Throwback Thursdays – Trevor Meyer & Andrew Faris / 1997 B3 New York

Whilst I have been off work injured, I have naturally had a lot of free time to kill. It’s been a good time to watch a lot of old videos, and came across this ESPN broadcast that focusses on the rivalry between Andrew Faris and Trevor Meyer at the New York B3 contest in 1997!

Throwback Thursdays – Nass 2008

NASS 08 PRO BMX FLATLAND from TGM Maz on Vimeo.

Tomorrow the 2016 World Championships begins at the NASS festival, as good a time as any to go back to 2008 for this weeks throwback featuring Sam Foakes, Matthias Dandois, yours truly Effraim Catlow, Alex Jumelin, Keelan Phillips, enjoy!

Throwback Thursdays with Chad Johnston

On August 2nd, 2013 I posted this “Must Watch” edit featuring S&M’s Chad Johnston.

“Always a treat to see what Chad is up to. It looks like the Long Beach Underground got hot, and he went out to Sea Level for riding spots. The last two lines standout for me, the cranked blender with a neat trackstand exit, to the stem entry to double footed karl, Chad’s riding never disappoints. Pure artistry right here!”

Well worth a re watch or if you missed this the first time round!

Throwback Thursday – King of Ground Finals 2001

For this weeks throwback we go back 2001, and this amazing Flatland Manifesto KOG Finals edit featuring Mike S, Viki Gomez, Yammer, Akira Okamura, Shintaro Misawa, Hiroya Morizaki and many more, so many styles! Definitely worth a watch!