Throwback Thursdays – Catching Up with Dan Hennig

Later on today I am flying out to Zurich, Switzerland for the annual Bike Days in Solothurn. It doesn’t seem like a year ago that I interviewed Dan Hennig outside the flatland arena, but it’s as good a time as any to re-up this. And hopefully this weekend I will get some more catch up interviews done.

Throwback Thursdays with Abe Hamilton

It’s been a minute since I watched the 2008 Same Thing Daily video, Dane Beardsley just loaded up the sections on his YT channel. I loved the Abe Hamilton section from this video, if you missed this one or you need a refresh this is a treat!

Peep the interview I did with Abe whilst on topic:

Throwback Thursdays with Simon O’Brien

This weeks throwback is dedicated to one of the best to ever touch a 20″, Simon O’Brien! This section from Chad Johnston’s Intrikat “Flatsphere” DVD that dropped in 2004, this part still holds up to this day! I regularly go back to this part for inspiration, thanks Chad and Simon for blessing us with this one!

Throwback Thursdays with Chase Gouin

This Balancing Part video part featuring one of the all time flatland greats, Chase Gouin put together by the man behind the Dorkin’ in York video series, Mark Eaton. Stresses to me the importance of the track you use for your part, as good as the riding is by Chase of course, the Alice in Chains track fits so well. And still gives the same feeling I had when I first watched this in 1997.

Throwback Thursdays: The Dominik Nekolny Flatmattersonline Interview

With the exclusive content change to Flatmattersonline, it hit me this morning why don’t I repost interviews I’ve done and switch things up rather than just post one edit as a Throwback. Dominik Nekolny won the Fight the Winter this past weekend, this TBT is dedicated to Dom! Perhaps you missed this the first time round in 2013.

Intro: Effraim
Interview: Effraim + Reader Questions
Photos: Kelly Baldwin, Magdalena Stankova, Ronny Englemann.

As I walked into the flatland tent at the BMX Worlds, I looked across the area and saw Dominik Nekolny mid xft whiplashes. My eyes were of course firmly drawn, the link continued with 360 bar flip to halfpacker pivot out to xft opposite carved halfhiker xft whiplashes to no handed guillotine. You could have heard a pin drop.

The rise of Dominik Nekolny to the top I would imagine has been a long hard struggle, and a lonely one too. For me this guy has gone the extra mile which takes commitment and sacrifice. I’ve heard many a contest pro say in the modern day, Dom is the guy to beat. As the clock ticked away during his worlds final, you could see he knew he had blown the world title. For many second would be amazing,for Dom it’s not. And I admire that, he’s brutally honest and wears his heart on his sleeve.
I realised I didn’t know much about a rider I admire so much. Hey Dom, why no flatmatters interview? Few days later here we are…

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Throwback Thursdays with Yuki Itoh

Yuki Itoh – Welcome to the Team – FEC from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

On the 18th September 2016, Yuki Itoh made a big statement to the flatland world. Tomorrow I am really psyched to drop an exclusive interview with one of my favourite riders and learn more about this rider that offers so much more than just “tricks”. It seems like as good a time as any to re-up his amazing “Welcome to Far East” edit!

Everything about this Yuki Itoh – Welcome to the Far east Cycles team edit is on point. Yuki is one of the most underrated riders on the japanese scene in my opinion so it’s great to see FEC showed him some love.

Riding wise, the riding and the intricate switches are pretty much all groundbreaking. Here are some of my personal highlights:

– The opposite turbine steam boat ride in flip flip to yammer style backwards spinning xft steam step on fork back to steam turbine to xft fork spinning steam to opposite xft steam flip steam opposite side step into spinning cliff at 1:06! Are you following all that? Yuki’s style is so nimble around the bike, amazing!

– At 2:11 the turbine teakettle to spinning xft crack pivot spinning hang ten pivot opposite one footed spinning crack step over backwards facing one footed spinning ck jump to halfpacker pivot xft backwards spinning xft stream pivot steam to x handed spinning half hiker! Mind blown!

– The last line at 3:03! I will leave that one to you!

Props to Takuya Higa also for the camerawork. Job done! Respect Yuki, liquid flatland at it’s finest. Stay tuned for the interview tomorrow.

Throwback Thursdays with Flatland Manifesto #5 / 2002

For this weeks Throwback we go back to 2002, it maybe the time of year but lately I’m watching a lot of full lengths videos rather than edits and that is reflected in my choice for this weeks TBT! Grab a cuppa or whatever you drink and enjoy this one, featuring great footage from the Ham Jam, CFB New York, EXPN Grand Prarie and Atlanta, a rad Nathan Penonzek interview, Atlanta and Athens Scene report, there’s something for everyone in this one and so much good riding to boot! Man, I miss the Manifesto videos…