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Throwback Thursdays – Cologne 2003

I am heading out to the annual Cologne contest at the Jugendpark at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning, so this week’s Throwback Thursday is coming a lil’ earlier than usual. TJ Perry came up trumps with this weeks TT, Cologne 2003 went off! Check out this amazing edit featuring the likes of Viki Gomez, Martti Kuoppa, Matti Rose, Alexis Desolneux, Seppl, Yammer, Frank Lucas, Michael Sommer, Nathan Penonzek, and many more!

Look for updates later on tomorrow and throughout the weekend from the 30th annual BMX Cologne event, see you all there!

Throwback Thursdays – Ed Nussbaum – Paper Television – Diversion Video Mag Issue 1.0 (Part 6)

This is an early profile of Ed Nussbaum before he started Sick Child Bikes. He was living in Long Beach, riding hardcore everyday and traveled around the country in his Honda to all the comps he could. Despite what he says in the video, ironically enough, the same year we filmed this, he qualified for the x-games on top of coming up with countless innovative switches. The steam halfpacker around the world line at 3:22 is incredible to this day! Ed is so dope!

Throwback Thursdays – A Way To Enlarge Time

For the weeks throwback we go back to 1996/97 and a video put together by Eduardo Sousa and Colin Smith. Featuring the likes of Amos Burke, James White, yours truly, Phil Dolan, Andrew Faris, Jesse Puente, Day Smith, Marton Szilagyi and many more!

Throwback Thursdays with Dominik Nekolny

Next weekend it is round 2 of the World Circuit in Barcelona, for this weeks Throwback we go back to the Barcelona Extreme event. Check out Dominik Nekolny’s winning ride from 2012!

Throwback Thursdays – Carhartt Jam 2001

The recent 55DSL contest gave me throwback memories of the old Jugendpark contests in Koln, Germany. This weeks throwback is dedicated to one of the best contests I ever went to, the Carhartt jam 2001! Amazing riding from the likes of James White, Chad Degroot, Hiroya Morizaki, Michael Sommer, Lee Musselwhite, yours truly, Phil Dolan, Flo Sailor, Matti Rose, Mike S, and many more!

Throwback Thursdays – X Games 2000

It’s X Games week in Austin, Texas right now. So this weeks throwback is dedicated to that time when flatland was included in the X Games. And a memorable year in San Francisco, when Martti Kuoppa took the Gold medal, that many refer to as the “Green quamen era”. Lots of great riding in this edit from the likes of Mike S, Alex Jumelin, Phil Dolan, Trevor Meyer, Nathan Penonzek and of course Martti! This was dope to watch back today!

Throwback Thursdays – Flatland Fugitives

We posted this one a few years ago! Stuart Rose uploaded the Flatland Fugitive video, in all its glory! So much great riding, from a crew that made a huge contribution to flatland particularly during the 90′s, featuring the likes of Nate Hansen, Sean McKinney, Sean Peters, Day Smith, Edgar and Ivan Plascencia, The Boy, Leo Dumlao, Jesse Puente, worth a rewatch and repost for sure!! Thanks for uploading it for all to see Stuart!

Throwback Thursdays with Trevor Meyer

For this weeks throwback we go back to 1996 and Trevor Meyer and some killer footage from the Jinx Velvet taxi video!

Throwback Thursdays with Martti Kuoppa

With the news from the BMX Cologne event official today, it is the perfect time to re-up one of the best flatland runs of all time. Martti Kuoppa’s World Championship winning run from 2002! 3 minutes of originality!

Diversion TV Retrospective 7.0 – Alex Jumelin The Dream

Alex Jumelin introduces his “The Dream” part to Diversion 7.0! Living the dream with the perfect indoor spot in Acheres, France. Alex discusses the pro life and the responsibilities that come with that, plus of course some great riding! Definitely worth a watch!