Throwback Thursdays with Martti Kuoppa

Today Martti Kuoppa celebrates his 40th birthday, and it seems like the perfect day to celebrate one of the best to ever ride a flatland bike. In my opinion, MK managed to do the impossible. He managed to bond the artistic side with the athletic training side you need for contest riding, creating brand new tricks in the video parts and bringing them to contests at the same time and ride often flawlessly and take home titles (3 x X games, World Championships 2002, and so on) during this time period around 2000/2003 we have the intrikat parts that he contributed that are admired and untouched to this day.

During my time competing against Martti, I never felt like I was competing against him we were sharing new tricks and styles and pushing the motivation for the next contest where we would share again. I always go back to his 2002 Worlds run in Koln as one of the best runs of all time, this run has everything. Much respect Martti, and thank you for all you have done for flatland and continue to do so with MOC. I call him the boss for a reason.

Throwback Thursdays with Intrikat Blend

When you look back at all Chad Johnston has done for flatland and the riders that featured and made their names on his videos, the man deserves some kind of award. This morning I started watching Intrikat Blend again for the first time in a while and it immediately took me back to that era of riding, with amazing riding from Martti Kuoppa, Ross Smith, Phil Dolan, Andrew Arroyo, Jesse Puente, Matt Ward, Ed Nussbaum, and Chad himself. The whole video flows like a mixtape, I would urge you to watch the whole thing, inspiration. Thank you Chad for everything you have done for the flatland culture if you are reading this.

Throwback Thursdays – Worlds Portimao 1998

An absolute belter from the archives for this weeks Throwback Thursdays that was originally filmed by Colin Smith and later edited by Claybom from Brazil. Great riding from the likes of Martti Kuoppa, Andrew Faris, Day Smith, Phil Dolan, Michael Steingraber, Akira Okamura, Marton Szilagyi, Alexis Desolneux, Effraim Catlow, Nathan Penonzek, and many more, this is a good watch!

Throwback Thursdays – Cory Fester 16 Days

Cory Fester 16 Days from cory fester on Vimeo.

I’m not even sure how many times I have re-upped this Cory Fester 16 days part, but I don’t care it is worth it. Yes I said “part”, although this was filmed in only 16 days it feels so much more than just an edit and it’s 8 years old right now and still stands up today. I am sure I am not the only one that goes back to this one from time to time for inspiration.

If you haven’t seen this part before, Cory gave himself how every many days the weather allowed before winter hit in Edmonton, Canada as a way to motivate himself.

Cory particularly destroyed the backwards half packer and almost every variation around it, go watch this, get inspired and get out there and push yourself.

Let me finish this, with a thought this in my head. Is this one of the best parts ever? let’s discuss this in the comments….

Throwback Thursday with Michele Maiolani / Rolling 2015

Over the last week or so, I have been checking back over footage of Michele Maiolani wondering where he’s at and if he’s still riding? This weeks throwback is dedicated to the
2014 Amateur World Champion, Michele Maiolani doing his thing in Parcheggio, Italy! If you remember his riding or don’t know his name, get familiar! One of the best in the rolling game for sure, in 2014 he dropped a bar grab one handed pedal 5 in his run in Koln, and one up’s it here for the ender at 2:50 plus a ton more! If you are reading this Michele, let us know what you are up to, thank you!

Throwback Thursdays with Nick Watts

Pure gold from the archives from the man that can’t be stopped right now. Nick Watts has bust onto our screens this year and we can’t get enough of it. Peep this throwback “PIM 2” edit that just went online, amazing lines, and awesome mix of tunes too. I shall be watching this one again, the man can move around that bike! Style!

Throwback Thursdays with Chad Johnston

Later Next week once I get BMX Cologne and Urban Waves out the way. I will drop a big interview with the man behind Intrikat, Chad Johnston. It seems like as good a time as any to re up his amazing “Must Watch” pegless part.

Some of my personal highlights:

-Opening stem mccircle to scarlo tomahawk whip line at 00:04.

-Bar flip to pedal 5 in circle foot jam bar scoot line out at 00:20

– Mixing the old school and new school with a Quick bar spin pedal 5 to cowboy out at 00:40.

-Stem karl to double foot karl full bar flip out on bb/chainring at 1:25.

– The bar flip pedal 5 turbine back forward without scuffing is amazing at 3:53!