Throwback Thursdays with Chase Gouin

Function Victim (re-edited) – Chase Gouin from Trick Stars videos on Vimeo.

This weekend all eyes are on Round 4 of the World Circuit in Montreal, Canada. One of the flatland greats, Chase Gouin is judging! I dedicate this weeks throwback to the man that gave us all so much riding wise that will never be duplicated! Function Victim is now fifteen years old, and will most likely always remain timeless! Definitely worth a trip down memory lane and watching this one again!

Throwback Thursdays with Chase Gouin

With the big news, Chase Gouin will be judging Real City Spin in a few weeks along with Martti Kuoppa and Brandon Fenton! It only makes sense to me to have this weeks Throwback dedicated to the man himself, we go to 1998 and a sick interview, riding, narrative edit Chase did for the BMXicos crew in Paris! Worth a trip down memory lane to watch this one even though the quality isn’t the best on the audio.

Throwback Thursdays – Voodoo Pre Jam 2008

Voodoo Pre Jam 2008 from Erik Otto on Vimeo

It’s all about Voodoo jam this weekend. This week we go back to the pre jam at Voodoo 2008 featuring Dominik Nekolny, Hiro Morizaki, York Uno, Hidekazu Kuga, Yohei Uchino, Terry Adams and Sam Foakes killing it! Love this edit from Erik Otto!

Throwback Thursdays – Voodoo Jam 2006

The Voodoo jam, round 3 of the 2015 World Circuit is just a few weeks ago. For this weeks throwback we go back to 2006 and this nice edit from Mickey Gaidos! Justin Miller killed the spot this year, take a trip down memory lane and check this one out!

If you missed our interview with Scott O’Brien, hit the link below:

Throwback Thursdays – Props #3 / BS Kansas, 94′ York PA Jam, Paul Osicka’s Interview

For this weeks Throwback, we go back 21 years to 1994! And Props Issue 3, Claybom24 made this great mix of the flatland footage in that issue. Amazing footage from the BS contest in Kansas, Paul Osicka Interview, and 94′ York Jam that is sadly remembered for Edgar Plascencia and Richard Zabzdyr being involved in a serious car crash on the way home to California from York, PA, Richard lost his life. RIP, Richard Zabzdyr.

Throwback Thursdays with Simon O’Brien

Pure coincidence that the last two throwbacks have both been Intrikat videos, but what the hell! And why the hell not, Simon O’Brien is an amazing rider with one of the biggest bag of tricks in the game. Take this 2002 Intrikat Landescape A part is small example. There’s not too many riders messing around with backwards xft halfpackers and the blender line at 1:45 where Simon et’s the pedals round to switch into xft caboose on pedal is still amazing to this day! Well worth a re-watch or if you haven’t seen it, a real treat!