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Battle of Elsinore FT Chase Gouin, Chad Degroot and more!

The battle of elsinore contest went off, watched the riding at this event on Props 24 many times. This one has a more raw footage feel to it featuring the likes of Chase Gouin, Chad Degroot, Billy Borys, Leo Dumlao and more.

Throwback Thursdays – inTRIKat Inside Ninja Spin 2005 Eliminations & Finals

Chad Johnston did an amazing job with the inTRIKat Inside Ninja Spin 2005 DVD! Check out the qualifying and final battle right here, one of the best contests of all time for sure! So much riding and amazing atmosphere!

Bruno Zebu – 2006 sessions

One of Brazil’s finest doing his thing, back in 2006! I haven’t come across this one before, well worth a watch!

Throwback Thursdays – Carhartt Visit My Town Step 2: Vienna

This weeks Throwback kindly sent in by Mike S! We got back to 2008, and the Carhartt Video series – Visit My Town Step 2 : Vienna. Killer riding from the likes of Alexis Desolneux, Sebastian Grubinger, Frank Lucas, Michael Sommer and James Smith, enjoy!

Shane Badman and John Leblond in Budapest – Diversion Video Mag. 2.0 (part2)

Diversion CEO Bobby Carter breaks down this weeks DTV Retrospective!
“We continue our journey through Hungary and meet up with Shane Badman and John LeBlond. They got a flat so they could live with and ride with the scene over there as well as inside their flat!”

Throwback Thursdays – Phil Dolan’s 40th Birthday Jam Weekend

Phil Dolan Rising from the ashes from emer bmx on Vimeo.

Last weekend I got the chance to catch up with the likes of Phil Dolan, Amos Burke, Jason Forde, James White and many more at SpinLdn2014. Look out for a interview with organiser Johann Chan real soon, for now this weeks Throwback goes back two years to Phil’s 40th Birthday jam. Some timeless riding in this one!

Simon O’Brien’s 1st Solo DVD “Made You Look” Part 1

Simon O’Brien’s first solo video “Made You Look” Part 1 from Stewart Munro on Vimeo.

So many videos daily its easy to forget what has gone before, Stewart Munro is uploading Simon O’Brien’s video parts over the years starting with his epic “Made You Look” Solo DVD. So much amazing riding from one of the best riders ever in our art form/sport. Enjoy part 1 right here, the body varial fire hydrant to backwards half packer at 1:30 still has me hitting the rewind years on!

Props #2 – 1994

What a great throwback from 1994! Props Issue 2 and some nice footage from Shimersville, PA!

Throwback Thursdays with Matthias Dandois

It was the summer of 2007 when this Sevisual classic dropped with Matthias Dandois! Amazing riding to this day, this is well worth a re-watch! The original upload is at 62K views, that’s pretty amazing for a flatland video!

Moto Sasaki – Back Wheel Combo 2010

Peep this tight clip Moto just uploaded from 2010!