Throwback Thursdays: Effraim Catlow / KHE Cosa Nostra Part


A few weeks ago, Mid School BMX on Instagram posted a clip from my KHE Cosa Nostra part which was filmed in 1997/98. I asked the guys if they had the full part as I have not seen it in years, if memory serves me right there were copyright issues with some of the film samples used on the video. Such a great time period travelling around competing with KHE/Puma team, getting to ride Albert Retey’s home stomping ground and so much more. Enjoy the part if you haven’t seen.

Thank you Mid School BMX!

Throwback Thursdays with Yuki Itoh

Who remembers when this Yuki Itoh “Welcome to Far East Cycles” edit dropped in September 2016?… I met Yuki at Five Hiroshima, sadly he was there filming not riding. Is Yuki still riding?

Everything about this Yuki Itoh edit ruled and still rules four years on.

Riding wise, the riding and the intricate switches were pretty much all groundbreaking for the time. Here are some of my personal highlights:

– The opposite turbine steam boat ride in flip flip to yammer style backwards spinning xft steam step on fork back to steam turbine to xft fork spinning steam to opposite xft steam flip steam opposite side step into spinning cliff at 1:06! Are you following all that? Yuki’s style is so nimble around the bike, amazing!

– At 2:11 the turbine teakettle to spinning xft crack pivot spinning hang ten pivot opposite one footed spinning crack step over backwards facing one footed spinning ck jump to halfpacker pivot xft backwards spinning xft stream pivot steam to x handed spinning half hiker! Mind blown!

– The last line at 3:03! I will leave that one to you!

Props to Takuya Higa also for the camerawork, this edit makes me want to ride so bad! Job done! Respect Yuki, liquid flatland at it’s finest!!

Bakteria 4: 2006

Unintentional Brazilian theme running on FM right now, funny how stuff like that happens. Forty minutes of great riding from the likes of Claybom, Pekeno, Patrick Coelho, Arroz, LéoClaro, Wagner Gordo, Nêne, and Felipe Gonçalves. Grab a cuppa when your bored and soak in some of the Brazilian flatland scene from 2006!

Throwback Thursdays: Proseed Issue One – Side A

Tomorrow I have an exclusive interview with one of original heads that helped create the King of Ground contest series in Japan, Yasuyuki Takeo. One of the most requested videos on the site, is anything KOG related, and in my mind one of the best contest videos ever done is by the Juicyvision crew “Proseed”, Issue one – side a right here. So much good riding from the King of Ground contests and local events too. You really do want to sit down and give this one your attention.

Throwback Thursdays with Albert Retey

My long standing memory from my first contest turning pro, was Albert Retey’s winning ride at the World Championships in Limoges, France 1993. If you were there you will know exactly what I’m talking about, if not one of the classic runs of all time. Certainly one of my favourites, the music and the vibe from the crowd still gives me goose bumps to this day! Albert Retey, what a rider!

Throwback Thursdays: Flatland Manifesto #1 / 2001

Man, I miss Flatland Manifesto! Shane Neville put so much work into these flatland video magazines, if you missed these it really is worth your time to sit down, and take all this in.Thank you Shane! Issue 1 featured the La Revolution from Toronto, How to Pinky with Cory Stratychuk, ESPN B3 in Anaheim, California (this section rules!), Art Thomason Interview and more. So much good riding, 19 years ago. Wow!

Throwback Thursdays: The Pete Brandt Flatmattersonline Interview

If you have already been scrolling through today’s updates, you will have seen the 50th birthday teaser that Jim McKay is putting together for James McGraw’s and Pete Brandt’s 50th birthday tomorrow! This seems as good a time as I have ever had to repost the Pete Brandt Flatmattersonline Interview, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane. Real pleasure putting this one together!

Throwback Thursdays: Suzuki BMX Masters 2006

Great edit from the Suzuki BMX Masters 2006 by Global Flat, that Alejandro Marques recently re-uploaded. So much good riding in this from the likes of Justin Miller, Adam Kun, Kotaro Tanaka, Martti Kuoppa, Matthias Dandois, Viki Gomez, Nathan Penonzek, and many more. Well worth watching this one….

Throwback Thursdays with Yu Katagiri

With so many edits dropping each year, it is so easy to overlook edits in the flatland scene and just in general actually. My following post is about a photoshoot with Yu and Ryo Katagiri, Naoto Tamaru at the Flatpark, and that reminded me with the exception of the Sensual video there really has been much of Yu Katagiri on the site.
For this weeks TBT, let’s go back to his amazing edit from 2018, hit play and get stoked and this kids talent….