Throwback Thursdays with James White

It’s a quiet day at the moment at FM HQ! Let’s go back to April 2009, when James White dropped this “How-to Pinky Squeak” edit with some amazing forward death truck walk arounds and regular death truck walkarounds in this, it’s definitely worth a watch!
All on the lightest flatland bike I think I have ever picked up, in related news: Myself and James will be working on a podcast in March to discuss his editorial winning edit, and of course a long overdue interview with the godfather! Stay tuned here on FM!

BFA Flatland Contest 1989 – Birmingham NEC

BFA Flatland Contest 1989 – Birmingham NEC from Neil Waddington on Vimeo.

Neil Waddington over at Ride On BMX just uploaded some great footage from the archives that ironically myself and Mike O’Connell filmed, great riding in this one from the likes of Sean Clarke, yours truly, Mark Atkins, John Yull, Fergus Heron, Ian Coy, Mike O’Connell, Larry Bull from 6:19 is definitely worth a watch plus many more! Thanks Neil for the upload and a great trip down memory lane.

Athens/Atlanta Scene Report – Flatland Manifesto, 2002

Athens/Atlanta Scene Report – Flatland Manifesto, 2002 from Darren Hough on Vimeo.

Jffe just sent in an awesome Athens/Atlanta Scene Report throwback edit that I couldn’t wait till Thursday on, that featured on Flatland Manifesto Video Magazine in 2002. Great riding from the likes of Jody Temple, Jon Dowker, Jeff Foster, Matt Hulgan, Mitch Hall, Shayne Khajehnoori, Jeff Foster, Kent Pearson, good scene vibes in this throwback.

Throwback Thursdays – Release the Grease 1995

Probably showing my age here, but I find myself going back over older videos to draw inspiration for something new and this is one of the best videos from the 90’s. Ells Bell killed on the edit, so much killer riding from the likes of Trevor Meyer, Chad Degroot, Ali Barjesteh, Phil Dolan, Sean Peters, Paul Osicka, Nate Hanson, and many more. Worth your time to sit down, grab a cuppa and enjoy this one. Inspiring video!

Metro Jam 2004

Jeff Desroche, Kotaro Tanaka, Jesse Puente, Pete Brandt, Ryoji Yamamoto, Aaron Behnke, Matt Wilhelm, and Seji Sekata feature in this great throwback edit Roosevelt Taylor just published. It’s not too long till the annual Toronto contest which widely regarded as the first BIG contest of the year! Enjoy this one!

Throwback Thursdays – Wheelies 94′ section / Jesse Puente & Edgar Plascencia

Originality never gets old, the Dorkin in York 8 Wheelies DVD dropped in 1994. 22 years ago, and still to this day this section with Jesse and Edgar hits hard! Mark Eaton kills it on the mix, and the flow of this section, inspirational riding and style to so many of us over the years! Respect!

Throwback Thursdays – Moto Sasaki Groundtactics

moto sasaki ground tactics final from moto sasaki on Vimeo.

With Martti Kuoppa announcing his new online competition tomorrow, it seems only right to dedicate this weeks Throwback Thursday to that incredible combo Moto Sasaki dropped for his ground tactics entry five years ago! Incredible!