Throwback Thursdays with Ed Nussbaum

As I posted yesterday, Ed and his family need the flatland communities help. Ed’s wife has been diagnosed with pneumonia. This weeks Throwback Thursday is dedicated to Ed, one of the best to ever flow around that front wheel. Hit the link below and help out his family if you can, sending our positive vibes from the FM office.

Chase Gouin – Dorkin 10

Continuing on with our throwback theme today, and we have Chase Gouin’s inspirational section from Dorkin’ 10! Combine Mark Eaton’s amazing dj and editing skills with Chase’s amazing riding skills and you have one of those sections that you can go back to year in year out and it still hits the spot! Pure gold from the Plywood Hoods!

Carhartt Jam 2003

The Carhartt jams that went down at the Jugendpark in Cologne, Germany are widely regarded amongst many pros I have talked to over the years as one of the most memorable contests! Lets go back to 2003, and this sick edit featuring Martti Kuoppa, Viki Gomez, Frank Lukas, Ryoji Yamamoto, Michael Sommer, Matti Röse, and Phil Dolan.

Throwback Thursdays – Martti Kuoppa / inTRIKat Infinite Pieces

So as a lil’ change from the normal one post TBT ad done, I wanted to feature a few throwback videos today beginning with Martti Kuoppa’s ender section from the classic Intrikat Pieces video by Chad Johnston. 16 years on this section still hits hard and the xft spinning pedal gerator switch to blender at 1:35 to my knowledge has yet to be done again, amazing!

Throwback Thursdays – Flat Web TV Circle Of Balance Post Game Show

This week I’ve been randomly checking through old Flat Web Tv episodes, when I got to the 2012 Red Bull Circle of Balance Post Game Show I knew my TBT was dialled for this week! The FlatWebTV crew recap the event and get some inside perspective from guys who were actually there like: (myself) Effraim Catlow, Scott O’Brien, Moto Sasaki, Dez Maarsen, Jean-William Prevost, Michael Steingraber, Kerry Gatt and the eventual champion, Viki Gomez.

Throwback Thursdays – Dane Beardsley / Same Thing Daily 3

With the amount of content that comes through day to day, a year now seems a long time to me. This week’s TBT goes to Dane Beardsley, one of the most underrated riders in the game. Check out his amazing Same Thing Daily 3 part, the no handed backwards death truck line at 2:19 is so good!

Throwback Thursdays with Perry Mervar

The crew over at Snakebite BMX just uploaded Perry Mervar’s section from the 1990 Bully Slow Ride video on there YT channel. Give this one a watch, and also well worth checking out the snakebite website for some great podcasts from a wide spectrum of BMX legends over the years.