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Throwback Thursdays with Simon Marsan

So much creative stuff in this edit from Simon Marsan from Quebec, Canada. Look out for the no hand no foot crack / manual around the 1;14 and 2:23 mark, and the xft crackpacker no handed cyborg style I don’t think I have seen again to this day! Amazing riding, and creative talent. Is there more footage of this guy that we all need to see?

Throwback Thursdays – Lee Musselwhite / Inertia Promo

It’s been a few weeks since we dropped a throwback thursdays. So let’s make this a good one, and how about this amazing Lee Musselwhite Inertia promo edit that came out around 2002. The story directly from Lee is he was working on a collab video with Paul Osicka for Standard around that time which never happened along with a project with London Bikes who Lee previously rode for, and the footage combined came together with the help of Jon Knight.Inertia was born. Take a trip down memory lane and hit play!

Throwback Thursdays with Dane Beardsley

With STD2 video parts being posted regularly with the highly anticipated STD3 due for release in January 2015, what better time to re-up this amazing Dane Beardsley Props Bio?! Style and skills for days, Dane never disappoints, the xft juggle backwards halfpacker line that starts around 00:17 is incredible! Definitely give this one a watch if you missed it the first time or just a refresh!

Flatground 2005 Final Moments

Sevisual just hit me up with a great edit from Flatground 05 which follows on from yesterdays Flatground post! So much good riding in this Finals edit from Team KGB (Martti Kuoppa, Viki Gomez, Raphael Chiquet, Alex Jumelin, and Pete Brandt), Travis Collier, Seppl, Hiroya Morizaki, Jesse Puente, Justin Miller, Matt Wilhelm and York Uno, enjoy this one!

Throwback Thursdays – Braun Flatground 2005

Martin over Global Flat uploaded this classic section with a stack of footage from Braun Flatground 2005. Great footage from the qualifying rounds from the likes of Art Thomason, Team KGB Martti Kuoppa, Viki Gomez, Pete Brandt, Alex Jumelin, and Raphael Chiquet, Travis Collier, Matt Wilhelm, Yours truly, Ryoji Yamamoto, Akira Okamura, Art Thomason, Pete Hollinger, Mike S, Ucchie and many more! Thanks Martin for this great trip down memory lane!

Throwback Thursdays – Flatground 2006

Flatground 2006 from wouterthebmxer on Vimeo.

This weeks Throwback goes back to 2006, and one of the best contests I ever attended. Flatground in Amsterdam ticked all the boxes for a great event, Martin over at Global Flat killed it with this edit, enjoy this trip down memory lane!

Throwback Thursdays – Sam Foakes / Effraim Catlow / Akihiko Takahashi

Japan flatland session 2008 from Zion Bike Co. on Vimeo.

After the Battle in the Rockies contest I’ve been reflecting on a lot of the good trips I have been on thanks to Flatland! And along the BITR trip, this trip I took to Japan for the World Circuit/KOG finals in Tokyo, Japan 2008 was one of the best times ever. Myself and Sam were going 5 in a row on all combos back to back at the Yokohama riding spot, and met up with Akihiko Takahashi met up with us on of the days there and Mislav from Zion Bike Co managed to film to capture some of the memories!

Throwback Thursdays – Shinjuku Park – Tokyo- Ucchie, Kotaro,Tsutomu, and Tatsuo – Diversion 5.0

This past weekend all eyes were on the Flatark contest in Japan, so lets go back to Diversion 5.0 and take a look at what the likes of Ucchie, Kotaro Tanaka, Tsutomu Kitayama, and Tatsuo Takeuchi as they session at Shinjuku park, in Toyko!

Throwback Thursdays – Flatark 2013

All eyes on the flatark contest going down this weekend in Kobe, Japan! Check out this awesome official highlights edit from last years event! It will be one hell of a party with Yohei Uchino celebrating winning the World Circuit title two years in a row on home turf! We will be posting a link to watch the livestream this weekend, stay tuned!

James White – Emer Record Collection Bonus Section

Emer Record Collection James White bonus section from emer bmx on Vimeo.

Here’s a great gem from the archives! Previously unreleased section of James White riding at South Bank and Trafalgar square from circa 2000. Emer ‘Record Collection’ dropped in 2001-2003.