Throwback Thursdays – inTRIKat Inside Ninja Spin DVD / Eliminations & Finals

The Ninja spin is back this weekend in Grenoble, France! For this weeks throwback let’s go back to 2005 and this amazing DVD that Chad Johnston put together under the Intrikat label. Worth sitting down with a cuppa or whatever you do, and enjoying this one. Pure gold from the archives!

Throwback Thursdays with Seiji Sakata

At the KOG 2002 in Tokyo, Seiji Sakata had us with our jaw on the floor, the flow this man was blessed with was just something else. The line at 00:13 I shall remember forever, I know that I already posted this video a month ago. But with today’s tragic news, it deserves it again. RIP Seiji Sakata and thank you for everything!

Throwback Thursdays – Cory Fester / 16 Days

Cory Fester 16 Days from cory fester on Vimeo.

Benjamin Hudson beat me to re-upping this classic on his social media, butfor all of you that aren’t on Benjamin’s FB. It is definitely worth your time to watch this Cory Fester 16 Days edit again, and if your like me that’ll be again and again. The banger at the 8:21 mark much like the Sam Foakes post last week, stands up to this day and this from 2009! Flatland misses Mr Fester!

Throwback Thursdays with Stephen Cerra

For this weeks throwback, we go back to Diversion Video Mag 3.0 (Part 8). Mr Worldwide himself introduces this one:

“Stephen Cerra was a flatland Kingpin in the Hollywood, CA area before moving down to Redondo Beach. Check out his mastery of rolling styles at the famous “Dojo” slanted spot.
This was filmed right before he moved back to PA, where he currently resides at Flow Mountain.”

Throwback Thursdays with Viki Gomez @ Bike Days

Later today I fly out to Zurich, Switzerland for the 2017 Bike Days contests in beautiful Solothurn. It seems as good a time as any to throwback to last years winner, Viki Gomez and his amazing run, plus that bonus last trick nailed first try! Rumour has it that Viki is not competing in the Bike Days contest this year, so 2017 will see a new winner. Who is going to be?

Throwback Thursdays with Seiji Sakata

There’s only one man on the earth this weeks Throwback Thursdays could go to, I am sure all of us in the flatland community are thinking about Seiji Sakata since the sad news broke of his Liver Cancer diagnosis. Let’s go back to the KOG 2002 final, in which Seiji dropped a style he became famous for worldwide, just watch the nose wheelie line at 00:13! Stay strong Seiji, much love and support from all of us across the globe!