top of coming up with countless innovative switches. The steam halfpacker around the world line at 3:22 is incredible to this day! Ed is so dope!