Throwback Thursday – Props 2 Shimerville Contest 1994

For this weeks Throwback Thursday, we go back to Props 2 and especially Shimersville Contest in Pennsylvania with a ton of great riding from the likes of Jesse Puente, Edgar Plascencia, Richard Zadzdyr (RIP), Paul Palmer (RIP), Leif Valin, Sean Peters, Val Naso, Bobby Fisher, plus a Brian Vowell Interview to follow.

Throwback Thursday – Ride Flatland Contest 1991

After hanging out with Bill Nitschke last week in Colorado, I started digging for footage of the first time he dropped the whopper in a contest. And this contest Ride Flatland contest that took place on January 5th 1991 appears to be the first. Check this amazing section that appeared on inTRIKat’s RealiTV-2 that features a ton of good riding for the time: Jesse Puente who won this contest was the first to pull X-foot hitch-hikers, one at 02:24, invented the plastic man, coasting at 03:07, Junkyard to caboose at 6:08 and he turbines a halfpacker at 09:19. Perry Mervar Rolaid at 04:50 and the First whopper pulled at a flat comp by Bill Nitschke at 05:00, and more great riding from Chase Gouin, Dennis McCoy, Jason Hughes and many more!

Throwback Thursday with Michael Steingraeber

This weeks TBT is dedicated to the one and only, Michael Steingraeber who is out here in Colorado Springs helping judge the Battle in the Rockies contest. Yesterday was a real treat watching him ride at the Tintadome, here is his section from the Intrikat Mixt DVD, filmed in Long Beach 2005.

Throwback Thursdays – Kevin Jones / Dorkin’ 4

Following James White’s amazing new “Summer bits 2016” part yesterday and the songjack, my Throwback Thursday was decided on the spot! We go back to 1991, and one of the most important parts that shaped our sport forever, Kevin Jones and his Dorkin’ 4 part!

Although the quality isn’t the best (buy the Boxset for the real deal and extra audio is so worth it from Flatland Fuel!) From the opening intro, seeing these moves all for the first time back then was so inspiring, the first time we saw the halfpacker to backpacker round the back out opposite side at 2:37, rope-a-roni to locomotive 3:10, and for the time and what it did for our sport the first time machine ever at 3:29! Now of course it’s a staple to it seems most peoples riding, this is where it comes from for all you that don’t know. And the banger, linking together his hitchhiker to his backpacker at 3:48! Respect to the K! 100 percent originality, that changed the game forever!

Throwback Thursdays – Back Wheel Jam / mmfilms

For this weeks TBT we go back to September 2013 and this amazing Back Wheel jam edit by mmfilms. This edit at the time ticked all the boxes for a Must Watch edit!Great Editing, filming, titles, music, riding, and concept, are all on point! Watanabe Naoki, Matsumoto Takumi, and Itani Masashi all drop buttery smooth original back wheel lines, love the last line at 5:12 from Matsumoto! Definitely worth a rewind today on this one!

Throwback Thursdays – KHE Fitness FT Albert Retey & Marton Szilaygi

Thanks to jffe for sending in this awesome throwback video from around late 95,96. Albert Retey and OG Marton kill it hard in this KHE Fitness edit, at 26;22 minutes long it is worth grabbing a cuppa and sitting down to watch this one! Especially Albert’s part at 20:00.